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  1. Guns in America

  2. Can only hope the Bengals feel a little burned by the last 2 FA LBers they signed. I hope.
  3. Guns in America

    There sure is. This is an excerpt from my local community board. This is their opposition and how they think. All from the same person, btw - and some folks agree with them.
  4. Would be a real shame if a bunch of dick pics were spammed on his twitter page...
  5. You're right - it's just satisfying because he was such a smug prick over raising the price of those meds, and in his testimony. And Jamie is also correct, he's not going to jail over screwing patients. I've watched enough documentaries that I am aware, you can murder, rape, commit arson, so on, maybe they find you, maybe they won't - but if you defraud rich people or an insurance company, they WILL find you and you will be fucked.
  6. Guns in America

    I bet she loves it doggy style. She's kinda hot in a Detective Benson sort of way. Also note the western themed / Longmire guitar in the background. Whoa, she means business! And how DARE these people use free speech to change things! What exactly DOES the flag represent? Keeping the Messcans on their side of the line? The colord's on their side of the tracks? What exactly are 'our' values?
  7. So how do you get it to all of your TV's? And how do you DVR - from your PC?
  8. Abortion Information wanted...

    True, condoms are cheap - and free if you go to the health organizations, but the high schoolers working there that give them out have a tendency to be 'funny' and poke holes in them. Plus, dudes just won't wear them. The not-so-smart ones anyway. ANd the women get free birth control now so that's g - oh wait, the conservatives cut that out? Well, at least they can go to Planned Parenthood and get discounted OBGYN care and birth con- what you mean they are trying to defund that too? The idea that people are not gonna ball is naive and ridiculous, mang. I know you were being baseline factual, and people don't like abortion and people aren't going to stop having sex, so...
  9. Abortion Information wanted...

    Second to that - contraception - people have been humping since there have been people... make contraception more widespread and affordable.
  10. Guns in America

    Dude - I got my concealed handgun license a few years ago - I carry a 9mm, it's what I used to carry as an AF cop. I'm well trained and drilled in safety, shoot/no-shoot situations and even then - I have a tremendous respect for the power and responsibility that comes with it. That said, when I took the class - I scored 100% across the board. Not because I am a genius, but because of what I mentioned. You wouldn't believe some of the MORONS who also took the class and "passed". And the instructor took our paper targets for qualification, and said "I'm going to go grade these now" with an over-animated wink to the group. So there are dozens of classes every week, week after week, year after year of people who probably shouldn't even OWN a weapon, that are now legally carrying them on their person daily.
  11. Bye Katherine. Sniff. The city just got a little less attractive.

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