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  1. The team went 10 - 6. They didn’t play just the AFC north.
  2. To me, the 09 team was fun to watch. I like that run the football smash mouth style though.
  3. I hope the guy has a great season and helps us win at least a playoff game. But, I’ve seen this movie before. I just hope he stays healthy and retires while he can still walk under his own power.
  4. Wtf. The guy can show up on game day wearing a fuckin tutu if he wants. As long as we’re winning who care.
  5. whodey?

    Vinney Ray gone?

    Wikipedia says he’s a free agent. Looks like his contract was up in March.
  6. Wasn’t Stanley Wilson the running back that missed the super bowl because he was up all night doing blow and hookers or something?
  7. For years we all heard Marv and company talk about emphasizing the run game and then go completely away from it. I believe we just witnessed the new regime actually staff up for it.
  8. Whe are a jaded bunch aren’t we? I read this and thought back to all the past several off seasons and how “everything has changed” and such. I guess we’ll wait and see. How was it Marvelous Marvin put it? “I hear better with my eyes”?
  9. whodey?

    Roster post Taylor

    I think this is a pretty cool idea
  10. whodey?

    Burfict released

    I bet he’s a Stealer by the end of the week
  11. Dude. That’s awesome! 🤣
  12. 110 hours special teams kicker some scrub off the street
  13. No. I wouldn’t have brought him back last year either. Dude needs to retire while he can still walk. Seriously, I worry about the guy especially with his back injury history.

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