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  1. I don`t get how Trai Turner spits on another player and there is no fine or suspension. And Mike Tomlins response he was spit on first is just a stupid ass remark. Not much of a mention of it past the initial reports on the game. People go to jail for assault for the same thing but is allowed without penalty on a football field... unless it was the Bengals.
  2. New York Giants to start Billy Price at center, shift Nick Gates to guard against Washington Football Team
  3. It was Apple responsible for the 3 plays that led to the touchdown.
  4. Agreed she is clueless on this. Chase was just responding to the gmfb crew asking the question about him saying this months back about breaking records. I thought he answered it pretty well not being cocky just stating goals. Just another talking head trying to get attention.
  5. Was hoping to not see Trenton Irwins name again until the guy actually proved something...But this is hilarious and made me lol, thanks
  6. Dec 21, 2020 was a pretty awesome day Bengals 27-17 over the Stealers
  7. Ripping Mike brown is one thing. Saying Paul Brown was a failure is just dumb and trying to further get under peoples skin and is bullshit and unnecessary and directed at our whole fan base. I would expect shit like that from a Steeler fan.
  8. Well I don`t agree with you but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am sure the Chiefs are still accepting new fans if you feel your team and their history is so bad why do you continue to put your time and effort into them?
  9. Good read also liked him sounds like he is putting in the extra effort to be a better stronger player. Pretty young guy was only 21 when we drafted him still developing from man child to beast hopefully. Always thought he was a little too soft spoken not that that really matters but kind of think it stems from a lack of confidence, or maybe he just doesn`t like to talk to the media. Either way hope he finds his voice and gets his confidence back.
  10. I think the guy gave great results and was a great player for the franchise and was a great example on and off the field. Maybe his one down side was he couldn`t play oline and run the ball. Thanks for the video.
  11. Great guy nice story makes me want a Bates3 shirt or Bengal jersey glad we have him.
  12. I think he was clearly the center everyone wanted...When he was picked right before us, well we know how that ended. Pretty sure no one thought Price was worth the pick but didn`t think he was going to suck either. Sorry didn`t answer your question but I have no idea didn`t pay attention to either but draft time all info pointed to Ragnow being the better pick.
  13. Sad to see him go too, and the guy played his ass off for the Bengals. Said and did all the right things on and off the field and a great leader on the team. Was a fun guy to watch and seems as everyone says is a class act all the way around. Don`t blame the Bengals for the timing either.
  14. Good vid on Hendrickson thanks. After the vid Mike Daniels GMFB vid popped up from before free agency started, glad we resigned him. Seems like good vet leadership and I thought he played pretty solid coming in when he did and think he will be better this year. And sounds like he is part of an attitude change for the defense.
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