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  1. Hill should not see another snap today
  2. He is a massive douchebag but Pacman can return punts like a mofo.
  3. #5 Defense

    I'm not really certain what you don't understand. The Bengals are 5th in the NFL having given up 267 yard per game. That's why they are ranked 5th. They are also 7th in PPG.
  4. I liked Chris Berman's Eric "Sleeping With" Bieniemy. Odell Thurman...sigh.
  5. Texans Tonight

    Was Eifert not even on the field there
  6. Texans Tonight

    I was all for the Dennard pick. Kid is a bust. I also think Kirkpatrick is garbage.
  7. Texans Tonight

    HOLY SHIT GENO!!!!!!!!
  8. Texans Tonight

    Jesus Dalton! That series is on you, you fucking ginger headed bitch!
  9. Texans Tonight

    Put Mixon or Hill on the fucking field and stick with one of them. Run the ball down their fucking throats! The defense is killing themselves and Zampese is sitting around with his thumb up his ass.
  10. Texans Tonight

    Run Bernard up the middle on 3rd and 2?!? What the actual fuck!
  11. Texans Tonight

    They can't! This may be the worst Bengals offensive line in franchise history!
  12. Texans Tonight

    I think one of these QBs is going to die tonight...

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