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  1. Good job fuck faces, you beat a week 4 of the pre-season squad. Celebrate and fuck your sisters bareback
  2. Why in Gods name are throwing the fucking ball down there. Run the fucking ball you fucking uckstick idiots
  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah suck my white dick
  4. saphead

    Squeelers game flexed

    Dumb. Now this shit ass season gets extended by 3 hours.
  5. saphead

    Squeelers game flexed

    I’ll be painting my cock purple next weekend.
  6. As of right now he sits 130-127-3. If we lose the next three he will finish his career (hopefully) at a perfectly mediocre 130-130-3. Think about that sports fans and let that sink in. I hope it happens, I hope it happens so badly it's like my Super Bowl.
  8. You cannot end that play with a sack. Throw it up for grabs or something. But at least he didn't throw it into the dirt.
  9. Driskel leads the league in throwing it away on third down.
  10. Boyd had some Billy Hart arms on that one.
  11. Just like when it rains during recess, Phillip Rivers finishes inside.
  12. Phillip Rivers causes a lot of traffic jams at 4 way intersections. Because he never pulls out.
  13. Damn right Freezer Bowl. A soft puss cake west coast team went home losers.
  14. Jesus fucking chocolate covered Christ only we could give up 3 more points in that situation.
  15. should be a $53,000 fine on chargers #23. Helmet to helmet.

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