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  1. The burning question is the "not real" AJ a permanent thing for the rest of the year, or is it just temporary as he shakes off the rust? I think AJ's going to see what Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins are doing and his competitive instincts will fire up and propel him back to the "real" AJ heights that we all know. I'm expecting a big game from him against the Jags.
  2. Joe Burrow is a star already and he's only going to get better....my only complaint is he takes too many sacks. I know the offensive line blows but JB seems unwilling to throw the ball away when needed.
  3. I'd have to take Jacksonville +3 on this one, as the Bengals didn't inspire much confidence in that ugly 23-23 tie at PHI.
  4. Thx, as bad as the O-line is that will be a HUGE pick-up...we can sit one of the duds for a qualified offensive guard.
  5. Go to PHI message board and you'll read basically the same stuff about their head coach, GM, personnel and also their QB. Eagles Board
  6. Can the bengals EVER get a fuggin' call go their way ?
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