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  1. Not gonna have anything bad said about 18. Without him we'd have been almost hopeless for years, and definitely wouldn't have the three-headed monster WR corps we have now.
  2. 1) The D guy did the frustrated "dammit" leap before T caught it. 2) The ball was about a foot from his hands, and passed the D guy, when the whistle blew. 3) On both sides, those refs were a total shit show.
  3. Not shorts weather, definitely need a fleece and a beanie, but no coat.
  4. Also the strange implication is that against the Browns we risk injuring Joe, but somehow in playoff football that wouldn't be an issue. Injured in Wk17 or injured in R1 of the playoffs makes no difference to me. Plus we all remember how the "rest 'em" idea panned out against the Jets.
  5. Yes I wanted Sewell. Yes our OL is horrible. BUT... Chase is hilariously good. Bo Jackson in Tecmo levels of ridiculous. Good though he was in college, nobody expected this in the pros. Taking Sam Bowie ahead of Jordan levels of unexpected.
  6. Antonio Brown doing Antonio Brown things. In other news. if we had any pass protection or secondary at all we'd be fearsome.
  7. Yeah that's a good comparison. I also agree about Boyd. He's Housh. Amazing, just needs other, better, WRs pulling coverage away to really show his stuff. 2 1/2 WRs is still alright by me.
  8. Burrow > 2005 Carson. I was totally onboard the Sewell train too, but Chase is otherworldy good. Serious Q, what was the last team with 3 #1 WRs on it? Chase, Higgins, Boyd are absolute monsters. Sure other teams had Moss, or Rice and Taylor, but three?
  9. Wow this color guy is all kinds of suck. Much like Zac. Meh.
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