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  1. Seeing it reported that max dollars are $8 million - really good deal for the club. Should leave them some money to pursue other free agents.
  2. I am delighted - especially since it is a one-year deal. hedge bets, see if he can stay on the field.
  3. The Nelson thing is PROBABLY nothing, BUT...we do have Alex Van Pelt here now as QB coach. Maybe that's enough of a link to give the rumor a small heartbeat...
  4. Mixon working it recruiting on twitter is my favorite thing about this off-season at this point, and I loved the Cordy Glenn trade.
  5. He's 28. At a position where players do well into their mid-30s or even later. The price tag he carries is slightly less than what Whit went for at age 35. And while the injury thing is a gamble, he's had the surgery and is supposed to be field ready by May. So, I guess I see no good reason to just shit on this? Other than to keep being that guy who shits on everything? I miss the old t-dub, I guess.
  6. Your act is getting old.
  7. I just like him showing an interest.
  8. Pick 21 Poll

    Isaiah Wynn. But there's a lot of names on that list now that I would very happy with. 21 is a really nice spot in this draft to be picking.
  9. Only if they let it. They have more than enough money to do that.
  10. He’s the fucking worst.
  11. They also swapped places with the Bills in rounds 5 and 6, which doesn't bother me at all.
  12. They just flipped spots in round 1, so, no, I don't think they did. And it puts them in a sweet spot in the draft for a C or G...
  13. Now THAT is outside of their usual operating procedures. Gotta say, I am pleasantly stunned.
  14. Sign me up on the Mixon for GM train.
  15. I like what the new coach said - I loathe loathe loathe how it feels like Hobson is a hype man for talking the fan base into recycled shit with the options for the line...he’s got a weird thing for bodine.

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