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  1. He can whip open a bottle of ketchup and make a perfect pile for french fry dipping like nobody's business.
  2. All good here in Texas - able to work from home until whenever. Can find milk and bread (sometimes), but never eggs. But there is plenty of food, nobody is going to starve. I bought a toilet seat bidet from Amazon and not sure how I lived without it. Have been eyeing it for about a year, then pulled the trigger when all these assholes (no pun intended) started hoarding toilet paper. My college kid is home basically for the rest of the semester, and my middle school son at least until 10 April. Now we wait.
  3. John Jerry and Bobby Hart are still on the team?
  4. Makes sense. Man that's gonna be weird.
  5. He tweeted a 'goodbye' to the Pats. He's a Cali boy - Chargers?
  6. If you play your cards right, maybe she will let you touch her butt.
  7. It's a challenge down here to get milk, eggs, bread - and laundry soap? Other than that, there's plenty of food at the store. These fucking hoarders - I know a couple of them, they are going to the store every other day and buying up as much as they can. So stupid.
  8. Bump - Sorry bud, I can't help you, but hopefully this bump will help.
  9. Oof - that is a hell of a hike over that bridge. Seems like the lots were occupied / gone when I was there last summer. That's too bad, those were so much fun.
  10. Where do you guys meet up now, Harry? MOC, Gary, Wayne, etc
  11. I'm going to use this phrase for the rest of my life.
  12. I passed by ol' Stingaree Stadium last Friday. Of course, you HAVE to listen to trade offers. The issue is regarding if the Bengals staff can use those extra picks wisely and not on garbage like PJ Dawson and Dontay Moch, for example.
  13. Didn't do much for Klingler. And I say that as a huge Kenny fan. I thought Van Pelt was supposed to be the shit?
  14. That's crazy. Not even a basketball fan, but I know he is one of the GOATS.
  15. I know, right? There's a joke in there somewhere about him missing the target, causing his wife to cheat - but I can't tie it all together...
  16. True, like the Braves or FSU - but I cannot root for SF*. *Unless they are playing the stealers or cheaters
  17. Rooting for the chefs over the tacks, but so far another Reid choke job.
  18. Odell is the one that breaks my heart the most. He looked like a good on his rookie year.
  19. Agreed. He looked pretty solid in the first half against a really good defense. Then they made adjustments.
  20. I wanted him in Cincy bad, also. All those concussions though, turning his brain to soup. That's such a shame.
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