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  1. I just had a glance over at Finsheaven, and it seems quite a few of them don’t want to give up their draft capital anymore than most of us want to give up Burrow. So let’s just call it a day on that.
  2. I hope Geno Atkins reads this and pays you a visit.
  3. The point was to indicate that there are numerous QBs with only one great collegiate season who have been great in the NFL. Ben had more than one such collegiate season.
  4. Well yeah, if the guy was top-end the Bengals wouldn't be drafting number one and preparing to trade him. He more than outplayed his own draft position. Most second round quarterbacks do nothing.
  5. If there's a second round pick in it, I will trade him to absolutely anyone except Pittsburgh. In Cleveland or Baltimore he probably wouldn't start.
  6. As Brady's departure from Foxboro continues to look more probable, I think we can start to take the notion of New England Patriots starting quarterback Andy Dalton more seriously.
  7. How fantastic would that be given that Dalton was himself a second round pick? We get nine years with five playoff berths and the most TD passes in Bengals history... only to be [almost] fully reimbursed in the end.
  8. I figured the best way to explore this question would be to go and find the data. So I did. I looked at the collegiate statistics of most current starting(ish) NFL quarterbacks. For each of them, I determined (given subjective, case-by-case criteria) how many seasons they had that were markedly better than Joe Burrow's 2018 -- his first year at LSU. By that standard then, for the sake of the current dialogue, I define the "number of big seasons" each of them had in college. Tom Brady - none Ryan Fitzpatrick - can't find Josh Allen - one Sam Darnold - two Ben Roethlisberger - three Lamar Jackson - two Baker Mayfield - three Andy Dalton - two Ryan Tannehill - one Jacoby Brissett - zero Gardner Minshew - one Deshaun Watson - two Derek Carr - three Philip Rivers - one Joe Flacco - can't find Patrick Mahomes - two Dak Prescott - two Carson Wentz - two Dwayne Haskins - one Daniel Jones - zero Aaron Rodgers - one, two if I'm generous Kirk Cousins - two Matt Stafford - one Mitchell Trubisky - one Cam Newton - one Drew Brees - two or three? (turnover machine) Jameis Winston - two Matt Ryan - one Russell Wilson - three Jimmy Garoppolo - at least one, can't find 2013 Kyler Murray - one Jared Goff - two Bold - clearly a great player who has performed at an MVP level at least one year in the NFL (fewer than two great collegiate seasons) Italics - either a solid NFL player or one who shows a lot of promise (fewer than two great collegiate seasons) To me, this list is all over the place. If I could scatter plot it I'd expect a very low correlation.
  9. I really believe that, from the OP, #s 1, 2, and 4 are all meaningless. Straight meaningless. #3 is relevant and still generally uninteresting. Arm strength can help, but as long as a player meets a certain threshold (that Burrow seems to meet without difficulty), then it becomes much less important than accuracy, decision-making, reading defenses, timing, and consistency -- all areas where Burrow is all-world.
  10. I love it. Now even after he goes #1 overall, he will have a beautifully pre-packaged chip on his shoulder to push his motivation even further. Everybody told me my hands were too small.
  11. Jesus Christ, even in that broadcast they try to spin shit by playing on the "not going to not play" double negative as if it's less committal than "yes I'll play".
  12. That’s right. Suck my dick, Dan Patrick. Suck my dick Mike Florio. Suck my dick Colin Cowherd. Suck my dick, Jason Whitlock. Suck my dick, Stephen A. Smith. Suck my dick, Rich Eisen. Suck my dick, Marcellus Wiley. Suck my dick, Doug Gottlieb.
  13. If we're talking about hands that are >three standard deviations below average or something, maybe I give a crap.
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