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  1. “Here, in honor of your chosen way of playing the game, we want to ensure you make 75% of your contracted money before you end up at the end of the bench drooling and shitting yourself two out of every three downs.” I swear dude is already looking glassy-eyed.
  2. Mike Brown Interview..

    Extra credit for use of the term “skinflint.”
  3. Offensive Makeover?

    You’re totally right...I was just going for extremely clumsy wordplay.
  4. Offensive Makeover?

    Well, they did lose in the playoffs to the Jagoffs.
  5. Offensive Makeover?

    That was mystifying, indeed. The Stealers are many things I absolutely loathe, but I can sit here and point at them as being the picture of offensive consistently and firepower that I would like for the Bengals to be. Conversely, I am encouraged by the Stealers mental implosion. They were and are prime for being knocked off their AFCN pedestal because they have bought too far into their own brand. They looked past the Jags and they believe they are the older stepbrothers of the division. They are so deliciously fallible right now...that’s part of the reason I want so badly for our front offense to get aggresssive.
  6. Well, not saying it was because of their play, but three of those four teams made the playoffs.
  7. All that... Plus, our position guys ain't gonna be in their primes forever. We need to get into "win, and win now" mode right, you guessed it, now.
  8. Total jokes... :-)
  9. See, and the funny thing is, this is basically a contradiction in terms. Either one is true and the other is not, or it has got to be all bullshit. If both of these sentiments end up true, who the hell is the starting unit on the offensive line? If the team does go proactive and aggressive towards fixing the offensive line issue, we’ll know something worthwhile likely happened in meetings between Marvin and the ownership. If not, fuck it.
  10. I thought Brad St. Louis was the guy...
  11. Indeed, not calling that second TD a TD on the field, in what was an extremely obvious situation, really reduces whatever credibility this bullshit league has left. The NFL needs to pay attention to their flagging viewership and acknowledge the truth that many are fed up with: the stilted playing field.
  12. New here

    One person’s buffet table is everyone’s buffet table.
  13. New here

    I’d *like* to believe that the worst case scenario with the offensive line came to a head last year: Alexander totally shit the bed coaching them and he got worse at evaluating. I’d also like to believe that with Ced, we really were sure we had a steal, I remember a lot of analysts thinking we did too. But, following his collegiate injury, he is simply not physically going to be his same self. He is simply, physically, unable to do the job the same or better than he could before he sustained the injury, but we were gambling that he could, based on precedent set by other players who suffered similar injuries at similar points in their careers. I’d just like to think that tossing Alexander out the door was great, but that, all around, we just got unlucky with Ced’s development. Even still, we had no business letting the insurance policies leave for greener pastures. I know Whit commanded a lot of money for a man of his age, but, frankly, the market dictated his worth. We should have paid him just to keep him in stripes till retirement even as a thank you. It’s not like his production had dropped off. His locker room presence is something that I am sure we are sorely in need of.
  14. New here

    Dude, I totally agree. I would love to see a more aggressive and intelligent approach to free agency. A few years back, we made some good moves. Pac-Man, for his bag of crazy, has given us quality play for a good several years now. Terence Newman was terrific for the couple years we had him. If we could pad the areas of need with a quantified person or two, especially in the area of offensive line, I am with you on not reaching yet sticking to areas of need. A modified BPA approach is where our front office should be right now. We don’t need to address position player areas except for, perhaps, tight end. Also, I hope that just because they apparently whiffed big time on Ogbuehi and Fischer, they don’t back off finding the guy(s) they want for those positions. Particularly with a new sheriff in town, I really wanna see what the approach becomes. I worry that whoever it is, will be pressured into going with the flow. We might know quite well how successful Marvin was in negotiating for “more control” when we see how the personnel decisions regarding retooling the line shake out. If they don’t spend and they don’t draft, I think we know it’s two more years of winter. Not to put too fine a point on it.

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