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  1. By the way - I NEVER get tired of this.
  2. I like that. I used to watch those things back in the 90's where the QB's would throw with the 'defenders' being driven by on golf carts, etc.
  3. Not terribly surprised, but it's been around as far back as I can remember. https://www.click2houston.com/sports/2022/09/26/nfl-ends-pro-bowl-skills-competitions-flag-game-instead/
  4. Yeah pretty much - same quality as what you can buy at Koch's - minus the Esiasason type spelling. Thanks, Gents.
  5. Where do you all get your non-official jerseys? I used to get mine at Koch's when I came in for a visit, but I don't get to do that anymore. Those were pretty affordable, but they don't list them online.
  6. Yeah - I know - but my 2nd favorite team is playing tonight. I didn't realize Big Whit was on the pre-game, so that was cool.
  7. I mean - does it really matter at this point? I'm not sure we can win a meaningful game at all.
  8. Can our D step up? Listen - I'm 48. Will be 49 in two months. Not a horrible fatass, but I could be in way better shape. I'm gonna die of a heart attack before I turn 49 at this rate.
  9. He'll never see that coming! Our theory is Parsons will get confused and will just stand there and not play.
  10. Man fuck this. They are showing the Texans / Broncos. No biggie, I have the Sunday Ticket streaming. What's that? We're having trouble showing you EVERY game? Whoops, sorry about that...
  11. Remember when they used to let Peko lead block? That was fun to watch.
  12. Thanks, bud - I will give this a shot. 1530 is some garbage national show, but I hadn't tried this one. Will report back next weekend!
  13. My thoughts from what I saw: I've seen enough of Jonah Williams. I wouldn't re-sign him. Collins didn't look that great either. We get NO push in the running game. Why did the refs put so much time back on the clock after Burrow's fumble / Perine's recovery?
  14. I love having the Sunday Ticket to watch - but I really wish I had access to the pre-game show with Dan and Lap here in Texas.
  15. From the little bit that I watched, they were killing L.A. with short passes. Boom boom boom one after the other. They are really good at it.
  16. Erm - does this mean Brandon Allen is released? Also, bummer about Williams - hoped he would find a spot.
  17. Oh wow - he's been around forever. Remember the Kim Wood guy? Yeesh.
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