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  1. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Still a better love story than twilight...
  2. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Dude, I fucking left the country and even *I* think you're jaded...
  3. Spine Surgery for Shazier

    True. But if I had a choice...
  4. Spine Surgery for Shazier

    Too bad it wasn't Mitchell...
  5. There's one set of rules for the Steelers, and a set for everyone else. This is why I've tuned out almost entirely...
  6. Great article. However, it not only makes me like Jones and Goodell even less, it makes me not really give a shit if the NFL survives or not...
  7. Funny anecdote about Goodell. Before we left Las Vegas some friends had a little get together for us, and my wife told me about the husband of one of her former co-workers who would be attending. Said he sounded like an interesting dude, but was a bit odd. At the party, I notice a squat, older guy with longish hair, dyed I want to say purple in spots, and assume he's the guy my wife told me about. Struck up a conversation, and he was indeed interesting. Then I noticed the ring on his hand, and asked to take a look. Turns out he had been a coach on the 1980 Raiders: His dad had been tight with Al Davis, Davis had come to this guy's high school graduation, he called him Uncle Al, etc., and he was still involved with the Raiders on occasion and had contacts in the NFL. TL/DR: The owners fucking LOVE Roger Goodell. He takes all the heat for whatever shit-brained idea they come up with, takes all the abuse, and the league still makes money. It also helps that he's a snivelling little weasel who practically has a PhD in ass kissing. Flags, protests, blah blah blah. Goodell isn't going anywhere, at least not for a long goddamn time unless the league tanks and they need a scapegoat. He also mentioned the owners pretty much can't stand Mike Brown, but pretty sure that's already common knowledge.
  8. The tune was/ is a sailors drinking song. It was around before the US even had a navy.
  9. A. Rick, you need therapy. B. What’s lost in this entire belligerent furor over athletes kneeling for the National Anthem is that our National Anthem fucking *SUCKS*. The melody is an atonal abortion originally crafted for sailors drunk to the point of changing their sexual orientation, and paired with a shitty, racist poem that extols the virtues of keeping slaves in their shackles. I fully and wholeheartedly support athletes kneeling during the anthem to protest police brutality and the wanton disregard for the lives and safety of African Americans. I’d be just as OK with folks walking out because it’s a shit piece of music.

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