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  1. I can totally understand this opinion but I think it'll motivate him to do just the opposite. This guy clearly wants another big pay day. Even if he doesn't want it from us, I think he's going to be highly motivated to prove to everyone he's still a top receiver in this league so he gets that from whomever. I think he's going to be in the best shape he's been in his life and come out extremely fired up and ready to go. Time will tell I suppose.
  2. I've been wondering that for a while now but apparently he's a Bengal fan. Not one single comment reflects that, he bashes pretty much all players and fans of the team, and continually argues with nobody about "Dullton."
  3. I'm wondering too. I wanted to buy the draft hat cause it's fucking awesome and it sold out on the night of the first round and now they've totally pulled it. Something is up with their merch.
  4. This is the exact kind of player I wish we'd jump on: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/08/saints-release-larry-warford/ Been a pro bowler the last 3 season. The Saint's O-line is just that loaded. Could probably learn a thing or two from them on that as well.
  5. Miami is having the kind of draft I was terrified the Bengals would have if they traded back from #1 overall.
  6. The music venue that's going to be worth a damn is well underway in Newport. The Banks is run by morons.
  7. Is anyone else amazed there's still a high school named after Robert E. Lee?
  8. Cancer will do that to a person unfortunately. Glad he's still around though.
  9. 100% agree. The fact that Leon Hall was included on his list is an absolute joke. One of the best corners in the league for a few years and the dude was still more than solid after tearing not one but BOTH achilles. One of my favorite Bengals.
  10. Yea guy is an obvious troll and clearly not an actual Bengals fan, but I understand the need to respond. Just remember if you don't feed the troll then eventually they'll just give up.
  11. At 16 million I agree unless they covered some of his salary or sent draft pick compensation to sweeten the pot.
  12. If we were in as a potential Deandre Hopkins trade destination then I have to imagine we're at least kicking the tires on Cooks.
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