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  1. For the kids - cuntmuppet
  2. There goes Elliott

    Sorry. Didn't realize. Will go back to lurking.
  3. There goes Elliott

    True on Marvin. But, Marvin won't be here forever ( I think). Would have been nice to have a kicker with that kind of leg as a weapon for future Bengals coaches who have brains and testicles.
  4. There goes Elliott

    Bengals uber-homer ignores that the reason you keep Elliot is that the leg he possesses allows room for growing pains.
  5. There goes Elliott

    It's one of the Bengalist things there could be. That's so Bengals.
  6. There goes Elliott

    Bulllock is a guy. He's just a guy. There's 10 more Bullocks available right now.
  7. There goes Elliott

    Yes. Because if they drafted him 5th round, then trust the fucking evaluation. We saw the leg against the Colts when he just barely missed a 60-yarder. So, yeah, I would still be pissed. It was stone cold stupid to cut him when they had invested a 5th round pick in him, to throw their lot with a career nobody. There are always career nobodies available at kicker. You keep Elliot in case can be something special. But, not the Bengals. Forever dumb.
  8. There goes Elliott

    Well, it is his first two games as a rookie - I am guessing with a leg that nails fucking 61-yarders, he will get the chance to find consistency that he should have been given here. Like kickers never miss. Get the fuck out of here. A leg with that kind of range is special, and something this team most certainly could have used. Hell, they drafted it, so you can tell they knew they needed it. And then they fucking waiver it for Randy fuckin' Bullock, when there are ALWAYS Randy fuckin' Bullocks available on the scrap heap anytime. God damn this is a stupid fucking franchise.
  9. Marvin is a joke. Even with great teammates Dalton can't win games that matter. This team needs a bonfire.
  10. There goes Elliott

    I was angry when he was let go. I was angry when bullock missed from 48, because that's what Bullock does. Our kicking game is shit because they doubled down on shit, and ignored spending a 5th round pick on a kicker, and then gave him no chance to work into the job. It was stupid. This is a stupid team.
  11. Dalton's game was shit. Shit. Coming out and playing a second half and OT like he did negates the first half, entirely. Once the flow of the game was established, he went right back to being lost in the pocket, unable to keep his eyes downfield, and missing throws. Enough. Try something else. So tired of this shit.
  12. I am finally done with Dalton. I have long since been done with Marvin. Too bad until Marvin is gone we won't have real possibility for change at QB. Dalton has more than had his opportunities, no reason not to let McCarron run with it now. If he sucks, oh well, better draft pick. If he's okay, makes him tradeable and still likely to get a good draft pick because Marvin sucks so hard.
  13. There goes Elliott

    The Elliot thing is a classic Bengals fuck-up. That kind of leg is a legit weapon, one even more valuable when you have a fuck-up coaching the team and a fuck-up quarter-backing the team. If you are gonna spend a 5th round pikc on him, then he needs to fucking make the team. Watch him go on to a hall of fame type career in Philly while Bullock continues to fucking choke kicks that matter. This team is fucking stupid. We are all stupid for caring. Fuck them all.
  14. Zampese Out

    He was let go four games into 2015 when head coach Philbin was fired. His 2014 as Miami's OC was pretty successful, especially compared to the Miami's 2013 offensive showing (he wasn't OC for them in 2013).
  15. Zampese Out

    Were not gonna find someone from the outside to take over in-season - replacement had to come in-house, was him or James Urban I would guess...

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