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Serious lag


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As some of you may remember ('specially ElFlocko), had issues with performance / mouse. Was using Kaspersky Total Security.


Got rid of that and things improved.


But... recently I upgraded a video card, last late summer. Then upgraded my monitor a couple of weeks ago, started getting a BSOD with rebooting.


I noticed it was happening mainly when using a program, whether a game, or something similar. Read on the internets that a typical cause of this (especially with upgrading a vid card) was a shit or too small power supply.


So I picked up an 850w evga bronze series.


Now the lag is INSANE - if you play any game, or even some net surfing, you can move the curspor, sometimes it won't move at all for 5 seconds. I have checked all the cables I replaced, and they are all snug - drivers are updated. 


Is the next step a Windows 10 reload?

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16 hours ago, Cat said:

I'll have to check on the BIOS update, but I think I'm ok there. The BSOD stopped once I installed the new PSU.


Yeah but the dump file is still there. I'd like to see what the root cause was. And unless your motherboard isn't rated for the video card and power supply combination I'm a bit perplexed (possible BIOS update notwithstanding). Are you using the drivers from the video card manufacturer or Windows? 


Do you have any experience creating and using a Linux live distro? That might help narrow down if it's hardware or OS related... 

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I had one more BSOD last night that was different - flashed the BIOS (said current version was March 2016, new one showed May 2016) - so I flashed it and it said 'success'. Then fired up CoD WWII and got at BSOD that said "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE ERROR" - the previous ones all said 'general exception error' (prior to new PSU).


That program you told about is pretty cool - but only saw the dump file for the very last one I mentioned - didn't see the previous ones. 


I have made a Linux live boot disk before, I can make another and give that a shot. The other thing I was thinking about - the new monitor I got (old one - monitor 1 - is hooked up via DVI, second is HDMI to DisplayPort - i think I disabled the sound properties everywhere I could find - any chance that could cause some issue? My next step there is to disconnect that 2nd monitor and try and play something through only monitor 1...

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