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  1. According to Spotrac, Andre Smith has made $51 million in his career. Think about that for a minute.
  2. You can add Clint Boling and Christian Westerman retiring to the list of shame. The offseason was a shit show. Particularly the complete absence of free agent moves. The Bengals entered the season prepared for failure and the end result should be of no surprise to anyone.
  3. Yeah, from a pure optics standpoint, it's Webb all day. It was laughable. Throw in William Jackson on the same play who basically ran over to cover and just fell on the ground. Boyd is an interesting candidate too. We pulls a Keyshawn Johnson "Give Me The Damn Ball" and then fumbles in a close game in scoring position.
  4. EXACTLY! Fat fuck was there and just let Dupree take the ball.
  5. Announcer: The Bengals are trying to determine what they have with Ryan Finley NOTHING!!!
  6. OMG BW Webb...soooooo embarrassing! Very Dre Kirkpatrick-like
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