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  1. I got roasted by Go for noting this a few weeks back. Nice to see the numbers back up the thoughts.
  2. Two of the national skeptics on Chase in the draft and our taking him capitulate (this is a really good listen) - Nate Tice and Robert Mays:
  3. Seven games in coming off the knee surgery... 146 for 212 PA (68.9%) 1956 yards (averaging 285.7 a game) 17 TDs to 8 INTs Has taken 17 sacks Passer rating 108.9 That 16 game pace (I know it is 17 now but I like comparing apples to apples) would be 4571 yards and 38 TDs over 18 picks. That is on pace for the best QB season in Bengals history. For our guy, in his second season, yet to play a full season. Really hoping they keep him upright and we can see where this goes...
  4. Not really. Yesterday was his first ever NFL snaps.
  5. He's been good too, altho I didn't really notice him yesterday...I was referring to yesterday's game. ADG was all over the place as a spy and in coverage on the short stuff. Had that GREAT pass break-up on one of the 4th downs where he recognized it and sprinted to get there and tip it away from what may have been a conversion.
  6. Oh, this. ADG was GOOD, man. Like, REALLY good. Him and Logan Wilson are just a fucking massive all-time homerun set of draft picks at LB for this team.
  7. I worry a lot less about complacency with #9 at QB and leading this team. 5-2 is not his goal...
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