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Wealth Inequality in America


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On 3/23/2019 at 12:01 PM, Jamie_B said:

Which as much as I love AOC her proposal for 70% marginal tax on income means little if these guys are just hiding their money as Capitol Gains.

Yep, Warren Buffet pays himself $100k in salary every year, his secretary makes way more than him.  Both Google guys are paid $1.   Gates simply runs his foundation and it pays for everything just like Chelsea Clinton is doing with the Clinton Foundation.  The 70% tax will only hurt smaller businesses run as sole props, LLCs or S-Corps, the rich don't roll that way.


I do think it is scary that so many people don't see the massive income inequality stats as an issue. As alluded to above, the French Revolution did not occur in a poor country.  Something has to give at some point.

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