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  1. They have to do something about the relief pitching, that is the biggest reason we are losing games. We'd be a very very good team if it wasn't for that.
  2. Dont remember if I posted this or not but thought it was funny....
  3. yeah a bunch of the new rules I hate
  4. That's exactly what some of our scouts have said. Blocking takes time to learn to do effectively.
  5. Brown himself said he needs to get better at blocking. If he can focus on that this training camp he can get the reps.
  6. Once again the fucking middle relief and set up pitching sucks
  7. I realize the central os weak but if we win tonight we are only 2 back going into Mil
  8. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2023/5/30/23743055/zac-taylor-joe-mixon-bengals-news All talk of cutting Joe Mixon can now officially die
  9. Joint practices with the Packers. Cincinnati Bengals to Hold Joint Practices With Green Bay Packers During 2023 Training Camp - Sports Illustrated Cincinnati Bengals News, Analysis and More
  10. I actually think we are going to see more of a mix between last season's short passing game out of shotgun and the previous season getting the big plays.
  11. There was an article floating around that showed when they change early in the season and how Burrow and the O adapted because they were not having the same success they had the previous year with the big plays to Tee and Jamar, because teams played a lot more cover 2. It happened more early in the season than before it.
  12. I'm not sure how much can be gleaned from that. Kenny Watson had a higher YPC than Rudi Johnson in both 2006 and 2007. I don't think either one of us would consider Kenny Watson better than Rudi Johnson.
  13. To be fair, even when Joe was out hurt Perine only had one 100 yard game against the Chiefs. The running game last year wasn't just on Joe's shoulders.
  14. Was watching the Bills playoff game and both he and Perine ran pretty hard.
  15. Alot of that hindges on the Oline being able to sustain blocks long enough to not get either Joe killed. That was the problem last year and why we transitioned to more shotgun than we had ran in the past.
  16. The play action stuff has me geeking. Hopefully the O-line holds and it can be peppered into the O more consistently, that could transform the O to levels that could make things very difficult for any team we face.
  17. If Carman turns around and plays like he has shown flashes of well give Pollack credit for him too.
  18. I remember those reports talking about "interested teams" I don't remember them naming any names. I took that to be his agent trying to drum up interest more than I took it as anything real. I suspect the Jax potential trade that was mentioned wasn't going to get us the full 12 million off the hook, because Robinson isn't going to be suspended the entire season so it wouldn't have been a good deal on Jax's side to take on the full 12 million. I speculate that's probably why the deal didn't get done. Why would keeping both Williams and Collins be unlikely? I think that's probably true for more than just year, but both guys are under contract and Collins contract isn't prohibitive.and Collins has played both Tackle and Guard in this league so he could be a valuable backup. If either our RT (whoever that is) or Kappa go down again. We are in complete agreement about the Center position though. Lets hope that Karas doesn't get hurt. Well if Cooke does get cut because of his salary demands we wont pay him that contract either, so I would think it's more likely at this point of the season where most teams are set at the position that he takes the salary reduction and sticks in Minn.
  19. This is all conjecture. The assumption that Wiliams would have gotten some unknown suitors if the Bengals let him test the market is unknown and thus not worth talking about. Yet here we are. I actually dont want ust to cut any of Williams, Collins, or Caman. I want us to cut Adiniji, all of them are under contract and Collins and Carman contract are team friendly. After watching 3 linmen go down in the final weeks, I'd be pretty ok with Williams, Collans, and Carman still being on the team in week 1. I would be very surprised if Dalvin Cook is not a Viking this year. You guys dont have to like it, but Joe Mixon is your RB1.
  20. Anyone know what Bill Belichick was doing when this went down?
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