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  1. How bad was the officiating? Realistically? I didn't even watch. I can't stand the fellating of Brady... even then it's all over Instagram and Reddit and shit.
  2. Did you see the first press conference of the new Eagles coach? Ooof.
  3. oooh damn... this is a tough one. Could be anyone - I'm guessing Tony Dungy?
  4. "The Bengals have already spent up to the cap" - Geoff Hobson, probably
  5. Oh wow - that's "Let Down" Gary Brown, who was a RB for the Oilers. That's kind of in jest, he replaced Lorenzo White and was immediately dubbed 'Touchdown Gary Brown', until he started fumbling. He may be a fine coach, I don't have any idea.
  6. I always kinda liked KC - getting tired of hearing about Mahomes though. If Nawlins can somehow pull this W against Shady Brady, I will be a happy camper. I'll be pulling for Buffalo, regardless.
  7. No he is not. My TV signal keeps glitching out. Did they say Ma-Holmes has a concussion?
  8. I remember at one point a couple of years ago, Pollack (David) was Bengals bashing and Kirk refused to join in.
  9. As he does. What a terrific ending o the season. Now if we can get Brady and the rats to lose... my God, the fellating of Lamar Jackson was reaching Brady levels during the game yesterday.
  10. Cat


    Just sick of all this shit. Effects of Trumpism aren't going away any time soon... not when you have prominent members of congress still chasing that maga vote. Scalise, Kevin "Joe" McCarthy, Brooks, Gaetz, Jordan, Hawley - but most of all, Cruz - I guess calling for their resignations make people feel good, but they would have to have a sense of shame for that to matter - at ALL. There simply are no repercussions anymore, not for that group. Some fucking how, they keep getting elected, and keep doing whatever they want. We'll see in 10 days if these nutcas
  11. Anyone ever hear why he left in the first place? At the time, I remember reading that it was sort of a mystery.
  12. I would think he's got a good job where he is - working where he built that really nice house in Arizona, coaching young men with their careers all ahead of them... must be a need to satisfy that huge ego.
  13. Cat


    Why, did something happen yesterday?
  14. It would be great... but I'm jaded, like most of you. We were there season after shitty season when Shula kept getting a free pass. Or Bratkowski hung on even after the announcers were calling the plays in advance. Or Paul Alexander keeping his job for over 20 years. *sigh*
  15. I salute your optimism. I don't buy it for a second, but appreciate it nonetheless.
  16. Let me guess - Ben is going to give the stealers a miraculous comeback game next week after being off this week.
  17. Same. Sticking with Pisspuke game for now, hoping for a smorgasbord of cheap shots from the Browns.
  18. Dude - especially when I hear all the fellating going on with Tua and Herbert on what great rookie seasons they are having.
  19. "Thanks coach Lewis for coming in, we'll let you know of our final decision. Since you're here, you mind having a look at some of this tape on your former team and hooking us up with some intel?" I kid, he's damn near 2 years removed from this team. But the people here are freaking out and don't want to hire him - I think he's a really good coach. I wonder if he will blow it by insisting on bringing Hue with him.
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