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  1. I didn't see the game, but I just watched the hit on this post. The play was over and he targeted his legs from the rear. Ridiculous. Any reaction from the commentators? Usually if there is, there's a phantom holding call on the defense the next play. Some bullshit makeup call that nearly everyone swallows as good enough, and everyone moves on. The most I ever see the Stealers pay for trying to end careers is 15 yards.
  2. Just waiting for the stats.....
  3. I was at the Sunday night game in Arizona. Andy led them back to a tie with just over a minute left. Game was lost on a bone headed penalty that gave them an easy field goal for the win. A precursor to the wild card game. Andy did play great that game, they should have won. The intangibles that don't show up in the box score seem to always go against us. Andy has played poorly since breaking his thumb too.
  4. It's actually a great idea if you're trailing by two scores late without enough time to have two more possessions. In fact, it would be your only option if you're interested in winning the game. Not all interceptions are the same. Not like station to station baseball where stats never lie.
  5. What I'd like to see is an intelligent interception. I don't think the team is coached for it. Andy being flushed from the pocket to his right on 3rd and 10 near midfield (an all to familiar sight), but instead of launching it out of bounds, taking a shot downfield. I know, I know, nobody's open, but that's where coaching comes in. A deep interception is essentially a punt in that circumstance and receivers need to be cognizant of that as well, because it's essentially a punt with the upside of potential big yardage gain or even points. If it's late in a game your trailing it's almost essential to be aware of intangibles. What's driving me crazy is seeing the Bengals punt from midfield late down by more than one score. That literally makes no sense. So stats might tell us how many picks have been thrown, but like your point to Andy running for his life, they never tell us why.
  6. Stats are never the whole story, and sometimes they're downright misleading.
  7. I always want the Bengals to win, but it you put a gun to my head and say my life depends on the most accurate prediction, here it is. Marvin leaves Andy in and sticks to his guns across the board. The team plays much better and has a chance to win. They blow a few key plays, a couple borderline calls go against them, Marvin makes a couple questionable at best moves, and they find a way to lose. I hope I'm wrong. Also, someone will post how they're number 6 in completion percentage when playing above 44 degrees latitude. Number 4 when the moon is in a waxing crescent phase.
  8. Like 2005 when that idiot Kimo von Oelhoffen snapped Palmer's leg, I'm stuck on 2015. It's not often enough when you're team is really good, and if they're not going to win it all, at least you're supposed to get the fun of watching them make a serious run at it. The moment I realized I was probably Charlie Brown getting ready to try and boot the football Lucy was inevitably going to pull away at the last second was the Mitchell hit on Eifert. Tyler was on a roll, as was the Bengal offensive up to that point. The hit was clearly intentional and the $23,000 fine on Mike cost the Stealers exactly zero on the field. While Burfict sits 3 games on his sofa for a hit that's a borderline penalty, Mitchell digs spare change from his sofa to pay for a hit that has cost Tyler a step that he never regained.
  9. For me it's not just that he's too conservative, it's that he's too inflexible. He's a great defensive coordinator, and his stick to the plan style does work often. Just never in the playoffs or even most big regular season games. Last year the team blew first half leads three times (Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Houston) out of nine losses. That doesn't tell the story to me though. Our defense wasn't as good as 2015 when all indicators early on were that Cincy was the team to beat. There weren't leads to blow, the system wasn't working as well. Things were firing on all cylinders 2015 though. Second best defense in the entire league. Then the wheels started falling off. 8-0 first half of season. 4-4 second half of season. Three of the four losses are blown first half leads. Still, the story isn't the stats to me. Mike Mitchell says on social media that he's going to intentionally injure Bengal players, then he brutally spears Eifert in the head. Tyler gone with a serious concussion. Marvin claps encouragement on the sideline and accepts 15 yards in exchange for our star tight end. No amount of flipping out would've been too much for Lewis at this point. Even an ejection would've been good because the attention would've also been on why you were ejected (Mitchell's dirty hit). To your point that his aggression has cost us games, again I think it's his inflexibility. No way Hill should have been screaming into the Steeler secondary alone with the football in the wild card game. That's the play they call with 1st and 10 at that field position. Probably too aggressive when a turnover is the only way you can lose the game though.
  10. I'm not big on stats that show we're 7th or 9th since a particular year that seems to make us out to be something we're not, but fair enough. Wonder how many teams that made the playoffs or even teams with winning records the Bengals defeated in this manner. Dude is horrible when it's sudden death. Also, what's the difference between a come from behind victory and winning a game you trailed at some point?
  11. I'm not even sure Marvin actually coaches, hence the bizarre lack of clock management, play calling that seems more determined by a Magic 8 ball then in response to what's happening on the field, lack of adjustments, lack of urgency, and just an overall robotic approach. He seems to walk on that field with his playbook, and that's it. Come hell or high water he's NOT gonna deviate from it. I wonder if someone or something in Baltimore put this in his head? This idea that you stick to the script no matter what? Sometimes the worst thing that can happen when a bogus idea is in your head, is to have it succeed. Not making adjustments in the NFL is of course, asinine, but maybe the one time ever you could get away with something resembling this philosophy was with the 2000 Ravens. Arguably the greatest defense ever, and certainly not a year where offensive scheming was critical. Maybe a wild theory, but something is cemented in that head of his.
  12. You nailed it. He coaches in a bubble. Needs to pay more, or any, attention to the game in front of him. He'd make an excellent coordinator, but he can't coach a second half to save his life. There's a time to realize your going to have to loosen up your game plan, or you'll have no chance of winning. There's also a time to realize the opposing team, unlike us, is going to take chances when they have nothing left to lose.
  13. He was realizing his potential, as was the team, when he broke his thumb on that terrible play against Pittsburgh. Went from having a great season, actually being picked up by fantasy football players, about to score on the dreaded Stealers, to season over in an instant. That's football of course, but there is an element of being snake bit to the Bengals. If fate doesn't bestow it on us, then we do it to ourselves (wild card game). I've seen Dalton play in person and I was very impressed. He really does have the talent, but will the team ever focus and fight mercilessly (and more importantly) intelligently for that extra inch? That extra inch Al Pacino refers to in, On Any Given Sunday. I won't belabor Mike Brown or Marv, honestly I'm exhausted, but it's gonna require team cohesion to see what Andy's capable of.
  14. A few good series resulting in not nearly enough points.
  15. Told myself the AFC championship would be thoroughly enjoyable no matter what, seeing as how I hate them both and all. Who was I kidding? I'm on the edge of my seat pulling for the Pats as my ingrained Steeler hatred has kicked in. The Falcons can handle the Pats, I need to see the Stealers lose in the worst way.

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