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  1. Sure... Like, his shitty stats this year, in and of themselves, don't explain just how putrid and insufficient his protection has been. It's so easy to look at line item stats like QBR, rating, completion percentage, turnovers and just blame the individual. But, it's largely bullshit. It may well be that Andy has begun a downhill slide, it really could be happening. But, it's not fair to judge it after this season's body of work...nor last season's. He's working behind some garbage and with an inept, incapable coordinator to boot. Remember when Jackson was here? Remember how much autonomy Dalton had? How much leeway he had to hurry the offense up and check down at the line? I'd love to see someone dig up stats on how much audibling he did under Zamp versus previous seasons.
  2. Is Marvin Coming Back....?

    I don't think he is, either. Sneaking suspicion I have been having.
  3. Zampese Out

    You shut it. Shut your dirty, whore mouth.
  4. Zampese Out

    Zampese couldn't do shit *with* Zeit and Whit on the roster, what makes you think his opportunity to succeed was necessarily gutted this offseason?
  5. I mean, you can "address" the running back issue. But, you're likely just pushing paper around...the real mess is the offensive line. We all know it, not everyone chooses to discuss it full time because its more interesting to discuss matters pertaining to position players. However, that's simply not where our problem lies.
  6. Well, that made me feel better.
  7. We just moved to Fort Lauderdale three weeks ago, split town two days ago for a family home in Sarasota, left yesterday and are now in Orlando. Irma's a deliberate yet waffling bitch.
  8. An idea: that fourth preseason game, when Dalton won't be playing, perhaps let Driskel start, see how he does against some first-string and second-string guys. Might get a better picture if he's as close to situation ready as he can be. We need to get return for AJ, tho. It's a move that separates truly next level front offices from the other guys.
  9. The conspiracy is real...

    Those aren't the same woman?
  10. Jags game 11/5

    Ya know...I might be up for this one. I am making a move to Fort Lauderdale here in the next few weeks, and, while that certainly is a hike, there are only two other cities more convenient to see the Gals. Let's discuss further as time draws closer.
  11. Absolutely. And, here's to hoping that staff can develop the guys.
  12. Only a good decade behind the curve on that one.
  13. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    Not that you aren't making a good point, but, yeah, you can leave now.
  14. ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    Dude, you are slaying. Leaving nothing hanging.

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