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  1. Yeah, I just think it’s social and human progression, people are generally tired of being denigrated, regardless of the circumstances. Can’t say I’m not one of them. Fear and fire and brimstone were never effective motivators to me, even when I was a younger man. I don’t think they are all that effective anymore.
  2. This. He must be tagged or sent on his way. He cannot be signed to a new deal, out of hand. It’s quite simply an extremely risky deal. Perhaps no guaranteed money? But, even then, he’s gonna command a lot of cash for a guy who has been more injured than not the last few seasons. I want to see AJ tagged, come back, have a baller season, stay healthy, and get a three year deal to send him off into the sunset as a Bengal.
  3. Is there any way to see their rankings over the second half of the season?
  4. I was a Corpus Christi guy, K-6...mom remarried and we moved to the west side, near Dunbar High School. For 7-8 grade mom wanted me to try Stivers out, on account of it being an arts magnet. I had this bizarre dichotomy of growing up in the hood with my catholic school buddies coming to hang with me and my west side homies on the weekend. To cap all that off, we moved to Kettering in time for ninth grade. I had three identity crises in as many years. It was a blast.
  5. If he intended on sitting out and not playing for the Bengals, sure, he could say whatever he wanted.
  6. Not to mention, the odds are way better in these situations.
  7. It’s a really big if, guys. 1) You’re assuming the Phins FO is even stupider than ours. 2) You’re assuming they have less holes to fill than us.
  8. Plus, he wasn’t the only one smoking them. It’s also “not legal” for say, Snoop Dogg, to hotbox his green room in like 42 states. Guess how that generally works out for him.
  9. Why do you feel this way? Rookie contract. What if he’s actually as good as he was against Seattle? What if he stays healthy? Can you fill 4-5 other receiver spots with more upside? Because, we couldn’t this past year.
  10. With the Waterboy easily being the most dominant and impactful among them.
  11. I mean, he’s a little old, but at least he’s not Brandon Weeden old. Amiright?
  12. This guy. I don’t know that there’s much to say. If he isn’t our pick I’ll struggle to stay a fan.
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