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  1. Rookies are scheduled to report on 7/20, just over a week from today...will Mims be signed???
  2. It really is an embarrassment of riches Clap. People tend to forget, but the level of production JoeyB can have with his new TE Gesicki...could be awesome
  3. If this kid can keep a good head on his shoulders, we may have gotten arguably first round talent at a helluva value
  4. This display of raw strength and coordination is nuts...just please do not injure yourself
  5. I'm a little offended this is considered "Vintage", but cool Bengals Licence plate thingy on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/285729961624?itmmeta=01J2H8VFC0KP1Q4QSH2FPMZA1Y&hash=item4286d53698:g:ExAAAOSwF8tl2oyD&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA8ERSzSn5MTFPuYQvUwg6T37uIrjtntRzKC2X5gHQLpofhTHFMBiGi00zUc5b7FaCa5o8Oavwclqtg9bQmtl88Iy8AaldaY0Kxj0YcHjP2KTpxUt2yzS7M%2BDi2NcqcfpPiDIkh%2BjwFq%2B3%2FjzKkZznm19BDTwfI2NSxLOU16aOa1uI7H0ELxfTIKRMsFxTYzTlkOYECGITOeaNWZj4w7xhuv7F6tEtdU7D8QxqhyDAbwX7ZkTd4lYIom6nLKX8bbiUfzDrU%2B%2FyaCaBXgq2ZWI9Jj5%2BX7KqjsiCi88Ucp5OMbz3H7I9u4ovbs0gEauIB4GK4Q%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4b27aiUZA
  6. The only thing you can somewhat give him credit for is instilling discipline, granted this is from an entire offense standpoint
  7. Starts at around the 58 min mark, this is a long video
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