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  1. Cat

    POTUS 2020

    Is this anything more than a thinly veiled attempt for Kanye to help his buddy and attempt to pull some of the black / youth vote from Biden?
  2. There was something about him being anti-vax too, wasn't there?
  3. Are you planning on replacing the button and the actual bell with a new unit?
  4. Good to see you, bud - was up there last summer to show the rest of my family my escapades, and was looking for the old spot to show them. Glad to see you're still around!
  5. I like what one of the Redditors said "Oh, I'm sure it was a strongly worded letter admonishing him for his actions."
  6. James Harrison On Mohamed Massaquoi Hit: "I ain’t gonna say what, but [Tomlin] handed me an envelope after that." https://www.si.com/nfl/browns/news/pittsburgh-Stealers-james-harrison-on-cleveland-browns-mohamed-massaquoi-hit-i-aint-gonna-say-what-but-he-tomlin-handed-me-an-envelope-after-that
  7. Cat

    POTUS 2020

    At this point, he could carefully lay out an American flag and a copy of the constitution on the south lawn and take a shit on them, and I don't think his supporters would flinch. He's already spun the slow response to blame Obama, China, the WHO, and people seem to believe that. Kushner said 'these supplies don't belong to the states, they belong to us', which Trump explained Kushner meant 'us' was the people of the U.S... HUH? And his people are just fine with that explanation. Are swing voters buying that? I have no idea...
  8. Huh? Burrow was in that video? Sorry, must have staring at something else.
  9. People have strong negative opinions on Dalton, and I get it - we never won a playoff game with him. But you know what? He NEVER quit on this team or the city.
  10. I was hoping he'd go to New England and have a lot of success, but oh well. I'll root for him wherever he goes.
  11. Right - I thought I remembered Levi being injured at the time. Still held his own.
  12. I'm not sure which made that funnier - the actual book, or her laughing - but that was good. Thanks!
  13. Correct. Two different rule books.
  14. WTF man - just to fly my wife back from her home town (also in TX) was $600.
  15. Cat

    POTUS 2020

    So now he's telling people to shove an ultraviolet light up their ass and have a swig of some Lysol... is this still better to 'own the libs"?
  16. That article was maddening to re-read. Was it? Which part of that was bad luck? Drafting a run and shoot quarterback with slower receivers and a rapidly aging offensive line? Or the guy that the head coach and qb coach didn't want, and you drafted him anyway? What was the incentive? Having a pulse and being on the field at the same time? You couldn't complete a pass!
  17. In my mind, I can't put Vick in mediocre. He was for sure when he got out of the clink, but he was terrifying to watch pre-conviction.
  18. Cat


    You seen any of those videos from India and Asia? The cops beat the shit out of people they catch out with these long rods.
  19. Cat


    Wishing you the best, bud.
  20. Cat


    With you there - that's terrifying when you hear what people without those conditions who got the virus describe. I'm asthmatic as well and we have been staying home, but the wife had to travel because her mother is dying - and they have a LOT of family visiting and helping. Just hoping when she comes back that I am not fucked.
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