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  1. Bates will still play at a high level if he wants a contract elsewhere after the year. Play Bates
  2. I'm gonna have to call a doctor, this thing is going to last more than 4 hours.
  3. Perhaps but publicly the team said they will likely have to change the way they do contracts for Joe Burrow. They didn't say that about Jessie Bates.
  4. The Bengals wont budge, they let Carson Palmer retire until the Raiders offered something silly. Bates wont command something silly from another team. He may net them more than a 1st rounder, but he won't push the Bengals to the table on a threat like this.
  5. Emory Hunt, it's right there in the tweet I quoted.
  6. They threw a No Hitter and still lost. That's about all we can say about the Reds this year. Just sad.
  7. He was one of the correspondents on CBS's draft coverage.
  8. I'm going to say this. He was a great addition to this board a few years ago around the draft and a few people had to be assholes and drive him away, now he's doing national TV and you folks are not. Stew on that.
  9. Kind of how I feel. Love Higgins but between him and Chase, I pay Chase.
  10. Boyd struggled to be the #1 when AJ was hurt. Love him but he's not a #1.
  11. Yeah that's a thing too.
  12. Have they? That would be news to me.
  13. The transition of course puts you at risk of a team giving you a posin pill
  14. I didn't quote you, that was Sparky's assertion that he would have given Bates a fair contract.
  15. I doubt it's even a year or two I bet Shelvin has that role this year.
  16. I had always thought it was a proxy war between us and China until Jan 6.
  17. Who's to say we haven't offered Bates a fair market deal? The rumors are about the guaranteed money not the full contract itself.
  18. I wont defend that at all. The corporations have been using that to buy back their stock and artificially inflate it's worth. In turn you have these guys that only seem to care about their 401K and not about a healthy democracy (looking at you Gary) that seem to be a-ok with a fascist police state that is propped up to ensure the masses don't retaliate. All of this has been entirely predictable, I have argued this was the end game for some years. @Homer_Rice seems to think it's going to end in war.
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