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  1. The Rams have been in the red zone more often than a guy that likes period sex.
  2. I think it was the 81 opener. Kenny got benched! Sad news. 😟
  3. saphead

    Zac Taylor overview (1/4)

    I just want a young and energetic coach. I don't want an old man waddling out there clapping and so forth that way, with a thousand yard stare.
  4. saphead

    Squeelers Drama

    Love to hear this. Hopefully he ends up homeless.
  5. saphead

    Squeelers Drama

    It's all falling apart for the incestuous inbreds up there. They are oh so close to being a very average team for a very long time. Ben is almost done. The jive turkey on the sideline is being exposed. Players refusing to play for them. They are just a cleanly reffed' game away from losing every Sunday.
  6. saphead

    Who's the next HC?

    I'm surprised Ken Broo radio disc jockey took time away from interviewing Elvis' back-up tambourine player in 1958 to talk Bengals football.
  7. Thank you God I believe in you
  8. Lol anything to get the fuckheads in the playiffs
  9. Good job fuck faces, you beat a week 4 of the pre-season squad. Celebrate and fuck your sisters bareback
  10. Why in Gods name are throwing the fucking ball down there. Run the fucking ball you fucking uckstick idiots
  11. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah suck my white dick
  12. saphead

    Squeelers game flexed

    Dumb. Now this shit ass season gets extended by 3 hours.
  13. saphead

    Squeelers game flexed

    I’ll be painting my cock purple next weekend.
  14. As of right now he sits 130-127-3. If we lose the next three he will finish his career (hopefully) at a perfectly mediocre 130-130-3. Think about that sports fans and let that sink in. I hope it happens, I hope it happens so badly it's like my Super Bowl.

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