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  1. CalifBengalfan

    Compensatory picks are out

    So maybe we need to change our thinking on the comp pick stuff as we receive 6th rounders and Rams Pats Ravens and other teams active in free agency are receiving 2 3rd rounders
  2. CalifBengalfan

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Funny no one has mentioned the pic is of Jonathan Hayes
  3. CalifBengalfan

    Pacman in car accident

    Lol, yeah sorry couldn't find the 1/2 ninja:)
  4. CalifBengalfan

    Pacman in car accident

    What do you guys want from him... His anger management is clearly working. He didn't spit on anyone, slap or punch anyone, and didn't get arrested. And I think he was proud of himself and wanted to show the world. This is clearly a step in the right direction
  5. Too bad we all can`t get paid for pointing obvious things out in hindsight. Amazing how some of these dumbass writers are employed.
  6. I would take Marvin Jones any day. Guy does everything right on and off the field and appears to be a great kid. Unfortunately Henry was blessed too heavy on the talent side and not so much on the bright side.
  7. If you are talking about games only shown on direct tv and not on the local channels, the standard def games are on the normal football package and you get the HD games if you upgrade to superfan. The way I believe it worked last year was if a SD Bengal game was on channel 705 the HD game would be on 706. Hope this answered your question.
  8. These are athletic turf style shoes from Boombah.com Thought some of you might like them. Great match with Bengal gear for the game, or for anyone that plays sports. Not cheap at $55 plus shipping but they look good. If you check out the website you can search by color. I normally wear 9 1/2 but 10 fits good so may be 1/2 size small. They had some closeout cheaper styles but these are the Resistance Trail and these are sweet. Hope this is ok for posting here, and hope some of you like them. I will try to attatch some pics because the website did not show them very well.
  9. That was an awesome hit!! Too bad we couldn`t get WR`s and running backs to stop running long enough for him to lay the smack down on them Does anyone remember him blitzing much through the season? I don`t but my memory is not great.
  10. I have two bets. First one is with a guy at work which is $100 a game straight up whoever the Bengals play during the season. Guess he thought we were going to suck this year. I am up $400 so far. And the second is with a Steeler fan that we bet $50 for each of the two games . Goooo Bengalssss
  11. CalifBengalfan

    First post

    [quote name='BengalBacker' date='Oct 13 2005, 12:28 AM']Damn. Sorry it wasn't a very good experience. Wish I could have gone. Most years I go to most games, but my new job is cramping my style this year.  [right][post="168692"][/post][/right][/quote] Yep, mans got to have his priorities straight. Sounds like you need a new job!
  12. CalifBengalfan

    First post

    Thanks for the info Rick. Hey Backer, actually was not the best. Flying standby sucks. Missed a number of flights, had to stay the night in Dallas Friday. Pay for extra hotel with no reimbursement from my hotel reservations in Cincy or rental car. Wife could not go. Sold my extra ticket to a scalper. And then had to listen to some drunk asshole about 5 rows back screaming at Marvin Lewis for about three quarters about how all the penalty`s were on him, his fault blah blah blah. I couldn`t believe someone was screamin on Marvin like that without someone telling him to shut the fuck up. Finally shut up around the 4th qtr. And then the boys took it easy on Carr and co. to make it a stressful win, instead of kickin ass like I was hoping. But I did get all geeked up just sitting there, fireworks going off when the team was coming out, it was a cool moment. And during warmups Reggie Myles threw me the football he was throwing in the stands and that was cool. And the next time I will take others advice about not staying right in downtown. Thanks for asking, wish you could have made it.
  13. CalifBengalfan

    First post

    [quote name='calibengalfan' date='Oct 8 2005, 05:45 PM']Haha, don't worry about it. I barely ever post, just love to read everyone's thoughts and opinions. Hope you didn't change your name, I won't be [u]cali[/u]bengalfan for much longer, I'll be moving to Oregon in a few weeks. Nice to know there's more fans on the west coast, sometimes I feel like the only one. [right][post="165047"][/post][/right][/quote] Thanks Cali, I have not changed yet. I could not figure out how to do it and did not figure out a good name yet either. And since you don`t mind, I will keep the name. Thanks
  14. CalifBengalfan

    Tickets for Sunday's Game

    I have one to sell sec 110 row 23. Sent you a PM.

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