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  1. I couldn’t agree more, my friend.
  2. thezerawkid

    Dan Hoard: Sizing Up Glenn

    Dude has a LONG way to go before he approaches Eifertland.
  3. thezerawkid

    Dan Hoard: Sizing Up Glenn

    To be fair, Whit was well past that measuring stick when we decided to let him walk.
  4. The oline surprises and the defense is even more stout than we somehow hoped: 10 wins, including a sweep of the vaunted Stealers (Ben and Leveon are coming unglued and Tomlin can’t hold it together forever).
  5. thezerawkid

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    Marv played a lot of younger guys last year...WAY more than he would historically. WJ3, in the past, may not have even really seen the field until this year or next.
  6. Also, best case scenario is shitcanning Alexander yields short term success. Its going to be an intriguing season.
  7. thezerawkid

    Five Bengal Trade Possibilities

    Thanks for noticing. If if they only had the thumbs up emoji dripping sarcasm...
  8. thezerawkid

    Five Bengal Trade Possibilities

    Meh, I could see Lafell getting dealt. There are enough pass catchers that if someone were willing to trade a linebacker or offensive lineman of some quality, that trade could be worth the risk. The rest of the possibilities mentioned, quite right: rubbish.
  9. thezerawkid

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    I hope you’re right, my man. The more quality competition at as many positions, the better the team will be. I hope the guy sticks...I like underdogs with a chip on their shoulders. The dude certainly has size, let’s hope he has the brains to learn the game at a different level.
  10. thezerawkid

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    Doubtful, if we are still not totally sure about the offensive line and working to establish a viable and consistent running attack. I just don’t see keeping a fringe wideout with no speed at the expense of a decent blocking tight end.
  11. thezerawkid

    Season over/under

    But, is the schedule *actually* easier? ’Cause, it looks pretty brutal to me.
  12. Both would be records in the modern game. Ray Rice eat your heart out, you grumpy, drunk sonofabitch.

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