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  1. Baker Mayfield looked pretty damned good last night in leading the Browns to their first win in years, but it's a little bit comical the way they've anointed the guy the second coming of Johnny Unitas already. I mean Mayfield's got all of 1/2 an NFL game under his belt and it's like he's The Answer, without any question. Let's see how he looks half way into the season before we start lining up for playoff tickets, ok Brownies? Browns Board
  2. Any newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos is going to march to its own special music. ....the Bengals 4th best team in the country? Hell yeah!
  3. This would fall under the category of mind candy, as it's essentially valueless, but is fun to look at. Our 2018 Cincinnati Bengals have surge up the polls to stand at #10, per Sports Illustrated. As long-suffering Bengal fans, we deserve to enjoy this while it lasts. NFL Power Rankings Poll
  4. I know the play of the offensive line has been mentioned here, but I don't think you can praise it enough. The Baltimore defensive front line is one of the most feared and effective in the NFL and Cincy's heretofore putrid OL kept them at bay the entire game, not allowing a single sack and giving Andy all the time he needed. The results were beautiful to behold, as Dalton chewed up Raven defenders and Mixon flashed brilliance. I have to believe new OL coach Frank Pollack, along with new addition Cordy Glenn get most of the credit , because the rest of the personnel is pretty much the same as last year. Even when rookie C Billy Price went out, the line never skipped a beat with Trey Hopkins filling in. To me, that just says excellent coaching, because last year it would have been chaos and confusion in the trenches. If the OL can continue to play at this high level the Bengals just might win a playoff game this year.
  5. Welcome to the streaming age....recording to DVD used to be as basic as answering the phone.
  6. AJ picking right up where he left off last year.
  7. Just glad Auden Tate made it !!
  8. Bills releasing former Browns WR Corey Coleman
  9. Duluoz

    Bengal's Jungle Forum?

    Ewwww.....it's not even real Bengals stuff.
  10. Duluoz

    Bengal's Jungle Forum?

    Somebody is now using the Bengals Jungle url for something other than a message board.
  11. I just love political buzzwords.
  12. According to Adam Schefter, the deal is worth $65.3 million over the four new years added to Atkins’ contract, which was set to expire in 2019. Most of the money will come to Atkins within the first two years
  13. Our starting backfield of Mixon and Bernard combined for 10 yards on 10 carries. and were out-done by Walton and Flowers who combined for 10 yards on 9 carries. You'd think with the passing game back on track it would open things up for the RBs, but I guess nobody told the Bills.

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