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  1. Gonna be a lot of Bengal-playoff-win babies born in Cincy in September.
  2. Who wants to guess what cheesy titles Baghdad Hob is going to come up with? The Hill(s) are alive All downHill from here Hill be a star
  3. I'm not either - and I'm a movie snob, but you have to watch it once. It's worth it.
  4. This is probably going to get me banned - but I don't detect much of a difference between the two. I haven't tried Blue Ash, but I imagine it would not sway my Texas palate one way or the other. I always end up eating Skyline because I always stay downtown when I visit, and there are a couple in walking distance. Or, we have Kroger here - you can buy canned Skyline. It's always fun to ask one of the wife's friends to come join us for a 3 way. After I explained to one of her friends, she said "Ok, I will come over for a Cincinnati 3 way. I said "now you just made it sound dirtier, like a Cleveland Steamer.". I get in trouble a lot. Anyway, go Bengals.
  5. Better check with Baghdad Hob on your math - they've already spent so much money that the players will have to drink water from a garden hose during camp.
  6. So the hobo might really be a hobo after the musical chairs stops.
  7. I sure do! I imagine Mike didn't want to pay for 2 first class tickets because he couldn't squeeze his fat ass into one seat. Kidding aside, yes, that was embarrassing.
  8. Dude, c'mon - you're allowed. It's happened so many, many times before. Lavar Arrington, Warren Sapp to name a couple - even Siragusa's fat ass. Now to figure out LG.
  9. Surely the Bengos staff is not all sitting in a conference room, wringing their hands, and waiting for Collins to pick Miami - they are looking at the other options and evaluating their next move... right? Right???
  10. I knew this was coming. Lol. La'el Collins has been spotted near Kyev with the Ukranian Army...
  11. I've seen that quote with so many different people in it, I don't believe it anymore. I'm sure it's been said many times, but I think people just use the format "(insert legendary guitarist name) was asked how it felt to be the best guitarist ever, and he said 'I don't know, you need to ask (insert name of your favorite guitarist)'". For Collins - if he's asking for stupid money, then I get it - but as a fan watching Burrow get sacked that many times, especially in the playoffs - GD it!!!!
  12. I admit - I never liked the prick. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33541834/long-nfl-reporter-john-clayton-dies-67
  13. I think that depends on public pressure. Rog would be happy for this scandal to 'fade into Bolivian', as Mike Tyson once said. But it seems a lot of Brownies fans are pissed and very vocal. Will be interesting...
  14. Seriously. We really need another lineman.
  15. Honest question - anyone think that's a bit high for BJ Hill?
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