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  1. I didn't think it was possible to like Burrow more than I already do. I was wrong, I found I could like him even more. Awesome for him to speak up:
  2. Anarumo has confirmed that is their non-nickel base set - what we called a 5-2 he calls a 3-4. The nickel has the best chance of seeing some time for rookie LBers early in the season. I could see Wilson there quickly in coverage replacing Bynes. Here's Matt Minich with a long video breakdown of the issue: https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/1/18/21069613/chalk-talk-were-the-bengals-running-a-3-4-defense-heres-what-i-saw And an even longer breakdown from him: https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/5/14/21256534/chalk-talk-thoroughly-breaking-down-the-structure-of-the-bengals-defense
  3. They start 2 LBers basically in the 3-4 (or 5-2 if you prefer) that Anarumo runs. Those starters will be Pratt and Bynes. I would expect Wilson to push Bynes for starting by mid-season, but there should not be any rookies starting on defense when the year kicks off. The front is Dunlap/Atkins/Reader/Tupou/Hubbard likely - Dunlap and Hubbard your ends/outside backers in Anarumo's system (or Dunlap/Atkins/Reader/Hubbard/Lawson if you prefer w/ Dunlap and Lawson the ends/outside backers). Then the 2 true LBers. Then the 4 DBs. No rookie starters.
  4. Just for fun , re-watching the first half of the LSU/Oklahoma semi-final. The burrow kid looks pretty good at qb.
  5. Disagree. His processing and decision making are elite. Five in pattern accentuates that, and makes the defense show its hand. On top of that , he’s able to slide and move in and out of the pocket to deal with pressure and still make elite accurate throws. That pops on the film and is something that Dalton was terrible at. So if he needs to buy an extra second or make a rusher miss, he can. Remember, he faced the same percentage of pressure last year that dalton did (29%). also, I’ve heard several coaches on pod interviews this offseason say that one on one blocking is in some instances easier because less chance of communication errors. they won’t be five into the pattern all the time, but I expect and hope for WAY more of it then with dalton who was a panicky mess when his first read wasn’t open.
  6. Goodberry before his stepping away from the Locked On pod made the same point here:
  7. They didn't know how to describe what they were seeing.
  8. LSU didn’t line up 5 WRs. They had 5 guys in routes but they were not all WRs. What you are describing is what Texas Tech was running under Kingsbury (and why Mahomes needed a year to learn an nfl style offense) - but LSU was not that kind of offense. They did their damage out of 11 personnel - same type set that is the bengals bread and butter. If the bengals don’t deploy their personnel in a way that maximizes what burrow does well, that’s on them.
  9. You are misunderstanding what you are watching. Run and shoot concepts with four or five wides is a different style of offense than what LSU ran - and its a difference that matters with respect your stated concern. LSU’s primary offensive sets came to them last year through Brady who brought them from the Saints. It is a 3 WR , 1 RB, 1 TE offense. That is the same 11 personnel that the Bengals have as their base offensive set. The bengals could have put Mixon into routes more (or Gio) and let the TE out too and had five receivers in any given route if they so choose - just like LSU did. There’s no magic there and nothing different. It’s up to ZT, Callahan, turner and Burrow as to how comfortable he will be behind this line in not holding a RB or TE back for extra protection. Burrow is really adept at identifying the free rusher , and the bengals have already asked Burrow to given them his ten favorite plays from last year, so hopefully they have more plays with Mixon/Gio or Uzomah/sample out in routes along with the three wides - but there is literally nothing stopping them from doing what LSU was doing except themselves. There’s nothing that has to change from the pro style offense (saints based) that burrow is already used to.
  10. 1. No. 2. Yes. 3. No. LSU didn't do anything with its sets the Bengals don't already do. They were a base 11 offense (1 RB and 1 TE) same as the Bengals like to run under ZT and Callahan. The so-called 4 and 5 receiver sets you are noticing are only that way because you are seeing the TE (Moss or Sullivan last year) and RB (Edwards-Hellaire) as a part of those 4 and 5 receiver looks (splitting helaire out and putting five pass catching options into the route trees on some plays). LSU was NOT a run and shoot 4 or 5 WR offense - so the adjustment you are worried about (like Klingler coming from the Houston Cougars' run and shoot) does not apply. Burrow's accuracy has been WELL documented by PFF and pretty much every draft analyst and scout. It's ridiculous how pinpoint he is. It's not like his receivers were running wide the fuck open all the time - or that he had a clean pocket all the time. Neither are true. He was next level at understanding coverages and making the correct decisions on where to go with ball and where to put it and then could mostly put it where he wanted. All of that translates to the NFL and is not scheme specific. Further, because the Bengals also run 11 personnel the keys and reads he is already used to should be easily built upon. The alleged brain power behind LSU's year was Joe Brady - who has been hired in Carolina. Not sure I have heard anyone ask that Ensminger make the leap - he's a college lifer and into his 60s now, I think . Not the usual profile for someone to jump to leading an NFL offense. I trust Callahan, myself.
  11. Kelly Gregg was really good. For the Ravens.
  12. That’s bullshit. 5 TDs? Are you sure? Seems way too high...
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