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  1. Wanogho Strowbridge Gipson Lemieux Muti Any of those for me...
  2. If we don’t take an offensive lineman in the 4th people around here are going to fucking loose it. In Round 4 I’d like Akeem Davis-Gaither or John Simpson
  3. If I am the Bengals, I am taking Zack Baun. The defense was fucking awful last year and a big part was the LB group and their inability to cover. To win, the whole team needs to improve. I totally get the concerns about the offensive line and I'm way cool with a player here in the second round but, Baun has the biggest need/value for me. I personally see no point of taking a lesser player for the line who isn't even going to play this year. I also find players like Delpit, McKinney, Epenesa, Higgins, Gross-Matos and Sheault Jr. interesting. I definitely think there's enough players of solid value and need to drop back and get a great player. I really, really just hope they don't make some stupid fucking reach on a project player.
  4. Let's not start getting too overly dramatic...and then Joe Burrow died because of the offensive line, he DIED!!!! The Bengals are getting Jonah Williams back, added Xavier Su'a-Filo and Trey Hopkins looks legit. I agree. The offensive line is not great. Nor is the LB group. Nor is the WR corp. The likelihood is an early second round draft offensive lineman isn't stepping in Day 1 and shutting defenses down any way. My only point to you is, to wave away WR as an option with wishes and buts isn't realistic. There is a need there and it's a strong one.
  5. I like almost everything about this kid and he is the right pick. As a Bengals fan, I can never let myself get to ecstatic. Time for a new era.
  6. You can't live in what if. AJ Green is 31 years old and Ross appears to in fact be a bust. WR is a need. The kid needs someone to throw to, too. I am in full agreement that OL and LB are huge needs but, let's not kid ourselves, so is WR.
  7. I've seen "expert" comparison of Burrow to: Peyton Manning Andy Dalton Tony Romo Kurt Warner Jared Goff Deshaun Watson Derek Carr Andrew Luck Carson Wentz Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes Joe Montana Personally, I've always found the "NFL Comparison" thing strange but I get why it's discussed from an entertainment perspective.
  8. I do not think the Bengals can trade the opportunity to take Burrow. I just don't think they can. But, having 4 of the first 33 picks would be hard not to consider. That's a lotta building capital. But, if your first pick is #5, not only do you not get Burrow, there's a possibility you don't get Tua or Herbert either. Although the latter is unlikely, it is possible. What a handful of shit they'd be looking at if they made the move and that happened. I think the Bengals are "stuck" holding on to the pick and taking Burrow.
  9. And this is a team that gave Bobby Hart $16.5 million.
  10. Finally. Flagpatrick, 3rd & Dre, Firstpatrick, Pacman Jr. Call him what you like. I'm glad to call him a former Bengal. He was a terrible draft pick and one of the worst contracts the Bengals ever signed. And this is a team that gave Bobby Hart $21 million.
  11. Ravens fans appear bummed they didn't keep him. Seems like another solid pick up. Clearly fixing that horseshit defense from last year was a big priority.
  12. I really like the Alexander signing. He's solid in coverage and was the only CB in the league to play 500+ snaps and not miss a tackle. Some were speculating that he might get solid money on the market. If they overpaid on Waynes, they got a bargain on Alexander. This was a very solid signing. Might be my favourite from a dollars to need perspective. Only potential downside, he was hurt at the end of last season and had surgery.
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