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  1. Coaching Staff Changes

    I wouldn’t mind Del Rio for that matter.
  2. Coaching Staff Changes

    I had hoped we would have grabbed him as soon as he left Pukesburgh. That’s exactly what this team needs. Dudes like the polar opposite of Marvin.
  3. Ah ok that makes more sense. Lol
  4. As much as I’d like to see this happen, there is no way MB is going to give up part ownership.
  5. Well hopefully he won’t be running the offense
  6. I mostly agree, I’ll say I was somewhat impressed with the patchwork offensive line opening up some stuff in the run game. Maybe some of the o line replacements are already on the team?
  7. Showcase McCarron?

    I believe they should bench Dalton so he doesn’t get murdered but I also agree with Fred and Weston that it may be better to not showcase Cooter with a shit o line. Edit: hell, why not see what the third stringer has?
  8. French kiss and then Zimmer punches him in the face for unwanted sexual advances.
  9. Well hell, if it’s good and she leaves me alone it sounds like a win win to me! 😂
  10. Orange Alert!

    Man that guy is a friction' bad ass. I wish he was smarter about it though.
  11. Special teams was indeed special today. 🤣
  12. Man this team is giving me flashbacks of the 90s

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