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  1. My nfl.com phone app said at least a month.
  2. What does significant amount of time mean? I hate reading stuff like that, give me a time range. (Kelsey, not you JT)
  3. I will wear anything Kay wants me to wear Kay is BAE
  4. I was suggesting, I dont think they are doing it no.
  5. I like the idea of a white towel that has something about Ring of Honor night. That would allow for a "white out"
  6. There was a phone call made from inside the White House to one of the Capitol Rioters, for 9 seconds, little else known other than who it was made to. Capitol rioter who received call from White House on Jan 6 is identified | The Independent
  7. I'm also not sure you can have bipartisanship with a party that actively doesnt want people to vote, and does all it can to limit that. Worse yet doesnt want to allow women privacy over their own bodies.
  8. Wholesale bengals jersey - Buy Cheap bengals jersey from China best Wholesalers | DHgate.com
  9. Same, don't go unless you are sure you can. We need him for the Ravens the following week.
  10. As I understand it if they go into the tent it's no longer up to the team at that point the Docs on the sideline are independent. Of course Miami's owner is dirty as hell, seeing as how he was trying to get Brady and Burrow separately and doing so in some pretty shady ways. So if he paid off their sideline Doc, I would not be shocked. I hope the NFLPA does right by Tua and not the Dolphins.
  11. Huge game Beat the Undefeated Dolphins and the national conversation changes back to us being the team to beat. Also the debut of the White Helmets, should be a loud crowd.
  12. Now if we can get Mixon going again the team will be heading in the right direction
  13. Short week Undefeated Dolphins Unveiling of the White Helmet A Chance to get the national conversation changed again
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