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  1. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/lists/bengals-roster-bubble-each-position-training-camp/ Hard for me to see them getting rid of Price due to the Hopkins injury, almost seems like perhaps they are holding out as him being a last ditch reclamation project for Pollack. Also, they seem pretty content with Brandon Allen as the backup QB, so it's hard to see Shurmur or Dungey overtaking him. QB: Brandon Allen There aren’t many options for “veterans” at this position. But if Allen gets outplayed by one of Kyle Shurmur or Eric Dungey in camps and the preseason, we know the team feel
  2. I want this team to succeed so bad. As mentioned above, this team seems like it has a lot of good guys, a lot of "team first" guys. It is just so tough to see them making any sort of huge improvement when you have little to no faith in the entire coaching staff. Why can't Zac relinquish play-calling to Callahan and take a little off his plate? Can Lou finally put a competitive defense together now that he's gotten a bunch of guys that work better in his scheme? I think this team can win as many games (maybe a couple more?) as they have in the last two season's combined but that really isn't sa
  3. Is today "Media Day", or are the Bengals just flashing back to the uniform reveal? If this is today, is media day specifically for the broadcast network's promo footage? Side note, Tee looks pretty badass with the tinted visor
  4. Ugh i wish i knew what the conversation was about. Love these little clips the Bengals are tweeting out though.
  5. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/highlights-from-bengals-otas-including-clips-of-joe-burrow-jamarr-chase-and-more?jwsource=cl
  6. Sort of off-topic I guess, but I had been seeing some of these hats worn by the trainers/coaches in OTA videos/pics. I wasn't a fan of this year's Draft Hat design, but this one actually looks pretty cool. I like the old-school tiger striping behind the greyscale logo. I'd ultimately prefer the Tiger head logo though. Not a bucket-hat kinda guy either.
  7. Ugh, the real "dead time" in the NFL calendar is always brutal.
  8. Interesting factoid. Anyways, how great must it feel to go to practice after signing that!
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