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  1. BengalFanInTO

    Injury updates

    At today's practice... LIMITED: Dennard, Burfict, Redmond, Rey, Ross DID NOT PRACTICE: Brown, Green, Flagpatrick/First and Dre/Firstpatrick, Kroft, Malone, Vigil and Washington Apparently, Green has already been ruled out for the Ravens game.
  2. BengalFanInTO

    Injury updates

    Mike Brown ran for 10 touchdowns for the 1956 Dartmouth Big Green to lead the Ivy League in rushing TDs. He had 56 attempts for 24 yards for a whopping 0.4 YPC. Kid is a machine.
  3. BengalFanInTO

    Injury updates

    Word is that Darqueze Dennard and Vontaze Burfict are both practicing today. Vigil, Green and Kroft still on the sidelines.
  4. BengalFanInTO

    Hue is Back

    I generally agree from a "today" point of view. Hue has been a successful position coach and coordinator with a number of teams. My problem is that this says to me "tomorrow" he's going to be the next head coach. As much as the expiry date on Marvin is like a curdled carton marked January 5, 2014, Hue Jackson is not the answer.
  5. BengalFanInTO

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Well, Marvin can't do any worse. It's almost statistically impossible. He's almost assured to look much better, at least in the early stages. The Bengals just finished playing the 1, 2, 4 and 12 scoring offenses in the last four games. The next four feature the 10, 17, 19 and 22 scoring offenses. The Bengals are also likely to get Vigil, Dennard and Burfict back during that stretch. In my opinion, the Bengals need to sweep Cleveland and win the Ravens, Broncos and Raiders to make the playoffs. I think the thing that continues to stand out for me about Teryl Austin's defense was how many times the defense seemed to be totally bewildered. Frequently the secondary looked totally lost and didn't even seem to know what coverage they were in. That shouldn't still be happening regularly nine weeks into the season.
  6. BengalFanInTO

    Hue is Back

    Hue's new title: Special Assistant To The Head Coach. I never had a real issue with Hue Jackson as a position coach or offensive coordinator. The Bengals play the Browns twice in 6 weeks. If nothing else, Jackson knows the Browns team as good as anyone. They need to win both of those games.
  7. BengalFanInTO

    Hue is Back

    There's something creepy and incestuous about Marvin Lewis and Hue Jackson's relationship.
  8. You realize that when you're trying to make a point that Andy Dalton can't make it to the "big dance" you shouldn't use a comparison to a guy who actually did win the Super Bowl, right?
  9. BengalFanInTO

    The Good, Bad and Ugly!!

    True story. Having said that Green seems to need Dalton too. His four career games without him have seen AJ average 3.75 receptions and 49.75 yards per game.
  10. BengalFanInTO

    Teryl Austin Fired

    This (obviously) needed to happen now if the Bengals have any prayer of making the playoffs. They have the chance to get a number of key starters back over the next few including Dennard, Vigil, Burfict, Green and Kroft going into two division games. They can bring their record to 7-4 with five to play. He had to go, he had to go now.
  11. BengalFanInTO

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Bengals defense currently ranks: 32nd in YPG 31st in PPG 32nd in 3rd Down Conversion 21st in Fumbles 12th in Penalty Yards 32nd in Passing Yards 31st in 20+ Yard Passing Plays Against 27th in 40+ Passing Plays Against 23rd in Sacks 24th in QB Rating Against Defense has averaged 43 points per game and 545 yards per game against over the past three games. See you the fuck later, Teryl. Jack Del Rio?!?
  12. BengalFanInTO

    The Good, Bad and Ugly!!

    This such a huge factor. The Bengals offense seems to put themselves in their own predicaments. Their offense struggles typically because they don't give themselves into makeable/higher percentage opportunities on 3rd down.
  13. BengalFanInTO

    Fire Alarmgate

    While the authorities are investigating this, they should lay sodomy charges against the entire Saints team.
  14. BengalFanInTO

    The Good, Bad and Ugly!!

    GOOD Joe Mixon The First Drive Jessie Bates New Nickname "Dre Flagpatrick" BAD Playcalling Andy Dalton 0 Sacks, 0 Punts, 0 Turnovers By The Defense UGLY Scores On The Saints First 9 Possessions Marvin Lewis Teryl Austin Bengals Defense Giving Up An Average Of 545 Yards and 43 Points Per Game The Past Three Weeks

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