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  1. Man, what's the Bengals and preseason pectoral tears?!? Okung, Moses (both previously mentioned) and Rick Wagner would be good adds.
  2. Good stuff. I can see them still making some minor moves potentially at WR and/or OG/OT before it's all done. I can see Trey Hill and Wyatt Hubert on the Practice Squad although Hill will probably depend on Tre Hopkins. On paper, this team seems to have some marked improvement.
  3. I know fans take it as a slight to not get them but, I hate the Bengals playing in prime time games. Give me 1pm Sunday any time. Also, the Bengals don’t deserve prime time games. They finished last in their division three years in a row and have won six games in the last two years. Other than us, who wants to see that. You want respect? Earn it.
  4. Another Week 1 wrinkle...Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase (and Tyler Shelvin and Thad Moss) against Justin Jefferson
  5. Best Bengal player's nickname of all time...Eric "Sleeping With" Bieniemy
  6. Whether you liked what the Bengals did or not, I think we can all agree the Stealers offensive line got MUCH worse: 2020 LT Alejandro Villenueva LG Matt Feiler C Maurkice Pouncey RG David DeCastro RT Chukwuma Okorafor 2021 (Projected) LT Chukwuma Okorafor LG Kevin Dotson C Kendrick Green RG David DeCastro RT Zach Banner
  7. To be honest, I don't understand any relevance to your point whatsoever. It's like you are saying there is some kind of arbitrary cap to how many players you have drafted in a certain round at a certain position. Isn't a need a need? Trying to make any kind of semblance of sense to your argument I was assuming you were worried about using your draft capital too much in one area and so I pointed out that the Bengals didn't even do that with Reiff. Apparently this doesn't matter to you so now I am super lost as to what your thought process is. My point is, I have NO clue what it matt
  8. But, who cares what round Riley Reiff was taken in? The Vikings selected him, not the Bengals. The round he was selected in means absolutely nothing to the process whatsoever.
  9. I started talking about the need for an improvement at TE after about the first month of last season. Joe Burrow is much more of an inline passer than he is a big sideline dime dropper. I personally think a bonafide receiving threat at TE could help him far more than a lot of other upgrades. I honestly believe had he not been injured, the Bengals would have cut Uzomah this past offseason. As for Moss. the guy isn't a big pass catcher, is short for the position and isn't overly athletic. He is however a solid run blocker and will nicely fill Cethan Carter's spot on the roster. I don
  10. To be perfectly honest with you, the three 1st Round OT "argument" holds no water. Riley Reiff was drafted nine years ago and not by us. Not to mention he's 32 and on a one year contract. Also, I'd gladly have five 1st Round draft picks on the offensive line. I can live with the Chase pick and what I feel was a very humdrum draft but using thought processes like this as a justification simply doesn't add up.
  11. Speaking of PFF, Leno is a player that makes me raise my eyebrow at their rankings. He apparently took six penalties and gave up five sacks last year yet he’s ranked as a 74.6. How? I know there’s other parts to the game but a guy giving up 5 sacks in a season isn’t above average.
  12. I was not a proponent of taking a WR in the first two (or even three) rounds but, I would have been much happier with the draft had the Bengals gone Sewell/Marshall. Even Chase/Jenkins would have been better. I think the Ossai and Shelvin picks are interesting. All told, I don't think this is going to be a draft you look on in three years and are super thrilled. Hopefully the Bengals have done enough to improve the line and Chase can come out of the blocks as advertised. They at least focused (maybe in the wrong order for me) on the key areas of need going in to the draft.
  13. If the Bengals take anything but offensive line or defensive line in the next two rounds, they are bigger idiots than most believe they are. I am a Longhorns fan and agree with those hoping to steer clear of Cosmi. I'd be pleased with either Teven Jenkins (2nd) or Dillon Radunz (3rd) but my strong preference would be to go OT/OG now. Christian Barmore intrigues me too but, going WR in the first has me wanting nothing but offensive line next.
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