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  1. OPI was the right call. Oh well. Take it out on Cleveland.
  2. Maybe give Bobby Hart a pointer or 20 as well.
  3. Pretty cool when half the defensive line is dinged. Hopefully Atkins and Daniels are precautionary there.
  4. I'm quite sure they don't. Fans are unreasonable all over the place. Besides, this question is something apart from the crux of the controversy in this thread. Is it reasonable for fans to want an upgrade over Dalton? Sure it is. Is it reasonable for fans to want to see the divisional round in their lifetimes? Sure it is. Is it reasonable for fans to shit all over the quarterback on his way out because he played here longer than they wanted him to? Hell no.
  5. 8-8. I think this team played more like a 5-win team than a 2-win team much of last season, and the roster being fielded is just better this season. I still expect the usual run of adversity, and a 9+ win team that contends for a playoff berth is too optimistic for me.
  6. I'm not surprised message board dorks can't do better than "Dullard" for their idiotic nicknames. I don't care what you think "any normal team would do". You haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.
  7. How much do you care about that standard if the Bengals lose in the divisional round five years straight?
  8. Fans set arbitrary standards and then fail to remain consistent with them. If we want we can hate Boomer forever because he stunk up the field in the Super Bowl. Kenny Anderson must have been hot garbage; he threw two interceptions to the 49ers and let his team fall behind 20-0. The good things don't matter when you can't get over the bad things. It's a mindset for entitled little shits.
  9. Ballsagna. Lasagna made of balls.
  10. Thanks for one of the (if not the) best decades this franchise has ever managed, Andy. Go somewhere, prove your haters wrong, and get us a juicy comp pick.
  11. Ben Bartch would be swell. There's a crap load of OL available, so I hope they find one they like.
  12. This is irrelevant. Why do you keep talking about it? Fans on message boards can "hype" all they like; it has no bearing on anything.
  13. For some reason posts like this make me feel even better about the Burrow choice.
  14. Three was the first number to come to mind. I figure one of those goofy ESPN MNF slots should be cake with the Burrow draw in addition to the TNF game. Another one of those two is possible as well within the division, or a flex SNF when the playoff hunt is well underway. Or zero because every team plays zero games
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