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  1. To be fair - isn't that exactly what happened with Evan Mathis and 'Nasty Nate'?
  2. Seriously - how did that happen? Why did anyone start listening to this cunt?
  3. Eh, I think they did at first. I was watching this yesterday, not realizing it was from this site...
  4. Cat

    Guns in America

    LOL... it's always the gays. Wasn't too long ago that God was punishing us with massive hurricanes because of the gays.
  5. Cat

    Guns in America

    And check this out - people are pointing fingers / blame on people changing social media profiles - but My Life? I thought that was just a spam / data harvesting site. Nonetheless, methinks ol' Vlad had something to do with it... https://www.khou.com/article/news/verify/verify-false-political-info-being-shared-on-mass-shooting-suspects/285-a3981e17-dba1-41d0-90e7-025a6f2d6db0
  6. Cat

    Guns in America

    They don't care. They don't have to. Nobody has ever made them.
  7. Cat

    Guns in America

    Crazy. Seeing them on the news is like reading about a traffic fatality now. El Paso and Dayton in one day.
  8. Jesus, Harry - whatever happened to positive Friday thoughts? On a Bengals related note - for years, I thought that Brian Pillman was a WR. Decided to google for some reason and found out he was DL and wore Geno's number.
  9. Yeah, Old - thanks for getting AJ injured. Jerk!
  10. Cat

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    That guy - he was getting love for a while on the Rogan podcast, and I never understood it.
  11. Appreciate any suggestions - my previous trips were all for work, so cost wasn't much of an issue. With family, it is. Better to stay around Dayton, or Kentucky, or? Any suggestions appreciated.
  12. What??? That should be a crime. Kolaches should be well readily available everywhere! We have thousands of donut shops, and they all sell them, though most of them taste the same. They are good, but when you find one that blows you away...
  13. Dallas I am not familiar with - that place is nuts. Houston traffic sucks, but Dallas is the same with more psychos driving. Corpus Christi - I have only been there a couple of times - the USS Lexington is a really cool tour, if you're into that sort of thing. Lots of seafood places. Austin is a beautiful place, but the city really exploded in popularity and outgrew their road system. You can tour the capitol building, visit 6th street (bars), though prob not with your son. San Antonio is my favorite place to visit. There are things to do in the city, but my favorite is to chill on the Riverwalk and drink margaritas and stuff my face. Tons of shops and restaurants. Did you go to tech school at Lackland? I joined the USAF to see the world, and they stuck me 4 hours from home, at Lackland. BMT, tech school, and finally perm party all there. Houston - depends on your interests - zoo, museums out the ass, food (BBQ, REAL Mexican food, seafood), couple of big water parks. Major league football, baseball, basketball, even a soccer team. Free boat tour of part of the Houston ship channel (have to make a reservation). Kemah boardwalk. Tons of options - if you can narrow it down some, would be glad to recommend. Galveston - my hometown. Tourist trap, but great place to chill. The beach is technically a beach, but where the Mississippi river hits the gulf, all the mud and sediment travels to Galveston resulting in brown water. Not clear like most other beaches - but still not bad to just chill on a beach. The Strand is a touristy place with shops / restaurants / bars.
  14. 1) The most popular in these parts is either Killen's in Pearland, or Corkscrew in Spring. Killen's is a restaurant, but I believe Corkscrew is more of a shack. If you want to go out of the city (NW), Snow's is incredible. But they sell out by about noon and that's the end of that for the day. 2) Honestly, my favorite is from a chain - Kolache factory - either the Ranchero or biscuit / gravy flavor. Don't laugh - but from what I have heard, the new-ish owners of Home-Cut in Galveston are reported to have significantly increased the kolache standard on the island. 3) My suggestion for burgers - either Hubcap Grill or Hopdoddy's (if you like a good beer with your burger). 4) Train still runs - though you may have to pay a little more, with time-value of money. $100 and he'd probably let you drive it all day. 5) To be fair, coming from Galveston, I avoided those two cities like the plague, except chasing a few little hotties stealthily. But - my brother still lives in Toxic City, I will ask him if he remembers. Let me know when you head this way - would def buy you a beer.
  15. That was a fun trip. If anyone is ever visiting Houston and needs some info, would be glad to help out. God knows we had enough burgers on this trip. I think my favorite was Bru Burger, on 6th. And the whiskey chocolate fudge cake - bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  16. That was on our list too - but one of those we just ran out of time for. I hate grocery stores, but that seems more of an amusement park / exhibit than a grocery store.
  17. damn, sorry guys - I thought they showed up. Having trouble getting them to show without uploading from my laptops as attachments instead of pics. My above is about a 2 second video, which my be my proudest in my last 5 years or so. Appreciate all the suggestions and comments. Went to some dive place downtown for breakfast, had goetta and egg sandwich, which I'd never had before. Really enjoyed it. Then went to the Newport Aquarium. Was nice, but more crowded than my liking. Ended up at Skyline for lunch, and to my surprise, the kids loved it. Wanted to get Gold Star or Blue Ash, or one of those that you guys suggested, but will have to wait until next time. Did get to the observation deck of Carew Tower also. These last 3 days just flew by.
  18. I'm posting updates because I am excited - if you are still reading this thread, hope you are interested. Tour was way cool - though I was starting to get disappointed until we stepped on the field. Did 4 40 yard dash races with my sons... still beat them. Didn't get to go in the weight room, it was being used. Saw the new German fellow doing squats. Only got to see the visitor locker room, but still cool. Tour guide was a sweet lady named Sue. Decided to have lunch at Moerlein. Really tasty. Based on what we've heard here, and your suggestions, going to pass on Montgomery Inn. I do like the sauce, but I can get that in Kroger in Houston. Boiled ribs are common and gross - they do it because the meat falls off the bone. Pass. Will probably take the wife to Knockback Nats - have heard good things. Tomorrow will take the fam to Skyline. Want to share with you some pics of our trip to Koch's. So you all know I didn't come here to fuck around.
  19. Visit going great so far. I've not been here in the summer, and a little surprised how hot it is. Considering where we came from, I figured it would be hot, but more-so that we thought. Went to the zoo today, and this is more directed to TDub - WTF are these things that look like flies and bite like mosquitoes? We have one or the other in Houston. They ravaged the shit out of me at the zoo today. We have PBS tour tomorrow, and prob Mont Inn Boathouse. Now we are eyeing the damn hurricane that may impact our trip home on Sunday.
  20. It was the teleprompters fault - didn't you hear?
  21. Another actual post from Cat's neighborhood forum: Unsure if it's just trolling at this point... I mean, I really hope so. The fact that anyone would still believe anything this con man says, seems to pass way beyond believability.

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