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  1. Exactly....btw, Cleveland will hire Rivera in about 5 weeks from now.
  2. Let me clarify that I'm positive Zac Turner will be the Bengals head coach for at least the next couple years....just wishful thinking about Ron Rivera....if a Cincy HC achieved what Rivera did (getting the Panthers to the Superbowl, three straight 1st place finishes in their division) they'd name the stadium after him. But something tells me there's more to this story...you don't fire a guy with Rivera's credentials with 4 games left to be played unless there's a scandal involved.
  3. Damn, unless there's something more than the W-L record being considered, I'd swap Ron Rivera for Zac Taylor in a heart-beat! Ron Rivera Fired as Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera's Record
  4. With all the glaring needs this team has, I think Andy Dalton is serviceable enough at age 32, to at least let him finish out the last year of his contract next season. I like the idea of trading down for multiple picks.
  5. Happy for us fans as well as the players and coaches....you can't keep coming to work everyday without ever getting rewarded with a win....and it will shut up the J-E-T-S fans, probably the most obnoxious in the world.
  6. Injuries abound, yes, but doesn't every team have key injuries? The fact is, Duke Tobin has been an executive in the Bengals front office since 1999, most of them as Director of Player Personnel and the team is a mess, as it almost always is. I'd be inclined to give somebody else a chance at building a team.
  7. I'm still befuddled by how this happened....every year the Bengals seem to have at least an average draft, if not a very good draft, depending on who's doing the rating. We should have a roster equal to any other team in the NFL, and yet the product on the field is glaringly inferior. Duke Tobin was supposed to be the answer to our "no GM" situation, but I'm starting to think this man should be fired. He lead the charge for Zac Taylor, which in and of itself is grounds for dismissal, and then you have the mess on the field masquerading as an NFL team. Not impressed, Mr. Tobin....not at all.
  8. On the other hand, there are unemployed good coaches with families who could use the work, Mr. Brown....firing one set of coaches just leads to hiring another set, so your excuse doesn't work.
  9. Anybody know what kind of contract Cincy is locked into with Taylor? I think he's a complete washout and Bengals management should cut their losses and hit the re-set button....Zac Taylor's a nobody.
  10. Zac Taylor has shown me absolutely nothing so far. No innovation, no inspired team play with guys working their balls off for him...just a dud of a team. Dave Shula went 5-11 his first year as head coach, and he inherited a 3-13 team.
  11. But the GMs on the other side of the trade table aren't aware of this, so we're going to get more value than they're worth, making the Bengals a better team....is that it?
  12. Why do so many people have the notion you can trade your way to a better roster? So we trade AJ Green, and Joe Mixon, two of our best offensive players...what are you hoping to get in return? Draft picks? So we can draft the RB and WR we no longer have?
  13. Ok, maybe I'm over-reaching hoping our QB surges all the way to "adequate"...
  14. Best-case scenario for Bengals fans is Finley proves adequate at QB, freeing up the #1 draft pick for Chase Young....I really hate the idea of burning the pick on QB, as it's traditionally such a crap shoot. We're desperate for IMMEDIATE help!
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