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  1. You could add Charles Fisher to that one. 2nd round pick played 12 plays in his first game before suffering a career ending injury.
  2. Wait! So, they're building their team by focusing on the lines?!? That's madness, madness I tell you!
  3. Some of these aren't funny but, are sadly true: AJ "Taser Tits" Nicholson-In college he was arrested for drinking and driving and in a separate incident, resisting arrest (during which he was tased and exclaimed, "That's not cool, bro"). AJ followed this up by sexually assaulting a a girl before the Orange Bowl (getting him suspended and missing the game). Despite this stellar track record, the Bengals drafted Nicholson. A month later, Nicholson teamed up with Fred Rouse to rob the home of former teammate Lorenzo Booker getting him arrested yet again. Nicholson played in two games
  4. Yeah, I agree. It feels like a bit of an obvious fit to go play with his brothers but, Stealers are not really looking like a contender right now (likely the third best team in their own division) along with salary cap issues as you mention. It's certainly not out of the question but, I'm not sure a guy likely looking to win a Super Bowl at 31 years old making the Stealers his choice. Some teams I've heard bandied about so far aside from Pittsburgh are: Green Bay-He's from Wisconsin and they are a contender with a decent defense and a need for a pass rusher but, they ha
  5. So, who would you put in a Bengals Ring of Honor? I believe the Cowboys have a total of 21 people in theirs. Do you start with a full ring? I don't think so but could be wrong. I'd suggest Munoz is a guarantee but, who after that?
  6. Once again, the proof is in the pudding. A good offensive line and a good defensive line is crucial to win. Plain and simple. If the Bengals were smart, which we all know they're not, they'd do exactly what I've been saying...release Atkins, Hart, Finney, Bernard and Uzomah and load up like a mofo on both lines. Create a pass rush, stop the run and protect your QB and good things will happen.
  7. Nice work Sparky, I agree 100% with both posts. I'm a Gio Bernard fan and if he was making $2 million in 2021 instead of almost $5 million, this would be a non-conversation for me. The Bengals have way too much cash tied up at the RB position so, in my opinion that makes Gio the odd man out (unless he's willing to stay for way less). Also, the idea of keeping veterans because they helped you amass 6 wins in two years seems a little confusing. Don't worry. For those hoping Bernard and Uzomah stay, you're likely to get your wish. It would be a pretty un-Bengal
  8. Tom Brady has won more Super Bowls than the Titans, Chargers, Vikings, Jaguars, Texans, Lions, Browns, Bengals, Panthers, Bills, Falcons, Cardinals, Eagles, Seahawks, Saints, Jets, Rams and Bears COMBINED.
  9. Before I break this down, the Bengals overpaid like a mofo for Waynes. He's set to be the highest paid player on the team this year. That's flipping ludicrous. It was a bad signing but don't compound that by making an equally bad cap move. One way or another, Waynes is going to eat a minimum of $10 million of cap space in 2021. Wet is wet. In the scenario you laid out with cutting Waynes and re-signing WJIII (who I am a fan of) to say a $10 million contract (not sure if that's viable but this is for illustration purposes). Your total cap hit is $20 million. You have WJ
  10. This is wildly unlikely. I would be beyond shocked if they cut Waynes. They'd have to take a $10 million dead cap hit on their 2021 numbers to get rid of a player they just signed last year who missed the season due to injury. In your scenario the cap hit to cut Waynes and sign Jackson would be $10 million plus Jackson's salary so...likely in the neighborhood $20-22 million. Makes no sense whatsoever. I'm also not sure why you think it was short term injury. He tore his pectoral muscle and had surgery. It's the very same injury that cost WJIII his 2016 season. There was speculation
  11. The Buccaneers made Shaquil Barrett. I'm not sure he's the same player when he's not standing beside the other members of that defense. But he at worst would have likely helped this defense and, unfortunately as usual, this story makes the team look like idiots.
  12. This has been out for awhile. Obviously highly speculative (as all things like this are). Interesting read though. If their predicted prices hold, I am really starting to doubt the Bengals keep both Jackson and Lawson and can see Jackson being the one to leave (or not be as sought after by the Bengals of the two). I agree, I cannot imagine the Bengals making the unlikely (and in my opinion stupid) signing of Newton. Gerald Everett would definitely be a guy I'd be looking at though.
  13. Detroit fully penetrates the Rams on this deal. I thought it was a practical joke. To get two first round picks and a third round pick without Goff is laughable. Two QB changes already. I’m starting to think we may see one of the biggest league wide upheavals at the position we’ve ever seen.
  14. There are only so many quality QBs to go around so I cannot imagine there will actually be 15+ changes at the starting positions. But, aside from those that you've listed, there are some definite possibilities out there: Quite Likely Texans-I will be beyond shocked to see Watson back with Houston. It's ugly and he's already requested a trade. Panthers-As others have mentioned, Carolina has been basically vocal that they aren't fine standing pat with Bridgewater Possible, But Less Likely Rams-They've openly stated the QB position will be an open com
  15. I 100% agree with you that Allen will be back and I am fine with that but, Ryan Finley beat the Stealers, not Allen.
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