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  1. Carson talks about Joe at minute 38, calls him the best QB in the league.
  2. Depends on the 1st rounder, if it is a top 5 where we can get a left tackle and still get a WR at the bottom of the 1st (Higgens was the 1st pick in the 2nd round) you have to consider it.
  3. Stories come out that the questions that get asked can be really weird, because teams want to throw the player off and see how they react to things.
  4. Glad to hear it's a nothing burger and his agent is right
  5. Really hope this is fake News. Don't want any more of this Marvin Lewis years nonsense on this team
  6. Late 2nd round is where I have us taking him, with a CB late in the 1st.
  7. Watching him I think he can take on bull rushers and be good, but I still have the question if he can take on speed guys. It honestly reminds me of the criticisms we had of Whitworth early in his career when he made the move to LT after starting at Guard. If Carman can turnout even close to that we may be ok long term at the position.
  8. He's started at LT for 2 games, probably a little premature to say that.
  9. Mentally I had prepped myself for not winning the SB about midway through the season. It had become apparent to me once we shifted the scheme to had to live in shotgun because the Oline starters weren't cutting it which made me realize the backups were bad (though I am very pleasantly surprised with Carmen). Truth is we're likely another offseason away depending on the moves we make. That we got as far as we did is a testament to the coaching staff and Burrow making the mid-season changes they made, but those changes were kind of a band-aid then they were about the things we really needed to fix. So I'm good other than having Chiefs fans be obnoxious.
  10. Wait you didn't think the stripper actually likes you did you? Oh man. I like how you call me naive then suggest I started the personal attacks. You're cute. Was I supposed to care what you think of me? I didn't realize that was a thing. I don't care enough to PM you. I stopped caring the day I defriended you on FB. Why would I PM you? Hell I haven't even thought of you till you showed up here again and decided to call me naive. I wouldn't even have talked to you here until you quoted me, that's how much I don't care about you. But when you quote me of course I'm going to respond because that's how a message board works.
  11. Who said anything about not being able to be functional while still holding paranoid conspiracies? The problem is your conspiracy doesnt hold up to scrutiny, so you shift the goalposts. The day that we win a Super Bowl I will be tagging you asking what then, Will the goalpost change again too? Who's 50 or a virgin, just because Jason and I goofed on each other all the time doesnt make the jokes true (you know kind of how he wasn't actually white). It was jokes. I do however find it kinda sad that that is where you put your worth, maybe someday someone will love you Amir. Good luck with that.
  12. Imagine smoking weed to the point it effects your brain so much that your paranoia makes you think everything is a conspiracy
  13. This one I did based on what I think the current needs are alongside BPA. I also threw up in my mouth when I took Joey Porter Jr not because I don't think he is good but because it's Joey Porter's kid
  14. I agree that keeping Chase and Tee is unlikely and that Tee and Boyd gone in the same year would be a disaster, which is why I think they let Boyd go and draft a WR next year, but tag Tee for a year, and draft his replacement the following year. OT, completely agree. Edge - Also agree, but where does he fit? Hendrickson, Hubbard, Ossai, and Sample all fill roles. I think getting a LB that can come off the edge would be more bang for the buck. 3-Tech - That's what they got Carter for, he showed up some towards the end of the season. I'm more concerned with getting a NT that can eventually replace Reader, because when he came off the field because of his injury teams were able to run at us. CB- Agree, and not even if Apple is back because Cheeto is in a contract year next year too. TE - I think we keep Hurst on a team friendly multi year deal, Drew Sample I think comes back on a 1 year post injury prove it deal. Not going to end up being a need this year. LB -If Pratt does go this becomes a need. WR -see first statement RB - Mixon isnt going anywhere, I think we can keep Perine on an affordable deal unless he wants to start. I think we will take a guy because Williams is also a FA, but this wont be a high pick imo S - We cant let Bates and Bell go, I think we end up keeping Bell though. Also we drafted the kid from Costal Carolina who was hurt for most of the year, He will be the 3rd S. OG - Sharping was just ok but pretty bad against KC, he can move on, get a G that can also slide in and back up Karas.
  15. This is not how I think it is going to go, but I had a few rules on the drafting. 1. QB and WR are off the table as they arent needs (which was tough because Smith-Ngiba was sitting there for me and I think he is going to be really good, so I ended up trading down with KC) 2. Don't take a position you already took 3. BPA after the 1st 2 rules
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