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  1. Zampese Out

    He was let go four games into 2015 when head coach Philbin was fired. His 2014 as Miami's OC was pretty successful, especially compared to the Miami's 2013 offensive showing (he wasn't OC for them in 2013).
  2. Zampese Out

    Were not gonna find someone from the outside to take over in-season - replacement had to come in-house, was him or James Urban I would guess...
  3. I am guessing PFT has taken a pass on posting about this...
  4. Burfict Suspended five games

    Yeah, not a Marvin fan, but that was good stuff from him.
  5. Burfict Suspended five games

    really good read on this here: http://deadspin.com/the-vontaze-burfict-rule-is-a-confusing-mess-1798503131
  6. More Hobs: Geoff Hobson‏ @GeoffHobsonCin 16s16 seconds ago More One observer after Ross catches a quick out: can't stop it. He's too fast
  7. And now Hobs has tweeted that Ross is going all out in 11 on 11 drills, and they are in full pads today, so...that seems like they are about to take the medical leash off...
  8. Re: the Ross talk in this thread - he's working 1 on 1s against DBs in passing drills for the first time today in camp. I am guessing he will be ready as soon as they give him full clearance and they are simply being cautious.
  9. Cut/waived/signed

    I think there is zero chance Core would clear waivers to make it to the practice squad - I believe he would be claimed.
  10. No issues with the scuffling. And, frankly, Gio needed to take a hit near the knee sometime, so now that's done. Mental hurdle cleared.
  11. Don't pretend that Hernandez didn't have EXTENSIVE red flags on his character coming out of college, he did. Big time. #teamslikethepatriots
  12. This was really helpful to read, thanks for taking the time to write and post it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. 53 man roster talk

    No way Malone clears waivers to make the practice squad. No chance. He makes the roster, they are not going to want to have wasted a 4th round pick on him and not have him on the team.
  14. Paul Doucherty is DEAD to me.

    Yup. Was biking on Saturday and thought I would listen to sports talk to follow Bengals talk and the Saturday picks and Broo was on instead stirring the pot on Mixon pick. So I turned it off.

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