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  1. No...LOL. I'd be all good with him. Geno type DT. Still not a top pick for me but certainly not an upsetting one either.
  2. A. I actually really like Tyler Kroft B. Would like to see what happens with Tyler Eifert C. I don't think TE is a first round need D. Hurst is already 25 E. I think he's a very average prospect, not even a first rounder F. I don't think he has the size, speed or route running ability to be an elite player G. I'd rather select an OT, OG, C, DE, LB or DT H. He's a ging
  3. Lamar Jackson Calvin Ridley DJ Moore Courtland Sutton Harold Landry Hayden Hurst Derrius Guice Josh Jackson Mike Hughes Jaire Alexander Sony Michel Dallas Goedert
  4. Lamar Jackson would be a horrible fucking pick. Anyone who actually believes otherwise needs their head checked.
  5. NFL Mock Draft Live

    Dave Dameshek is a fucking toolbox. He's a failed comedian who actually lost his job to Danny Fucking Bonaduce. Fuck him and his stupid fucking face.
  6. Thank god Mikey keeps Knobson in the dark and he’s seldom if ever riight. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Not Knobson.
  7. I'd love this guy in the second. Vander Esch/Ragnow or McGlinchey/Ragnow in the first two rounds would be awesome. I'd rather not see him taken in the first but, I'd understand if they did. Hopefully that would involve a trade back.
  8. My draft fear.

    In a perfect world, yes. But, when you shit the bed two years in a row in the draft, fail to make significant free agent acquisitions and let viable starters leave for other teams, this philosophy goes out the window. I agree that the Bengals need to not reach and take the best players (at positions of need). Lots of options in the first three rounds at DE, DT, OT, OG, C and LB. All of which they need. The big thing this year...NO FUCKING PROJECTS. They need NFL ready players. I would suggest that based of the majority of their draft visits that the offensive line will in fact be addressed early and maybe often.
  9. Hoping for the best. The offensive and defensive lines are the heart, soul and guts of a team. If they aren't playing well, it's an ugly domino effect. The road to a solid rushing and passing game runs right through them.
  10. Agreed. Especially without asshead in the lineup for the first four games.
  11. I agree. Although Coy Bacon was prior to my Bengals fandom so I never watched him, I'd have to go with Burfict. Bacon's stats are impressive and although Burfict's shenanigans really taint folks' views, he's the guy that should be mentioned here.
  12. This would be a terrible selection.
  13. Pick Of The Litter

    These are my thoughts exactly
  14. Pick Of The Litter

    I am becoming quite certain you are in fact Will Hernandez.

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