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  1. This offensive line is abysmal and the team is playing listlessly this season. They all need to wake up. It’s terrible.
  2. I’m pretty sure only Rudi Johnson. Maybe Nugent but I don’t remember if it was in the same year or afterwards for him. I’d like to see them get something done with Bates long term as long as he’s not expecting something ungodly.
  3. Is there a Jesse Bates extension coming?!? His Twitter seems to say watch for something.
  4. When Vernon Hargreaves ran onto the field, I shouted out...WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?!? This idiot plays four games for the team and runs out like he's been here his whole life. I honestly didn't even know who it was. What a moron. That goes down as one of the stupidest moves ever. That was the Sewer Brewer right there.
  5. I agree with Spicoli. Go out and spend heavy and hard in free agency on the offensive line. No fucking around. Then, take BPA in an area of need at #31. For the first time in a really long time, I think free agency is more important than the draft this year.
  6. The offensive line was not good enough to be a champion. We all knew it. Some people pretended like it wasn’t a thing. Without Joe Burrow, this team is picking in the Top 10 again. I beg the head office to realize they’ve got a legitimate chance at having a top tier team and fix this fucking problem. Our QB was sacked 19 times in 3 games. This cannot happen again.
  7. I like Snoop and Eminem but I’m not a massive fan of most of the artists. Despite that I think the halftime show was terrific. I’d rank Prince, Michael Jackson and U2 higher but this one was definitely up there.
  8. Glad to see you here, Birk. Your email was an awesome surprise. TheZerawKid (our old moderator) was here for awhile but, it doesn't appear he's posted in almost a year. DudleyDawson is also here from those days as is Clapton. BengalFanInNJ who I've been posting with forever was also here but I don't see him much. Oddly enough, I was just telling someone the story about your chili recipe you shared with the board way back when. It was amazing but, was also known to cause a level of abdominal release in some. I recall you feeding it to UKTiger before his flight back home. The story about him coming to the US for a game (which I believe was the same time) was also a classic.
  9. I remember him as the guy that used to like to grab other guys balls when he played. Now he's calling a legit player hot garbage. Interesting.
  10. I'd think this is a bad sign for Mathieu. I never want to cheer an injury but, if Mathieu missed the game it wouldn't be a bad thing for the Bengals.
  11. How is saying every member of our offensive line is upgradeable an over reaction? Because you don't agree? That doesn't stop it from being true. It's not just the last game. The Bengals have allowed 103 sacks over the past two seasons. ONE HUNDRED AND THREE! Is that what you want for potentially the best QB to ever play in Cincinnati who is surrounded by offensive weapons? Stop it. Jonah Williams is average at best. Quinton Spain (who is a free agent) is above average but, not great by any stretch. Trey Hopkins is below average. The RG has been occupied by wildly below average players all season and they essentially have no right tackle. Is it conceivable to believe that they will switch all five players out next season? Certainly not but it doesn't mean that they aren't all easily upgraded and no option should go unconsidered. You keep saying "I hope Jackson Carman can be good". Well, wish in one hand and shit in the other and see what fills up first. I don't want them to wish and hope. The Bengals went with the "let's wish/hope this offensive line can be serviceable enough to protect our most important asset" this year. The Bengals are in the AFCC in spite of the offensive line, not because of it and we are lucky Burrow is still standing.
  12. The biggest key to the game this weekend is putting the ball in the endzone. 4 FGs isn't going to beat the Chiefs. TDs aplenty will be required.
  13. Quinton Spain did the same thing after getting beat like a drum all day. Shut the fuck up.
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