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  1. never said he wasnt a good quarterback , just he quit. LOL dont dog Dalton if you cant handle Palmer being called a quitter...
  2. probalbly the best unknown factor is... with out Chase and Mixon playing, is now they have to account for everyone, and thats a win for the offense, if they lean covering the pass heavily then perine should have more openings, i seriously doubt they'll scheme to take perine away and make Burrow beat them ..
  3. wow you all just cant let Dalton go, he's been gone 3 years , replaced a quitter, and we went to the playoffs 5 yrs ? you know the only thing worse then losing 5 play off games? not making the playoffs . why dog the guy? let him play elsewhere in peace. its got to be an insult to Burrow when he;s playing his ass off and you all continue to harp on the guy before him...
  4. if a team claims Chrissman, the bengals have the choice to sign him to the 53 man roster , or the other team get to claim him, so we can not lose him unless the bengals do not sign him to the roster AFTER the other team claims him.
  5. my biggest question this week is did they fine the stooler POS WR that was disqualified for the cheap shot on Boyd ?
  6. the team is allowed to "elavate " practice squad players for game day up to 3 times and they revert back to practice squad players so we never had two punters on the 53 roster, ,
  7. who did they lose? all i see is they waived and cut people. my god tibor have you been reduced to complaining about practice squad players ?, while the team is winning? Jesus never fucking happy....
  8. did anyone notice the cheap shot stooler wr pickens got disqualified for? talk about a bunch of pissy ass crybaby losers, intentional helmet to helmet on boyd while he was on the ground on the onside kick, honestly they need to start suspending these losers.
  9. wait......... just what is josh johnson doing right now?
  10. Tennessee Tuxedos week...... i expect a tough grinding game, if we can get pressure and slow the run with our front 4 we should be able to contain their passing game, on offense we just need to produce 1st downs, no lucky turnovers and keep our defense fresh, during the 1st half.... so we can make our adjustments and dominate the 2nd half .
  11. Apple has actually been a good piece of this defensive team. .
  12. where as i believe Volson is playing like a 1st year 4th rounder, it looks like he is learning with out putting the team (or Burrow) to much in a hole. However, when talking about the bengals and players playing, they used to go around bragging how good the small 2 person scouting dept was because we have more draft picks starting for our team then most the league, ... of course we sucked , and most of them did too, and probably nobody else wanted them ..... but we did have the most players drafted by their original team playing or on the roster
  13. too true , as sparky Anderson once said , all i did is hand the lineup card to the umps, kind of hard to screw that up . the meaning is . since i am showing my age> that great players can make a bad play great. like t dub said, if you look just at the offensive stats we must of had one hell of an OL to let the qb put those numbers up, but that wasnt reality,
  14. for me it was the unneeded personal attacks on players/people/posters that finally did him in for me, you dont have to attack someone in a personal level to say he sucks at football, or if a poster had an different opinion then his , so F*ck Tibor . humor written in bad taste and/or a personal attack , is still in bad taste and /or a personal attack.
  15. yes i agree, but they seem to be able to make half time adjustments that work and have us in it until the last drive, compared to with marvin lewis, have a good opening gameplan but be able to make no adjustment or a bad one at halftime, and clearly be out coached the 2n d half..
  16. actually they paid for a bodyguard, Collins tooted his own horn , about how good he is and now its time to be a man own up to his mistakes and fix them, we got the same inconsistent play out of the person he replaced, and he was paid to be the answer not the same bad RT we had for 1/4 the money.
  17. teams also play different defenses when mixon isnt in. so it isnt just a swap 1 rb for another, and see what happens. also didnt i hear somewhere we played top defensive lines for the 1st 4 games of the season?
  18. i mean WTF ,,,,,,,, do we have a guy on a billboard again or something,, i am getting an awful familiar feeling about this season for some reason
  19. i thought preseason was over. 1st 25 minutes of the game our offense sure looked like it was preseason. the defense however came to play.
  20. probably because they are listing an average per year over the life of those contracts. most of them will never see the last 2-3 years of inflated salaried that were only put in there to make contract look more impressive. the tag is based on real numbers for that specific year .
  21. i wouldnt be surprised if this isnt an attempt to disguise their starting QB , unless pickett is injured or traumatized i expect him to be dressed and at a min, ready to play in the 2nd half. you dont stretch out announcing till the last minute and then put the other guy at 3rd string.
  22. naming stadiums always makes me think of cinergy field .. which cinergy paid a chunk of cash, then 3 months later petitioned to raise the public rates. .. when questioned why they needed a rate increase when they just spent 12 million for naming rights, they said, we had that money earmarked for advertisement anyway . .... funny I had to pay more so the only power company in the area can spent 12 million on advertising ....when a simple slogan of .." WANT ELECTRIC ... call us . "would of worked...
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