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  1. Yesterday's game felt like a loss all week. I just didn't like the match up. Look, here's the reality. The Bengals are a good, not great team. They were playing a good team on the road without Vontaze Burfict, Joe Mixon, Michael Johnson, Preston Brown, Billy Price and for the most part, AJ Green. Can't say the loss came as a huge surprise. Here's a couple of other things that seem to surprise people that shouldn't... Dre Kirkpatrick sucks. He should spend less time pounding his chest and posting on Twitter and more time worrying about covering opposing wide receivers. If teams were smart, they'd target this guy all game long. Even healthy, our linebackers rank in the bottom third of the league as a unit. This was a glaring need and one I banged the drum about all off season. They made a minor move and otherwise stood pat. You now have what you see. A below average group that gets beat on the ground and in the air. John Ross was a terrible pick. Terrible. Nothing about his selection was good. I said that the day he was drafted. He's continued to prove me correct. Here's the good news. The Bengals are a solid team. They have some very strong position players in a number of areas and without question have the ability to hang with virtually any team in the league. They need to get disciplined. Get through this game in Atlanta, get some of their hurt/suspended players back and get at it. The AFCN is looking very winnable this year.
  2. How was that not an incomplete pass?!?
  3. 2 year extension (for likely minor ducats) for a guy who has made 24 of his last 26 FG attempts and can eat all of the sandwiches leftover by Paul Guenther?!? I got no problem with this.
  4. BengalFanInTO

    Mike Mitchell? Really?

    I'd rather re-sign Chris Crocker than this fuckstick. Having said that, this looks like simple tire kicking during a time that they have the luxury of a few extra days off. I don't see a chance of any of these guys joining the team.
  5. Carson Palmer can suck my dick. He's a fucking quitter who let his wife dictate what he did. I'd rather watch gay, midget porn then watch a show about him.
  6. I don’t give a shit what anyone says, I like Shawn Williams
  7. I think I want to have Joe Mixon’s babies
  8. Dre Kirkpatrick fucking sucks.
  9. Joe Buck is desperate for the Ravens to win
  10. I see holding is no longer a penalty
  11. I was watching the Rams vs Raiders game last night featuring all the Bengals who are going to play forever...Frostee Rucker, Andrew Whitworth, Leon Hall, Reggie Nelson and Mike Nugent. I also noticed that Chunk Guenther prefers the pizza sandwiches in LA to those in Cincinnati. It was odd seeing all those boys on one field again.
  12. Redmond did a nice job pulling on a number of runs and screen passes. I liked that. He had some weak moments in pass protection but, playing in between Hart and a rookie can't be easy. I'm going to give the big fella some time to see what he can do before I start passing a bunch of judgement.
  13. Defensive line starting to come
  14. Joe Mixon makes my pee pee tall
  15. Hart is going to get Dalton killed

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