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  1. I stopped reading Hobson's drivel years ago. The Bengals currently sit with $39 million in salary cap space heading in to the offseason (ranked #13 in available space) with almost nobody that is a "gotta re-sign" as a free agent. Yes, the Bengals likely should get either Atkins or Dunlap (or both) extended this offseason. But both guys are already counting against the 2018 salary cap. Extending one or both is not going to max out their space this year. As a matter of fact, it will likely have little affect on it at all. Now, speaking of Dunlap and Atkins. I think this is really the last big contract you can give either. Atkins will be 30 heading in to this season and Dunlap will be 29. I think you can count on both to provide another two to three pro Bowl level seasons but, that's going to likely be about it. I'd re-sign Huber and look at a friendly contract for Eifert. If it's not friendly. See you.
  2. Yeah, I agree. This is not the year for them to be rolling the dice early in the draft on the high risk/high reward players they have in the past (Ross, Mixon, Ogbuehi, Hunt, etc.) They really need to find productive, plug and play type players. Nothing assures you against a bust but...NO FLYERS!
  3. Cowboys hired Alexander

    My understanding is that Pollack is a Zone Blocking guy and Alexander runs a complex scheme involving differently variables of each scheme depending on who the player is. I've seen his system referred to as a Power Blocking scheme. I'm not a big X and O kinda of guy so I am not 100% sure how big the impact is moving from one to the other.
  4. Cowboys hired Alexander

    I think both teams needed a fresh perspective and direction. They got it. Alexander will have a lot more proven talent heading in to the 2018 season than he had in Cincinnati in 2017 (some would say because of him). As someone mentioned, the scrutiny in Dallas will be much more severe so coupled with the talent he will have to work with, fans and media will not be too tolerant of failure. I am not super savvy when it comes to schemes but, it sounds like the two coaches run very different systems so, changes will be coming in both cities. Let's see who is able to move the needle the most.
  5. 2018 Playoffs Thread

    Dan Fouts was all hot and bothered the Jaguars didn't get a penalty for defending a Stealers pass. Put your pom poms down, Dan. Your bias is showing you stupid fuckstick.
  6. And the one consistent reason that it was a bad decision, and trumps all six of those reasons, is that he is a dogshit head coach!
  7. 2018 Playoffs Thread

    Come on Jacksonville! Nothing I love more than seeing sadness on the face of that fat fuck Ben Roethlisberger! 14 point lead. Don't let up!
  8. Vita vea dt1

    A. It's way too early to be talking about way too early at the draft B. DT is definitely a need for this team. I would be 100% fine if the BPA at #12 is a DE or DT and the Bengals take them.
  9. Even if you believe the "Marvin demanded more control and more spending" philosophy, nothing in this team's track record shows they'd do this for the interior line (sign Norwell). They also didn't keep Eric Steinbach in his prime. Weston Richburg at OC (as mentioned) may be a more realistic bet. I'd like to see them go after Ryan Jensen but, even he may be out of their price range. I really like Justin Pugh and Josh Kline as potentially more affordable options at OG. I'm interested to see if there is any connection with Jonathan Cooper. He was a first round draft pick although many consider him a bust. With Pollack here I can see them taking a shot if the price is right. Not saying I am for this but, I can see it. The other potentially affordable upgrade is at LB. Demario Davis and Zach Brown seem like solid options as do Tahir Whitehead and Jon Bostic to a lesser degree.
  10. I have finally sniffed him out! rcarpenter62 spelled backwards is, in fact, Mike Brown.
  11. It's definitely WAY early on all counts but right now guys that may be available in and around our pick that look good are Connor Williams, Orlando Brown, Quenton Nelson and Mike McGlinchey. Nelson is my favourite. I want the best lineman on the Board at #12. Either side of the ball but preferably offensive line. I think the Bengals should be looking at Center, LB and WR in free agency to fill some of those gaps. Solid options are available there at those positions.
  12. Hilariously, the best third WR the duo probably had was the aforementioned Jeff Query.
  13. Coaching Staff Changes

    The Cowboys offensive line lost two starters in 2017 and also struggled with injuries and the loss for six games of Elliott. I found this article on Pollack: http://www.espn.com/blog/dallas-cowboys/post/_/id/4755048/frank-pollack-finds-success-in-mastering-the-mundane I wanted the Bengals to go out and bring in fresh eyes on the coaching staff and so far, they've been doing it. I think both Austin and Pollack were good external hires. This is another thumbs up for me.
  14. Coaching Staff Changes

    Teryl Austin's track record with coaching players in the secondary is extensive and he's had some very good success. I have to figure he knows a heck of a lot more about what he needs than I do. I like the hire so I am interested to see what he does moving forward.

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