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  1. Trade him for that offensive tackle from Washington who has been holding out.
  2. From what I can tell, Willie Anderson made upwards of $75mil with the Bengals.
  3. I think the NFL is going to wisen up and stop paying ridiculous contracts to non generational quarterbacks. Let the mediocre one's battle it out in free agency, give the young ones more chances. A team being quarterbacked by Andy Dalton for 15 years is not something many want to tune in for, in my opinion. That's from 2014. One of these teams is going to go this route one day. Obviously, things have changed, but still.
  4. I remember back when our offense could have been considered somewhat prolific (with Bratkowski running the show, everyone here has a short memory), we had a certain blocking tight end who was extremely important to the offense, Reggie Kelley (sp?) Every time he got injured, it seemed like we were fucked. If they think Sample is going to be that important to our offense, if they thought he was the most important piece of their puzzle, then I'm all for them using a second round pick on him.
  5. They drafted this guy to see if he can replace Andy over the next two seasons, to avoid having to pay Andy Dalton way too much money. I like it.
  6. Doing very well! Started a now thriving business (and working myself to death, whoops), getting married in a couple of months, etc. I was happy to see you around as well! Maybe everyone will start coming back around now that there is some actual intrigue and excitement with the team.
  7. It's what they did when they hired Marvin Lewis. It won't surprise me if it happens again. And we've gotta stop talking about the "frugality" of the Browns. That is an outdated narrative that is flat out incorrect.
  8. TMZ's job is to dig up dirt on people. That's not what the NFL does. The NFL probably hopes it doesn't find dirt on people.
  9. You mean the slightly more than gentle nudge he gave her with his foot?
  10. Sounds fair enough to me. If I were the CEO of a large hotel chain, I wouldn't provide the NFL with any videos. That sets a bad precedent. Where would it end? Would you want your employer to be able to access security footage from the hotel you stayed in while you were on vacation? Guarantee the manager of that hotel is fired now.
  11. From everything I've read, she was the instigator of everything after she refused to leave, called him the n word, attacked his female friend, and then initiated physical contact with him in the hallway. Everybody is lucky she wasn't seriously injured from that fall into the corner of the door frame though. That was tough to watch. And the "kick" at the end wasn't much of a kick My guess is that at least 5 people from the same incident showed up at the police station, all told their stories, and it wasn't worth the effort to proceed because there are too many moving parts that would never get solved
  12. BengalsOwn


  13. I used my $200 sony rewards money on Friday to buy a PS3, and also received a $100 Amazon gift card. So basically, I paid $100 in advance for a future Amazon purchase (won't be hard), and received a free PS3 160GB. And, I am giving my parents my old blu-ray player for a Christmas present. I love finding good deals...
  14. If it's not on slickdeals.net, I typically don't buy it. I just signed up for a Sony rewards credit card, and am now trying to figure out what to spend my $200 worth of free rewards money on. PS3, or be responsible and buy gas cards??? I'd be buying a PS3 so my wife and I could play little big planet, and twisted metal (whenever it comes out), and that's about it... I already have a blu-ray player hmmmmm
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