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  1. yea but right before that last rams td drive what did the bengals do? 1st & 10 at CIN 24 (6:01 - 4th) (Shotgun) J.Mixon right guard to CIN 22 for -2 yards (E.Jones, A.Donald). 2nd & 12 at CIN 22 (5:14 - 4th) (Shotgun) PENALTY on CIN, Delay of Game, 5 yards, enforced at CIN 22 - No Play. 2nd & 17 at CIN 17 (5:14 - 4th) (Shotgun) J.Mixon left guard to CIN 16 for -1 yards (A.Donald). 3rd & 18 at CIN 16 (4:30 - 4th) (Shotgun) T.Williams right end to CIN 20 for 4 yards (L.Murchison; M.Hoecht). the whole world knew we were running, if Burrow cant take a snap from center and hand off then put Browning in , and whats with a delay of game penalty?
  2. i think considering we now seem to specialize in the 3 plays and a bad punt style of offense... its hard to really judge the defense. i think we could cut them some slack because: frankly the offense has done nothing to help them. no change of field position no time to rest no points to defend
  3. LMAO, it lists 3 bengals.. 1 is PEDS .... duh really? and lists 3 players , the next is jeff Blake admitted everyone deflates footballs.. and the 3rd, a challenge flag inside of 2 minutes which got switched to a timeout and the other team got caught with 12 players on league review when the refs here missed it.. .. and the rest are "all the nfl league"
  4. oh i understand the concerns. just nothing prevented them for putting the starting OL out for a series or 2 with a back up qb behind them.
  5. i think saving ourselfs in the preseason is killing us in the regular season, point blank the 1st string offense (minus anyone hurt of course) should of played at least 1 if not 2 series in the preseason, hell the way they played last week it would of been 2 sets of 3 and outs .but at least they would have got some real reps. . it boggles the mind how every year we hide from real snaps in the preseason..
  6. gotta say alot of collar tugs going on there for Jones. , but you keep your guy away from the qb however you can, so if they aint calling it, he did his job.
  7. The Bengals today released OT La'el Collins from the Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform list. Collins, a ninth-year player, was placed on the Reserve/PUP list on Aug. 29. He originally joined the Bengals as an unrestricted free agent during the 2022 offseason and started 15 games at ROT for Cincinnati last season. ok. our line sucked so bad on sunday they released a player on pup?
  8. the browns used a spread DL quite abit because we stayed in the shotgun, we have to quit being married to 1 scheme and learn to adjust to what the defense is doing. it was 3rd and 3 we lined up in the shotgun and they put the Dts inbetween the guards and tackles. mary popins coulda came up to the center and qb snuck (sneaked?) for 4 yards., if JB isnt healthy enough to line up under center for any plays then he needs to stay off the field.
  9. entire offense....bruised pride Jamarr chase.... embarrassed by elves special teams.. not so special blues..
  10. how about we get out of the shotgun occasionally, (did we run the whole game from the shotgun?) bad weather ? passing just aint getting it ?? we should have lined up under center and ran some from a 1 back set (since we dont have a FB) 2 te play maybe , 6th OL? want to slow down a pass rusher? run at him with power. let garret line up where he wants and go at him. why continue to hand your rb the ball at a stand still, when you can give him some momentum?
  11. lol did you watch the game or just looking at the stat sheet? cause none of them balls were decent. JB had a rough day, dont hang it on higgins
  12. need to change the title of this to preseason game one. Defense gets hung out again.. i believe they played good enough to win. Offense 3 and out.... punt , shanked.. here ya go defense , 1/2 a field to defend.
  13. i aint worried about it anymore. he'll stay or he'll go , they'll pay him or they'll pay another. yes he is worth what he wants. i am sure he can get what he wants from somewhere , but on the other hand whats it worth to him to have Burrow throwing to him. 2 way street there. i really do like Tee, he seems to appreciate the fans and take his position as a NFL player seriously. he appears to be a good role model i hope he gets whatever he wants from life, hopefully as a bengal.
  14. i think Ariza "witnesses we're paid off, like it seems they always are when stars are involved..... ( oh wait.... he wasnt there?... Really??)
  15. yes but when the team was going 4-12 they used to brag that they had the highest % of their drafted player still on their roster...
  16. i believe they have to be on the 53 man roster then they can be IRRed tomorrow,
  17. meh... on all three back ups none impressed me to place one over the other. . Browning nearly over threw Yoshi for the TD. lots of passes short from all 3, but kinda hard to judge a QB when the only starter that played was RT Williams.
  18. another fantasy football Madden video game type reporter that thinks everything running on stats and numbers. In real life people and players make decisions for their own reasons that dont match algorithms Maybe Allen didnt want to be here stuck at #2 and SF with all their hurt QBs looked like a better chance to start. maybe they did upgrade the running game signing Orlando Brown personally , i am just as tired of people saying we could cut so and so and save X million as i was of the bengals always saying the team did not have any cap space.
  19. agree with most, few exceptions, WR Jones, he is injured and need surgery , and you have him returning on special teams. i cant see that happening. myself i would pup or ir him and keep Taylor. 10 OL with Collins on pup. i would go 9 and keep another on the DL.
  20. and thats why they need to play in the preseason, to work these things out, some passes were thrown in tight windows., and completed. so good for them . too bad our offense is going to wait until week one before they see what needs to be fixed. or maybe we shouldnt play the offensive starters then either, especially if burrow cant go,,, , so they dont get hurt..
  21. football is a contact team sport played in 20 sec short bursts of 100% effort and then a 30 sec shut down while you prepare to do it again. there is no way to prepare your body for this with out doing it. that fact anyone thinks a player can prepare themselves at all with only mental type classroom , and solo physical reps shows a total lack of understanding what these professionals do. there has to be contact. you risk more injury being unprepared . there is no way to prepare with out doing it.
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