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  1. Dude that was fuckin awesome! The smaller dude was delivering an ass whipping and ol two tone hair bitch was throwing punches all while holding her beer! 🤣 fuckin fucks lol
  2. whodey?

    EA Sports Madden NFL 06

    You have to admit that he was slightly entertaining.
  3. Good: I got 4 free tickets to the game. Bad: Sitting through that abomination. Ugly: Looked like a stains home game in that place.
  4. Hey. Wasn’t the main character’s name Dalton in that? 🤔
  5. whodey?

    Hue is Back

    Puff puff pass man.
  6. whodey?

    Hue is Back

    Any bets on when he takes the offense over?
  7. whodey?

    Teryl Austin Fired

    I so wanted to find a gif with him clapping with a sheet in his hand. 🤣
  8. This entire organization is worthless.

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