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  1. Burrow yards: 4001-4500 In the modern NFL any competent passer can sleepwalk to 4,000 yards. This is no longer a significant benchmark, and I would expect a healthy Burrow to get there. Passing TDs: 25-30 There's a ton of variation in this statistic, so have a guess. This one seems appropriate. Mixon: 1100-1500 This is a HUGE statistical window. I am definitely closer to the 1,100 end than the 1,500 end, but that's the poll. 1000 yard receivers: 2 Boyd and Higgins. Boyd should get there purely by catch volume. Higgins will almost certainly average higher catch depth. Receptions: Boyd Easiest question here to me. Yards: Higgins Even if he trails Boyd by 10-20 catches, I expected the YPC to put him over the top or at least make it close. Receiving TDs: Higgins This wasn't in the poll, but have a bonus. I think the Higgins-Boyd-Chase TD distribution looks something like 10-6-5. Sacks: Hubbard Total guess between he and Hendrickson. Could go either way. I think they both end up in the 7-10 space or so. Interceptions: Awuzie Total guess between he and Bates. Bates has been Mr. Three Interceptions in the past, so I'll give the nod to the corner that has been blanketing people in camp/preseason. Offense: 11-16 If they're lower than 16 with this roster, heads need to roll. Defense: 17-25 No clue. They've looked great in camp/preseason, and that's enough for me to be optimistic that they'll at least improve. 20th would be an improvement. Wins: 9-12 **** it, do it big. 9-10 wins is what I would expect from what I see on paper. Only the coaching makes me question that. Playoffs? No. I might have, theoretically, possibly, kinda voted yes in the poll to be a homer, but we'll pretend that didn't happen. Negativity reigns. Come get me karma.
  2. Playoffs or playoffs-caliber record. If they go 10-7 and miss the playoffs then fine. This team has spent too much in free agency, invested too heavily on both sides, and has too good a quarterback to be satisfied with some mediocre bullshit.
  3. The original Turner hire is further hard to stomach given the semi-nepotistic justifications given in the first place. ZT assured us that he wasn't worried about Turner's history, because he knows him. Okay. Taylor is fortunate that decision didn't already get him fired. I'm a little concerned that Anarumo has introduced some similarly Turner-esque culture (as well as Turner-esque incompetence).
  4. If you don't think the culture of the fanbase has a tangible impact upon the behavior of the franchise and the performance of the players (particularly within the stadium itself), even if a small impact, then I couldn't give one shit about your perspective. If you're one of those people, do me a favor and ensure someone else occupies any seats you're tempted to occupy.
  5. "Pissed off" isn't the problem. Fans of every team are "pissed off". Bengals fans are too often self-loathing cowards that, at the first sign of trouble, throw in the towel and pity themselves. It's pathetic.
  6. While Jackson's gripe is pretty weak and perhaps not a great reflection on his mental fortitude, I also think he is right -- at least when it comes to the fanbase. We can mock him all we like, but this fanbase is absolutely a part of the losing culture. It probably didn't mean much in 2020 with empty stands, but it meant something before that and will mean something again. Nothing is more embarrassing to me about the Cincinnati Bengals than the people that populate the PBS seats.
  7. Right, but if you acknowledge that then you rob fans of the privilege to whine about it.
  8. Damn, things must be dire if they’re moving Bates to DE.
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