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  1. actually the union has to defend him as best they can or Watson can sue them. and trust me the NFL wants them to defend him so they can go easy on Watson and lay all the blame on the union. it doesnt mean they support watson or his actions. the really sad part is the way ownership/arbitration etc is set up, they (nfl and the owners) will allow the union to do an above average job in defense of the slime ball , yet they will fight the union to the end when they defend someone that deserves to be defended,
  2. we beat them here , we beat them at home so. we have their attention , if we beat them again this year in week 13 , we will be in their head. especially if the score is 21-3 at the half again and comeback to win......again. i'd prefer to just smoke them from the opening, but the end score is what matters
  3. but also the bengals are know for sticking to principle even if it costs them more to do so,
  4. The plaintiff did not want to do the third massage. She contends that she was pressured by her boss to do it. From the complaint, as to the third massage: “He repeatedly requested that Plaintiff have sex with him. He told Plaintiff he had a condom in his bag. He touched Plaintiff in between her legs. She had to massage him from a distance as a way to avoid his groping. When the massage was over, she decided to quit her job at the salon.” it seems it was bad enough, she quit her job over it. but i guess thats not good enough for you? IMO 2-3 or even 5, maybe its honest mistakes or things taken different then was intended , but after 20 you have to think maybe there is something to it.
  5. i would not want to build a team that way but for those that do, 1 making the playoffs with a reg season champ qb. puts fans in the seats and increases profits. 2 anything can happen once you are in the playoffs 3, if you let him go the odds of finding a better qb are low. again i wouldnt because unless extremely lucky he will get hurt. i dont question his desire or heart or skills. but the last thing you want is a qb that works best while doing risky things physically.
  6. do we get to vote on these too? that said i'm good with whichever
  7. well if his agent is pushing for guaranteed money , there are 12.9 million guaranteed dollars waiting for him , all he has to do is sign it..
  8. 1. no, it never works well having this 1-2 punch , and just when we have players putting the team over their stats lets draft mixons replacement . 2. no .. a QB? 3.no .....a punter? 4, no a QB? 5, No we did this with OT Ohgodhecantblocki for some reason you just cant take already injured kid, hand him a bunch of money. and a guaranteed job for 4 years and get results. 6 WR, not in the 1st . right now you have all the skill players you need, on offense , they work hard for each others success, dont fuck with their chemistry by bringing in a replacement for one of them , and that is exacly what it would be. . 7.non skill BPA , if thats him then thats the pick. IMO it should be interior OL or DL, or trade down
  9. No. it was a cheap stupid move when the browns did it, and lets look at just how that worked out for them? they're a shit show, so yea, lets take a great start to a new direction where we just came short of winning the super bowl , change direction and follow their model. . no thank you. Please.... no.... besides I believe Hobson has already written how we are close to the cap and all we have left is room for the draft picks and injuries.
  10. why didnt we get a comp pick for him? you seen how bad our OL was last year with out him (sarcasm)
  11. because you have to build and develop from your own roster, you can not rely only on FA . and alot of rookies train for the combine for tee shirt and gym short track times, which is just a number that rarely translates into football conditions. give them an off season to focus on true football conditioning and training and see how they respond.
  12. hell no we did this before, with Cedric and lost whitworth because of it. you pick the best player with the 1st round pick , not some hopeful dream beacause we can afford to waste a pick and hope they work out in a couple of years.
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