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  1. From what I read his defense's success depends a lot on the defensive line. When Detroit lost Suh and others his defense struggled but like others mentioned still generated a good amount of turnovers.
  2. If Lewis Out, Shouldn't Andy Follow?

    Ok I understand where you're coming from I just don't agree. My apologies for putting words in your mouth. Was not my intention.
  3. If Lewis Out, Shouldn't Andy Follow?

    I'm a liar now? What did I lie about? I posted stats showing that even if they are making adjustments they're clearly not good ones. You posted a bunch of quotes from coaches and players talking about adjustments and a bunch of offensive stats showing we were good in years past. Not sure how that was relevant but I thanked you for your clarification. I don't know why you felt the need to personally attack me or to start talking about child rape. I've been nothing but cordial to you.
  4. If Lewis Out, Shouldn't Andy Follow?

    So because the coaches say they make adjustments then that must be true and we've had good offenses in the past so no changes needed. Let's just bring it all back next year. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. If Lewis Out, Shouldn't Andy Follow?

    The Bengals average 11.1 PPG in the first half which is 17th in the league. They average 5.6 PPG in the second half which is dead last. Please explain these second half adjustments to the people who don't know what they're talking about.
  6. You don't think Katie will get insight from anyone else regarding the coach? Duke Tobin maybe? He's our GM without the title but everyone seems to forget he's around.
  7. Bengals and Browns tried...

    Marvin has said several times that he has no interest moving to a front office role. I don't understand why people keep suggesting that will happen. I want Tobin to stay in place as the GM without the title and let him pick our next coach.
  8. These personal attacks in threads are getting out of hand. Why can't people respectfully disagree anymore?
  9. First round draft talk

    Look at the end of the day of course I'm going to be rooting for this kid to be great. Tonight I get to disagree and bitch about it though.
  10. First round draft talk

    God fucking damn it
  11. According to this tweet we're at Green Bay week 3. No idea if it's accurate. https://mobile.twitter.com/KCousineau09/status/855140979917107201
  12. I've only seen a handful of games leaked but nothing Bengals related.
  13. Going to go to Green Bay too. Hoping not in November or December.
  14. Mock draft

    This is the dumbest shit I've read in a while

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