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  1. I remember Gary Reasons tweaking the cap of Dave Shula on Monday Night Football...I think something was wrong with that team's culture.
  2. The most sure-handed Bengal picks the Super Bowl to drop a ball...
  3. Given the Bengals history and my personal decades of despair it all seems irrational....I still can't process it all, it happened so quickly.
  4. Great job, BJ! I thought I was an irrational Bengals fan but you have pinned the needle!
  5. Can things be any different now than prior years when nobody wanted to play for the Bengals? Win or lose the Super Bowl, we're about to have our best class of free agents ever.
  6. Yep, Joe Burrow's captured the imagination of sports fans everywhere and they'll all want to see what he does next.
  7. Yeah, weird shit, isn't it? This whole new Bengals vibe with Joey Franchise leading the way is like some hallucination but I'm loving every second of it and it could last for a couple DECADES!
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