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What should I do ???  

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  1. 1. What should I do ???

    • Pretend to be an avid Browns fan for like a week and then just slam the team till banned
    • Pretend to be a browns fan for like a month and then just make fun of the entire squad
    • go get banned right now with funny pics
    • Tow the line and see what I can get away with
    • act like a cleveland chick looking for a date and sucker one of them

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yeah is there any way around getting banned. I actually emailed them and told them I shouldn't have been banned because I was a first time violator of the rules and according the rules I read it says they don't ban first time offenders. I made a pretty good case for myself claiming I never actually said anything bad about the browns and that its not my fault if they interpreted it as sarcasm.
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Guest CTBengalsFan
[quote name='chad7elevenjohnson' date='Jun 23 2005, 11:14 PM']Just got banned. Took them 6 hours to ban me. For some reason when I reposted the topic that got deleted right away, it didnt get deleted and ended up with 80+ responses from all the clown fans. This was what I posted incase it is deleted now. I'm not sure if it is since I cant even look at the message board now that I'm banned.

Topic Title- I am afraid of the Browns for real

I 'm not gonna say what my favorite team is, but this year I looked at my teams schedule and saw they were playing the browns. I just chalked up a loss for my team after I saw that. This is why.

You hired Romeo Crennel who is incredible. I mean he's got all those SuperBowl rings, even though Bill Belliceck and the players are the ones who really mattered to the Patriots success. But who cares about that?

How will my team be able to stop your unstoppable force of a quarterback Trent Dilfer? I mean, c'mon, he won a superbowl. He's gotta be pretty awesome.

How will we be able to stop your running game with all the 1,000 yard backs you guys got. I mean, William Green was a first round pick so that= unstoppable. Also Lee Suggs who everyone knows is gonna be top 3 in the league this year. And to top it off you signed Ruben Droughns who was incredible running in Denver. And we all know how tough it is to run behind Denvers joke of a line. So the fact that he had tons of success means he is for real.

Then I think about your wide recievers. Dennis Northcutt has been on the browns his whole career so he must be darn good. Antonio Bryant had that one good year in Dallas, despite a bad quarterback. So just imagine how he will do with Super Bowl champ Trent Dilfer. Also Andre Davis who had that 99 yard touchdown against cincinnati. I mean if you can catch a 99 yard TD pass then you know you are one of the best in the league. Then you got Braylon Edwards who is a rookie. But we all know rookie Wide Recievers always dominate right of the bat.

Then there's your mammoth, immovable, impenetrable offensive line. There so scary I'm not even gonna talk about them right now.

And to top off your star ridden offense you've got the best TE's in the league. I don't care if Kellen Winslow is hurt, he is still a soulja and therefore will make a miraculous recovery from the injury he sustained crashing into the shrub on the side of the road. Who did that shrub think he was jumpin out of nowhere to attack a soulja like Kellen for? And you've also got Steve Heiden and Aaron Shea. Those three = impossible to defend.

So you see your offense is basically gonna get you to the playoffs all by itself. But that doesnt matter because you've also got a godly defense in the making. Up front you've got Gerard Warren, Courtney Brown, Ebenezer Ekuban and....oh wait nevermind you cut them. Well you've still got Kenard Lang and we all know you only need one great Defensive lineman in order to dominate. Then for linebacks there's Andra Davis, Chaun Thompson who are probowlers in the making. Along there are the other young freakish LBs.

In the Secondary you got the unbeatable one Gary Baxter. Who has shut down every one he's ever line up against, and if that wasn't enough there is also Daylon McCutchen and at Safety Sean Jones, and Brian Russell who was incredible with the Vikings. You should go to a vikings message board to see how much they loved Brian and how upset they were when he left.

Put that all together and you've got the surprise team of 05. Heck, they shouldnt even be called a surprise team when they do make the playoffs because everyone should have seen it coming. All I can say is enjoy being a Browns fan cause the rest of the NFL is drooling with envy over your godly superior team.

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