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  1. I am still kinda giddy. From my perspective: Beautiful: 1. Confirms this doesn't have to be a lost season and that this isn't a rebuild. 2. On the defense, they held the Seahawks to 72 yards running - a team that averaged 160 per game last year. So...I guess that going with only a few linebackers was NOT a problem. 3. On that note, both P. Brown and Vigil made plays at LB that were few and far between last year. The play with Brown forcing the fumble was extreme quality. If Dre doesn't trip, they score there on the defense. 4. The d-line is gonna cause problems for a LOT of teams. It looks like Hubbard is making a leap, and the combos they can run at teams are gonna be a problem. Dunlap was huge, Billings was really good, and the consistent pressure from the d-line all game was noteworthy. 5. Seattle had like, what, 6 three and outs? Felt like we didn't force that many all of last year. EXTRA BEAUTIFUL: Taylor going for it with 52 seconds and one timeout before the half. Chances Marvin does that on the road? ZERO. Good: 6. For all the worrying about the o-line, no false starts in perhaps the nastiest and loudest road atmosphere in the league. Andy got hit some, but also had enough time to do things. Get Glenn back and build from here. 7. Sounds like Seattle was doing schematically things to make it hard to run. At least we didn't force it. I assume that they will have a bit more room in future games. 8. John Ross was a revelation. This team's trajectory is a LOT different if this staff has finally unlocked him and he can stay healthy. 9. TE screens!!! Uzomah is a load too. Yes please. 10. They had some plays that were there that got blown up by good Seattle plays. Clowney knocked down what looked like would have been an enormous screen to Mixon in the first. Bad: Bullock frustrates me. He has to make that field goal in the 3rd quarter. The one thing that Taylor is really gonna miss is Zuerlein. Zuerlein hit from 56 and 49 yesterday. Need to cash points and that includes field goals. Ugly: What the fuck ever on that "fumble". I know they were not gonna win, but, c'mon. They need to go ahead and get the W next week. Somehow the 49ers are favored by 2. Whatever. We're gonna win that one. I remain bullish on this team. Get AJ back at some point and man do I want to see where this can go. This team is better than Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Right. Now.
  2. Good on you Zach Taylor. Actual open competitions for jobs and going with who won. All in to support his vision.
  3. Thanks for this thread. So tired of the constant doom and sadness. Frankly, I am super interested in what a fresh approach and new coaches and new coaching might do to breathe life back into what is still, at its core, a group of very talented players.
  4. That piece goes on to list 10 in the same format - the ranking, club quote, and then thoughts from Dehner and Morrison. You get quality stuff like this from pretty much all corners of the site, but if you are Bengals only, it's really solid now.
  5. For instance, this is a particularly good piece today from both Morrison and Dehner: https://theathletic.com/1094569/2019/07/25/the-next-tyler-boyd-taking-stock-of-the-most-likely-bengals-to-break-out/ Here's a taste of the much longer article:
  6. Paul Dehner and Jay Morrison are there now and the Bengals coverage is about to be insanely good when camp gets here. Even in the meantime, the articles have been really good on the Bengals. Joe Goodberry also writes on the Bengals there, and his film breakdown pieces are really fantastic (as was his draft stuff). Just on Bengals stuff alone it is worth the price - and if you have favorite teams in other leagues it is most definitely worth it. I get really good Reds, Grizzlies, UC and Buckeyes coverage there on top of the Bengals stuff and that is not even mentioning all the national writers they have scooped up. Frankly, it's a bargain at the price. ETA: Dehner's piece today, for instance, on what Joe Kelly has been up to since retirement is an amazing read.
  7. I’ve been trying to fire Marvin since 2007. None of this is at all surprising.
  8. Yup. Under previous regime - they would not be "in" or "expressing interest" on any in demand free agents - always was after initial wave and would kick tires when the person had no other options. To hear their name floated at this juncture is new. Glad for it.
  9. Tyler Kroft broke his foot in Bills OTAs yesterday.
  10. Bump: https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/05/13/vikings-cap-space-kyle-rudolph-browns-odell-beckham-jr-rookie-minicamps-dahale-warring-drew-sample
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/a-j-green-unsure-of-his-future-with-the-cincinnati-bengals/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app More from AJ - who is quite chatty all of a sudden: None of that sounds especially awesome with respect to the former coach...lol.
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