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  1. Le Tigre is just gonna troll the board for three months until the draft because that’s how he gets off. Just put him on ignore and this will be a better place.
  2. I just want a reason to tune in and have hope again. Burrow is that, at a minimum. His presence would also mean me flying in for a few days of camp, and, assuming they do the right thing and start him from Day 1, I will be flying back for his PBS debut.
  3. Given that I have been pushing burrow on this board for quite awhile, this is very gratifying at this point. The quotes from Callahan and Van Pelt from the Hobson piece this AM should chill out those wanting to worry over them passing on him. Turns out they also have eyes.
  4. I think it would finally end me as a fan at age 49 if they don’t take him.
  5. This game has put the lie to those who say burrow only had great numbers because he played behind a great line - he’s been murdered a lot of tonight and is still killing it.
  6. Here's another tremendous Burrow piece putting his year in context - this one from 538: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/is-joe-burrow-the-most-efficient-college-qb-ever/?ex_cid=story-twitter Some of the highlights: ... ...
  7. Dick LeBeau coached as d-coordinator from age 67-77 for the Stealers and went to three super bowls in that time. Not sure Phillips' age is a reason to pass on him...
  8. The Rams for some reason have let Wade Phillips go. Now THERE's a coach that I would love to see Taylor bring in - and he certainly has the connection from his time at the Rams.
  9. Yup, I remember that. It has stuck with me. Burrow is SO far ahead of the rest of the class on that metric, that's amazing to look at with regard to that chart.
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