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  1. Yes it was a favor, if only by way of doing themselves a disservice. They wasted picks in trade to get a guy that we weren't taking anyway.
  2. CBs who get a ton of INTs are often just bad players who get targeted more often. Nnamdi Asomugha was a good example at his peak -- low INT numbers because QBs never threw the ball in his direction.
  3. OU_Stripes

    Bengals DC

    Pointless question. "Do you think you're behind, Zac?" "Yes. We're absolutely swamped; we can hardly keep up. This is awful. Why the hell have I done this?"
  4. OU_Stripes

    Bengals DC

    I don't care about known commodities. Those get hired by a crap load of teams every year and most of them amount to nothing. Zac Taylor himself was only barely a known commodity before he began interviews. I'm intrigued by Anarumo.
  5. OU_Stripes

    AAF Scouting

    Y'all are finicky.
  6. A 24-year stench isn't going to clear out in one season.
  7. If y'all want someone to dream about when you're engaging in Bengals masochism, direct your offensive line gripes to Paul Alexander.
  8. OU_Stripes

    AAF Scouting

    As far as I am aware, that's exactly what it is. It's a probabilistic system in which the fantasy player predicts the play call (to some reasonable degree of specificity i.e. run or pass, direction, ball carrier/receiver, field depth, etc) with scoring payouts relative to the probabilities. I haven't actually tried it, but that's my understanding.
  9. OU_Stripes

    AAF Scouting

    They have a unique brand of fantasy playable on the app, and they're pushing it hard. It's play-call oriented instead of purely statistical.
  10. The simple answer: no. I was so unsurprised by his latest "freak" injury against the Falcons that I didn't even react to it. "Yep, that's about right." I don't want a player playing a major role in the way Taylor and co. design this offense if he isn't going to be on the field to execute it. He's great when he can play, but we've been saying that since 2015 (the last time he played).
  11. OU_Stripes

    2019 Draft Talk

    Every time I watch Haskins his release looks slower. He's a yikes to me.
  12. OU_Stripes

    2019 Draft Talk

    A 30 second highlight reel means close to nothing of course, but I don't see reckless arm-tackling as much as I see him driving his weight through ball-carriers. That would be a positive indicator.
  13. For all the angst around Bengaldom, he's probably still the best... er, second-best... er, third-best... er, fourth-best??? head coach in Bengals history.
  14. I can't imagine the Stealers will be keen to trade the best receiver in the league to any division rival for anything less than the entire vault.

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