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  1. That Eifert re-signing is looking better and better all the time. 😋
  2. Lol, alright, my bad... That *is* funny!
  3. I mean, not the correct assumption, but it’s whatever.
  4. Including you, apparently, since you’re quick to correct folks.
  5. What the fuck do you have against Eifert? Seriously, it’s some borderline creepy obsessive shit, you know that, right?
  6. thezerawkid

    UDFAs...Who do you want?

    So, we should be excited about this Morgan kid?
  7. thezerawkid

    Vinney Ray gone?

    I’m not sure about overpaid, but I’d say he was likely never to have been expected to beat out anyone...he was always assumed to be a teamer and a backup.
  8. I dunno, I read Zac’s comments along with some of the anonymous rumblings that the media was way lower on this guy than front offices were, I have to alt least accept that this guy deserves a chance. Zac just said he didn’t see Sample being there in the third. Why would anyone on this message board or even in the media know better? Also, and maybe you don’t feel this way, but I have trouble presuming I have the resources and information the professionals have, therefore I usually can defer judgement until actual results can be measured.
  9. Yeah, seeing the money given to Uzomah and the importance built into this second round pick, Eiefert looks to be a passing downs play, almost guaranteed. Red zone delight, I’d say. Also, this pick all but guarantees this is Joe Mixon’s offense. Very little doubt there.
  10. Agreed...and they overplayed their hand, methinks. If the plan was to simply get in front of us, that move doesn't appear, on the surface, to have been a valuable enough jump. Fuck Tomlin. Fuck Rothelisberger. And fuck the Stealers.
  11. thezerawkid

    2019 Free Agency

    Asking price.
  12. thezerawkid

    Drafting a quarterback

    The game is, as it always has been, by virtue of its design, won and lost in the trenches. Rare are the players SO trancendent that they can consistently affect the game singularly, and for long. Its always all about the lines. Find me a perennial playoff contender that has so-so or worse offensive and defensive lines.
  13. thezerawkid

    Roster post Taylor

    I agree with your premise, almost exactly. It’s just that last statement I’m not so sure about. There’s really no way to quantify that at this point. We haven’t seen this team under this new regime with new locker room culture. Plenty of teams turn around in a single offseason. Also, look how quickly perennial NFL sweetheart Pittsburgh has turned into an utter shitshow. God that’s been fun to watch. Come to think of it, we haven’t discussed it enough on here.

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