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  1. Matt Miller's 3 picks for the Bengals were: 1. Sewell 2. Terrance Marhsall (LSU WR) 3. Rashad Weaver (Pitt dline)
  2. For the Sewell truthers, from Matt Miller’s mock today: 5. Cincinnati Bengals—OT Penei Sewell, Oregon Get used to this one. You’ll see Sewell predicted here all the way to April 29 given the intel available. I was hearing from league sources in December that Sewell was already locked in as the Bengals’ target in Round 1
  3. Draft. I think I have heard April for that reveal.
  4. I’ve avoided this thread from the most part, because folks have dug in opinions on ownership etc, but for better or worse, if you want to actually hear from the 4th generation , Elizabeth Blackburn was on the Dehner and Morrison pod that just dropped today. “Hear That Podcast Growlin’” if you don’t normally subscribe and are searching for it.
  5. Would be nice - but I think until NFL posts differently hard to imagine that there will be much if any public events due to the pandemic still...
  6. If they do what they need to in FA at o-line, mine is: Chase/Sewell Pitts Waddle Smith If they miss in FA mine is: Sewell Trade down for Darrisaw/Cosmi/Slater between 9 and 14 My nightmare is miss in FA, Sewell gone, and they reach based on need at 5.
  7. Maybe of interest is this bit from Matt Miller's latest notebook that just dropped today:
  8. At that point, I don't know what's worse. O-line is really deep in this draft, but relying on ANY lineman other than maybe Sewell to seamlessly step in for week 1 is sub-optimal. That's why addressing this in FA has to be job 1 from my view.
  9. FA gonna be SO critical to my thoughts. My clear preference for Chase if he's there (or Pitts/Waddle/Smith) if he's gone are all predicated on them actually addressing o-line in FA with at least two top-tier signings. Daryl Williams/Thuney my dream scenario. That would open up so much. If they whiff in FA on significantly improving o-line, that pushes me back toward praying Sewell is there at 5 and opens up my nightmare scenario where they haven't improved o-line, Sewell is gone, and they reach for another lineman at 5.
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