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  1. Good on you - I had the complete opposite feeling. I just knew we were going to get embarrassed. PTSD from the Marvin years? Anyway, I'm thrilled. I don't even know who these guys are anymore.
  2. My very first NFL game ever was Bengals at Oilers in 93 - you know, our 'all-star' years - game was abysmal, as you can imagine, but Francis came to play that day. I will still go see our Bengals if they come to town, but it's not pleasant, especially with these fickle fans.
  3. I don't know how Lou plans to contain Jackson. Glad I don't have that job.
  4. I'm your neighbor to the west - trust me, if it's clear and cold, you'll want to be in the sun. Their cold is very different from our cold...
  5. That's how you know it's not real - also, email would have been addressed to Pumpkie, not Katie.
  6. Seriously?? I didn't know that - guessing he was the apologist... Was Andy Fuhrman hated there in Cincy?
  7. That was a pretty entertaining stiff arm though - right before he got crushed.
  8. I was reading something on Reddit - they were saying that Urban and his wife were swingers or something? First I heard on that, but dying to hear more... heh!
  9. You gotta see it once. It's a tiny bit cheesy, but it's one of my favorite movies of all time. And I don't watch a lot of movies.
  10. Thanks for this. When I first saw Paul Brown's shadow box, it looked like they just crammed that shit in there... lol.
  11. We need Marvin coaching the first half of games, and Zac in the second half.
  12. Dumb question - so the names on that picture with the snow was photoshopped or something? (Before they announced the ROH)
  13. He's my sports hero. So he was cool? I've heard a story or two that he was kind of a jerk - that would disappoint me greatly.
  14. That was unbelievable. That was the point in the game where they usually start gashing our defense with that kind of stuff - it was incredible to watch.
  15. Or if Jonah Williams can stay healthy.
  16. Seems like this serious deficiency should have been noted a couple of months ago? But like many on here have mentioned, revise the playcalling to - something other than 'Mixon is going to break one eventually - let's keep doing it'
  17. I see Ben is 'hurt' again - just in time for a miraculous comeback. You know the old saying though - fuck em.
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