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  1. They’re 0-7. There’s no reason whatsoever to keep Dalton in there. Play Finley and lets see what it looks like. I’m not solely blaming Dalton, I just think it’s high time they take a look at someone else.
  2. The roster was pretty weak to begin with, especially on the offensive line and at LB. Throw in injuries to Glenn, Green, Williams, Ross and now Jackson. Add the Boling retirement. Ugh. It’s just ugly. It’s so hard for me to judge Taylor because the team on the field is wretched.
  3. Tank? No. But I think they are so bad, they will finish in the bottom five. The Bengals need a high pick, take your future QB and start building this team. At this point I’d trade Glenn, Green, Dunlap and/or Atkins. Get what you can and load up for the future. This team is smashed assholes. Terrible.
  4. After this game the Bengals will lead the NFL in dropped passes
  5. It’s impossible to run any kind of offense with this offensive line. Impossible. They are simply garbage
  6. Leonard Fournette averaging 5.1 YPC against the 32nd ranked rush defense...ouch
  7. Looks like the Bengals tradition of making first year QBs look like future Hall of Fame candidates will continue. Tony McRae, BW Webb and Torry McTyer will be patrolling the secondary. At least Dre Kirkpatrick won't be in there.
  8. The Bengals are going to come out smelling like the bad guys on this one but, I'm starting to believe this is all about Cordy Glenn. His replacement gets drafted and suddenly he self reports a concussion. Then he's out 8 weeks. The Bengals didn't just clear him, he was cleared by an Independent Neurological Consultant and he's still complaining they rushed him back. As dumb as the Bengals can be, I have to think they had pretty strong evidence he was ready to get to the point of fining him $200,000. I think this asshole just didn't want to come back for a throw away season and wanted to collect a paycheck. This isn't the first time Cordy Glenn has been put under the microscope for slow playing a return from injury. Same thing happened on the Bills with a foot injury a few years back. At this point, trade his tubby ass down the line for the best draft pick you can get and move on.
  9. Duke Tobin is to blame. He should be fired. At one point our offensive line was Andre Smith, Michael Jordan, Trey Hopkins, John Miller and Bobby Hart. We began the season with only five linebackers and the starters were Preston Brown and Nick Vigil. Cincinnati drafted John Ross in the 1st Round in 2017 Malik Jefferson in the 3rd Round last year and and Drew Sample in the 2nd this year. The Bengals agreed to pay Dre Kirkpatrick an average of $10 million per year and Bobby Hart an average of $7 million. They're biggest outside free agent signings this off season were John Jerry and BW Webb. They've won 2 games in the past calendar year and the vast majority of their best players are on the wrong side of 30. Nobody is coming in here and fixing this shit with scheme. The roster is currently quite easily one of the worst in the league. I've scratched my head at some of the play calling and decision making too but I cannot blame the sculptor who has no clay.
  10. I loved seeing guys like Richard Sherman and Nick Bosa calling out Mayfield for being such a piece of shit. I love seeing him crumble after the media hype train had him driving towards league MVP honors. Fuck him.
  11. Remember when the Bengals signed Bobby Hart to a three year $21 million deal. For fuck sakes.
  12. 100%. The look on his face every time he drags himself up off the turf is depressing. Dalton is who he is but no QB could perform behind this line.
  13. At this point, I'd be open to trading Dalton, Green, Atkins, Dunlap or almost any other veteran player. Mixon, Boyd and Jackson are three of the only players I'd be hesitant to move. As for Kirkpatrick...one of the dumbest contracts they've ever signed.
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