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  1. sooo, pretty much like the entire 2019 season?
  2. having Mixon running through holes would go a long ways to keeping Joe healthy.
  3. Really?..... its the fricking Browns, need i say more?
  4. yes but title from official team website should have read " aj green signs franchise tag " not resigns with team therefore implying mutual agreement on a contract.
  5. why are they saying resigns with a 1 yr contract . he signed the franchise tag. that is all ,
  6. no pass . they are supposed to be professionals are they not? especially if andy dalton was the problem and now we have the next goat of the game that everyone claimed was worth not trading down for 2-3 1st round picks? hell no ! sure there will be mistakes made by new players, injuries that will be devistating and players/coaches and management that fail too live up to average expediencies but absolutely no free rides or passes offered or given here. win or lose i fully expect to see a team that shows they belong in the nfl .
  7. if the offense can stay on the field and eat some time they will do better. if its same old 3 and out they wont.
  8. awesome, now that daltons been replaced and we've locked that thread due to petty name calling , the oline will start actually block, no more will our wifes or 4 year old children call out the plays before the snap. the linebackers will now magically appear in the same frame as the RB or TE when they catch the ball over the middle, the refs will begin calling fouls correctly , the nfl wont go to a commercial right before the bengals pick only to come back and be talking about the pick afterwards the sun will come out and it will finally stop raining in cincinnati. and all it took was for Andy Dalton to be released.
  9. because the DL was past them before they could even grab hold.
  10. no, Comments like this are just ridiculous. they gave him centers of guisuck and then bodine , and as far as 2nd chances after 2016? they let jones and sanu leave before 2016 season ..... then let whit and zeitler leave before 2017 season. . learn your facts before you post like you have a clue.
  11. gratz mem i meant to join in but put it off and missed the deadline. but Higgins wouldnt of been my guess lol
  12. no i didnt.. but that does make me feel better about not taking them. truthfully if wilson pans out i am liking the draft.
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