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  1. Then it's a team culture issue, as I posted. Are you on a team that fights for every inch, starting in training camp with understanding what's expected like hard work and proper diet and exercise, or not? Players may not be required to do shit, but NFL teams are not required to employ players who aren't on board with some basic understandings. That's my real criticism, not even him so much. It'd be one thing if he played poorly these past 2 years, but gave it everthing. He thoroughly admits being out of shape in this article and I honestly don't understand how an organization accepts that at
  2. This. How mind blowing to read he drops thirty pounds of fat, adds twenty pounds of muscle, and starts eating right AFTER allowing the crown jewel of the franchise to get seriously injured on his watch. This is on everyone above him in the organization to my thinking. How is the diet and exercise regimen of multi-million dollar athletic investments not insanely closely monitored?
  3. This kid's got a lot of upside. He missed a lot of games but the biggest physical reason was a leg strain. Academic issues were the main culprit. It sounds like he comes to camp without any physical or character issues for the Bengals to worry about. Great highlight reel. Most of the first half of it is just him hitting big lanes with real good speed, but a lot of the latter half of the reel is him finding much smaller seams, or even seemingly creating seams with good vision and lateral movement. Add in pass catching and blocking skill. Could be a sneaky steal.
  4. I wanted Sewell badly. That said, I'm taking solace in the fact that Burrow really wanted Chase. It's baffling to me. Joe was exceptional last year considering he was continually running for his life and getting drilled, yet his enthusiasm seems to have never wavered. Even after the inevitable and his knee got blown up. He's been nothing but positive and he seems okay with it. Either his mindset is contagious and holds with this team, or he probably gets blown up again. Seems like the wrong move to me, but it's his health and career, we DID get an awesome receiver, and like last year I'll be i
  5. Why is Alexander so worried about his height? Says there's doubt that 6-6 is accurate, so he's worried he'll be too tall? Once upon a time that may have been true, but that's close to average these days. Is the concern about height something else? This guy seems like a no-brainer, but Alexander won't even comment because of his listing at 6-6. Anyone able to enlighten me?
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