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  1. Gronk money, bye. Player who can't stay healthy money, 100% stay. Reality, somewhere in between those two, stay. He's a monster. A made of glass, makes Chris Perry look healthy, monster.
  2. Got to go for the Vikes. Too much love for Zim.
  3. Sure. Alexanders scheme is to get the quarterback sacked as often as possible and open up no lanes for the running game. Whereas Dallas - like 30 other NFL teams besides the Browns - try and run a scheme to protect the QB and have a ground game. Hope that's cleared things up.
  4. Rubbish physical gifts + work ethic = better coaches Players to whom the game comes easy will always be crap coaches. So I don't mind. Not sure his record will earn much respect though.
  5. For all the issues Marv has (and there are a few) it's clear that a lot of the coaching bullshit is foisted upon him as this was clearly one of the conditions for his return, much like more control over the Front Office was last time.
  6. Typical Bengals stuff. First half lead we blow it. Win both our last two meaningless games to have a worse draft pick. On the plus side we put both the Lions and Ravens out the playoffs. Fuck the ratbirds.
  7. Jesus. About to kick the FG with 8 seconds to go, I go for a slash and they score a TD. Fuck me.
  8. Hooray for the Browns. Now we're the fourth best team in Ohio behind the Bearcats, Buckeyes and Columbus Blue Jackets.
  9. Coaching Staff Changes

    Can we just have Zimmer as HC, McDaniels as OC and Bud Foster at DC. No? Damn. Christmas is over already and this genie has run out of wishes.
  10. Jets, Browns, Titans. Why wouldn't you go for the historically bad franchises?
  11. Me too. This team had a chance for the playoffs? Worst team I've seen us play since the clowns. Terribad. I thought Marvin was a dodgy HC. Their guy is a fucking statue.

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