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  1. The whole point of that rule is it allows the refs to affect the game for viewing figures/NY demands. Why would they remove a rule designed to be murky?
  2. I've been saying for about ten years we need OL and LB help. These days, I seriously would take a full OL draft. Just draft a metric fuckton of big dudes, Blackjesus getting priapic levels of big, and see who shakes out. We've got weapons. We've got DL, Corners looking good. Shore up the OL and win 48-21 every game. Obviously if we've got the room to do to the OL what we did to the DL in FA, I can get on board with that too. Hey Whit, busy?
  3. You're not wrong. I love "let's go to Gene"; "It's clearly the ground, nothing more to say"; "Ruling upheld"; "Gene?"; "Erm, well, gosh, I guess NY has the angles and made the call they did"
  4. The least likely victory I can recall. Unbelievable heart. My gast is entirely flabbered. At least our OL can't be that bad two weeks in a row. Bring on the Chiefs.
  5. Not gonna have anything bad said about 18. Without him we'd have been almost hopeless for years, and definitely wouldn't have the three-headed monster WR corps we have now.
  6. 1) The D guy did the frustrated "dammit" leap before T caught it. 2) The ball was about a foot from his hands, and passed the D guy, when the whistle blew. 3) On both sides, those refs were a total shit show.
  7. Not shorts weather, definitely need a fleece and a beanie, but no coat.
  8. Also the strange implication is that against the Browns we risk injuring Joe, but somehow in playoff football that wouldn't be an issue. Injured in Wk17 or injured in R1 of the playoffs makes no difference to me. Plus we all remember how the "rest 'em" idea panned out against the Jets.
  9. Yes I wanted Sewell. Yes our OL is horrible. BUT... Chase is hilariously good. Bo Jackson in Tecmo levels of ridiculous. Good though he was in college, nobody expected this in the pros. Taking Sam Bowie ahead of Jordan levels of unexpected.
  10. Antonio Brown doing Antonio Brown things. In other news. if we had any pass protection or secondary at all we'd be fearsome.
  11. Yeah that's a good comparison. I also agree about Boyd. He's Housh. Amazing, just needs other, better, WRs pulling coverage away to really show his stuff. 2 1/2 WRs is still alright by me.
  12. Burrow > 2005 Carson. I was totally onboard the Sewell train too, but Chase is otherworldy good. Serious Q, what was the last team with 3 #1 WRs on it? Chase, Higgins, Boyd are absolute monsters. Sure other teams had Moss, or Rice and Taylor, but three?
  13. Wow this color guy is all kinds of suck. Much like Zac. Meh.
  14. Burrow is 100% the answer. That first int was all on Chase making the cut with his upper body, so Joe threw, but he didn't bother to move his legs too.
  15. I wouldn't mind quite as much if we'd been torched by someone pulling off amazing throws, but we played 10 yards deep, backed up, and got dink and dunked for 400 yards. Hell I could've thrown 200 against that D and I'm an old man jealous of Kitnas arm strength. After three years, ZT is as good as he's going to be and he's AWFUL.
  16. Attention from who though? The media? Because they are the fucking media. Screw them.
  17. Mel Kiper ESPN - 11th best overall draft Cincinnati Bengals: B Top needs: OL, WR, TE The Bengals were in a great spot with the No. 5 overall pick, because they have their quarterback of the future, unlike the teams that had the four picks in front of them. Joe Burrow is their guy. Would they go with Burrow's buddy Ja'Marr Chase, an elite receiver? Or maybe Penei Sewell, a tremendous linemen who could be the team's left tackle for the next 10 years? They also could have traded down to pick up more premium picks for a team trying to get one of the leftover top quarterbacks. In the end, they went with Chase, the 2019 Biletnikoff Award winner who makes this offense must-see TV. He had 1,780 receiving yards and caught 20 touchdown passes from Burrow in 2019 before opting out of last season. Burrow now has Chase, Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd and Joe Mixon as good -- and young -- playmakers around him, though the Bengals still need to upgrade at tight end. This is a group that can grow together and should terrify defensive coordinators. On Day 2, Cincinnati traded down and took Trevor Lawrence's college left tackle Jackson Carman (46), who coach Zac Taylor will have compete for one of the starting guard spots. It was high for Carman on my board. He dealt with a back injury during the pre-draft process, and there were better linemen available. I even think D'Ante Smith (139) could be better in the long-term. The organization did well in the trade, though, adding pick Nos. 122 and 139 -- the pick that yielded Smith -- for moving down eight spots. Edge rusher Joseph Ossai (69) adds to a young defensive end rotation that was boosted in free agency by the signing of Trey Hendrickson. Ossai is a speed rusher who never quits on plays, and he should get plenty of third-down snaps as a rookie. Cameron Sample (111) is a hulking defensive end who is totally different physically than Ossai. Could he move inside to tackle? Tyler Shelvin (122) is a massive two-down nose tackle, which makes me wonder about the future of D.J. Reader in Cincinnati. The Bengals got my top-ranked kicker Evan McPherson (149) and could have a steal in my third-ranked center Trey Hill (190). I don't see how Chase fails in the NFL, barring injury, which means this long-term grade for this class could come down to whether Carman turns into a quality starter. It's no sure thing. Osaai and Sample are solid picks.
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