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  1. BengalFanInTO

    Keeping our enemies close 2019

    I think it's hilarious that Antonio Brown seems to be just realizing Ben Roethlisberger is a fucking douche bag. The guy is a sack of cocks.
  2. I'd re-sign Eifert, Kroft and Uzomah. I have zero issue with these three being the Bengals TEs. And, why do we give a shit what they pay Eifert? The Bengals ended the season with more than $8 million in salary cap room in 2018 and that was after extending Atkins and Dunlap.
  3. BengalFanInTO

    2019 Draft Talk

    Unless the Bengals seriously address the positions I cannot see any way they can take anything but OT or LB in the 1st round. Currently Jonah Williams, Jawaan Taylor and Devin White are highest on my list with White leading the way.
  4. I agree on the Burfict cut and money isn't the prevailing factor. There is absolutely no reason the Bengals shouldn't be able to add some legitimate NFL starters in this year's free agency. They have no internal free agents of any consequence that are going to cost big money to re-sign. Dennard will likely be the most costly but, shouldn't be anything that will break the bank. After that, even if they want to re-sign guys like Eifert, Kroft, Johnson, Brown and/or Uzomah there shouldn't be a dramatic hit to the cap. What I am sadly expecting to see/hear is how they have guys like Green, Boling, Boyd, Bernard and Billings that need to be re-signed the following offseason and there will be a need to squirrel away the cash to do so. The team has gaping holes at OT, LB and potentially TE and could use quality depth at CB, S, WR and OG. There's simply too much to do in the draft and a quality free agency period is a must if this team is going to rebound.
  5. BengalFanInTO

    2019 Draft Talk

    Although he's the slot CB, I think Dennard is simply better than Kirkpatrick in every way. I realize he's a UFA so not technically on the roster. I also liked what I saw from Darius Phillips in a small sample size. I will buy what you're selling on Westerman, again in a small sample size, and it would be great if he can "be the guy". I agree with the need to be much more active in free agency. Too many holes to fill through the draft and a roster good enough to be successful now with the right upgrades. I like both Wright and Ja'Wuan James. At TE, I'd be OK with the Bengals resigning Kroft and Uzomah and moving on. That's why I put the position at the bottom of the totem pole although, they currently have no viable options signed to play TE.
  6. BengalFanInTO

    2019 Draft Talk

    Bengals Starters From 2018 That Need To Be Replaced With No Discernable Replacement On The Roster Alex Redmond Bobby Hart Nick Vigil Vontaze Burfict Preston Brown Bengals Starters From 2018 That Should Be Replaced With A Potential Replacement On The Roster Michael Johnson Dre Kirkpatrick Bengals Starters From 2018 That Could Be Upgraded Andrew Billings Shawn Williams Andy Dalton Whoever Our Tight End Is OT and LB have to be the priority. I don't love Andy Dalton and I don't hate Andy Dalton but, I'm not sure you can prioirtize his replacement with so many other pieces, including depth, that need to be addressed. This QB class scares me and I think teams are looking for the next dose of lightning in a bottle dangled that Mayfield, Trubisky, Mahomes and Watson have made a reality over the past few years. I think this is going to be more of a Marcus Mariota/Jameis Winston kind of class. A lot promise and not the results. QB would be a sexy pick in the 1st round but, not neccessarily the right one. I'm currently firmly in the Jonah Williams/Devin White camp at this point in time.
  7. Why?!? Read up a little on Del Rio. He's known to be a clock puncher who throws other coaches under the bus and is demed to have a lot of personality clashes with people in his own organization. Not really the guy you want to start up with. The NFL is also changing and smash mouth football isn't really a thing. I wouldn't have lost my shit if he was hired but, I have zero issue with Taylor passing. Get the right guy, not the guy with the name.
  8. BengalFanInTO

    Cut Dre Kirkpatrick or nah?

    Dre Kirkpatrick trash talked Jeremy Hill after he bashed Bengals fans so, he gets another year. In all seriousness, the guy just isn't very good and the Bengals have been waiting seven years for the light to come on. The Bengals defense gave 4,414 passing yards in 2018. No, this wasn't all on Flagpatrick. WJIII didn't have the kind of season most expected, Dennard missed a bunch of games and the linebacker corp was one of the worst coverage units in modern day history. Changes are needed and you can't pay a guy $11 million to be average at best. The Bengals can pick up $6.75 million against the cap and move on. I get the other side of the argument. If you cut 3rd and Dre, who gives up all the first downs, commits the costly PI and defensive holding calls and beats his chest after making a tackle 15 yards down the field on 3rd and 10?!? The answer is somebody else. Don't pay someone 6% of your salary cap to do it. The Bengals have a lot of holes to fill this offseason and they are notoriuously cheap in free agency and with the cap but, you can't let that sway your logic. The kid is GAH-bage. Time Firstpatrick patrols another secondary. Likely in the CFL.
  9. BengalFanInTO

    Keeping our enemies close 2019

    Did they sign him as their kicker?!?
  10. I love Chrysler New Yorkers for one of their famous hits on a Steeler
  11. I'm really happy about this hire. The Bengals finally cleaned house and have brought in an outside guy to take over and build his staff. I am interested to see what happens as he fills the positions. Let the Zac Taylor Era begin!
  12. I compare Hines Ward to a sack of rhinoceros cocks
  13. So, some former coaches were hanging out with some people they know at the Senior Bowl?!? That’s Crazy Town! 🙄
  14. BengalFanInTO

    The Burfict Poll

    I hope he’s cut but, I think he will be a Bengal
  15. This one is a bit of a surprise.

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