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Website Gurus, quick help needed

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OK, so as some of you know I have a wordpress website up and running. I was reading that Google is starting to use SSL in it's search result rankings. Yes, I know it currently has a very small impact, but I figured what the hell, why not be ahead of the curve and set it up. I think I'm the only encrypted site in the area for my industry. Plus, I have online scheduling and take email address and personal address info on my website, so I figured encrypting would be a good idea.


So, anyways, I have my SSL setup. I modified the .htaccess file to force SSL, and when I browse my website all of the pages come up as HTTPS://


My problem is google. If you click a search result for my site on google, it doesn't point you to a HTTPS:// address. What do I need to do to correct that? It is the second result on this SERP, southwest ohio home inspections:




Oh yeah, my site may not come up for you, I messed up and activated free CloudFlare service today, not realizing it wouldn't work for my SSL site, unless I upgraded to a paid subscription. It is now deactivated, but I guess the DNS updates could take a few hours.

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