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  1. Tua 5 INTS yesterday. Cam apparently over-throwing the world yesterday. Burrow back in 7 on 7s already and 100% completions definitely is something we can feel good about. Not to mention that he is rolling out and moving so well on the knee already.
  2. On the effort to get them to the vax threshold...this just out from the NFL and NFLPA...yeah, trying to get them to the threshold is super important:
  3. Moses has been linked w/ several teams, but hasn't signed yet, I don't believe. Yes, Okung and Moses likely want starting gigs - Moses might get one - not sure Okung does. Rick Wagner another vet T candidate who might be a good target as mentioned previously.
  4. A few other thoughts rattling around my head with the off-season done and the six week wait until training camp here: ---I want them to sign a vet T now w/ Adeniji hurt. Probably won't get my way. Rick Wagner would make a ton of sense if Okung and Moses don't want a back-up/swing tackle role. But they really could use another vet at T in my opinion. ---Them having 100% attendance for three weeks of voluntaries and the one practice this week is simply fantastic news - clearly a buy-in - and apparently the only team in the NFL to do so. Excellent. ---Still gid
  5. Quick thoughts from reading Dehner's piece - gotta admit, I haven't really appreciated just how rare the Bengals having 100% at the previous three weeks of voluntaries was as compared to the rest of the teams in the league. Won't guarantee anything in the fall, of course, but it sure isn't a bad sign either. And in person meetings and being able to move normally around the facility starting in July at camp would be really, really helpful, for certain. I agree with Bates, there may be some competitive advantage gained from that - especially if some of your opponents are not at that
  6. Dehner OTA wrap=up article: https://theathletic.com/2654381/2021/06/15/why-zac-taylor-called-bengals-camp-early-and-the-advantages-it-could-create/
  7. I don't think that is a worry at all. Bates is CLEARLY one of the leaders for ZT's new vision, his stats are off the chart good, and he has expressed happiness at being here. He is exactly the kind of player that Mike Brown has always looked to lock up. I don't think position value will be a factor at all. And that's setting aside that importance of safety is rising in today's game.
  8. Pasting this from the other thread - Back-up T feels really thin now, to me, with Adeniji gone for the year (likely). Johnson, Carmen, Smith. And Smith probably needs a year of practices and training table. I would kick the tires on Okung for sure now, and see if he is willing to come here as a swing/back-up. I think Morgan Moses is still out there too? If so, I would definitely call him.
  9. So that's basically a wrap until July 27. Hopefully this thread only gets updated w/ musings about the team until then and the team has a safe and otherwise uneventful six weeks off.
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