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  1. I’m basically voting for a fire sale at this point. We need young players and draft picks. We have some good pieces, so they won’t all be sent packing, but we need enough picks to roll the damned dice again on oline. We probably need to spend at least a first and third there, barring a decent acquisition.
  2. Just stopped by to say I wish Andy would step in front of a freight train. That’s about it.
  3. If we win, we’re one game out of first place! We can still make this season our bitch!
  4. I’m reaching a bit here, for sure, but when things aren’t going Andy’s way he has shitty, disengaged body language. Not looking like a good nor confident leader. But then, I’ve never bought that he is an accessible leader.
  5. She wasn’t even actually singing, so, there’s that.
  6. This fucker is up the river and rounding the bend. I seriously think his brain is a Philly cheesesteak.
  7. Cue: hyperbolic sports narratives. I agree with you, btw. Every game will present a unique challenge and “toughness” is one facet of a team’s composition that will invariably be tested.
  8. Indeed. It’s like basketball is now a position 1-5 game. Gone are the days of conventional PG-SG-SF-PF-C.
  9. Much bullshit about nothing for Westerman, eh? What an unnecessary drama that was.
  10. You’re projecting, what, week 10? Why is that?
  11. We have our issues with recent first rounders, but labeling Billy Price a “bad pick” at this juncture is foolish. I’m willing to let him have another few weeks, let alone an entire season or two to prove he is not a bad pick.
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