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  1. He had a damn fine track record in Dallas with that line. I think it's okay to feel somewhat less than cynical about the chances for improvement. I will say, actually doing drills and firing out for their blocks when it is time to play for real will be a nice change over the catch and guide technique that Alexander preferred. That shit just didn't work with the players they drafted. I think Fisher, for one, can be reclaimed.
  2. What the coaching of the o-line used to entail under Alexander:
  3. Everything about Pollack's hire makes me giddy. I have been waiting on some word from how the initial on-field sessions are going under the new o-line coach, and here's a taste from Hobson: http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/May-grind-for-O-line/96c3f405-1f10-4449-a65e-ba52ee0b6ff8 About. Time. My main hope is that Pollack and his approach really can revive Fisher. Fisher had talent coming out. I am more hopeful that a coach like Pollack can get to that talent than whatever it was that Alexander was doing.
  4. There is NO way I wanted them to take that chance. Center had to be addressed with genuine talent in my opinion. Price is uber-talented on the field - just have to hope he’s really ready for camp as the doctors are saying he will be.
  5. Preferred ragnow but not mad they took Price - as long as he is truly ready for camp. I just don’t want another medical redshirt situation. If he’s good to go, I am delighted - they couldn’t take a chance on missing all three centers...
  6. There is a whole lot of chatter that all 3 centers will be gone before 46. If so, everyone that is advocating with them passing on C in round 1 best be comfortable with them getting a C that can step in, in the later rounds. I don't know that I am comfortable with that risk.
  7. I can’t emphasize enough how hopeful I am for better things in 2018 based on the change at o-line coach alone.
  8. Probably. Literally, the only complaint about the Bengals not re-doing Dalton's team-friendly deal THREE YEARS EARLIER THAN THEY WOULD HAVE TO is from analysts who live to make fun of anything the Bengals do. In a world where coverage from the talking heads wasn't slanted against Cincinnati no matter what, those same analysts would have to admit that the Bengals' deal with Dalton in 2014 was incredibly forward-thinking as the market has played out and has given the team great flexibility.
  9. Because he’s already under contract, PFT. I am sure Florio et al are just salty they can’t make fun of a re-negotiated new contract for Dalton.
  10. membengal

    Mock to 21

    I can’t believe you rate Miller over McGlinchey. Hard disagree.
  11. membengal

    Mock Draft 1

    I get that, but for better or worse they’ve clearly bet on that - given all the dire needs of this team at OL and LB and even DL, if they don’t drafta TE at all I am ok with that. They’ve also got that Shreck kid too I believe on the practice squad.
  12. membengal

    Mock Draft 1

    They have 3 TEs already signed - why are you all wanting another in the draft?
  13. Seeing it reported that max dollars are $8 million - really good deal for the club. Should leave them some money to pursue other free agents.
  14. I am delighted - especially since it is a one-year deal. hedge bets, see if he can stay on the field.

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