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  1. Oof. That's a rough game to watch. Wife and I went to that game here in Houston. It was a fucking disaster.
  2. And Dennis Roland would pirouette until he was making eye contact with his QB
  3. Damn - opted out to avoid Covid, catches it anyway. Well, that was the story of opting out anyway...
  4. Just for fun: Then: Team Year Regular Season Post Season Won Lost Ties Win % Finish Won Lost Win % Result CIN 1978 4 7 0 .364 4th in AFC Central – – – – CIN 1979 4 12 0 .250 4th in AFC C
  5. If I had a vote (which I don't), 14 goes in without a doubt, he was my hero growing up. The last spot, I mean flip a coin between Curtis and Riley. Both were equally bad ass and should be the next ones in. Part of me thinks Riley should get the nod since the NFL 'forgot' to honor him last year, and the other part thinks give it to Curtis while he's still alive and can enjoy it.
  6. "SHIT!!!" - Katie Blackburn Honestly I'm not sure - they change the rules on uniforms and helmets enough where I can't keep up.
  7. Agreed - loved his cameo. Can't think of anyone better to play that role.
  8. "He drives a mini van, but runs like a Maserati" - lol I love that they are doing these farewell videos.
  9. He was a great guy and a decent player - probably not worth what he was getting paid here, but even as recently as the win against the stealers - he was playing like a beast. He'll be one of my favorite of all time.
  10. That's where I am. What happens if Jonah or Reiff gets hurt, which is not unlikely based on Jonah's time here... and Reiff is on a 1 year deal. I mean, we need all three of those draftees, but damn - watching the franchise go down in his rookie season like that, and such a bad injury - I'd put blue chip everything in front of him.
  11. Ah yes - makes sense - I was thinking worst case, ie nobody wants to play here so they sign 1 year to get contract elsewhere type of deal.
  12. I am not even an amateur on NFL personnel issues - but are all these 1 year deals concerning to anyone?
  13. I am in Houston, and @SmoothD will back me up! I got family all across La Place, St. Rose, Destrehan, Metairie.
  14. Nobody calls them that down here, you blueblood! Crawfish it is!
  15. Nobody has, until now. He's been the face of H-E-B (Texas massive grocery store chain), among other things - never heard a bad word about the guy. Obviously one sexual assault allegation is enough, and the investigation NEEDS to happen asap, much less 5 or 6 or whatever the number is up to now - but the fact that Buzbee is representing them just makes your skin crawl. Dude is a huge douchebag.
  16. Nobody down here knows what the hell is going on. Been that way since the old man passed. Traded Hopkins last season, now notable failed mayoral candidate and shitball Tony Buzbee is leading the charge for the sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson... is it because he wants to be traded, or has he been assaulting women this whole time? There is very little hope in these parts. I'm not sad about it.
  17. That's my thought. You guys couldn't move the needle on Thuney, and he's a local boy? I get it, it's KC, it's Mahomes, they were in the last 2 super bowls, but it seems like being 'home' would be a huge factor...
  18. Interesting - drunk? Not sure - Late? Could be Warrick?
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