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  1. Think Leatherwood was claimed by the Bears. Did it not go through?
  2. That last clip of Donald is bullshit that fucker swinging helmets hitting people doesn`t matter when it happened should be some sort of punishment or fine. I am fired up Collins showing us the fire we have been lacking.
  3. That is awesome, and that picture is bad ass. Joe looking cool as shit, and like he is taking a picture with his buddies... Good stuff
  4. Good listen but geeze, Luke Wilson!! Dude made plays in the Superbowl!! Lol
  5. They left out doing all that while also being the 1st in the league in being sacked
  6. Having said that, every year is a prove it year for every player. Think most of us have the confidence JB will be just fine.
  7. As everyone else seems to agree, Burrow is a proven winner. There is no one in their right mind questioning Joe Big D*** Burrow!! He already has the keys to the Franchise and the Lumina, picking the new guys up at the airport and taking them to dinner and a movie back at his place and having cupcakes, and milk 😄 Joking aside, as the QB you are either the Franchise type, that everyone believes can win every week, and can carry a team, or the Andy Dalton Trent Dilfer type that needs really good defense and supporting cast but in general is not going to lose games for you but not going to win a lot of shootouts either. We have a Franchise QB who is the complete package on and off the field, and I couldn`t be happier.
  8. Don`t think Boyd is a WR1 for a playoff caliber team. Great receiver for any team, but not going to consistently win if he is your best. I would take 3 or 4 of him as my WR`s and that would play havoc on a defense. But you can`t clone him so just saying. But don`t agree he is a WR1. Love that he is on our team though such a valuable part of the receiver room.
  9. I didn`t say that at all. But the deal is not getting done so either the money is not right or the guaranteed money is not agreed. I said "Bates must want more than the Bengals are willing to pay or guarantee with the other big contracts coming up"
  10. Thanks you make a lot of good points there without coming across as just bitchin bout the draft and added some relevant material for discussion. And some of them we all know. Sure we would have liked to have picked a TE somewhere and with no receiver drafted agree we need to stay healthy with the big 3 at wr and hopefully someone else will step up. Maybe they have confidence in their plan. But it comes down to we had a pretty good roster last year and didn`t pick for need as much as grade on the players, and maybe they are picking players to fit what they want to do. And I do trust in Duke Tobin as he was the main part of building the Championship team and he is still in charge of building the roster. Every team has players that don`t work out and the Bengals are no different but have to live with the good and the bad. I along with almost everyone else said all year, I couldn`t believe we were winning with the oline we had, but we were. Until we didn`t. But you can`t fix everything, or have, and pay players at most positions at the top of the pay scale. Everyone wants Bates paid but he must want more than the Bengals are willing to pay or guarantee with the other big contracts coming up. In closing you make some good points, but I am not going to worry about anything until the roster gets settled closer to the season. They still have time to improve the roster. Would still love to have Ogunjobi back for the right price.
  11. Harder than it has to be because you think so, or the info you see says so? Unless I missed something and you have some sort of connection to the sports world or are some kind of talent evaluator, the only thing you know is what you get from the internet, just like most of us. For you to take your collected judgments from the internet and then keep pushing the negative on the team because they did not take who you think they should have taken because some websites say someone would have been a better pick for the Bengals is ridiculous. I can appreciate all views and opinions on the forum, but when you are being negative about the team, about something you or anyone else can`t prove at least until the players actually play and show how they work out with the team, it is just a waste of time.
  12. Because they did all the work, and that is what they came up with. Come on man we are not the 4-12 Bengals we are the AFC Champion almost Super Bowl winning Bengals. Why all the second guessing because you think or whoever you listen to thinks they should have done something different?
  13. Copied and pasted my remark from your other negative post cause this one deserves the same response. Did Duke Tobin ask you if you did all the work? Cause he says they do. Just got that off the Lapham broadcast lol. Between your opinion and the Bengals, I am going to stick with the Bengals judgement on who they pick where, cause well, they did all the work. They have done a pretty good job with talent in free agency and most of the drafts picks. It is the talking heads/medias job to make stories out of everything and their opinion is just that, an opinion. So if you are just going off of what opinions you see on the internet everyone will have an opinion, just depends which one you want to hear.
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