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  1. Cat

    Kellen Winslow: What a jerk-off

    He always preferred making love with his favorite person, I guess.
  2. Or the dreaded 'high ankle sprain'
  3. Just for shits and giggles, I looked up David Shula's record against the stealers. 1-8 Ol' Spitty won the 2nd game of 96 against them after Shula was canned.
  4. Cat

    Meet Kenyon, our newest puppy

    Lol. That tongue.
  5. Well that explains why all those planes crash, and why God didn't help the passengers on 9/11 - God couldn't hear them!
  6. Cat

    Trump/Russia Investigation

    Most likely - thing is, the never-Trumpers knew he was a con man, where most career politicians hide it a little better. I get why she is hesitant to start this impeachment, anyone on the fence will be nudged in the direction of the narrative that this really is just a witch hunt, because it will go to the Senate and be 'dead on arrival' as McConnell always says. "Stupid libruls - we beat em again! So much winning!" On the other hand - how can you just let these dudes just IGNORE congressional subpoenas? It's really a no win situation. Everyone keeps saying Mueller is hinting at impeachment - I just don't get that at all. Seems to me, that he said "anything I have to say is in the report, and I'm done." I don't see anything between the lines, but that's just me.
  7. Cat

    Meet Kenyon, our newest puppy

    Shit that sucks. Sorry.
  8. So when GB, Shittsburgh, et al wear those awful throwbacks - those helmets are decals? I am confused...
  9. Cat

    Meet Kenyon, our newest puppy

    I love my pups like they are my kids - the down side is that you can't just pick up and take off on a whim for a weekend. And boarding is expensive.
  10. Appreciate any suggestions - my previous trips were all for work, so cost wasn't much of an issue. With family, it is. Better to stay around Dayton, or Kentucky, or? Any suggestions appreciated.
  11. Can't tell you guys how much I appreciate everything.
  12. I appreciate all the tips - all ideas are appreciated. Interesting thing about Wright Pat - when I was deployed to Saudi Arabia after Khobar Towers, they had a tribute stone type memorial - I swore that I read they moved it to Wright Pat, but I can non longer find anything on it. Of course, I also swore that I had a picture of me with the thing while I was there - but it would be cool to see it again on this side of the world.
  13. Cat

    Meet Kenyon, our newest puppy

    He'll be that size for about another half an hour...
  14. Appreciate that - I think for sure, we (I) want to do the PBS tour, most likely the zoo - there's a couple of cool things downtown I want to show them. Other than that, *maybe* King's Island, Jungle Jim's. Of course have to squeeze in Montgomery Inn and Skyline. We don't need a Motel 6, or the Waldorf - just preferably a place in a safe area that we can get around to stuff to. A And any suggestions about other cool things to do would be great. Thanks!
  15. Cat

    Rest In Peace Tim Conway

    Yes, but Harvey Korman is happy.
  16. Cat

    It's "Palm" Beach for Bobby Kraft

    Judge: Kraft’s prosecutors cannot use massage parlor video https://www.apnews.com/5eb43018843e49a791e0da6a3c233437 I'm sure his public defender used strong legal acumen to argue valid point of the law. Nothing to do with being a billionaire...
  17. Just in case you pull into a parking garage with him.
  18. Cat

    Guns in America

    This was a great point of view. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2019/05/09/school-shootings-cuomo-closing-argument-cpt-vpx.cnn
  19. Cat

    Trump/Russia Investigation

    Those two jizzrags were definitely beating each other off below the camera line during that interview.
  20. Cat

    Trump/Russia Investigation

    If you can manage - go to Fox news and read the comments - if you can get past the headlines - but they are like 'yep, like the president said, total exoneration - now these snowflakes need something else to cry about', etc etc I get it if some people have the red-ass that Clinton never really had consequences for lying to the gubbament - I understand that - but how the FUCK can you defend this con man after this?
  21. Cat

    Trump/Russia Investigation

    This whole thing is just sickening. Be conservative if you want - they have a lot of good ideas. Just like liberals. There ha always been division between to two, but it really seems to have just blown up since Clinton was president. Do away with the parties. That won't stop everything, but maybe over time will stop this kind of shit. Would love to put Lindsey Graham in a corner and make him explain the difference of what he said about Clinton versus now.
  22. Cat

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    Exactly! Just like he turned all of his troops in Afghanistan gay. That joke would work a LOT better if it weren't the Navy... 😆

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