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  1. I was kidding, but now, I dunno. I really want that damned hat.
  2. Dude…that’s like fine art on a t-shirt. Love it. I bought a Wu-Dey shirt a couple years back. Loved it. Then covid happened, had a second kid, and my love for bourbon grew. As such, the shirt shrank.
  3. What size is your hat and how dirty would you say it is?
  4. Anyone ever encounter last year’s sideline hat? I have tried, in vain, to find it and would love to have one. Here’s the hat…
  5. I mean…he was a human bobblehead for the better part of 20 seconds. The fact they said it was his back is laughable. I’m a little old school in that I came up watching boxing, Tua was “out on his feet,” until his legs were just too jell-o-eee. Then, he had had to lean against an o-line man until the trainer got to him. I wonder if he passed concussion protocol postgame.
  6. Is this his contract year? We control rights to him one more season?
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