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  1. because we are always conditioned to fear the worst? The idea that Volson, at his size and ability to move, might be legitimately improving should not be a crazy thought. Other teams develop plus interior linemen from those same kind of draft spots. This team decades ago used to, as well. I see no reason to fear the worst with Volson at this point.
  2. Basically, the Volson truthers are having an "I told you so" in terms of patience moment...
  3. Holy smokes - just dropping this here as an update on this conversation...
  4. I cannot go Sunday and have my two tickets in the north end zone Section 124 seats 13-14 listed for $225 each on Ticketmaster but would significantly be happier if someone on here wants to go and could use them and would sell them here for $150 each. If anyone sees this and is interested send me a DM and they are yours and I will take them off the ticket exchange listing. --Aaron
  5. Hello all - I've had some personal stuff to deal with for a bit - and the bengals are not helping. I am in fire everyone mode, even though that is not practical. Hope you all are well. PS- Burrow should have been put on IR after week 1. This is stupid management of the situation.
  6. Just coming up for air - any updates today from practice /press conferences to worry about?
  7. That was every bit as bad as I feared. My only Burrow worry is that the calf is really still an issue and he does not have the abilty to move around in the pocket like he usually does or take off and run. If he can't do those things, he's a shell of what he usually is.
  8. Also, still enjoying the franchise finally being held in enough esteem with genuine stars to be included in nfl montages. Hasn’t gotten old.
  9. Not making a rookie RB active against a Jim Schwartz defense with a defensive line like Cleveland has makes all the sense in the world. Watch and learn, rookie.
  10. I would argue tag and trade better route for team building and roster management long term. But if I am wrong and they sign Tee I sure won't be mad about it. But I want them to either tag and trade him or sign him - I don't want them to just let him play out his contract like Bates did and let him walk for nothing (effectively - Bates comp pick went away when they signed Brown Jr).
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