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  1. I'll take a rough prospect who has insane physical skills over my physical skills but with the right football knowledge. One is coachable, the other less so.
  2. He was the player I drafted the most in my mocks (although we're unlikely to grab Bryan Cook in the third now) and the one I think was BPA/Need. Although a few edge rushers were okay, I think we need corner help pretty badly, especially now everyone is copying us with vertical attacks.
  3. It's super difficult to look back on anything with maybe's. Yes Chase was 100% the right pick. But if we'd have paid Zeitler and Whitworth we would've be shorn up, but also not in a position to draft Joe and Chase. Dalton and Brandon Tate weren't gonna get us over the hump in the way our current GODLY Mixon/TB/Tee/Chase/Joe/CJ did. At least now we know we need OL help. I mean, I have been banging the OL drum since Kitna days, but it's so publically obvious we do I don't think the Bengals can ignore it. Also, besides a little depth on D, that's our only real weakness left. Do to the OL what we did to the DL and we're golden.
  4. It was opposite day. Bengals got to the SB, played best in the first half. Got some lucky breaks. The other team adjusted better and stuck the dagger in right at the end. At least I know how the Raiders, Titans and Chiefs feel. The ride was fun though, eh. There was a bit just after the half with the Int (but before 'cut his ass immediately' strolled on to the field to cost us half the distance) when I genuinely thought this was our time.
  5. I'm not too salty. Without Tee's obvious facemask we wouldn't be in a position to care whether they got a bunch of homer, "let's call it the Hollywood ending SB" calls at the end because the game was over anyway.
  6. Now we have the skill positions in place, let's get an OL. But it was fun ride. Let's do it all again next year with a better outcome.
  7. It's that bad in the UK too, Harry. Our main lot pretty much said "Here's 40 minutes of LA Rams cock sucking, oh and the Bengals are here too we guess". The BBC are slightly better, but slightly.
  8. Seriously overcast. Until this week, all the talk was how we'd done well to get there. Temper expectations. Had a good run. Got the playoff monkey off the back. Suddenly as we head into the SB everyone is talking about how they're gonna celebrate once we win. Not if, when. It's probably just my curmudgeonly old English self, but I hate tempting fate like that. Donald and Cooper are legit scary. If Apple is early season Apple, and our OL is the one that played against the Raiders, it'll be SB 24 levels of misery. BUT, if we turn up like the second half against the Chiefs, if Zac stops throwing Mixon into the teeth of the DL, any given Sunday. One thing is for certain, if we drag the OL from league worst to even barely average, this team is gonna unstoppable. Burrow is legit, Chase is a weapon, and Higgins is underrated. Can't cover everyone... (Also, anyone who voted they were less than 50% confident of their answer, why didn't you pick the other answer then?)
  9. Given how little hustle most NBA players have (particulary in the middle of a game), I don't disbelieve it.
  10. 9ers. Partly for the "let's break all the curses" vibe. Partly because the Rams scare me WAY more. That D line is all kinds of scary.
  11. I know that as a Limey I have a different connotation to you for that sentence, but it sends shivers down my spine. (For context, the team he managed were miles ahead in the league, didn't win, and ended up second. So he didn't get to 'love it')
  12. The whole point of that rule is it allows the refs to affect the game for viewing figures/NY demands. Why would they remove a rule designed to be murky?
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