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  1. Jags game 11/5

    Ya know...I might be up for this one. I am making a move to Fort Lauderdale here in the next few weeks, and, while that certainly is a hike, there are only two other cities more convenient to see the Gals. Let's discuss further as time draws closer.
  2. Absolutely. And, here's to hoping that staff can develop the guys.
  3. Only a good decade behind the curve on that one.
  4. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    Not that you aren't making a good point, but, yeah, you can leave now.
  5. ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    Dude, you are slaying. Leaving nothing hanging.
  6. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    Derision and drama are also good for ratings and, in turn, margins. Just look at television these days.
  7. Well I'm done

    Wait, why doesn't she get to decide to press charges?
  8. ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    Damn, man, I couldn't agree more. Its so hyped and so hyperbolic and it's generally a goddamned vacuum. It's the same shit over and over again.
  9. Yeah, there's a reason that instead of being drafted in the top half of the first round we got him as a supplemental pick. The NFL didn't paint the target on him, but they have sought to intensify it.
  10. Yeah, man. Plead the fifth.
  11. Will he want one? He's got to know patience is wearing thin with him and the post season ineptitude...his very own patience might be nearing an end, who knows?
  12. Totally with you. I just think that we have our part time number two and/or nickel back guy on the roster already. Quality secondary depth can be iffy. He knows the system. He was fairly measured and in check last season, even though his play took a bit of a hit. Unless you have a sure fire upgrade or guy where there will be no drop off, you don't cut him.
  13. Who knows enough about this guy to give a scouting report?
  14. Subjectivity aside, do we have his replacement on the roster? If not, are we going to?