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  1. Ugly: Andy’s last two tosses of the day. You’re driving to try and tie a game and the best you can do is short hop to receivers that are ten and fifteen yards away from you?
  2. Indeed. But seriously, I know we are very poor football team, but I think the officiating had as much to do with our loss yesterday as anything else. Just, across the board, the officiating was almost as offensive as Tiki and the dragon woman’s commentating.
  3. Completely agree...they are, maybe, marginally better than us, if record is a true indicator, they need roughly as much personnel help as we do.
  4. Um. Yes. If this offer ever happens, which I am highly skeptical of, you take it in a heartbeat. No single player is a guarantee to be special or even good. If you spread things out, with that many high value picks, even our inept scouting/personnel would be inclined to hit on a couple of those extra picks. We have significant holes to fill and upgrades to make. Your scenario is the only thing that excites me more than Burrow in a Bengals jersey next year.
  5. I said, “Perhaps some of the assistant coaches not necessarily being his picks,” that’s not exactly a “wide sweeping exoneration.” DC is the bugaboo that’s sticks in my craw the most. As was suggested by another poster, we can’t be sure how many legit picks passed on the gig(s) because they’d be answering to “boy wonder,” and how many potential quality assistants passed for lack of the opening of the purse.
  6. I mean, a great deal of what just offered is your conjecture, none of it born out of anything we know for a fact. You don’t know that Cordy Glenn was a blameless pawn anymore than I know he’s been a pussy asshat “earning” his pay. I saw no evidence of a bus being driven over anyone. We’ve hashed this out before, Dalton’s benching wasn’t necessarily unearned. His play was just as suspect as anyone else when it happened. And, when it did, I thought it was handled with dignity and was well reasoned. The franchise wanted to see what they had in the wings. Plus, motivationally, the offense, and Dalton, looked markedly better yesterday. Sometimes these types of things are motivational tools.
  7. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This franchise needed a major cultural shift post Marvin. That takes time. I’m willing to chalk up the failures to being extremely multifaceted, and not all of them being something Zac could control. Certainly injuries. Perhaps some of the assistant coaches not necessarily being his picks. The team generally plays hard and is bought in...even at 1-11. I’m in for one more year of this regime.
  8. Well, he won’t be. Don’t set yourself up for further disappointment by expecting the unexpected. General rule for fans.
  9. Nobody honestly believes, even if we had gone winless, that Zac Taylor would have been showed the door after one season, do they? Head coaches do, and should, get at least a couple seasons to put things together. Petulantly coach jumping after a season or less isn’t productive.
  10. Considering the average value of a franchise is $2.9 billion and these teams make a lion’s share of their money from league revenue sharing, I’d guess in the $2-2.25 billion range.
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