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  1. The Niners were notorious for chop blocking, and Ronnie Lott absolutely demolishing airborne receivers with uncatchable footballs sailing ten feet over their heads inspired the league to change some rules. I hated them back then for that. They were definitely pushing the envelope of "not cheating".
  2. It seemed like a byproduct of the whole, "head down, next play" approach. The team was very good considering that was the strategy seemingly 100 percent of the time. I never sensed the team was prepared for adversity, and any opponent good enough to elevate the matchup to "big game status", is not going to be locked into that strategy like we were. It always bit us in the ass. Remember all those gadget plays from the "star wars offense", in 2015? That was all fine and good, but I'd have much preferred the team having some 4th and short plays ready to go rather than taking a timeout, letting their defense catch their breath, than committing a false start out of that timeout and punting anyway.
  3. AJ and Chad with a ten year case of laryngitis starting in 2001.
  4. What they've always loved is getting away with outrageously dirty bullshit on the field, and at worst paying a fine off the field. Unlike us.
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