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  1. Yellowstone is one of my very favorite places on the planet. I first visited in ‘88 with my favorite aunt (yes, during the fires), we took our honeymoon there, our 10 year anniversary, and our final vacation in the U.S. before we left was Yellowstone. It breaks my heart to see the devastation, and the poor workers; it’s tough for normal people to live there on the regular, and this is going to gut their livelihoods.
  2. I keep thinking about how many people on this board named their kid Carson. D’OH…
  3. This tone deaf piece of shit thread needs to be in J&D. Fuck…
  4. I’m just trying to manage my expectations at this point. I mean HOLY SHIT THEY’RE IN THE GODDAMN SUPER BOWL! But then 40 years of being a fan rears its ugly head. But then they have a generational QB in Joe Burrow. But then you only have so many opportunities to capture lightening in a bottle, and what if we squander this rare opportunity? Fuck, I’m glad my doctor upped my BP medication. It might prevent me from having a stroke Sunday (or in the wee hours of Monday morning as the case may be…). Who Dey!
  5. I have a colleague rooting for the Rams because he went to UGA. Fair enough.
  6. Currently drinking beer in a pub that has a beer brewing history spanning 6 centuries. I can say I’ve never seen an American beer on tap in this country.
  7. Looking at this with a more sober eye, allow me to provide a more sober response: Is Budweiser on tap in pubs in Ireland? Yes, but as stated previously I’ve only seen one in 4 trips there, and it was the most recent. Coors (I’m assuming the light variety as the taps say Coors but it’s the Coors light logo) is much more prevalent and has been over the last 7 years). So is it possible that there are pubs in Ireland that sell more Budweiser than any other beer? It’s certainly possible, but it isn’t a pub I would want to go to.
  8. Complete and utter horseshit. If any American “beer” sells a lot, it’s Coors. You see that all over the place. This was my 4th trip to Dublin, and we rarely make it out of the pubs. I saw my first Budweiser tap on this trip, and only one. And it’s likely the American expats drinking that swill, as the Irish have better taste.
  9. I was in Dublin for the game and at a huge sports pub. There was a group of Irish fans at the table near us (go figure being in Ireland and all), asked them why they were rooting for the Bengals. They all said the same thing: Burrow. Asked another table, same answer. He has changed the face and perception of the whole franchise, and I think the ratings will be higher than expected because of it. On a side note, when they won and I lost my shit, the guy at the first table gave me his Bengals cap… 😂
  10. We should also be thanking Urban Meyer for being a shitty judge of QB talent. Joe would have gone to waste at OSU (have they ever produced an NFL-quality QB?), and transferring to LSU was the best thing to happen to him.
  11. I’d prefer they wore the all white. They’ve really grown on me…
  12. I make Czech crowns. I couldn’t afford any of those if I really wanted to. 😂
  13. Holy fucking shit we’re going to the fucking super bowl… 😮
  14. Dunno, how much bullshit would you put up with to get a ring?
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