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  1. Jesus, Mike - nice catch! What a contrast from Vikki Zimmer, who could have been America's Mom. Baking cookies for the players because she thought he was too hard on them... that still makes me smile. But hell, let him have some fun. I would def take my chances with him as a head coach. Anything but this shit show. Say what you will about Marvin, but he took a 2-14 team to 8-8 in his first season. People are making excuses for Zac that he has a shit team. Not buying it anymore.
  2. Cat

    POTUS 2020

    Or Hillary Clinton, either! I was thinking about it, but those emails...
  3. Someone posted this picture on Reddit with this caption: "Why do we hear boss music?"- New York Giants My favorite comment: Bah God, is that Christian rock playing?
  4. So that's how bad we've gotten, eh? At least nobody has suggested bringing Brat back yet...
  5. Yikes! Allen was shit at A&M, did very little at U of H - and actually won some games at Carolina. What a strange world.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30048287/sources-houston-texans-fire-coach-gm-bill-obrien-0-4-start
  7. Cat

    POTUS 2020

    You'll appreciate this one - the governor of Tx is limiting drop box for ballots to one (1) per county for 'ballot security' https://www.click2houston.com/decision-2020/2020/10/01/abbott-issues-order-limiting-number-of-places-mail-in-ballots-can-be-dropped-off-to-1-per-county/
  8. He's definitely not fucking with people. That's just the new, national way of dealing with problems - just deny the problem exists and proclaim the opposite, contrary to evidence with your own eyes.
  9. Cat

    POTUS 2020

    He's so predictable. He's already said he gave the best debate performance in history, and then he was telling his rally that it was the highest rated SHOW in cable TV history.
  10. Jesus Christ. That's just piss poor. What an embarrassment.
  11. God, I would love that. He's not doing well in Minny, and no guarantee he would do any better here, but I'd take my chances. Lou sucks. He and Turner need to get on with their life's work.
  12. Naw - we all know her final statement was written by George Soros, or they guy who maintained Hillary's email server. It's really hard to pick which one is the worst - Lady G, who said unequivocally to hold him to his words regarding a new justice about waiting until the election, is now saying that he's allowed to change his mind because of something Obama did in 2013-2014, and also because they were mean to butt-chuggin' Brett.
  13. Lol. Open Box deals. Maybe they are really trusting what Turner says? But how can they (coaches other than Turner / owner) watch what happens on the field and think "Wow, Hart looks phenomenal!"
  14. Cat

    POTUS 2020

    So Re-Education camps then...
  15. Pipe dream would be if Zimmer gets fired in Minny... at least for me. Not sure that he'd want to come back to the city with such lovely memories like suddenly losing the love of your life.
  16. Seems just like last year, decent showing first game, and opposing offenses figure him out and dice him up. Now Hunt was WIDE open.
  17. That was my very first Bengals game at Paul Brown - flew up there for work, but part of it was to see a game. Everything was going right that day - then Maualuga either picked the ball off or got a fumble, and then fumbled it back giving them a new set of downs. It just went to shit from there.
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