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  1. Yep. You really do. His “replacement” is likely on the roster, as was mentioned earlier in the thread.
  2. I mean, aside from a few potential external influences, there’s only one different denominator in the equation: a new coaching staff. Perhaps it’s coinciding with Mike Brown scooting his skinflint ways back as he advances in age. Perhaps it is influence from the baseball franchise next door. But, I think you’re onto something here: ML probably worked exactly as you suggest, and he may have been convinced and told early on in his tenure that winning football could, in fact, be accomplished without ever relying upon free agency. Here’s the deal, they proved that theory out, to an extent. There were some good, winning years during those 17 seasons...all with minimal activity in free agency. Early on they really did identify guys with tread left on them, but who weren’t highly sought after. The were able to get them motivated and performing again...but, that flame flickered awhile ago. Whatever is happening, and however it translates to the field, I’m just excited about this franchise again. Finally.
  3. If either is going, it’s Dre. Williams can step into the box and play backer, especially on passing downs. Plus, he can actually kinda tackle people.
  4. I posited if it might a couple weeks ago. With no live spirts happening, this free agency has been great!
  5. Ah, tibs, my old nemesis. I'd say it's nice to see you on this board, but, well... You do aspire to be the most persistent troll on Bengals message boards, don't you?
  6. Just wanted to point out how apt your avatar is right next to that quote.
  7. Meh, he's worth more than that. Especially now that other QB names are coming off the market. Dalton's value, I believe, increases. He's a better, more consistent quarterback than Foles, and he still has tread on his tires, unlike Rivers.
  8. You keep insisting that we are foolish to think someone other than Dalton will succeed for this awful franchise, right?
  9. But, I mean, you continuously push the perspective that we shouldn’t move on from Dalton, right? Isn’t that your contention?
  10. The thing I like about both: they happened early, decisively, and we spent some serious cash. And, it’s debatable if we spent way too much for these guys, given they are young and may still have unexplored ceiling, I find the money to likely be well spent. At some point with this franchise the script had to flip...maybe it’s now.
  11. I read another article that makes it seem as if the Bears are honing in on Dalton. His contract is far cheaper and less complicated.
  12. Yeah, Glenn was paid to do a job. All accounts are he was healthy most of the season. He chose not to. He’a giant douche nozzle.
  13. I mean, if Belichick said it, it’s just not necessary and, frankly, not accurate.
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