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  1. Mel Kiper ESPN - 11th best overall draft Cincinnati Bengals: B Top needs: OL, WR, TE The Bengals were in a great spot with the No. 5 overall pick, because they have their quarterback of the future, unlike the teams that had the four picks in front of them. Joe Burrow is their guy. Would they go with Burrow's buddy Ja'Marr Chase, an elite receiver? Or maybe Penei Sewell, a tremendous linemen who could be the team's left tackle for the next 10 years? They also could have traded down to pick up more premium picks for a team trying to get one of the leftover top quarterbacks. In
  2. I'll never understand the yanks disgust for kickers. If you've ever watched Bullock and the like step up for a chip shot that will win you the game, only to see them miss, you'd perhaps treat them with less disdain. Let's quickly look at the most points scored by a player in their career. Oh they're all kickers. Points win games, soooo.
  3. It's the equivalent of your opening salvo on a dinner date being "yeah babe you're okay I guess but the girl I really wanted, who was smoking hot, was busy so I guess I have a night with you instead. Did I mention she was hot?"
  4. 1:57 of the vid in the post above, I hope that 51 (LG) on the O line got drafted by the Squealers. Hilariously low effort in that play and the following one. Blocked nobody. Quality stuff. (I love the pick, but man watching the burger flippers is always comedy gold)
  5. Been a GREAT day of picks. Totally happy. (Knee injuries aside, natch)
  6. I get that Chase might be special and his chemistry with Joe is worth extra points. I get that we have other draft picks. BUT We already have two excellent WRs and, in Tate, a good slot guy. We've got a very good RB. Skill positions we're good if you work on the 3WR-1RB set basis. But we have 1, maybe 1/2 of the FIVE OL guys we need, and Burrow has already been toasted. One day we'll learn that football is won in the trenches, but it's not this day. We need to draft OL 3 of the next 4 picks.
  7. Once again the call for OL help goes unheeded. Ugh. Gonna get our QBs killed at record levels.
  8. Pitts gone. Now we find out whether it's Burrow for a wheelchair or a chance to actually have time to throw.
  9. Hey now, Trey Lance comes from the same school as legendary HOFer Carson Effin Wentz. Great pick.
  10. As I said earlier, I've seen enough Bengals drafts that I'm expecting us to trade from 5 to 8, and see Chase go 5, Pitts 6, Sewell 7 and then be left with a bunch of "who"s.
  11. Lavar Arrington. Signed for the Bengals every offseason for about a decade without ever playing a snap.
  12. Yes it's my birthday. Yes Burrow is toast. Yes I'm fucking furious. See ya in 2021
  13. bleeds black and orange.

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