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  1. It has been my favorite look so far, but I can't wait for them to break out the all-black set
  2. Cheap shots, dirty hits, and otherwise preferential treatment from the refs towards shittsburgh?
  3. This really is a huge game, one that could set quite a tone for the next several weeks: - You got our most hated division rival at their place, if we can pull out a win that puts us at 2-1 and confidence will be soaring again. - Then we have the Jags coming into the Jungle on ROH night, the crowd should be amped. Win that and we're sitting at 3-1. - Then we got the Packers coming into town, which may be hard game. Even if we lose that one, we sit at 3-2 - The Lions are next which I certainly hope we can win to get us to 4-2 Pretty optimistic viewpoint but I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility if the Offense can get their shit together and the Def keeps playing the way they are
  4. Lol, the sad thing is Burrow is apparently projected to be sacked a record breaking amount of times as-is.
  5. T.J. Watt reportedly has a chance to play in Week 3 despite groin injury that knocked him out of Week 2 loss https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/t-j-watt-reportedly-has-a-chance-to-play-in-week-3-despite-groin-injury-that-knocked-him-out-of-week-2-loss/
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