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  1. Supremely talented, and pure class. But the play that sticks with me is the sure touchdown dropping through his hands against SD in the playoffs. Yes, Dalton was a mediocre QB, but AJ never stepped it up in the playoffs even when the opportunity was literally in his hands.
  2. Except Joe will be smart enough to get a prenup before drilling down… (It was supposed to be “settling down” but my phone autocorrected to drilling and it was funnier)
  3. After Sunday’s game, I think .500 is generous. Also, it’s impossible to be a .500 team with an odd number of games. Unless you’re jojimbo (or whatever his handle was). 🥷
  4. That man can fucking coach, and it’s a blast watching him work & play the media. That team could be a juggernaut this season.
  5. Right, and Burfict played so much faster than that number, so if that guy is the same… 🤷‍♂️
  6. I can absolutely see him restructuring his contract (more than once) to allow the team to sign key players and maintain his protection, his arsenal, and the defense.
  7. What, and I cannot stress this enough, THE FUCK. That is goddamn wizardry right there… 😮
  8. Please do not stop. I don’t follow the Bengals on any other social media because I come here for one-stop-shopping of information.
  9. Wouldn’t it benefit the female population as a whole more if they broke his dick instead? 🤷‍♂️
  10. wait, do you like him or not like him? I can’t tell…
  11. Zac has already gotten there and came damn close to winning, with absolutely the worst dumpster fire of an O-line to probably ever play in a Super Bowl as a unit. What the fuck could he do with Munoz? That’s why he got my vote.
  12. LeBeau is the only HOFer DC on the list. Pretty easy choice IMO.
  13. That really was my intent but I was too lazy to redo the picture, lol.
  14. I still hate the ‘B’. Wish they’d bring back the leaping tiger…
  15. This is basically what swayed my vote to Hilton though. Leon is absolutely the superior technical corner, loved the guy. But Hilton brings intangibles and passion that change the attitude of the whole defense. If you’re playing one game to win it all, I’m taking that all day long.
  16. Hilton is a catalyst, which is why he got my vote. Leon was an excellent technical slot corner, but he never raised the level of play of the entire defense.
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