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  1. theres been at least 1 boxer in this house since 2000 . max 11 with mom dad and 9 pups (lol only doing that once) ... wife said lets have puppies ...... it will be fun... atm 4 boxers mom and 3 pups (although theyre 7 now ) (still get updates/pics on the 6 in good homes)
  2. or theyre scared if they do they same ol and still lose,,,,,, it isnt the players,,,,,, it isnt the coaches ..........its them you can only change everything so many times before there is no other reason than you are the problem,
  3. what about skuta from the ravens? i know he tore up his knee but i think he is stated to be ready for training camp. they only gave him the lowest rfa tender . make him a 3-4 mil yr offer they'll prob match it and if not we'd might end up with a stud interior ol for a good price. probally as good as redman with just the 1 leg
  4. 2020 franchise tag is 10.278 mill 21 tag is going to be over 11mil. and he's making 1.2 mil this year so yes your 16-18 mil for this year and next would be a gain and also a risk that they could cut him after this year anyway, with that club friendly deal your offering. but he'd still be 6 mil or so plus signing bonus ahead he might go for it truthfully i didnt realize his salary was so low.
  5. a 3 or 4 year 9-10 mil average might get it done if 20-25 mil is guaranteed but no agent/player is looking for a contract that is easy for the team get out of. The only reason to sign a longer term deal is for at least 3 yrs security 2 if there is a big enough pay out in the 1st 2 years ... so a big signing bonus or guarantees, which for the most part dissuades "easy for the club to get out of" i just dont see Mixon , (playing a position that does have a higher chance of career ending or limiting type or injuries signing ) or his agent recommending ..... a contract easy for the club to void early. would i like to see it , sure, i just dont see it happening
  6. just have to get mixon to agree to a one sided for the club contract lol
  7. last i see is he was on our team last year so did we waive him late last year or just resign him..?
  8. when you are given permission to seek a trade you are allowed to also neg a new contract with that team as part of the trade..... dont be surprised if there is a trade andy and that team has already agreed to new terms for a multi (2 or 3 ) year deal.
  9. bigger fish to fry? i dont even think they've started to heat the oil yet..
  10. so we have 1 lb that might be worthy as a stater and you all want to switch to a 3-4 when last year they couldnt field a 5-2? did any of our DL look linebackerish dropping into coverage last year? i seen alot of rbs and tes wide open on my tv...... not sure what teams you was watching ....
  11. could be the offense not scoring, lbs couldnt cover and teams running with a lead cut into the sacks too
  12. no what i am trying convey is pretty simple if they spend a #1 pick on burrows or any other qb and you sign with that team expect for him to start as soon as he is deemed ready. theres a reason they drafted a qb and andy isnt here anymore so this isnt about andy and a new FA qb . if we dont draft a qb #1 keep andy and sign a FA qb then you might have what you are talking about actually add something to the conversation. . but we dont now do we......
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