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  1. Always need more DL in the pipeline. This one is a project. Looks developmental pickup to me. Don’t see any reason to fuss about it.
  2. I think Jonah Williams is a massive improvement. So, yeah, him being healthy is a step forward.
  3. They are not at Spinney Field. They practice on grass fields next to PBS. It’s actually nice down there.
  4. Considering I hopped on the Burrow train pretty early last fall, this has been very gratifying today...
  5. Devastating news. Sorry for everyone's loss.
  6. They are testing for Covid - even without signing. So that won't be a holdup if/when they do sign.
  7. What’s the holdup on Burrow and Higgins?
  8. More photographic evidence of Jonah Williams with a lot more upper body definition than I recall him having when he was drafted. He has made good use of the red shirt year it would appear:
  9. Really damn good read from Hobs today on what Burrow is doing in Athens to get ready for the season under the covid social distancing realities: https://www.bengals.com/news/joe-burrow-s-silent-spring-broken-with-echoes-of-a-no-1-work-ethic
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