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  1. membengal

    2019 Draft Talk

    I don’t disagree with you as them having plenty of needs - but I am now wondering if they are more open to a qb in round 1 than I had been thinking. One read on those signings is stopgaps to tide them over a few years - time to draft and develop dalton’s replacement maybe. Dunno. But I can no longer write it off. The modified rebuild scenario maybe.
  2. membengal

    2019 Draft Talk

    For better or worse they’ve checked enough “needs” boxes in free agency that I am now wondering if there is some fire with the smoke regarding rumors of their interest in Drew Lock with their pick in round 1.
  3. So they should have kept doing nothing to fix their fuck up? I gave him an example of them being creative in acquiring talent. They can do it , if they desire to.
  4. They literally swapped places in the first round last year to acquire their starting left tackle. That was kinda creative.
  5. Anytime you can overpay to re-assemble the same team that finished last, you have to do it.
  6. I warned folks about how shitty Turner is.
  7. I can’t even imagine the takes nationally if the bengals had gotten rolled by a player like Brown just rolled the Stealers.
  8. With Duffner hire and the other guy they just announced, Taylor's coaching staff is at 22. It may not be long on experience (generally) but there are more of them than I think this team has ever had before. That's new, at least, in terms of approach from the front office, fwiw.
  9. This. It’s not like what happened last year was related to the back or shoulder issues. He looked like his old self in the weeks before the bad luck.
  10. membengal

    2019 Draft Talk

    You gonna assume the anonymous source that casserly is regurgitating said all that in good faith? Seriously? That report screams like a work from a team wanting Murray to fall to its draft spot in round one...
  11. membengal

    Backup QB

    A rookie drafted in the first four rounds would be my choice.
  12. membengal

    2019 Draft Talk

    Kingsbury was also on the record from his college days of being smitten with Murray, fwiw. There's a chance they move Rosen and take Murray.
  13. membengal

    QB Carousel 2019

    Nice thread Weston, well done.
  14. You fucking complain all the fucking time. It’s your fucking default setting.
  15. They were literally scheduled for a media time within 24 hours of a rumor they didn’t start. You will complain about anything.

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