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  1. I'm going to use this phrase for the rest of my life.
  2. I passed by ol' Stingaree Stadium last Friday. Of course, you HAVE to listen to trade offers. The issue is regarding if the Bengals staff can use those extra picks wisely and not on garbage like PJ Dawson and Dontay Moch, for example.
  3. Didn't do much for Klingler. And I say that as a huge Kenny fan. I thought Van Pelt was supposed to be the shit?
  4. That's crazy. Not even a basketball fan, but I know he is one of the GOATS.
  5. I know, right? There's a joke in there somewhere about him missing the target, causing his wife to cheat - but I can't tie it all together...
  6. True, like the Braves or FSU - but I cannot root for SF*. *Unless they are playing the stealers or cheaters
  7. Rooting for the chefs over the tacks, but so far another Reid choke job.
  8. Odell is the one that breaks my heart the most. He looked like a good on his rookie year.
  9. Agreed. He looked pretty solid in the first half against a really good defense. Then they made adjustments.
  10. I wanted him in Cincy bad, also. All those concussions though, turning his brain to soup. That's such a shame.
  11. Hey, at least these defensive players in his face will get him ready for next season
  12. That's where it gets interesting - seems to be that Kraft wants to keep Tom, but Belicheat seems to be the one that wants to move on. Will be a power struggle if that's correct.
  13. That was glorious. The only outcome I would have liked to be different would be Vikes over 69ers.
  14. First Sam, and now this: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-peart-rush-obituary-936221/
  15. I think her idea of a 'cheat day' is eating TWO carrot sticks.
  16. I mean - assistant coaches, Zimmer, Gruden, Hue - even Paulie got a job somewhere else.
  17. They have a surplus of seafood in Baltimore they needed to get rid of?
  18. And remember every time the Bengals fire a coach, to renew your passport and update your tetanus shot.
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