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  1. That Gary Reaasons bill-tweak of Dave Shula on Monday Night Football, before a world audience, was the crowning moment of Bengalsdom.
  2. Impressively fast signings of all our draft picks....not sure who to give credit to but well done!
  3. I do now (2nd tear was in 2014)....actually, "Palmer engineered what many considered his best season by recording 35 touchdowns to 11 interceptions and was 13–3 as starter through the 2015 season", so that's even more encouraging.
  4. Carson Palmer's a great example of getting better after ACL surgery, and if it's any comfort to Bengals fans, he never had a problem with the knee again....but I'm sure we'll all be sweating bullets, at least the first few games of this year, as our franchise QB gets banged around. And as far as getting better goes, that's not even necessary, just come back the guy you were, Joe!
  5. They're both well-regarded players who should help, but you never know how a college player will adapt to the NFL.
  6. Former NFL player Chad Johnson faces BKFC veteran Brian Maxwell on Mayweather vs. Paul card
  7. Vikings – W @ Bears – L @ Stealers – L Jaguars – W Packers – W @ Lions – W @ Ravens – L @ Jets – W Browns – L @ Raiders – L Stealers – W Chargers – W 49ers – L @ Broncos – L Ravens – W Chiefs – L @ Browns – L FINAL RECORD = 8-9
  8. Simmons really wanted McPherson, and for good reason.
  9. Here's a link to the YouTube video....Chris Simms In The Trenches with Dave Lapham
  10. Curious what anybody here could know about a Center from Georgia.
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