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  1. Another good...the Bengals have 10 sacks in three games. The entire season last year they 17.
  2. 14 for 18 for 172 and 3 TDs and an INT is pedestrian? OK. I will take pedestrian. The guy is 12.5 games in to his career and three games in to the season after blowing his ACL and MCL. I think it's a bit early to be questioning him in my opinion.
  3. GOOD Joe Burrow was a great deal more mobile this week and was very efficient Joe Mixon ran hard all game Ja’Marr Chase with an outstanding catch and another solid game Logan Wilson making plays all over the place including two INTs Run defense held Harris to 40 yards and 2.9 YPC Solid tackling all game Double digit victory in Pittsburgh 0 sacks surrendered. Best game to date by the offensive line. Trey Hendrickson constantly brings the noise. BAD Darius Phillips running backwards on the punt return UGLY Ben Roethlisberger’s face
  4. I saw this earlier too and it ties in with some of the thoughts I (and others) have been sharing: Joe holds the ball too long (this isn't really new) Joe won't throw the ball away when the coverage is too good and/or the play is broken (also not new) Joe has not been mobile in the pocket (damn near a statue in the Bears game) What I am not certain of is how Ben Baby thinks this pertains to his return after the injury (other than possibly the mobility). Pity had some solid observations on this pointing out that Joe has changed some mechanics coming back from the injury that explain some of this too (including the timing). Do I think Burrow sucks and/or am I picking on our "guy"? Absolutely not but, these observations are true. Does the Pass Block Win Rate really show that the offensive line isn't a problem? Next Gen stats would like you to believe that. Your eyes will tell you otherwise. If you can find anyone that will tell you that the line has been a Top 10 pass blocking unit for the first two games, get them checked for a head injury. Is coaching scheme an issue and do they need to adapt to where Burrow is and for the talent level of the line and other blockers (RBS/TEs/WRs)? Abso-fucking-lutely! We all have to also realize that despite how awesome he is, Joe Burrow has played 11.5 NFL games and he’s coming back from a serious knee injury (faster than many believed he could). He's got work to do. He's going to be glorious but he's still on his way there.
  5. The big problem with empty sets is it puts pressure on two things, the offensive line and the QB. Problem is, our offensive line is crappy and our QB is inexperienced. Joe also needs to start moving in the pocket and throwing the ball away sometimes. This is not just in empty sets, it's all the time. Against the Bears he was a statue. Again, the play calling should be working to the strengths and away from the weaknesses of the offense. This isn't happening and it's not working. With the talent this team has on offense, they should be flying despite the offensive line.
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