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  1. If you told me we got a bridge type RT in FA and took Mimms at 18 so he could ease into the role, I'd be fine with it. But if we are going to draft a RT and need him to start I think the best bet if you want a guy who can pass and run block equally well, is Lathem.
  2. Yeah Sam and DJ both wearing glasses got me confused on who was who too.
  3. Me too, what I read about him thought makes me think if we do we might change how we use TEs a bit, as I read he fits more of an H-Back role.
  4. Mock Draft Monday....took Bowers because not a single RT was available......not one... Sweat was taken by the damned Browns, so Jackson was my #2 choice. 18. Brock BowersTE Georgia 49. McKinnley JacksonDT Texas A&M 80. Leonard TaylorDT Miami (FL) 116. Tommy EichenbergLB Ohio State 148. Tyler NubinS Minnesota 175. JD BertrandLB Notre Dame 196. Jared WileyTE TCU 235. Daijun EdwardsRB Georgia 252. Myles HardenCB South Dakota
  5. Wasn't he the one who didn't weigh in that someone posted about a few weeks ago? We should get those numbers this week.
  6. I dont think he's a generational OT either, but I would be very surprised if he's not the first one taken.
  7. While at the same time finding a way to not end up in cap hell when Joe and Jamar are paid. At some point the draft picks are going to have to be the core of the team and they are going to have to preform.
  8. If Davis Gaither is resigned cheaply they won't do anything if he is not they will draft someone
  9. I think it's one of the most important offseasons we've had in a while. We need to hit on the draft picks in the same way Baltimore did a couple of years ago.
  10. I thought so too but I think the tweet was a year old
  11. Depends on the available talent per each year, last year's RBs I'd agree a 2nd or 3rd might be ok, this year not as much.
  12. I didn't even bring up a salary. Dobbins can't stay healthy and you guys are ready to replace Mixon with him? The best ability is availability.
  13. Tagging Tee twice is interesting. I am in the camp that thought that we would be drafting RT in 1 this year, and WR in 1 next year if we can't trade Tee. But that leaves us needing a RB next year and I would prefer to get a 1st round RB too. Tagging Tee twice would let us do that, however the question become is the money there to do it with Jamar getting a deal and Joe's money hitting next year. That part I'm not so sure.
  14. You know I had no real idea what a quality control coach does so I went to look it up, from Wiki. A quality control coach is a member of the coaching staff of a gridiron football team whose primary job is preparing the team for a game, beginning sometimes two or three weeks before the actual game.[1] Their primary duties include preparing for the game by analyzing game film for statistical analysis. Quality control coach is typically an entry-level position for National Football League (NFL) coaches before moving on to positional jobs and coordinator positions. Several head coaches, such as Jon Gruden, Ron Rivera, and Robert Saleh began their coaching career in quality control.[2][3] The first full-time female coach in NFL history, Kathryn Smith, was hired as a quality control coach by the Buffalo Bills in 2016.[4] There are three different types of quality control teams: offensive, defensive, and special teams. Offensive quality control will chart the upcoming teams' defense for various down and distance situations, field positions and how many times they use particular personnel groupings. Defensive quality control will do similar analysis of the offense. Special teams quality control will figure out what players are used in various special situations such as kickoff and punt.
  15. This is really worth watching even if its only the last 5 minutes, as he is discussing what the bengals are doing wrong in their drafts with Oline
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