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  1. Season 2 is actually in production.
  2. Good to hear, still wont be surprised if they keep him out this week to be safe.
  3. I was team Burrow before Tua got hurt. I just don't trust 'Bama QBs to not be a product of the system. As to the one year wonder stuff about Burrow, I mean Palmer didn't exactly shine until his final year either. That said Chase Young would be awfully hard to say no to. It's a matter of if we take Young do we believe we will be picking in the top 2 picks (because both QBs coming out next year I believe will be taken 1 and 2) next off season too? I'm not so sure. Which is why I ultimately take Burrow.
  4. The problem is Boling retired in July when the draft and FA were already over. Unless you want to trade 2020 picks to get a guard. I'm not really a fan of trading away picks in July.
  5. I'm actually kind of surprised some of you are surprised by this. We had one of the worst D's in the NFL last year and we added nobody to it. The Oline has been notoriously bad and out 1st round LT went out for the year, and the guy playing LT last year hasnt played either. Our best WR has been out all year. I'm not sold on Taylor either, and this team still refuses to do some of the basic things organizationally that would at least make things somewhat better. But I did not expect us to compete this year And I don't next year either. We are in full rebuild mode like it or not. Taylor gets 3 years with me, probably 5 minimum with Brown.
  6. I dont think its gonna come to that, but Bevin has a Trump like ego himself so who knows.
  7. The last time the state legislation choose the winner of the election in Kentucky the winner they chose was assassinated. Bevin should do well to remember that.
  8. I would JUMP at a 2nd rounder. You could get your QB of the future with the 1st pick, add a RT and LB in the 2nd round, add at least one G in FA and this team will at least be competitive next year.
  9. A more likely scenario. The hair does make him look like the Frisch's Big Boy though.
  10. I don't discount alot of what you are saying with regard to corporate culture here, however I would very much doubt that Andy Dalton's haircut has nearly as much influence as you seem to think it does.
  11. If it's Andy's choice he needs to choose a team set up to win now. Chicago imho would be a good landing spot for him.
  12. Good breakdown does he have anything with the passing game?
  13. Why? McCarron is now on his 3rd team, the guy hasn't shown he can do anything in the league. Sure he played well in the playoff game, but one game does not make a career. My suspicion is we are drafting a QB next year.
  14. I agree with almost everything you say here except that this draft class for QBs is not that great.
  15. We dont even need to do that, Finely is a 4th rounder and the percentage of 4th round QBs that have become good is very very low. I suspect this is a move for one of two things.... 1. We want to see what we have in Finley and if he sucks we draft a QB next year. OR 2. We dont want to get Dalton killed and until there is some stability on the team tanking for a better draft pick makes sense right now. I think it's #1, but because the QB class next year is not that good #2 would not completely surprise me.
  16. Taylor is in no danger. If he continues this kind of losing next year then maybe, but with this owner it will take more than this.
  17. If they get rid of the stupid stutter. From the sounds of it I dont think he is though.
  18. If you are going to tank for two years, I want Trevor Lawrence instead.
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