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  1. I made a thread just for news. The OTAs thread. There isn’t a deluge of news everyday in the off-season. Media only has limited access. There will hardly be anything today after a lot yesterday.
  2. I will do whatever people want. I try to grab whatever shots/news/clips from team stuff in one thread because people have said they like having a repository for that. If there is noteworthy shit in the course of any given days news cycle people usually spin that into its own thread. I also have had people complain about me collecting the news at all and I don't have to keep doing that. Not everyone uses twitter etc tho and folks seem to like having the ability to see stuff in one place who would not otherwise see the pics and updates from those covering the team.
  3. Plenty of film of him sprinting and working out hard today. Seemed like no issues.
  4. And thus endeth today's pics and what not. Media won't be there rest of week I don't think. Should be some locker-room bites a bit later.
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