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  1. I have a vague memory of Turk leading the Bengals to victory after being down 21-0 at the half...can't remember the opponent.
  2. If nothing else, it's going to be so refreshing to have a head coach who speaks in the normal English language, and not the guarded, cliche-ridden verbiage of Marvin ....and so forth.
  3. Wow, letting Pollack go is mind-blowing, but it's a new day in Bengalstown, so let's do it.
  4. Damn, you've set the bar to almost unreachable heights.
  5. Good thing we've got an Ivy League educated attorney running things or we could've gotten tangled up in the legalities of it all.
  6. Duluoz

    Who's the next HC?

    I prefer my head coaches from the physical, fleshy, angry mold, where most of the really great ones are from. Zac Taylor comes from what I'd call the boy scout mold, and the NFL is littered with their failures. Gimme one of these guys.
  7. Duluoz

    Who's the next HC?

    You just typed his name....now you have to scrap your keyboard.
  8. Duluoz

    Who's the next HC?

    Zac Taylor may end up being the next Bill Walsh, but his resume is way too familiar and making me extremely uneasy: 35 year old white guy, ex NFL OC and/or WR coach, with no head coaching experience on any level.
  9. Duluoz

    Who's the next HC?

    I'll believe it when I see it on Wikipedia.
  10. Duluoz

    Who's the next HC?

    Childish behavior on the internet? I never heard of that before.
  11. Duluoz

    Who's the next HC?

    Maybe this is a joke, but Wikipedia Eric Bieniemy says he's already the Bengals head coach.
  12. Duluoz

    Who's the next HC?

    All the tea leaves seem to be pointing towards Bieniemy, which would be a huge shot of adrenaline for the fan base.

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