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  1. Yeah, I’m intrigued by cap space, but I also want to see what Dre can do without ML around as his enabler/cheerleader/fluffer. And, not to beat a dead horse, but anytime you ponder cutting a player, you have to at least give thought to what the replacement plan is.
  2. thezerawkid

    2019 Draft Talk

    That’s usually my baseline for building my Madden scores. My teams do just fine.
  3. thezerawkid

    2019 Draft Talk

    Now hold on, not saying anything against walterfootball.com, but, how do they source these lists? Where does the information come from and how is it confirmed? It could well be accurate, and that wouldn’t surprise me, but I’m not so sure I’m buying.
  4. DreK’s numbers 2019: Almost $11mil cap hit, $4.2mil dead money.
  5. Ha! Indeed. The portrait couldn’t be more apt.
  6. I mean, that would be my preference too, but I’m not gonna let it bother me too much if they decide to keep him slow tracked. I have a feeling there are gonna be other positions you and I both will want to bitch way more about than TE.
  7. Yes. Because it was a fluke injury and not one that could have been avoided. If we continued to offer one year deals to a guy who had the same injury over and over, there would be very clear fault in that logic. I would agree that we should cut bait, in that situation. That’s not the same as what has happened in consecutive seasons for Eifert.
  8. No, let’s not, because we’d be kidding ourselves. And, you should really choose a different tactic from cherry-picking and oversimplifying statistics to fit your narrative. None of this is black and white. Everyone here knows that two of Eifert’s injuries were objectively fluke in nature. Last season’s was no exception. Getting your ankle rolled like that is not a result of poor conditioning, physical constitution, or indicative of a degenerative situation. It was, by definition, a fluke. The two instances with his back(?) were troubling, but we saw none of that last season.
  9. Good value, incentive heavy. Relatively low risk, high reward, as has been discussed here, ad nauseum.
  10. Spend the Burfict savings and go get one of those LB’s.
  11. Or, another team outbids is, just as likely.
  12. thezerawkid

    Burfict released

    I’d say that’s likely. To echo sentiments from further back in this thread, I wonder if he’s still got the capacity to be even three-quarters of the player he once was. Last season, his performance was a real head-scratcher for me. What seems to be impossible to discern is what the source for his falloff was. Was it the repeated concussions and subsequent brain damage? Was it a frustrated guy with extremely poor coaching refusing to adapt his style of play and just giving up? Combination of the two? I have no animus for the guy personally, I simultaneously loved his passion and abilities while despising his antics and how they were very self-destructive for the entire team, at times. I hope he goes on and succeeds somewhere...or, gets the hell away from the game that will likely kill him.
  13. Whoa now...it’s still contingent upon a really big “if.” I think and hope he can have a full season with lots of productivity, but it is still a big question mark.
  14. I’ll have to check em out. I don’t feel as destitute about the TE position as I did previously. I just can’t wait to see how they might shore up depth in the next week of FA at other positions of need. The draft, I am hoping they are able to win big. They’re due for a good draft again, I feel. One thing about a young coach who’s professional proximity to the game indicates he understands the college game and ranks tends to give me some hope he and Tobin can really wrap their hands around this draft.

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