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  1. So if they had no value as ST players, why sign them to the 53 man roster to begin with? Does the left hand know what the right hand's doing?
  2. Yeah, this can't be all that's going to happen with the WRs, and it pisses me off that Irwin got waived, a day after making the 53 man roster, no less. Him and Thomas were 2 of the best receivers we had in pre-season.
  3. Apparently Moss didn't offer much in terms of blocking or special teams, areas where Wilcox was productive.
  4. Very happy that Trenton Irwin made the roster....looks like a gritty gamer who's not afraid of contact and can actually hold onto the ball..take note Ja'marr. A little surprised and disappointed Thadeus Moss got cut....thought he looked good in pre-season. Mitchell Wilcox? Why him? Excited, but not the least surprised, that Evan McPherson is officially the Cincinnati Bengals's PK....he's going to do great things for us.
  5. I love what I saw from Irwin....really hope he makes the team.
  6. Vikings are an early 2.5 to 4 point favorite....win or lose, should be a close game.
  7. It's to the point we should all be extremely worried....Chase looks non-NFL material.
  8. Chase definitely looked nothing like a #1 NFL receiver last night...just plain dropped 3 very catchable balls...whether it was nerves, fear, or whatever will come out over time, but for now he's making me extremely uneasy. Maybe he needs to spend time with his boy Joe B for some private tutalling.
  9. Just turned off Signatures and it's a beautiful thing...all those gigantic eye-sores gone.
  10. I'd love it, man, it just DOMINATES every post you make....thanks....and you're not the only one, there's a whole slew of enormous footers that get completely tiresome to see over and over and over.
  11. Anybody else sick of seeing this fargin' thing?
  12. Chase 0 for 3 on catchable balls....this is getting worrisome.
  13. Chase 2 drops on 2 catchable throws...not good.
  14. I'd like to get hopeful from last night's win, especially the way the D looked, but preseason games are pretty meaningless, for the most part.
  15. That Gary Reaasons bill-tweak of Dave Shula on Monday Night Football, before a world audience, was the crowning moment of Bengalsdom.
  16. Impressively fast signings of all our draft picks....not sure who to give credit to but well done!
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