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  1. I was kinda on the fence too, but this kid has to be taken. If he's not a franchise QB there is no such thing.
  2. Gotta love Burrow's toughness, too, playing through multiple rib-pounding sacks which left him gasping for air. Joe Burrow may have played through rib injury in National Championship
  3. Exactly...they check-out too much....something somebody on red wine would do.
  4. What did you drink before banging this out? No way you were sober.
  5. Ha ha....you knew right where that was going.....and no, I do not want to go camping..
  6. But there are so many freakin' 1st round QB bust, and each of the QBs in the list above would easily be worth what the Miami Dolphins are theoretically willing to offer 2020 Nos. 5, 18, 25 and 2021 fourth for No. 1. Some were major busts, some just semi-busts. Joe Burrow may or may not be a productive NFL QB....my point is taking him with the #1 pick shouldn't be a slam-dunk. If picks are offered, Cincy should listen.
  7. Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel, Todd Marinovich, Tim Tebow, Jim Druckenmiller and Patrick Ramsey.
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