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  1. Finally. Flagpatrick, 3rd & Dre, Firstpatrick, Pacman Jr. Call him what you like. I'm glad to call him a former Bengal. He was a terrible draft pick and one of the worst contracts the Bengals ever signed. And this is a team that gave Bobby Hart $21 million.
  2. Ravens fans appear bummed they didn't keep him. Seems like another solid pick up. Clearly fixing that horseshit defense from last year was a big priority.
  3. I really like the Alexander signing. He's solid in coverage and was the only CB in the league to play 500+ snaps and not miss a tackle. Some were speculating that he might get solid money on the market. If they overpaid on Waynes, they got a bargain on Alexander. This was a very solid signing. Might be my favourite from a dollars to need perspective. Only potential downside, he was hurt at the end of last season and had surgery.
  4. Whitworth got a THREE YEAR deal reportedly worth an average of $10 million per year. WOW!!!!
  5. I'm wondering if a stop gap RT or RG may be in the cards. A Jason Peters, Whitworth or Demar Dotson type. Kelvin Beachum and Daryl Williams appear to be two of the better slightly longer term upgrades even though they aren't overly exciting.
  6. No doubt this could be a factor. It was already announced in the media the Bengals were in deep for both Kwiatkoski and Schobert. Who knows who else they were after. It's easy to take the Bengals past inactivity and assume but, there's certainly the possibility they could have lost out on others we aren't aware of.
  7. I fully expect Darius Phillips to be the starting slot CB. You need three starters these days. William Jackson/Trae Waynes/Darius Phillips shapes up much better than William Jackson/Dre Kirkpatrick/Darqueze Dennard in my eyes. I was one of Kirkpatrick's biggest detractors and wanted him gone. It's going to happen. It might have been a steep price to pay but the Bengals just got younger and faster at an essential position in today's NFL. The reality is that the first couple of days in free agency typically equals "overpaying". Most wanted the Bengals to be active and early on the market and they were. Dalton, one way or another appears to be gone which will recoup another $17 million+ against the cap. At least they are spending which is better than sitting on their hands as per usual. Let's hope they can bolster the offensive line and linebacker still before it's over.
  8. I just saw on NFL.com that the Waynes deal is 3 years at $42 million. WOW!
  9. I will take "isn't very good" over sucks shit and beats his chest after tackling guys after allowing first down receptions any day.
  10. Bengals can cut Kirkpatrick and save $8 million against the cap...
  11. Darqueze Dennard looks like he's going to Jacksonville. I don't like that. 3 years $13.5 million with $6 million guaranteed.
  12. This is an unexpected but very good signing. He's young, they didn't overpay, he addresses a need (Bengals were dead last in the NFL in rushing last year) and he's very disruptive. Let's not stop here Brown family. Get some blocks to rebuild this team!
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