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  1. At this rate we are gonna have a fifty-burger dropped on us. Embarrassing
  2. Surprisingly I didn't even watch any games until the Pats/Ratbirds, only stayed up until halftime though. My gf was one of the lucky winners of the taco bell Xbox One X, so we picked up a copy of Mortal Kombat XL (outdated at this point I know, but it was a lot cheaper than MK11). It is pretty fun. Then we went over her Aunt's house for some steaks on the grill. All in all a relaxing bye week weekend. I was on Go Bengals a few times yesterday like i normally am though.
  3. Wow, I gotta say I didn't expect this. Makes sense though, give Finley the bye week to get acclimated and install something they're comfortable working with. Not that it will matter but at least they are changing SOMETHING.
  4. Yeah I don't know if they can even beat the dolphins at this point. As bad as the 2-14 season was, the Bengals could legitimately be looking at a 1-15 or (gulp) 0-16 season.
  5. Just for you Tigre, some amazing eats over at the Holy Grail post game
  6. Just wanted to say thanks again for the tips. Just got back home. I'll post some pictures, probably nothing that everybody hasn't seen before but it was a really good time.
  7. I'll be there shortly...maybe by some miracle I can watch a win
  8. Well....he looks like a pleasant individual
  9. Mike Brown is probably happy to not have to refill his ambien prescription anymore. All he has to do is watch his team.
  10. Haha my god, that Starter apparel. What a throwback!
  11. Pretty sad that I am legitimately concerned that we can't win a single game this year, but yeah that may do it. On the other hand, wasn't it lebeau who went 2-14 and Mikey boy wanted him back?
  12. Was just thinking the same thing...and yet here I sit watching...hoping by some miracle this becomes a competent team. That said nice return lol
  13. Couldve been worse but man, legit no hope in scoring any points
  14. This is a really bad team, holy shit. I don't want to go back to the 90's
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