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  1. A little late on my end, too, but my sincerest gratitude to you guys for all that you might have otherwise sacrificed to keep us safe and secure.
  2. thezerawkid

    Coaching Staff Changes

    What about Fox and Del Rio?
  3. thezerawkid

    Hue is Back

    Please correct me if I’m wrong on Hue... Terrible track record as a head coach. Success as an assistant, particularly with our franchise. Not sure how this hire potentially hurts this team to the point where things are worse than they are at the moment.
  4. thezerawkid

    Fire Austin Now!

    For sure...but optics do matter.
  5. thezerawkid

    Fire Austin Now!

    I think the team is done for the year...they had two weeks to bounce this guy, let Marvin either get settled in or elevate someone on staff/make a hire...they did neither. That, to me, was the writing on the wall. A season that started with so much promise, unconventional choices and the like, has quickly spiraled into the all-too-typical bullshit. In a great way I love seeing all the empty seats. Nothing makes it clearer. I just wish the godforsaken Brown family actually gave a shit and didn't have to be forced into taking progressive action.
  6. thezerawkid

    Injury updates

    Definitely just blew iced coffee all over my laptop. Thanks, man.
  7. thezerawkid

    Bye Week Thread

    Well, my point was that I don't think many teams that could likely sustain a high level of success with the amount of injuries we've experienced. Without doing research, I'd bet dollars to donuts no team is as absolutely decimated as we are. If the defense doesn't somehow pull a rabbit out of the hat and we don't see a concerted effort to place this offense squarely on Mr. Mixon's shoulders, I think we see a rapid and immediate downward spiral. Probably not all that profound, I know, but, of course I'll still watch to see what transpires.
  8. thezerawkid

    Burfict "Dirty Play" vs Chiefs?

    Just gonna put this here...
  9. thezerawkid

    Bye Week Thread

    What team can? I’m shocked they made it to 5-3.
  10. The numbers likely don’t tell the whole story, they seldom do, with so many factors involved. He had a decent season with the Raiders and the Browns were an unmitigated shitshow. It it is likely, however, that we have a Dick Lebeau-like thing here with Jackson. A terrible head coach, or, terrible track record, but wonderfully successful at his specialty and motivation. I’d not pass on him.
  11. I dunno. I just know that it isn’t actually without precedent that this head coach for this organization to change course mid season. I merely posit that it’s at least a conversation that should take place.
  12. Also: Good - we quite literally limp away with a MUCH needed fifth victory. Two weeks to get healthy and, I dare say, make some huge adjustments to our defensive approach. If we can take five of our last eight, we can almost certainly be assured an opportunity to have a wild card loss again.
  13. Yeah...and they “broke” a lot today. I think Austin’s involvement in this team needs to be discussed over the next couple days.

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