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  1. Not on Tupou at all. No way he (Tua) should've been out there after the first half injury on Sunday, and definitely not a shock that "man with concussion gets concussion 4 days later".
  2. I'll take a rough prospect who has insane physical skills over my physical skills but with the right football knowledge. One is coachable, the other less so.
  3. He was the player I drafted the most in my mocks (although we're unlikely to grab Bryan Cook in the third now) and the one I think was BPA/Need. Although a few edge rushers were okay, I think we need corner help pretty badly, especially now everyone is copying us with vertical attacks.
  4. I've been saying for about ten years we need OL and LB help. These days, I seriously would take a full OL draft. Just draft a metric fuckton of big dudes, Blackjesus getting priapic levels of big, and see who shakes out. We've got weapons. We've got DL, Corners looking good. Shore up the OL and win 48-21 every game. Obviously if we've got the room to do to the OL what we did to the DL in FA, I can get on board with that too. Hey Whit, busy?
  5. bleeds black and orange.

  6. [url="http://www.worth1000.com/tutorial.asp"]http://www.worth1000.com/tutorial.asp[/url] Also a great site to make you shake your head at how bad you are
  7. [quote][b]Posted by The NES Advantage[/b] by the way BJ. love your style of posting.As fucked up as some of the stuff is right now, I've grown to appreciate your posting style. and your ability to find photos of weird shit is next to none!!![/quote] So have we gone from racism to homoerotic overtones now? VB
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