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  1. I hope that extra point is the one that fucks em out of the win!
  2. Man I was with you in this fantasy up until the wild card spot. If we’re doing this let’s go all the way to win the division too.
  3. When you put it in these words it really brings to light some of the madness that surrounds this franchise.
  4. So the field is “sub par”. But school aged kids and UD players play there all the time. Plus what does the field have to do with Dre and AJ getting tangled up and landing funny. And as far as I know, AJ was the only player injured during practice. They need to get off their high horse and quit making excuses.
  5. Yeah he was visibly upset. Threw his mouthpiece down and waited on the cart to pick him up.
  6. Yeah it’s true. It looks like he may have re-injured his foot.
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