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  1. Duluoz

    Burfict released

    He looked a shadow of his old self last year.
  2. From the Jags board: "First impressions: YIKES." They have no idea yet.
  3. Duluoz

    It's "Palm" Beach for Bobby Kraft

    Having a gorgeous young GF makes it all the more incomprehensible that he felt a need to do what he did.
  4. Collins is just 29 and the Bengals are desperate for LB help.....he'd be a huge help.
  5. But at least there's hope for a big upside move eventually, unlike the Marvin Lewis regime where we saw all it had to offer, over and over again.
  6. Duluoz

    It's "Palm" Beach for Bobby Kraft

    Here are some of the sexy asian workers at Orchids of Asia Day Spa....Come on Bobby, you're worth BILLIONS !! You could have any woman on the planet, yet you went to some damn strip mall and paid $100 to get jerked off by these ugly skanks? You deserve just what you got.
  7. Duluoz

    It's "Palm" Beach for Bobby Kraft

    I know who it is...
  8. Duluoz

    It's "Palm" Beach for Bobby Kraft

    Now that shit's funny!
  9. The frenzy over Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s solicitation charges
  10. Duluoz

    Bengals DC

    Well, we got your guy, and had I not read your post I'd have been completely underwhelmed....as it is now, if Anaruma's just half the man you describe we made a great hire.
  11. Duluoz

    Bengals DC

    I think all the second guessing and doubting is a good thing. We're going into the 2019 season with a sense of nervous hopefulness , like "Who the hell really is this guy?" "Can he really deliver ?" The doubts will soften the sting of the losses which will come to some degree. I believe Cincy is being forecast for last place in the AFC North, which is another good thing. Let's give the guy a year or two to get his feet on the ground before we start nailing him with Boy Wonder barbs and all the other snarkness that will follow eventually if he ends up just another Bengals losing head coach.
  12. Duluoz

    Bengals DC

    Well, that certainly makes me feel a whole lot better about a guy who was totally unknown to me. Thanks.
  13. Duluoz

    Bengals DC

    Who cares who the DC is? We're going to win every game 45-40, right?
  14. The guy in orange and prison stripes looks kinda like Zac Taylor

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