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  1. Yep, I'm thinkin' 8, 9, 10 wins range with Joltin' Joe Burrow making a splash his rookie year and inspiring his teammates to keep up with him. It's gonna be a fun season.....if there is one.
  2. Regardless of what the scribes write, this has been the most enjoyable off-season I've had as a Bengals fan in a very long time. Just thinking of Joe Burrow starting in a Cincy uni is in and of itself enough to get me dreaming of a whole new era at PBS...an era like Boomer had...an era like Kenny Anderson had. I'm talking playoffs...I'm talking super bowls, Sprinkle in the solid free agent additions on defense, and the coaching staff having an entire year to get its feet on the ground and we have a recipe for success. I could live with a .500 season, but I think much more is possible if things go right.
  3. Criminy...these guys make huge salaries to tell us dopes what we're seeing on the field, with all the technical Xs and Os, and you're saying they're incompetent? Might as well watch with the volume off then.
  4. One of the LSU replays I was watching recently (Florida or Auburn) one of the TV guys kept harping about the uniqueness of their 5 receiver sets, which is what prompted this post.
  5. I'll be the first to admit I watch NFL football as an unsophisticated, casual fan. To anyone who has ever played football, at any level, and been properly coached, my understanding of what I see taking place on the field would be that of a 6th or 7th grader...think of Trump's understanding of foreign affairs and you'll get what I mean. So...on that note, I'll take your word that confusing David Klingler's Houston Run & Shoot offense with Joe Burrow's offense at LSU is foolish, and will only lead to fears that have no basis. But I don't know how often I've noticed the Bengals lining up 5 WRs on any given play, a setup LSU seems to do on a regular basis....I'm sure someone will come back with "The Bengals line up 5 WRs on every 3rd or 4th and long, dummy..."
  6. Great points. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily "worried" that Burrow is going to be another Klingler, but the thought has passed through my mind, for obvious reasons. Not sure I accept, or even understand, your explanation that "LSU was NOT a run and shoot 4 or 5 WR offense - so the adjustment you are worried about (like Klingler coming from the Houston Cougars' run and shoot) does not apply." Regardless of what name you give it, LSU flooded the field with receivers, much like Houston did, just not exactly. And yes, Burrow is ridiculously accurate, but his receivers were also extremely talented, at least a couple of them were. Ja'marr Chase will likely be the first WR taken in the 2021 Draft and ran routes and made catches that Joe Burrow's going to miss. AJ and Tyler are talented in their own rights, but Ja'marr and JB seemed to have a magical chemistry. For the record, I think Joe Burrow's going to make us forget Boomer Esiason and Kenny Anderson as he re-writes the Bengals QB record book, but we've got months to kill before we get to enjoy watching him in a Cincy uni, so let's kick around all the "what ifs" for a while.
  7. The past couple weeks I've been treating myself to all the Joe Burrow highlights available on YouTube, and couldn't help but noticing how unique LSU's offense is. OC Steve Ensminger and Joe Brady were like mad scientists with all the outside the box schemes, sets and creativity all of which makes me wonder: 1) Did Joe Burrow look so good just because of Steve Ensminger's high-powered offense ? 2) Can Cincy replicate the LSU offensive schemes? 3) Should Cincy consider hiring Steve Ensminger as its OC ?
  8. Yep, released by both the Bengals and Eagles, only to become a 10 year starting workhorse for the Ravens and KC.
  9. The 1999 Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals maybe possibly be the worst draft in the history of all sports. 7¤ 253 Chicago Bears Jim Finn FB Pennsylvania Ivy from Cleveland [R7 - 12] 1 3 Cincinnati Bengals Akili Smith QB Oregon Pac-10 2 33 Cincinnati Bengals Charles Fisher CB West Virginia Big East 3 65 Cincinnati Bengals Cory Hall S Fresno State WAC 4 98 Cincinnati Bengals Craig Yeast WR Kentucky SEC 5 135 Cincinnati Bengals Nick Luchey FB Miami (FL) Big East 6 173 Cincinnati Bengals Kelly Gregg DT Oklahoma Big 12 7 209 Cincinnati Bengals Tony Coats G Washington Pac-10 7* 245 Cincinnati Bengals Scott Covington QB Miami (FL) Big East 7^ 249 Cincinnati Bengals Donald Broomfield DT Clemson ACC
  10. For those who have forgotten, and why wouldn't they, Akili had a career completion pct. of 46.6%, and 13 INTs vs. 5 TDs, all of which led to sparkling 52.8 QB Rating (which seems too high, given his performance).
  11. It can be so tempting to think about stockpiling all those early draft picks, simply for trading away one of ours, but most Bengal fans would be up in arms at the very thought of Joe Burrow being in any uni but a Bengals' uni next year....fans'd storm PB head office looking for the head of the dolt who ruined their vision of Bengals glory for the next 10 years, lead by one Joseph Lee Burrow.
  12. Joe Burrow just ‘what the doctor ordered’ for Bengals in NFL Draft
  13. Boy does that put things into perspective....it's all idle talk, anyway. Joe Burrow's the guy.
  14. If Miami actually did offer all 3 of its 1st rounds picks, Cincy would have to think about it...for about 5 seconds...then say no. Joe Burrow has what it takes to turn the franchise around for the next 12 to 15 years. Nobody else in this draft can do that. Go with Joe.
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