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  1. When I was a kid, happened to catch this cheesy movie on called Midnight Madness. I still love it to this day.
  2. Nobody mentioned Watch Dogs 2? It was on sale, so I got it. I really like it.
  3. This is fucking crazy. We have turned into a reality show / WWF angle. What do you all think happens next? How long will Ryan / McConnell / Graham drag their feet taking action on this?
  4. Not a murder case, but I worked with this weirdo for 2 years. We thought he was creepy, but never thought 'kid toucher'
  5. Apparently a suicide vacates a guilty verdict? I saw the same thing and am confused...
  6. With an asterisk of course...
  7. Well yeah, he's got to earn more to pay off the future victims. He's got to work as long as he can.
  8. No not THE Lombardi - he was talking about the pizza from NY.
  9. I'm sorry, man. It's never easy. Just know you gave him an amazing life that he wouldn't have had without you.
  10. So this is the latest scandal - this Conway lady putting her shoes on a couch in the oval office. All I could think of is :
  11. He likes soldiers that don't get killed. And "It was a successful mission, period!"
  12. Yep - I got this one - Check and see how far you are from the broadcast towers, and that your attic doesn't have that stuff that can block signals, I can't remember what it's called - radiant barrier?
  13. On your antenna- I ordered one from this place - It works great, and they have a ton of information on there for research.
  14. I ended up building a small media computer with WinTv - antenna goes directly into the machine and has a DVR - not nearly as convenient as say, DirecTv has - but it works. You just have to stay on top of if a program changes times / days - otherwise you end up with 4 episodes of Superstore instead of The Blacklist...
  15. I never could get it to work right - antenna signal was fine direct to the TV, but awful going through this thing.
  16. This is a horrible mistake.
  17. That is a double standard - you could say the same exact thing about Dungy - he couldn't get the Bucs into the Super Bowl. You chide Gruden for getting someone else's team into the SB, but didn't Bill Callahan do the same exact thing with the team Gruden built?
  18. Some of my friends in Findlay told me that he basically isn't welcome around there anymore - he promised the Fire Department around $50k for donation, and then - didn't. Wasn't there a sign that was removed - one of those 'home of'?
  19. Ok - that I CAN explain.
  20. As much as I want you to be wrong, you aren't.
  21. I just read that headline about charges reduced - and like two stories down I saw this: All I can say is...