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  1. me either, and he has Hart on there too, if its a free agency list of expectations then i'll come back and read it after the season starts. he has put alot of work into it so i wont comment on it badly, but maybe there should be asterisk or a way to know a player is still officially under contract but expected to be cut/released. otyherwise i begin to wonder how many other players up there are not free agents too
  2. did atkins get cut or is it just what you think/hope will happen?
  3. He's aged . oft injured , yet seems to make plays when they are needed.
  4. i guess that says they think they're better w/o him then with . lol
  5. lol just like her daddy thought he could run it like Paul .
  6. fine go back to the line that actually worked once ........ LT Adeniji LG Spain C Price RG Redmond RT Johnson . and i am not a fan of redmond so change him with anyone i wouldnt care.
  7. like thats an accomplishment..... my mother in law has as many play off wins as the bengals in the last 25 years . maybe they should hire her
  8. sadly we wanted and needed change, as usual soP downgrades ............
  9. well it was 3rd and 2 when barrow got smashed, maybe that was as far as the receiver could get before the pass rush arrived.
  10. yes but the more time you roll the dice with bad pass blocking and bad run blocking forcing pass plays the more chances for this to happen. thats the problems,
  11. i was a andy fan, to me the problem wasnt taking Burrow (who has impressed me ) it was the fact the Browns did nothing to fix the oline which has flat out sucked since whit left .
  12. and burrow is gone . ty suck ass oline and even more suck ass coaches and front office .
  13. i would love to give them all the credit they are due for johnson price etc.. but the fact is they only reason you are seeing any of these players is because the people they think are best are hurt. i just find it sad that 80% of the 1st stringers are out and burrow doesnt get sacked once. actually i am happy about that, but its sad this isnt because those in charge are trying to make the ol better, they only played them because they are all they had to play.
  14. sadly a bunch of rookies and players fresh off the street outperformed they players the expert professional staff we have in the bengals organization, who spent the offseason/training camp deciding they were the best.
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