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Anyone know anything about LED light strips? powering them and things like that mostly..

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So i have a small project for myself for work. I work for friends, its a multimillion dollar company, and the product photos were all taken with a cellphone using the back of a poster as a white backdrop, haha, which honestly, was good enough. but as one of my projects is relaunching the website, A big part of that, for me was making the products look professional as well. 

So i took one of every bottle we sell home, set up my light box/softbox, set up my studio soft box lights, and took like 80 photos. Clearly this is both a pain in the ass, and wasting my personal time on work stuff(which i am cool with, they are super flexible with me leaving early to catch kids games so thats not an issue at all, BUT if i can get it done AT work, even better.

So i want a smaller light box for work, i have a 24x24" at home, i am getting a 16"x16" for work, and having a set of softbox lights is both more expensive than necessary and a ridiculous amount of shit to store and hope doesnt get fucked up laying around all the time.

SOOO i came up with the idea to attached 20 LED strips to the outside of the softbox. Here is the softbox:


so on the left and right, and MAYBE the top, i want to attached 8-10 12" LED strips facing in. I have some adhesive and also some iron on fabric tape, so i figure that should both work for adding the strips on as well as being white on the outside and looking less ridiculous. So i will have 20-30 LED strips running horizontal with all of the wires coming out in the direction of the back of the box where they will need to access power...

thats my question, it seems the strips come in a pack and a wire off the back, how do i connect that to power, i see where i can connect one LONG strip like for cabinets, but not many many small strips. I see some power boxes to plug multiple into but only like 10-12, and those, too, are for many long strips like for a porch or garage or whatever..

i need to plug 20-30 1' strips into one plug if possible, 2 worst case..

what am i missing or is this not easily possible?

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