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  1. I'm not even convinced he's going to show up again. Training camp or otherwise.
  2. Riall, right? I wish I could remember important shit...
  3. Or we'd sign has-beens looking for one last paycheck - a la Clyde Simmons, Gary Reasons, etc
  4. My favorite part of that was when I realized that was Hines Ward's punk ass coaching SA.
  5. I've always wondered that - don't they check that stuff in pre-game warmups?
  6. Yes! I admit I was half asleep and no glasses on - and I didn't know what was going on with this thing - it happened so fast, I was thinking 'what just happened?' But it looked like it was good to me.
  7. First of all - this is fantastic! Sour apples and Captain Obvious - it's so dumb that it took this long, and that the only reason he FINALLY got proper consideration is because of the team's recent success. One has nothing to do with the other, and so many other guys getting cheated because the lost 90's.
  8. This was a really good podcast - Chad is funny as hell.
  9. Obviously O Line has to be the priority - but damn, I'd like to see more interior pass rush. I love BJ Hill, but man we were missing Ogunjobi type pressure all season.
  10. Well of course it was, but even when you're right, talking shit to a mafia type organization, of course they are going to retaliate. Don't even get me started on the dumb ass mayor. That was so cringey.
  11. I don't know about being rigged or whatever - but maybe not a great idea to talk shit about the NFL on camera, ie 'better get your refunds'? Who knows, maybe they'd have fucked us anyway, but why poke the bear, and then this shit happens?
  12. I bitch about them a lot on here - but Jesus. Then they bring in Gene Steratore to come in and tell them how right they are in their assessment. Kind of like the 'heel' commentator on WWF.
  13. It's foolproof. If we win, it's because Kermie is injured. If they win he is 'gutsy'.
  14. For the first 40 yards, anyway... Clark Harris should run for mayor of Cincinnati.
  15. Jim Nantz gets on my last nerve. "Well, Tony - I think he got his feet down - let's ask Gene Steratore -Gene, didn't he get his feet down?"
  16. I didn't know until just now. I'm under the weather, so I turned that shit off at 27-7.
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