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  1. It was a helluva an article and underscored the issue extremely well. Shouldn’t take a lot of self-scouting - and should be something they can fix.
  2. Frank Pollack is A problem. But he's sure not the only one. ZT right now is another massive problem.
  3. Got a jury picked and opening statements today. A good distraction from yesterday. I’ve seen no news. Any bad injuries yesterday other than Clark Harris?
  4. this is now a top 5 strangest fucking game I have seen the bengals be involved in
  5. with the backup snapper have to probably do that - but wondering why they didn't go for 2 at end of regulation all things being equal
  6. no complaints with the D. holy hell they've somehow given us a chance in a 5 TO 5 sack game.
  7. not a good first game across the board for almost everyone. Except for the D. offensive coaches and offense and ZT let this one get away.
  8. was thomas in the right spot? he brought his guy into the route - that was a TD otherwise
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