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  1. i noticed the player in back of the victory formation looked a little over excited . lol.... good for them i am glad they did this for him and glad the team is showing some passion
  2. i think they were done on the last 3-4 passes , almost looked like they were saying why you throwing to me i aint catching it .
  3. i thought the same but since it wasnt declared we gained procession of the ball and if the film didnt show clearly that we did (since it was at the bottom of a pile) even if we won the challenge that it was a completed pass and a fumble . that they would have gave us the ball.
  4. maybe have anything other then playing a center that took 3 whole snaps in the preseason?
  5. good , they won . bad . they hung the defense out to dry with all the early 3 and outs. ugly , the offense looked like it didnt play a preseason snap for almost the quarter and a half.
  6. i agree but as our luck with 1st round pick and injuries its awful hard to play anyone in the preseason as much as they need.
  7. so a writer/fan from All bengals gives an A on the trade..... not sure if thats an objective analysis or a homer report. BUT ....if it matters , i hope he's right
  8. maybe since taylor made it through they felt more comfortable trying to slide Irwin through to PS
  9. and last year no other teams got a preseason either. this year they did , so we have a QB that took 3 snaps. the starting center that has taken 3 snaps. do we know who is either starting guard? we do have a #1 draft pick thats dropped the last 4 passes and hasnt played a full quarter in any preseason game. Mixon hasnt played more than 2 series in any game. i hope they will be great but honestly they are not prepared.
  10. dont worry Hopkins got 3 snaps in the last preseason game he's ready to go. ....... of course the whole offense looked like a shit show for those 3 snaps, but we'll go to war with what we have. seriously does anyone think our offense is anywhere near ready to play in 2 weeks?
  11. playoffs or a play off worthy record. or its a failure, we've been rebuilding the team/ Oline for 4-5 years . its time to produce or admit its a failure.
  12. too bad they've pretty much said Hopkins is our opening day starting center , even though he will play no preseason. i hope i'm wrong but i figure if thats what happens we will have a game of him "getting used to the speed", then a game him "having a few things to clean up" , then probally "he came back too soon but he's getting better" so what you see now isnt what your gonna get. (and i hope i'm completely wrong )
  13. depends on how healthy/competent the OL is in the 1st preseason game.
  14. nah he's already absorbed more of my time then he deserves , however i will credit him he has toned things down some recently so i will give him that, but many have been around him for 2-3 boards and you'll notice noones defending him from my opinion. even Tibor isnt arguing it.
  15. Tibor is a dick, and yes he does attack people if they dont agree with his opinions, does he need to be banned ... no but he doesnt need to be cuddled either
  16. The Bengals will announce the two former players joining Paul Brown and Anthony Munoz in the inaugural class in conjunction with a dedicated Ring of Honor home game later this year.
  17. the problem isnt he "easily could start " we all know that could happen. ... the problem is year after year they start someone on the ol because they have to..... not because they are ready, not because they couldnt of got someone better in FA or the draft. simply because they didnt get noone better or draft anuone better and they have to start them. we'll go to war with what we got. how did the M Jordan experiment go? started G day 1 , seems we're still looking to fill that position.
  18. knew they couldnt pass up a shiney new skill player and ignore protecting the qb and having a solid line to run behind. but its not like the qb got killed last year so he'll be ok.......
  19. yeah heaven forbid a fan would rather have a winning franchise over a new uniform or logo. whatever was i thinking lol
  20. how about rather then changing jerseys (which IMO is just to create a new market merchandise) we make some common sense front office decisions and win some frickin games?
  21. just like they wanted to slot ogodabji in whitworths spot hopefully it works out better this time and wasnt just about the money.
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