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  1. Makes sense since vaccines pose a serious risk of causing gayness.
  2. Same in Florida. Distancing and masks are still sort of around, but the majority of folks have moved on like this whole isn’t still happening. With numbers down here surging it’s more than a bit troubling to me. Crazy thing is, one month ago people were clamoring and raging that shelter-in-place be lifted and “rights” and “liberties” be restored, now that they have it they can’t exercise common decency by simply wearing a mask in public. Insane. Lots of extremely selfish people out there.
  3. Meanwhile MLB owners are preparing to cut off their noses to spite their greedy faces.
  4. A large recurrence of cases was expected in the fall. And, that was BEFORE all of the protests. When looking through the lens that was telling us social distancing is the closest thing to a sure thing to keep Covid from spreading excessively, watching numbers these next couple weeks might be telling.
  5. Gotcha. I'm thinking we probably have one rookie LB "starting," and maybe not even that. I see a lot more two linebacker sets, a continuation of last year, a lot more three safeties or additional CB. We have Pratt performing at a high level. I don't think Josh Bynes was brought in to not be on the field. All that to say, I don't think we will be depending on Wilson for a huge number of snaps. Best case scenario, he hits camp, takes command, and it translates to the field and he pushes Pratt and Bynes for time.
  6. I expect the defense to be vastly improved. That said, top ten would be a big jump. 1.) It COULD be because of the personnel and cultural shift we’re experiencing. The IQ and leadership intangibles that have been added are huge. 2.) It MIGHT NOT be because Lou Anarumo might suck as a DC. It remains to be seen. Also, these guys might need a season to gel to reach potential as a unit.
  7. Hydroxychloroquine for EVERYONE! Seriously, douse all the players, coaches, trainers, and managers in it before AND after the games! Hell, get the cheerleaders to wrestle in kiddy pools of it for pre and post game entertainment. It’ll be fine.
  8. Funny thing, I randomly met Joey Porter’s dad in an Apple store in Boca Raton. He seemed nice enough. But, not that nice!
  9. 7 wins is our floor. I, too, believe we played better than our record last year. We saw our offensive line, with lesser personnel, vastly improve over the last half of the season. The defense has had money, experience, and winning culture injecting into it. It will be way better. Burrow, Mixon, an improved offensive line more familiar with scheme... Orange and black colored glasses, for sure, but with a relatively weak schedule, and strong, vocal leaders coming aboard, this team will bounce back big time.
  10. I’ve wanted that incorporated into the team’s look since I first saw that damned picture like fifteen years ago.
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