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  1. He led with his crown like they do that team - that’s the risk that tackling that way carries with it.
  2. I bet Andy Reid would get John Ross on the field and producing...
  3. The ugly is that Marvin Lewis wasn't fired immediately after the game ended.
  4. Marvin should have been fired as he was leaving the field.
  5. Marvin is still hazing Ross.
  6. Colts Preview Comments

    Sounds like the Marvin rookie hazing of Ross may be winding down. But quotes like this from Lewis still piss me off:
  7. Go fuck yourself. I watched the game. I just listened to Marvin's nonsensical press conference and his blathering on Hill vs. Mixon and why Hill starts. Nothing that Marvin does makes sense. So, seriously, go fuck yourself.
  8. I don't have the energy left to properly rant anymore. This has just gone on too long. That was a classic Marvin loss. We've seen 14 years of such losses. I believe Marvin is now 8-23 against Pittsburgh - a span that includes both Palmer and Dalton (Palmer 5-13 and Dalton 3-10). Marvin is a bad coach. He coaches badly. His refusal to make adjustments is coaching malpractice. Why did the team only get 20 yards after tying the game at 14? Because Pittsburgh made adjustments and we just kept doing the same thing. How is it a thing that Jeremy Hill keeps getting the ceremonial start of each half? He's useless. How does Joe Mixon not get one carry after halftime after getting 7 carries and 48 yards in the first half? How does any of this make any sense? That Marvin still has a job, after so many years of rote incompetence is the biggest fuck you to the fanbase that I think Mike Brown can come up with at this point.
  9. For the kids - cuntmuppet
  10. There goes Elliott

    Sorry. Didn't realize. Will go back to lurking.
  11. There goes Elliott

    True on Marvin. But, Marvin won't be here forever ( I think). Would have been nice to have a kicker with that kind of leg as a weapon for future Bengals coaches who have brains and testicles.
  12. There goes Elliott

    Bengals uber-homer ignores that the reason you keep Elliot is that the leg he possesses allows room for growing pains.
  13. There goes Elliott

    It's one of the Bengalist things there could be. That's so Bengals.
  14. There goes Elliott

    Bulllock is a guy. He's just a guy. There's 10 more Bullocks available right now.

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