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  1. lol so they want to force anyone that pre bought the playoff ticket to hold onto them till friday 435 pm? so basicly you have to buy 2 weeks before the season ends, but you cant resale till 24 hrs before the game? does this effect ticketmaster . etc? if its decided to have depressed ticket prices or negated sales it sounds like a law suit waiting to happen . personally i think it doesnt stop the sale only the transfer, but i am old school, you want paid now i want product now. it would be nice to see the bengals put out a statement on it . even if its just a acknowledgement of the intentional mistreatment of their fans.
  2. too early we still have 3 games to play , 3 months and 31 picks before we need to worry about it ....
  3. I hope so too. i thought he did one hgeck of a job with it, and appreciated he took the time to find some of us after the enquirer board collapsed, then gave us a home for the years after the huddles, i remember the mass banning and i wasnt part of the 1st but ended up banned because i kept bringing up it was BS that they let a stooler fan/mod come over and start crap then booted us cause we didnt accept it .
  4. lol seriously till this year he showed how inexperienced he was and by his own admission he still makes critical mistakes at bad times, BUT i will give him props he does seem to learn from them and i do not know who does the halftime adjustments but they do a very good job of them.
  5. maybe the runs kept them up close so the short passing game continued to work . or maybe Burrow was checking into some of the runs i am not a ZT fans of any kind, but he calls the intial play and Burrow has the ability to check or change once they are the line. I feel at times they pass too much . lol then again if the play works it was the right call ,
  6. Dont be surprised if he pops up in tenn or the winner of buf/KC practice squad in the next couple of days...
  7. it was 4th down if they would have been down by 3 they would have kicked a tying FG rather the go for it on 4th and 5+yards
  8. "Asked what qualities he was looking for in a coach, Caserio said, "Honestly, I'd say a lot of the qualities that David possessed. Those aren't necessarily going to change."
  9. like the texans? hire a guy he does exactly what you want change the culture while you have no picks and high cap, and fire him after 1 year , then say in you presser your looking for a coach thats has the same qualities as the coach you just fired...
  10. i agree with you there, hopefully he hit the lottery and is sitting on a beach .
  11. just curious has anyone seen or heard from SuperCat? he found me after enquirer collapsed and we hit a couple boards till we landed on his.
  12. WHO DEY !!!! ready to end the drought and close down the Sewer brewer thread for good .
  13. i like the up tempo too but if it dont work you really hang your defense out there with the 30 second 3 and outs .
  14. could be that too, most likely the other candidates just blow smoke up the owners asses better, they want to hear what they want to hear maybe Beinemy figures he has a job that works well for him and while he would like to be a head coach he doesnt want to go to a team that changes head coaches rather then admit they are doing it wrong. .
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