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  1. Yeah, well you are talking about a team whose offense used to get tons of delay of game penalties coming out of a timeout so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Don't you work for a pharmaceutical company? Anyway, do you have access to a swimming pool? It's good exercise and easy on arthritic joints.
  3. Kindly keep that shit in the political forum...
  4. Good news. And the word everyone is looking for is "extended". Re-signed means his contract ended and he signed a new one...
  5. Good news. And the word everyone is looking for is "extended". Re-signed means his contract ended and he signed a new one...
  6. The domain name is expired. That doesn't bode well...
  7. First amendment attorneys would feast on this ill-conceived attempt to quash the right to assemble...
  8. Thanks. And what a dumb fuck. So much for OSU dominance...
  9. Who in the hell is Zach Smith? #outtatheloop
  10. I found it interesting that he described the displays as "disgusting", as that is how I've felt about them for quite a while now. That and unsettled. You have to hand it to the military marketers, though, because they learned their lesson in Vietnam. Control the narrative and don't let the citizenry know what the military is doing in their name. Then deify the troops so their actions are rarely questioned. (To be clear, the vast majority of vets I know aren't comfortable with this deification and incessant fawning , either).
  11. Man, with all due respect, you've kinda gone off the rails. A healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing when sussing out information, but your wholesale dismissal of pretty much everything anyone says is counterproductive. Sorry, but some people are experts, and some people do know what they're talking about, even if you don't like what they're saying. The trick is in discerning who the expert is and verifying the information they're supplying. Have you read this book? https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-death-of-expertise-9780190469412?cc=cz&lang=en& You should, as it provides an excellent synopsis of how we ended up where we're at, technology and the internet's role in that process, and how to judge and asses the information, as well as decide if the experts are keeping themselves in check. I have it in PDF and Kindle format. Say the word and I'll send you a copy.
  12. Elflocko


    MGM is a shit company but that is most likely BS...
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