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  1. Hydroxychloroquine for EVERYONE! Seriously, douse all the players, coaches, trainers, and managers in it before AND after the games! Hell, get the cheerleaders to wrestle in kiddy pools of it for pre and post game entertainment. It’ll be fine.
  2. Funny thing, I randomly met Joey Porter’s dad in an Apple store in Boca Raton. He seemed nice enough. But, not that nice!
  3. 7 wins is our floor. I, too, believe we played better than our record last year. We saw our offensive line, with lesser personnel, vastly improve over the last half of the season. The defense has had money, experience, and winning culture injecting into it. It will be way better. Burrow, Mixon, an improved offensive line more familiar with scheme... Orange and black colored glasses, for sure, but with a relatively weak schedule, and strong, vocal leaders coming aboard, this team will bounce back big time.
  4. I’ve wanted that incorporated into the team’s look since I first saw that damned picture like fifteen years ago.
  5. I was so impressed with the draft hats I managed to buy one from Fanatics before they sold out. What I liked most about the design was the inversion of the black and orange in the “B”. I wonder if color inversion, in general, might be in the works. I, for one, am all about it. I think the only thing that could improve upon an already awesome helmet would be an inversion of the stripes. Wishful thinking...we’ll see. Hat design seen here
  6. I don’t mean to inflame anything beyond where it is, however, statistically speaking, Dalton, in nine years, was either this franchise’s best quarterback or second best, depending on how you weigh metrics. He compiled some pretty gaudy numbers. Not having success in a number of specific games, well, given just how roundly, holistically the team shit the bed, I can’t bring myself firmly focus my ire on one, single guy.
  7. Fuck that. Character counts.
  8. A lot of that depends on what happens with AJ, I suppose.
  9. I mean, I don't think there was much doubt prior to the draft. Getting Higgins at the top of round two spelled this out.
  10. Looks mighty nice! Thanks for the refresh!
  11. Agreed. I wish for nothing but the best for Dalton moving forward. He did lots of good things for the franchise and city. He’s a good, good dude.
  12. I think the one, big thing I like about the moves, both in fee agency and the draft, is the emphasis out on getting guys in then building with smarts and leadership qualities. It seems like all Marvin ever wanted was “more speed.” And, while he did acquire some great athletes with good ability, there did seem to always been an inconsistency in terms of the intelligence from player to player. And, I think that’s putting in kindly. Carson could throw the rock but wasn’t much of a leader. Of course its way too early to tell how this team is going to come together and perform, but a smarter football team with good dudes is refreshing.
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