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  1. I reset my password in order to login just to comment on this post. He needs to be fired. Not ready for prime time. Don’t even mind his offense, but the team is rudderless. Underperforming at all levels. Fact is taking a guy from QB’s coach (or presumably hanging around McVay a lot) to head coach was a bit of a reach. We now have Burrow and need someone to build a team around him and his strengths. We don’t necessarily need an offensive minded coach, but someone who will put good coaches in place and get on board with the correct culture (something Marvin actually did w
  2. Jesus...my condolences to his family, to Jaime and all his friends. I mainly lurk at this point but I remember Onyx being an active and fun member. Tragic to have a life gone so young. Take care of yourselves and may he rest in peace. RIP.
  3. [b]***for the record....I know BJ on a first name basis and saw about 13 games with him last year at my house. Needless to say he does have a tamer side***[/b] I drove up to the game with the little lady so I didn't have much time to hang out with you guys (Go, Creech, Jason, Diva, Dan.....of course BJ). However, the short time I spent you guys seemed like cool people. I had a short conversation with Dan and his girlfriend and a couple interesting conversations with BJ in between his random musings about the state of minorities in the world and how much he drank. I got a call from
  4. [quote name='BengalWifey' date='Aug 30 2005, 12:21 PM']My random Bengal thought..... I am the wife of a Bengal (hence the name) that has been talked about quite a bit on here.  Sometimes I read this for pure amusement, other times because I just want to get the fan perspective.  What I've gained....half the time no one on here knows diddly squat.  They proclaim to be fans, but know nothing about the team or the players.  My word of advice:  to add a bit of credibility to your screen name, do a bit of research before posting stupid things that show a lack of know
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