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  1. he still has to catch the ball no matter who throws it or is on the field. and thats if he is even healthy enough to play
  2. i am not ready to write off price just yet. he was hurt early in tc , which is what gave hopkins the chance to shine. then when he returned he never complained and played hurt. defiantly need to improve hopefully getting healthy will do that . at worse i see him as a decent back up next year. but defiantly has to play better
  3. if burrow can keep the offense on the field for 6+ plays rather the usual 3-4 then he would be more benefit to the def then Young. points or no points. but if the ol cant protect him then it will be the same 3-4 plays and Young will be best. imo if they dont fix the ol burrows will be a wasted pick. but if they fix the ol Burrow has the chance to be good, but then Dalton would suffice and they could pick Young . either way , neither Burrows or Young will fix this team by themselves
  4. it seems the bengals want to coach a senior team , to do so you need an intact coaching staff. sorry folks noone is going anywhere.
  5. when they signed wr Laveranues Coles in fa for very decent money and he reinjured the knee he blew out the year before that their crack med staff oked. lesson learned "never sign a FA again." (rather then question themselves or the Med staff)
  6. but can he do a proper celebratory dance after tackling a reciever 30 yards downfield after getting burnt for 3 quarters? If not i do not know what good he will do here. He just wont fit in ...... Actually i wish him well . maybe having 2-3 years of training outside the organization will be beneficial to him and the team
  7. yea its all Daltons fault! even those 3 games he didnt start.... all those TEs and FBs the def didnt cover... yep daltons fault. actually the only thing that sucked more over the duration of Daltons career is the dribble of incoherent and ignorant bashing of anyone and anything that didnt subscribe to your rant of the moment. so enjoy your celebration, until this team provides a OL that can block and a def that can cover a TE or RB no QB will match what he did manage to accomplish with this organization, let alone survive it does not matter who you put back there.
  8. if they let AJ walk then expect no quality signings in FA or they will lose the 3rd rounder.
  9. actually LT most everyone is making valid points , although alot are out of context considering the management/ownership and their history, they are valid points. yes we should expect better , yes we should expect improvements, but as bad as ML was remember what it was like before hand. was it time for ML to go ? yup but then we end up with a HC that makes major mistakes ( making the players fit his system, rather then make a system that fits your players) while learning on the job and seriously.... starting a undrafted WR in Game 1 and then waiving him by week 6 or7? Everyone needs to just remember the facts . just because you cut people and have a massive Cap doesnt mean your going to get FA players to sign here. just because you draft a QB #1 doesnt mean you'll get a Manning or a Brady. Sometimes the grass is greener over there is because soP and crew isnt over there screwing it up. in other words no matter who we cut, draft or sign we'll still have the same ppl directing the show. and since most wish him gone , good luck to Dalton, thanks for lifting this organization high enough that people expect more.
  10. the refs determined his forward process was stopped therefore blew whistle and it wasnt challengable
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