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  1. keep lawson , at a minimum Hubbard gets a breather with out much drop in DL play. or one injury and the DL play drops and we get back last years defense.
  2. you would only need to move all reviews to one location to effectively nudge calls/games toward one side therefore giving a small committee the ability to see or not see overwhelming evidence to change the call or to shade the game towards one team. i point only towards Daltons fumble due to the fact they somehow found in the review to confirm it. when all views we seen showed enough clear evidence to reverse it. i think the pass interference reviews could give the ability to give some and extra shot after a failed hailmary (1st and goal one the 1 and a free play with time expired). remove some touchdowns with a offensive pass interference block like we seen in preseason. whether its used or not the ability is now there.
  3. it was obviously a horsecollar and a shot to the head (qb or not ) and that was overlooked too
  4. AB signed a 1 yr 15 mil contract (10mil guareenteed 5 mill in incentives) with 9 mil as a signing bonus so i guess they had the cap space?
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