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  1. Secondary market is nuts, but I would prefer they go to a Bengals fan, obviously. Tickets in my part of stadium (north end zone Section 124 row 21 seats 13 and 14) are being listed for $300 - $400+ each or more (face value $113 each) - but would be glad to make them available to someone on here for $200 each. Anyone interested? Shoot me a PM if so. ---Aaron
  2. And here's what Karras was likely immediately responding to...
  3. Add Raiders/Chargers to the list. Go Raiders. Also, not sure on Pats over Bills? I thinks another Pats loss would be fine...
  4. I always worry about games. Bucs are down but are gonna need that game as they crawl to an 8 -9 division title. If Wilfs is out, not gonna be sad.
  5. Accuracy weirdly under-rated, IMO. And, even with that said, Burrow is CRAZY ACCURATE. It's not just the completions, but that the ball is almost always exactly where it needs to be to enable either the catch or a chance for YAC.
  6. I think also a lot of people (this board, NFL observers, etc etc) underestimated that it would take some time for a line as new to each other as this one was to gel. You can definitely see their communication improving as the weeks go by.
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