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  1. Boy does that put things into perspective....it's all idle talk, anyway. Joe Burrow's the guy.
  2. If Miami actually did offer all 3 of its 1st rounds picks, Cincy would have to think about it...for about 5 seconds...then say no. Joe Burrow has what it takes to turn the franchise around for the next 12 to 15 years. Nobody else in this draft can do that. Go with Joe.
  3. Is Zac the catalyst behind all the change, or is he just the first big part of it ?
  4. All this spending sounds like a huge endorsement of Zac, doesn't it? Like "Holy crap, he won 2 games last year with a pile of shit to work with! You wanna see what he can do with a real team? Hey, Mike ?"
  5. Damn, that's pretty funny....wish my trips to the dentist made me feel like that.
  6. Good friggin' lord ...somebody better tell Mike Brown the Cincy front office's been busted into and there's people in there just signin' players like it's not their money !
  7. Awesome, and anybody who loves dogs is an ok dude, or dudess!
  8. Anybody who complains about what has happened the last couple weeks hasn't been a Bengals fan very long....this is unprecedented, unheard of, and quite simply, un-Bengals like. The best way fans can react to what's been going on is to vote with their wallets and buy season tickets. Pavlov conditioned dogs by rewarding them for good behavior...let's condition Mike Brown.
  9. I feel like I'm in some sort of alternate reality with all these FA signings Cincy is making. Has Mike Brown had some sort of Christmas Carol awakening ?
  10. So you're saying once a FA player signs with a team he's no longer available ?
  11. Neither of these guys even make anybody's Top 100 Free Agent list. but guys like Andrew Billings and Cordy Glenn do....wtf?
  12. I was kinda on the fence too, but this kid has to be taken. If he's not a franchise QB there is no such thing.
  13. Gotta love Burrow's toughness, too, playing through multiple rib-pounding sacks which left him gasping for air. Joe Burrow may have played through rib injury in National Championship
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