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  1. Joe Burrow was the only reason I watched the Bengals, and now that is gone, Honestly, once he got off to a good start and proved himself, my only hope was that he'd make it through the season uninjured....so much for hope.
  2. A former 3rd round draft pick has to be better than at least one lineman currently on the Bengals roster.
  3. Upon further review my "Offensive Linemen" list was just Tackles.....Wyatt's ranked No. 1 on this 2021 NFL Draft Prospects: Offensive Guard list.
  4. Draftwire doesn't even have Wyatt Davis listed in its Top 25, much less a 1st Round pick. 2021 NFL Draft Offensive Linemen
  5. Drew Sample has looked promising here and there (5 catches 52 Yds @ CLE 10-25) but he was taken many rounds before he deserved to be. Just scroll through the players Cincy could have drafted instead....2019 NFL Draft
  6. You must've been at the game? No way can you notice that on TV.
  7. Those perfectly timed pass/catch plays sure are purdy to watch, aren't they? That is if it's the Bengals....any other team pulling that crap is just lucky,
  8. It looked like the ball found its way into Boyd's hands before he even had time to even see it. I've never seen a catch like that before.
  9. Announcer Spero Dedes actually used the phrase "high powered" today...when's the last time a Cincy offense was called that?
  10. Yep, and gotta give Turner a ton of credit for coachin' 'em up.
  11. This line started at an absurd Bengals +3.5 and has since inched up to a little more sensible +6.0 but still looks way too low. Take the Titans and lay the points if you want some easy cash.
  12. Yep, the lack of pressure is obviously on Cincy and allowed Mayfield to be as effective as he was...but then there were all those acrobatic catches that made me want to smash the remote...luck or skill, I'm not sure.
  13. Yep, we all like to find somebody to blame for any given loss, but we really have to give credit where it's due, as much as it makes the puke rise up my throat. Mayfield and his receivers played a helluva game.
  14. I'm not so sure Cincy "let" Mayfield look like Joe Montana. As much as it kills me to say it, Mayfield was throwing darts all over the field and his receivers were making one spectacular catch after another. Maybe they were pulling shite out of their arses and played the game of the season but what they did was infuriatingly effective.
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