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  1. AJ, Atkins, Burfict. Didn't even need to think about that.
  2. Only if we can have a poll to see who'll be the kicker.
  3. I suppose a better question might be : Here is a million dollars, how much of it would you give back to see the Bengals win a Superbowl. Because that takes your own financial position somewhat out of the equation. (in which case, about 50K)
  4. Any Lottery amount over Superbowl. Now I know my memory is shit, but I can't remember who are the current champions, let alone who won it last year, or the one before. The moment the draft rolls around whoever won the Superbowl becomes meaningless history. Whereas I've spent 18 years being stupidly poor, unable to provide for my family. Any amount of money, 10K upwards, would make a massive difference to my quality of life. Fucking hell 20K would get me out of debt and let me carpet the bedroom floor. You think I'd trade that for a football game?
  5. According to Bernard Scott's Wikipedia page he was the first Bengal to rush for a 100 yards since Dillon in 97. So Rudi just didn't exist then? Yes yes I know, it's Wikipedia. I was just curious as to whatever happened to Bernard Scott.
  6. So, this years Mr Irrelevant. Nope. No difference in how those two events panned out and were reported. (and that's without getting into the guy the Stains picked)
  7. We're so loaded at WR we might only go with two TEs and Hewitt. Wouldn't shock me. But yeah I was thinking along the 'player like Reggie Kelly lines', because we run the big package quite a bit and Peko isn't here anymore.
  8. We got fast as all fuck on the O side of the ball. Slightly concerned at our lack of O-line solidity. I think we'll miss Whit and KZ more than most expect. BUT, if our previous picks suddenly play to form then ooooh boy are we about to air out this motherfucker. Scared people should be : Uzomah Hill Peerman Erickson Hill was great for a season or so, but last year was awful, and if Mixon is half as good as Gio, then two Gio's > Gio and Hill.
  9. Thanks Jason as always for putting this contest together.
  10. Solid player for a 7th round comp pick, what's not to like? Okay Tyler takes the top of defences, but he's hardly an ironman and most TEs catch short stuff underneath. Apparently this one is a great possession guy. So if Gio isn't open, and the burning duo of Ross and AJ are double covered, let's just grind out a five or six yard play and move on.
  11. I can see both sides. You need some power, but if all you've shown is power, and you've shown it against guys who'll never see a pro snap, you'll get eaten up at the NFL level. Whereas if you know finesse, you can add power with the pro diet/gym*. *obviously not here, because everyone we draft is as good as they'll ever be and we only coach downwards, but still...
  12. Sometimes these player video packages you end up peering trying to work out who our player is. This one had him highlighted, but he didn't need to be. Just look for the guy breaking through blocks and motoring to the football. Love it.
  13. Good feet, fast, great instincts, nothing not to like.
  14. Jesus he's a fucking load. Hell yeah.
  15. "Yet another studly move by Bill Belicheat. Sure the player had a problem in his past, but that was a long time ago and he's been a model pro since then. With first round talent it is only the namby pamby gutless GMs who couldn't look past his history, but the Patriots know a great player with a mighty skillset and have got a steal here at pick x. When all is said and done this is like getting Prime Walter Payton in the second round. A plus plus plus plus plus plus".