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  1. I think some folks are sorely underestimating the value AJ Green could command on the market. His injury won't kill that, and he's not a grandfather yet either. A 3rd round pick is a really crappy deal. I don't think we could hope for a 1+3 or something, but at the very least a second round pick should be attainable.
  2. It's less about trusting the NFL (I often don't) and more about finding a reasonable, practical motive.
  3. I find the notion that the NFL gives a crap whether Seattle wins or loses their opener to be absolutely silly.
  4. There is a lot to be encouraged about, and my emerging feelings are nearly all positive. However, 51 passes and 14 runs is not a sustainable gameplan week-to-week. They're going to have to run the ball eventually.
  5. I am very encouraged by today's game. They lost, oh well, nobody expected otherwise. They did a ton of good things.
  6. Right on brand for the Browns to march down the field and score on their opening drive to feed the absurd hype, only to then whiff on the PAT.
  7. Cooper looks like a backup returner in front of Fumble Phillips. Perine looks like... not much. Just a generic depth grab.
  8. 6-10 I think they're closer to 7-9 than to 5-11, but whatever -- they suck.
  9. It's not all about evaluation. It's about game experience. Was Taylor supposed to sit Drew Sample and Germaine Pratt too? Everyone was out there.
  10. I don't object to a late 6th round pick being on the field in the 4th preseason game.
  11. Two fumble recoveries by the backup longsnapper! is a statement I will never type again
  12. Yes it was a favor, if only by way of doing themselves a disservice. They wasted picks in trade to get a guy that we weren't taking anyway.
  13. CBs who get a ton of INTs are often just bad players who get targeted more often. Nnamdi Asomugha was a good example at his peak -- low INT numbers because QBs never threw the ball in his direction.
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