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  1. i dont care either way . but if their gonna get paid they can drop the scholarship and pay their own college .
  2. i hear Chicago State has a really good FullBack . maybe we'll get him. of course they wont use him for more then 20% of offensive plays , but then maybe he'll stay healthy enough to make the opening day roster .... sarcasm aside , does it really matter who they pick at #1 ? if they pick a qb they'll not do anything with the OL.
  3. the answer to that argument is ..... thats why successful coaching staffs (and organizations) use a gameplan that matchs their personal. trying to cram a 113 personal down a offense that has 3rd string LT (that we cut 3 times cause he couldnt play RT) and the only returning starter is Bobby " false start" Hart. was his starting plan. sadly Eifert is their best TE and they rarely played him till the star 2nd rounder got hurt. and with this porous OL maybe a FB would have helped? and then the play calling.... 3 and 1 and they go from a shotgun? every play has to have motion? and rop option plays dont work when you OL cant run block or pass block. and then theres the defense......the hardest part on gameplanning against the bengals is you dont know what to do, most running plays work against them while pass plays, well ... most them work too....
  4. i just think they are realistic enough to conclude that even if you put a new bigger motor in your car its probably not going to run much faster with the same square tires and same watered down gas in the tank.
  5. probably because once it finally happens he is so shocked it throws his timing off. or it means they dropped 9 or 10 in coverage because i dont believe this ol can give a clean pocket if more then 2 rush. and thats double teaming them. seriously just when does he have this so called "clean pocket " you speak off.
  6. this OL needs to improve just to be called atrocious
  7. i think maimi dolphins and a college team or 2 and every failed bengal coaching staff has 1 thing in common,...... the bengals management. and normally it follows the next 4-10 years they allow the OL to be decimated by the refusal to simply buck up a few millions for their veteran players. i cannot believe they still havent figured out if the offensive front line holds its own then the offense has better success even if it does not score points simply by staying on the field , which makes every aspect of the team better.
  8. Now I will be the 1st tp say the Bengals Medical staff has proven it doesnt know crap about when a player is healthy enough to play or not , BUT the bengals dont get to pressure anyone in concussion protocol An independent Dr says yea or nay and thats it, If Glen is truly still having effects and worried about his health after 8 weeks then retire, If he doesnt care about the money then retire.. if he just wants to be cut so he can go play elsewhere tough. he cant have it both ways , he can not be cut if he is injuried, if he is healthy enough to be cut, he is healthy enough to play. or retire, but the bengals still hold his rights thats the price he pays for the 8 weeks of paychecks.
  9. i actually thought that was a good challenge you could see the defenders with a handful of jersey while the ball was in the air.
  10. i think it was to avoid a coach just challenging because he had one left and to fish for a play that was iffy and wouldnt of considered normally. for him at worse he lost a time out which time was still stopped . so it turned a 25sec timeout into a 2-5 min. sorta like the last 2 min of a basketball game take 15-20 minutes , plus every hail mary would be challenged for pass interference by which ever side had things not go their way.
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