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  1. Now we know why the Bills dumped his ass for whatever they could get.
  2. Surprised me just because it's so easy to get lost in the endless drumbeat of "Mike Brown sucks !" it becomes its own reality regardless of how true it is or isn't...turns out it's not true at all, as 20 of 32 franchises did worse than the Mike Brown owned and managed Cincinnati Bengals over the past 10 years. Mike Brown does not suck.
  3. I suppose that skews my notion that Shula lost the respect of his team somewhat, but I will never let go of the connection between the birth of the Bungals and his time as head coach. Everything humiliating, debasing and degrading began with Dave Shula.
  4. You know, the twists and turns of NFL coaching prowess will break your neck trying to follow and understand. For years Kyle Shanahan was one of those "rising stars" waiting in the wings for his chance to be a head coach. Then San Francisco pulled the trigger and gave him a chance in 2017, for which Shanahan promptly turned in seasons of 6-10 and 4-12...not exactly superstar stuff. Enter the 2019 season and the 49ers are 5-0 and just dominating everybody they play, Shanahan looking like the wunderkind he was supposed to be. Does that mean if we give Zac Taylor a chance he'll be another Kyle Shanahan? No, it doesn't mean anything other than forecasting what a new NFL coach is capable of in the future is nearly impossible.
  5. You and I have vastly different memories / interpretations of Dave Shula and his tenure, so we'll leave it at that. You say / think he was respected by his players while I believe he damaged the franchise almost irreparably with his shortcomings as head coach. Has any other team in NFL history been as ridiculed as the Dave Shula Bungals?
  6. Reasons did his cap-tug thing to Shula before a Monday Night Football national TV audience and was the crowning moment of everything Bungals. By not reacting to Reasons' egregious disrespect Dave Shula completely lost the respect of fans and players everywhere and indelibly branded the franchise as incompetent. I remember the moment the way I remember where I was when JFK was assassinated.
  7. Taylor could go 0-16 and keep his job...Dave Shula got 4 1/2 years before Brown pulled the plug on him. Speaking of Dave Shula and the comparisons being made, the huge difference between him and Zac Taylor is Dave Shula had the respect of no one on the Bengals and was openly mocked, without consequence. I think today's Bengals like playing for Taylor.
  8. Having never been a head coach of anything at any time in his life, I suppose his performance as an NFL head coach is about what we should have expected...on the plus side, he's a bright young man who should be able to grow into the job as time goes on. But if he doesn't learn and develop we've got another Dave Shula to suffer through, and that's really gonna suck.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if Zac gets his first NFL win this Sunday, just because everything is pointing to a Baltimore blowout....that's how it goes in the NFL sometimes.
  10. And Dave Shula started off his career 2-0.....what does it all mean?
  11. And Freddie K was supposed to be an offensive genius....how do Mayfield and OBJ not produce? Granted, the OL is putrid, but a genius outta be able to squeeze at least something outta that QB-WR combo.
  12. So refreshing to see some of the most obnoxious/toxic fans in the universe get a mouthful of shaddup-pie. Good lord, last year after Mayfield got off to a good start they were twitching and spazzing around babbling stuff like superbowls and dynasties. Mayfield sucks, btw.
  13. To this day I remember so well the reaction on the board by some anonymous poster....."Chris fuckin' Perry"
  14. Not impressed in the least with anything Zac Taylor has done yet (but he does talk purdy, don't he? )....on the other hand, he's never been the head coach of anything at any level in his life, so to even be competitive with experienced NFL coaches is to his credit. And he's got Andy Dalton as a QB, who has played like a turd in the toilet, and you can't win with turds. I believe I read somewhere Joe Gibbs started his NFL career off 0-5.......so there's that.
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