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  1. Riddle me this. Who is the Best QB to come out of last years draft? I can't wait to see us go up against the Chargers this year and have Joe end that conversation.
  2. Stephan A. Smith is saying he takes Burrow over Jackson going forward
  3. Joe is nominated for FedEx Air Player of the Week. https://www.nfl.com/voting/air-and-ground/
  4. Joe Burrow’s Bengals Are Scary, And It’s Not Even Halloween
  5. I mean who still doubts this? I realize there are some who simply don't want to type it on their keyboards, but I know you know.
  6. Taylor said it, they won't be complacent. This should be win going into the Bye Week still #1 in the AFC
  7. "Jamar Chase looks like he is in discussion for best Receiver in the NFL already."
  8. Yup. Someone said one of the talking heads said the Bengals were bringing back that 1980's magic. I see it.
  9. Also Kay Adams has been showing us love all year wearing various Bengals gear, today no different, she has on a Who-Dey shirt.
  10. That's what I love about this team. They expect to do this and it's just business. None of this being loud and demanding respect after the game, just doing work and letting the talk come from the media after. That isn't just Cincinnati Football, that's the entire identity of the city itself, it's why Krumrie was one of my favorite players growing up. Head down, hard work, let the talking come from others.
  11. I think this was posted but this breakdown makes it easy to see. Carman is your starter from here on out, sorry Su'a-Filo
  12. I have limited tools to make these things at work, if someone with better graphic skills than me can make a better image. It's time for me to replace the Crying Jordan.
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