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    There's got to be somebody better than Redmon....there just has to be.
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    Addition by subtraction
  3. Especially if you're expecting company.
  4. Ross hasn't come close to living up to the expectations of an early 1st round pick, but 7 TDs last year is not exactly total bust territory. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see him flourish in the new system.
  5. Damn, and I thought graduating at 24 was embarrassing.
  6. From Mel Kiper Cincinnati Bengals: A- Top needs: Linebacker, offensive line, quarterback It's tough to know what to think about the Bengals in 2019. While longtime coach Marvin Lewis is gone and Zac Taylor is now in charge, Mike Brown still runs things. That means the team is going to build through the draft and not worry much about free agency. In fact, Cincinnati didn't make many notable moves, other than parting ways with Vontaze Burfict and re-signing its own guys. After a 6-10 finish last season, is this team better? This is not a sexy class, but it's solid throughout. Jonah Williams (No. 11) is a no-brainer immediate starter, either at guard or tackle. Germaine Pratt (No. 72) is a converted safety who will likely end up at outside linebacker in Cincy's 4-3. The versatility makes it good value. I didn't love Ryan Finley's tape as much as Todd McShay -- he gave Finley a second-round grade -- but Andy Dalton shouldn't be locked in long term, so this is another option for Taylor if Dalton underwhelms. To get Finley at No. 104 is solid. Drew Sample (No. 52) is a really good blocking tight end, but even he didn't expect to go in the second round. That was high with more complete tight ends available. Renell Wren (No. 125) had an up-and-down career for the Sun Devils, but he impressed at the Senior Bowl and has some intriguing athletic traits. I'm intrigued by the Day 3 running backs with Trayveon Williams (No. 182) and Rodney Anderson (No. 211). Anderson is one of the most talented backs in the class, but he simply couldn't stay on the field. Williams is going to help spell Joe Mixon in the receiving game. Jordan Brown (No. 223) is a good corner for the seventh round. Williams and Sample are the only surefire early starters, but there's some upside with Finley and the Day 3 running backs. This group will help Taylor navigate his first year on the job.
  7. From SBNation Cincinnati Bengals After getting jumped by Pittsburgh for linebacker Devin Bush, the Bengals took offensive tackle Jonah Williams at No. 11 overall. Maybe he’ll be the one to fix the team’s ongoing issues at tackle. The Bengals helped their blocking issues further with Washington tight end Drew Sample at No. 52. That seemed a little early for him. It was evident coming in that the Bengals needed a starting linebacker. They got one at No. 72 with Germaine Pratt of NC State. He’s a close comparison to Vontaze Burfict. Cincinnati needed a quarterback and got one in NC State’s Ryan Finley. He’s accurate with otherwise average tools. But can he be anything more than a solid backup? Grade: B-
  8. From NFL.com Cincinnati Bengals Draft picks: Alabama OT Jonah Williams (No. 11 overall); Washington TE Drew Sample (No. 52); N.C. State LB Germaine Pratt (No. 72); N.C. State QB Ryan Finley (No. 104); Arizona State DT Renell Wren (No. 125); Ohio State C Michael Jordan (No. 136); Texas A&M RB Trayveon Williams (No. 182); Auburn LB Deshaun Davis (No, 210); Oklahoma RB Rodney Anderson (No. 211); South Dakota State CB Jordan Brown (No. 223) Day 1 grade: A Day 2 grade: C+ Day 3 grade: A Overall grade: A- Draft analysis: Cincinnati desperately needed help at offensive tackle, and Williams proved he can handle playing on the left or right side at Alabama. With both of the top inside linebackers off the board, this pick made a whole lot of sense. Just a solid pick. Sample was considered one of the better combination tight ends (run blocker/receiver) in the draft, and the new Bengals coaching staff wanted that sort of player on the roster. It was probably two rounds too early, though. Pratt will be a good inside 'backer for Cincinnati, which needed to replace Vontaze Burfict. Finley has the chance to be a starter eventually, whether it is in Cincinnati after the Andy Dalton era concludes or with another team via trade. Wren's athleticism is just waiting to be tapped by the right coach -- don't be surprised if he becomes a top-notch starter. Jordan is a guard for the Bengals, who could use an upgrade there. Mark Walton's departure made Williams a must-pick, given his value. Anderson's injury history caused him to fall into the sixth round, but that pick could pay off if he can get healthy. The addition of Brown's coverage ability closed a strong draft for the Bengals.
  9. From USA Today Cincinnati Bengals: D+ It would appear they picked a blocking tight end (Drew Sample) in Round 2. Um ... Even if he develops into a quality all-around player, the Bengals, who finished last in total defense in 2018, certainly should have been addressing other areas instead. No real qualm with first-round OL Jonah Williams. But why pick QB Ryan Finley, who seems like a lateral move from Andy Dalton, in Round 4 when you could have had Dwayne Haskins 11th and picked up decent blockers later. Sorry, but this is still perplexing.
  10. There's something ingrained into human nature that seeks bargains, so when we draft a guy advertised as 4th Round Material, and we buy him in the 2nd, it creates this feeling of being duped. On the other hand, we don't have any idea if Sample really is 4th Round Material....might even turn out to be 1st Round Choice stuff....we just don't know.
  11. Looks like a very solid crop of talent addressing key needs ...smells like a B+ class to me.
  12. Running back Trayveon Williams is slated to go to the Eagles with the 57th selection. Williams is generally considered a complimentary back (most mock drafts have him going in the third to fifth rounds) but offers great value based on his durability in 2018 as well as his ability to pass protect and catch the ball.
  13. WTF? Musta blacked-out and posted an identical post?
  14. Another high IQ guy drafted by Cinci...seems to be what they're looking for.

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