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  1. I’ve been trying to fire Marvin since 2007. None of this is at all surprising.
  2. membengal

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    Yup. Under previous regime - they would not be "in" or "expressing interest" on any in demand free agents - always was after initial wave and would kick tires when the person had no other options. To hear their name floated at this juncture is new. Glad for it.
  3. Tyler Kroft broke his foot in Bills OTAs yesterday.
  4. Bump: https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/05/13/vikings-cap-space-kyle-rudolph-browns-odell-beckham-jr-rookie-minicamps-dahale-warring-drew-sample
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/a-j-green-unsure-of-his-future-with-the-cincinnati-bengals/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app More from AJ - who is quite chatty all of a sudden: None of that sounds especially awesome with respect to the former coach...lol.
  6. SF2: "AJ Green is a liar". AJ Green: "But I've been to every practice I possibly could have attended, all under Marvin Lewis, for 8 years. That's over a thousand practices. Off-season and in-season." SF2: "Nope, sorry, I have seen a few open to the public and that never happened, so you are a liar."
  7. New England Patriots - 2014 - Jimmy Garrapolo - 2nd round. New England Patriots - 2106 - Jacoby Brissett - 3rd round Fucking morons, those Patriots.
  8. Taylor and Callahan already addressed this without waiting for a question to be asked at the press conference after the pick - they both immediately stated he is here as a backup.
  9. He apparently dropped nothing, and his QB was...not good. The Bengals clearly see him as more than just a blocking TE, and think his hands and speed will play. Lapham on his pod with Hoard said that the team had a high second round grade on him. For what it's worth.
  10. I know well Hobson's poverty crying. I am saying, their signing Hart to that contract didn't keep them from doing anything they might have wanted to do. They were clearly never gonna pay what the top FA LBers went for. And Hart's contract is not nearly as bad as it was made out to be. He's gone after this year, if they want, with little to no cap hit. In the meantime, he was draft insurance. I know people enjoyed hollering about it, but, it wasn't the franchise crippling move that it was somehow made out to be.
  11. I guess. It’s not like they had no more money to spend - they had plenty left.
  12. I am assuming Eifert's snaps are going to be limited again in an effort to protect him, and that they will try and keep the blocking for him to a minimum. As for my hunch that Sample is going to be ahead of Uzomah quickly and seeing significant playing time, that is based on the following: 1. They've had plenty of time to see tape of Uzomah now 2. They had three days of on-field coaching with him last week to start and get a feel for him; 3. Came out of that process clearly identifying a TE who does what Sample does as a huge need (based on where he was targeted and drafted); and 4. The actual words from Taylor and Callahan on that pick were pretty damn glowing and sure sounded like they had immediate plans on using him and soon.
  13. I don't think he is backing up, fwiw. I think he is starting ahead of Uzomah game 1. I think Eifert is only on the field in passing sets. I think he (Sample) is your TE 1 in the base set . Watch and see how that unfolds over the summer.
  14. I have no idea - I have a terrible eye for that sort of thing. I would guess not - but I may not be imaginative enough.

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