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  1. thezerawkid

    Team Turmoil

    I thought it would happen a year earlier, but, this is just fine by me.
  2. thezerawkid

    Injury updates

    Just curious, how many holding penalties has Price piled up so far?
  3. I have a Sunday Ticket subscription. I’d be willing to trade conditional access to the account with someone who would be willing to do the same with a Game Pass account. If interested, PM me.
  4. And, what exactly are the odds?
  5. thezerawkid

    Game Pass?

    So...does anyone have GamePass?
  6. No. He was supposed to do anything BUT hit the quarterback. Cam was sliding, he's down. He doesn't need to be touched at all.
  7. Williams hit was really, really bad. This one is even worse. Let's be fair, too, this would have been a personal foul before this, the year of reshaping the game. And, to make these situations into deterrents, the ejections are necessary. To tee off on a sliding quarterback is simply not a necessary facet of the game.
  8. I can almost hardly believe junglegal was a real human. 🙂
  9. I just think, at some point, we need to meet in real life, my man.
  10. Who was the "Palmer" on our '81 team?
  11. I can do condensed replays after midnight. I can add Gamepass for fifty bucks for instant, full game access after the fact. Its definitely shady. Shady as hell.
  12. Yep. An ethnically ambiguous honky.
  13. Here’s a question for those who might know offhand better than me. I’ve been googling and trying things, without satisfaction... I have Sunday Ticket, but, it seems as if I might get stuck working more Sunday’s than I originally thought. Is there a viable way to record from a browser tab that will yield a good picture? So far, the video I have capped has been jerky and not real watchable. Just looking for solutions.

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