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  1. i mean WTF ,,,,,,,, do we have a guy on a billboard again or something,, i am getting an awful familiar feeling about this season for some reason
  2. i thought preseason was over. 1st 25 minutes of the game our offense sure looked like it was preseason. the defense however came to play.
  3. probably because they are listing an average per year over the life of those contracts. most of them will never see the last 2-3 years of inflated salaried that were only put in there to make contract look more impressive. the tag is based on real numbers for that specific year .
  4. i wouldnt be surprised if this isnt an attempt to disguise their starting QB , unless pickett is injured or traumatized i expect him to be dressed and at a min, ready to play in the 2nd half. you dont stretch out announcing till the last minute and then put the other guy at 3rd string.
  5. naming stadiums always makes me think of cinergy field .. which cinergy paid a chunk of cash, then 3 months later petitioned to raise the public rates. .. when questioned why they needed a rate increase when they just spent 12 million for naming rights, they said, we had that money earmarked for advertisement anyway . .... funny I had to pay more so the only power company in the area can spent 12 million on advertising ....when a simple slogan of .." WANT ELECTRIC ... call us . "would of worked...
  6. lol i seriously just shut it off there and scrolled down to this ...........
  7. looks like the same teams as last year. but this year we're bringing an OL.
  8. Because the Bears claimed Leatherwood, they assume the rest of his contract and it will save the Raiders $5.9 million in dead salary-cap room. But the Raiders still have a big chunk of dead money on this deal and will, in the end, pay close to 60 percent of Leatherwood’s deal. in short , signing bonus stays with the raiders, contracted salary goes with the player. when you claim a player off waivers, you get the contract (minus any signing bonuses already paid)
  9. if they claim him they get his contract and salary too. lol and i guess since they are cutting him , you could say the raiders said no also, so that would kinda be 32 nos
  10. what ???? you mean the bengals organization actually used the league rules to their advantage for once? thats gotta be a 1st
  11. if any of them make it to the practice squad and another team tries to claim them we can always make room with roster moves (IR or injury settle if someone who is hurt and make a spot to keep them.
  12. what OL starter played beside Volson in the preseason? i guess you could say he played with some of the ol that started in the super bowl ,
  13. too true Go.... but it used to be , "that player would be an upgrade, but they never signed them or the player would take less to go elsewhere... so please bore me every year at this time for now on. lol
  14. but do you risk changing the holder for MCmoney with Fgs.
  15. the question will probably be answered on who offers the best trade offer for.
  16. other then he came from the stoolers and they happen to be our week 1 opponent, i know nothing.
  17. i'd pass , might be tempted with the center, but it would have to be min scale with alot of incentives,that he could hit easily if he stays healthy
  18. the fact Volson can do his job in the 4th against scrubs in his 1st nfl action, is a plus.
  19. The Bengals today made the following player moves: *Placed the following five players on the Active/Physically Unable to Perform list -- LB Joe Bachie, G Alex Cappa, DE Khalid Kareem, HB Samaje Perine and S Brandon Wilson. *Placed OT La'el Collins on the Active/Non-Football Injury list.
  20. ok i am calling that a doctored photo. since when was the browns ever up 6 -0 in the 3rd.
  21. actually the union has to defend him as best they can or Watson can sue them. and trust me the NFL wants them to defend him so they can go easy on Watson and lay all the blame on the union. it doesnt mean they support watson or his actions. the really sad part is the way ownership/arbitration etc is set up, they (nfl and the owners) will allow the union to do an above average job in defense of the slime ball , yet they will fight the union to the end when they defend someone that deserves to be defended,
  22. we beat them here , we beat them at home so. we have their attention , if we beat them again this year in week 13 , we will be in their head. especially if the score is 21-3 at the half again and comeback to win......again. i'd prefer to just smoke them from the opening, but the end score is what matters
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