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  1. The Bengals will announce the two former players joining Paul Brown and Anthony Munoz in the inaugural class in conjunction with a dedicated Ring of Honor home game later this year.
  2. the problem isnt he "easily could start " we all know that could happen. ... the problem is year after year they start someone on the ol because they have to..... not because they are ready, not because they couldnt of got someone better in FA or the draft. simply because they didnt get noone better or draft anuone better and they have to start them. we'll go to war with what we got. how did the M Jordan experiment go? started G day 1 , seems we're still looking to fill that position.
  3. knew they couldnt pass up a shiney new skill player and ignore protecting the qb and having a solid line to run behind. but its not like the qb got killed last year so he'll be ok.......
  4. yeah heaven forbid a fan would rather have a winning franchise over a new uniform or logo. whatever was i thinking lol
  5. how about rather then changing jerseys (which IMO is just to create a new market merchandise) we make some common sense front office decisions and win some frickin games?
  6. just like they wanted to slot ogodabji in whitworths spot hopefully it works out better this time and wasnt just about the money.
  7. and you start with gio in the backfield and have the option to spread him out or stay and block.
  8. actually in Spains 1st game price played center and the oline performed very well.
  9. try again whitworth was drafted second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. brady however you are correct
  10. patriots got brady in the 7th, is that where we should look for a hof qb?
  11. i hope your right and i hope we do . but how many times do they take the shiney skill player and go to the season with what we can find lineman?
  12. and how has this logic worked over the past 20 years? just what we need another skill player to be down the field looking back to see the qb getting hit
  13. me either, and he has Hart on there too, if its a free agency list of expectations then i'll come back and read it after the season starts. he has put alot of work into it so i wont comment on it badly, but maybe there should be asterisk or a way to know a player is still officially under contract but expected to be cut/released. otyherwise i begin to wonder how many other players up there are not free agents too
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