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  1. Great season! It was a lot of fun! I made some great memories with my family the past several weeks and this team made a lot of new fans! And I have a lot of faith in their future! Now fix that O-line and let's win it all next year! WHO-DEY 💪
  2. Hey Own! Yeah to say I've been pleasantly surprised by this team's success would be a severe understatement! Glad to see you're still around! Hope you are doing as good as possible! WHO-DEY ✌️
  3. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that! I know all too well the pain of living life without someone you can't live without. I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on anyone. So sorry my friend 😔
  4. Wow! Great to see you all! I didn't stop coming here for any other reason than my life wasn't affording me the luxury of being on the internet. But I've had Sunday Ticket for the past 5 years and have turned a bunch of people here into Bengals fans! I'll try to stop in now and then. I've missed you all. And I am so happy for all of us Bengals fans! WHO-DEY ✌️
  5. WHO-DEY y'all!!! 😬 And there's no way my anxiety and superstitious mind would allow me to start a Super Bowl thread after being gone so long Kenneth. Thanks anyways
  6. 😂 Yo! I made that meme right after the playoff win against the Raiders
  7. Yo Montana! Sup?!!! Glad to see you're still around! Hope you are doing well WHO-DEY 💪
  8. THanks for the welcome back y'all! I'm so happy to see you all and that we have a team like we've all craved for for decades! WHO-DEY 😬
  9. Damn! I hate to hear that! I always liked him a lot. I've lost several family members to Covid. My double first cousin (our moms are twin sisters and our dads are brothers) was vaccinated but got it and ended up dying of sepsis in October at the age of 46. I was there for his funeral right after the Packers loss. I took my twins to PBS the day they had a big deal about trying to get the World Cup in Cincinnati. Got some very cool pics with Who Dey and Mr Red. Bought some jerseys and other stuff. My cousin was a HUGE Bengals fan, and I've been enjoying this season with him in my thoughts and heart. And I feel like he may have got the Big Guy to listen to some of my prayers
  10. I've missed you all too! I wanted to check in after the Raiders win but decided to wait to see how far this team was going to take us! Glad to see you're still around
  11. Yo Jamie! Yeah the way the past few years have been have been it's been taxing on the soul to say the least! Now this team has been taxing on the heart! But I have loved every second of it! And needed it! I'll try to check in more for sure!
  12. WHO-DEY everyone! Long time no see! Just wanted to check in with all of you long time sufferers! I think I've had several mental breakdowns and a mini stroke during these playoffs (just kidding, I think) What an amazing team we have! Hopefully we can bring home the Lombardi in 2 weeks! And this is the beginning of the Bengals Dynasty! WHO-DEY!!! GO BENGALS!!! 💪
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