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  1. Dehner and Morrison have been reporting/saying for months that, yes, he will, for a short time anyway, be the highest paid player in the league. This is consistent with what they have been saying.
  2. Yeah, 100% casting one of my votes for Krumrie now for sure. In addition to Krumrie leading this poll, knowing Tibor is against it makes this simple.
  3. Cross-post from the OTA thread - (thanks griever for the find there) as it is useful in this thread too. Gotta say, per our previous discussions, he is moving WAY better and earlier than I might have reasonably guessed this soon after the knee surgery. He said three weeks or so ago how good he was feeling and how much better his back was feeling and I wondered if the rehab for the knee was helping in other ways and this is maybe an indication that it might be. That looks like a guy who will be ready at some point in 2023, either for this team or someone else...
  4. I'm gonna drop this in the OL thread too....I took a lot of shit for noting that he sure seemed optimistic about his recovery and his report that his back was feeling a lot better, but this is certainly an indication that he really may be an option at some point in 2023, if not for this team, than for another team...
  5. Carman potentially coming into his own would be a very good development.
  6. Nothing to apologize for Griever - I was travelling today and didn't get a chance to see twitter or look for news at all. Came here first hoping you had collected some stuff from today since the media was there. Much, much appreciated.
  7. There’s a reason I subscribe to the Athletic…Dehner and Morrison by themselves are worth it. They are excellent and most of the rest of the market isn’t close to their level of coverage. Charlie Goldsmith with the Enq will occasionally drop some excellent pieces but his time is often split between bengals and reds.
  8. That goes along with the notes/obs from La'el about his conditioning due to rehab'ing his own ACL injury. The bengals trainers are really apparently quite outstanding at this part of their job - Burrow talked extensively about how he remade his upper body and core strength during his own ACL rehab (and he was noticeably stronger the Super Bowl year). Not surprised to see Chido is taking advantage of the same concentrated training (guys on that kind of rehab get to the be in the bldg with the team trainers for months when everyone else cannot have that kind of contact. It's why I don't discount the words from Collins about how much better his back feels. That extra time putting in the rehab on the knee can benefit other parts of their body in terms of strength and conditioning as well.
  9. That's so important on so many different levels. For Joe personally, to always be trying to get better. And for the example it sets for everyone else on the team - means each player will consciously or subconsciously work to meet that same standard. We've already been reminded of that again this week with Tee and Logan Wilson there and working out rather than sitting out voluntaries (like usually happens with players in their kind of contract status). We really have not had someone quite like that on that score at QB in my lifetime (1970 to the present). No offense to Kenny A and Boomer especially, but this is something quite different. It's a HUGE piece of the puzzle for why this team has gotten good and why it has a puncher's chance to stay good as long as Burrow is here as the leader of this team.
  10. I've got votes and I will commit to casting my votes based on the outcome of this poll.
  11. If they cut him he will 100% get sniped . There is no way, if you listen to any interview with Callahan, Troy Walters or any other offensive coach, that they drafted him to expose him to waivers. Clearly with Charlie Jones here trent Taylor is on notice. If they keep seven WR, Morgan makes it, if not, I think they cut Morgan and try and get him to the practice squad.
  12. Pretty sure the last pick - Ivey - his probable best route is practice squad. CB room is pretty full.
  13. LOL - those teams partially guaranteeing contracts to UDFAs are already starting to get cut following rookie mini-camps -
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