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  1. I forgot how we got him guess he was not a FA and yes that makes it even worse
  2. I have been steaming over this glad someone brought it up again. No one can really call him a liar but I think he is a piece of shit screwing the Bengals and this will be another avenue players will use to screw teams. I really hope I am wrong but for someone to self report and no one can figure out where the contact that caused the concussion happened just seems pretty much like Bullshit and to have it going on for this long, the guy is a piece of shit. And again I hope I am wrong but he has to be one of, if not the worst FA pickups.
  3. Don`t think this is on Boy Wonder as you say the guy can either hold up or not. Very unfortunate to happen guy looked good.
  4. So maybe we need to change our thinking on the comp pick stuff as we receive 6th rounders and Rams Pats Ravens and other teams active in free agency are receiving 2 3rd rounders
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