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  1. Why the fuck did the NFL allow a funeral for Dan Rooney during the draft?!? Seriously...what the fuck was that?
  2. Could Reuben Foster be our 2017 Rey Maualuga?!?
  3. If the Ravens select Reuben Foster, I am going to bed.
  4. I have multiple legitimate issues with the selection: 1) If you want Ross, trade back and pick up extra selections 2) Selection was the wrong one based on the board available 3) With Core, Green, Boyd, Eifert, Bernard and LaFell a pass catcher was not a need 4) He is very small 5) He is injury prone 6) It was an Al Davis "fast-in-underwear" selection Of course I am going to pull for the guy now but...this was a piss poor selection to me.
  5. From Sources Tell Us "He will get emotional on the field when he drops one or when their quarterback leaves an open deep ball short, and I've heard other scouts call it 'bad body language.' I just think he's an edgy player. He's competitive and shows it. You'll take some attitude when a guy scores as many touchdowns as he does." -- West Coast scout for NFC team Expect a lot of that shit JR. You might as well perfect your Andy Dalton death stare now.
  6. This is such a Bengals pick. Flash over substance. Mike Brown fucking loves his skill players. Garbage pick. Trade back if you want Ross that bad. Absolutely terrible selection considering the board.
  7. Mike Brown: John Ross Jerseys are now on sale on
  8. Terrible fucking pick considering the board. TERRIBLE!
  10. Allen, Hooker, Foster...good with any of those three!
  11. One thing is for sure, NFL Network will be on commercial break when the Bengals pick...
  12. Jeremy Hill had seven games in 2016 where he had 3.0 YPC or less. I think he should be concerned about playing at all if the Bengals take a RB early, not if he's starting or not.
  13. Only NFL Coach To Lose His First 7 Playoff Games: CHECK Only NFL Coach To Lose 7 Straight Playoff Games With The Same Team: CHECK Only NFL Coach To Lose 7 Straight Playoff Games Period: CHECK Only NFL Coach To Coach For 14 Straight Years With The Same Team And Not Win A Playoff Game: CHECK In 21 games he will also (potentially, but probably) become the NFL coach who has coached the most regular season games without a playoff win. Marvin Lewis, Jim E. Mora thanks you for your continued quest to be the losingest loser and helping him get his name off the top of some very dubious record books.
  14. Interesting prospect. I'm a fan of adding to your lines as much as possible. He'd be a nice rotational end. Not much I don't like. 2nd may be early but if he was there in the third...all day long!
  15. I love to see production in college. Guys who have average production but are physical freaks with potential scare me. Having said that, Barnett worries me in the opposite way. He was highly productive in college but relied on timing the snap and overpowering his opponent which aren't likely to work in the NFL. I don't hate Barnett at #9 but I have some pretty strong concerns with him. I worry he's going to be that guy that peaked in college.