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  1. Thanks. I don`t have any idea, may be zero. I just don`t think being left or right handed would matter. Don`t see a team not considering them because they are left handed and I just don`t see it being a big issue. Thanks for all your input I usually just read for all the great info but sometimes have to question some things that don`t make sense to me. Im not saying I`m right like I said, it just doesn`t make sense to me. Thanks
  2. Not buying that. Spin of the snap for a long snapper may be different but don`t see that affecting much and not a Qb under center. That sounds the same as saying receivers are gonna drop the ball when the lefty comes in or vice versa cause the ball is spinning in the opposite direction. And lefty to lefty wouldn`t feel natural if as you say all the centers are right handed and then the lefty would have to get used to a lefty. Either way pretty sure a little practice would smoothe things out.
  3. What does it matter if the guy is left handed who he is snapping to. Pretty sure that makes no difference.
  4. Neither of those guys are a true #1 elite receiver like an AJ Green. Both would benefit from a healthy #1 receiver on board.
  5. Hate the thought of trading up. Hopefully get a great player at 5 no matter if Sewell is there or not and should be another with our 2nd pick. If Sewell is not there trade down if there is a good enough trade where we still have a chance to get our targeted players.
  6. I heard the wr coach bolted for the door and 3 missed tackles got away:) JK I don`t hear shit unless it`s on here lol. On another note Anthony Lynn fired 7-9 not good enough and 33-31 over 4 years. Sucks to look at their owners statement about winning and then look at our owners statement.
  7. You are right, “Choosing alcohol or drugs” is a loaded statement. It is hard to be put in peoples shoes and know what they go through in life to be where they are at, no argument there. Not sure where your comment on prohibition or households that don`t allow alchohol is going. I am not a saint or pretend to be one and again you are commenting on people with mental health issues using alcohol or drugs. My argument was and still is there is a difference between someone having mental health issues as a cause for their situation or someone who just got into alcohol or drugs and as a result bad
  8. Not saying alcohol or drugs are forbidden, just saying they are a choice people make. But in this sentence you are saying people with mental health issues choosing alcohol or drugs. That was not my argument and the loss of someones life due to mental illness even if they used drugs or alcohol for their issues is sad. My point was if someone uses drugs and alcohol and eventually loses control of their life that is on them... Might also be a sad story but when someone does it to themselves it was still choices they made in life.
  9. But my statement is that mental health issues are not a choice, if someone starts doing drugs the possibility is there eventually they get themselves in some kind of trouble or worse depending on the drugs and that doesn`t happen if they are not lured by drugs alchohol etc.
  10. I might be crazy but I thought Adeniji played good at left tackle the week he was there and thought he was better than Jonah Williams. Was hoping they would have given him another shot even when Williams returned, but they put him at right tackle and was not so good. But it seems Jonah Williams takes his turn playing like shit and may not be the answer at left tackle.
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