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  1. Duluoz

    Hue is Back

    That's entirely possible, but right now I'm just trying to squeeze something out of this season...things were looking pretty good after the Miami win and sitting at 4-1, then I guess reality stepped in, because this team looks like total shit right now. Maybe Marvin can get the defense fixed and save the season, who knows....we're going to find out a whole lot this Sunday at Baltimore.
  2. Duluoz

    Hue is Back

    How can adding a veteran coach hurt a team that's spiraling into the abyss? The Bengals are starving for help, so let Hue Jackson come in and help.
  3. Duluoz

    Hue is Back

    Hue Jackson was just one member of the Bengals coaching staff, so why pin its non-winning ways on him? And becoming the next Bengals HC is a real possibility (we all know Mike Brown likes staying with people he's familiar and comfortable with) but I'm only concerned with this year for now. The Bengals lost a DC and have a huge need to fill that void...while Marvin will be trying to do that himself, it still leaves a coaching shortage...Cincy is actually very lucky to have Hue Jackson available on such short notice....he's a very experienced coach who will fit right in and help out a lot, just when the Bengals need it most.
  4. Duluoz

    Hue is Back

    Don't understand the outpouring of negativity here on this hiring. I think it's great !....Marvin can use all the help he can get and Hue Jackson knows a lot, and the players relate well to him....this will free up Marvin to focus in on defense more.
  5. Pure Marvin...why even have a press conference if all you're going to do is puke out the very worst coach-speak has to offer? ā€œIā€™m not going to get into any observations today with that.ā€ Then just stay home Marvin...if you're not going to answer a reporter's question, just stay the fuck home.
  6. Halle-fuckin'-lujah !!!
  7. The Bengals are on pace to allow the most yardage in NFL HISTORY !! How do you keep the DC who allowed that? Bengals defense is on record-setting pace
  8. New here, but just sent you a little somethin' somethin'
  9. SMU, I think your insights would have more oomph, possibly be more compelling, if you did a 6-pack first...your grammar, spelling, and punctuation would suffer, but nobody would notice.
  10. Oh, that's exactly what he said....scroll down the page on the attached link....they slow-mo'd it. "What the fuck is that play ?"
  11. Anybody else see where Gruden gets in Guenther's face and says "What the fuck was that play ?"
  12. Ah, yes, the boys on the Raiders Board are skewering Paulie Guenther, Reggie Nelson, Jon Gruden and anything else in black & silver as Oakland is getting humiliated by a non-drafted QB making his first NFL start....if you need a laugh, check it out.
  13. Duluoz

    Bye Week Thread

    Well, Zampese did get shit-canned just 2 games into the season last year, so there's at least some interest in winning. Going into the bye week would be the best time to make coaching changes, but I guess Austin will survive.
  14. I was actually supposed to type "the new Bengals", but bungled even that. So, yeah, your comment "the Clowns have been fucking up ... for almost 20 years" is exactly what I meant.
  15. Duluoz

    Bye Week Thread

    The Cincinnati Bengals are "....on pace to break the NFL record for most yards allowed in a season. " Jesus! How does this not get Teryl Austin or Daronte Jones fired?

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