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  1. Hello SF2. Looks like you're a new member of the club.
  2. We're screwed. I wasn't aware he was a repeat offender in that area.
  3. I found nada in a Google search about his hit on Kizer. Guess Cleveland is just gonna bend over and take it!?
  4. http://espn1530.iheart.com/featured/james-rapien/content/2017-09-10-watch-Stealers-lb-ryan-shazier-with-the-cheap-shot/ This is the only other link I could find talking anything about it.
  5. I admit Tez is no angel on the field, but I applaud him for pointing out he's far from being the only cheap shot artist in the league.
  6. Yeah, I think I misread. Referred to the hit last year on Gio there apparently.
  7. Good for him!! Technically legal hit by Shazier?? Well I guess the pieces of shit found another loophole in the rules. Stay tuned for yet another rule implementation by the end of the season. Can anyone guess who will be the first example they make towards it?? They must have lawyers continually combing the rules looking for loopholes. Smfh!
  8. Great post! If Cleveland fans don't hate them as much as we do their insane. Remember when the stealer player drop kicked the turds punter in the face on a return? Yet our boys are the only predators and or thugs!? C'mon son!
  9. I watched on and off for maybe a total of 5 mins and must have seen 2 or 3 dirty plays.
  10. I can't see his avi. Does that mean he has me on ignore?
  11. has not set their status

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