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  1. Kinda like when they helped us perpetrate terrorist acts when we sold them arms and Reagan used that money to fund the Sandinistas. And like when we terrorized their citizenry by overthrowing their democratically elected leader and installed the Shah in 1953. Perspective is powerful...
  2. Guns in America

    As Jim Jeffries said, "You're bringing a gun to a drone fight".
  3. Guns in America

  4. Guns in America

  5. Guns in America

    Yes, and yes. I still remember the CCW guy who tried to be a hero when a couple of Bundy Ranch nutballs murdered two Metro officers while they were eating lunch and got his ticket punched. Nevada is an open carry state, and it got so bad before we left that it felt like we were having a gun shoved in our faces every time we turned around. I'd be at the grocery store looking at bananas and some yokel with a hero complex would walk by with a .357 strapped to his hip, or my favorite, we were at a kids birthday party and one of the dudes there bent over the cooler to get a beer and he had a fucking 9mm stuffed in his waistband. Don't miss it at all...
  6. HUGE College Hoops Scandal

    Any time huge sums of money are involved in, well, anything, greed and corruption is sure to follow...
  7. Dogs And chocolate

    Slow learner, that one...
  8. Guns in America

    This is a good example...
  9. Guns in America

    Why mandate training, licensing, and insurance to drive a motor vehicle? Why mandate licensure and training for medical professionals? Hey, I think I'm capable of driving a fully loaded 18-wheeler, give me a crack at it! We do so to ensure that people with certain responsibilities are capable of performing those tasks in a manner that is safe for the general public. Look, you're the type of guy I want owning weapons; you're smart, you're even keel, and you're well trained, but there is no way to paint you as the typical gun owner because you're certainly not. You ask why we would burden the "Overwhelming majority of law-abiding Americans" with requirements I listed above. You can talk about citizens being "law-abiding" all you want, it doesn't mean that they aren't dipshits with impulse control problems that have no business owning a firearm. I think it's common sense to root those people out and exclude them. As for the criminal aspect: I have no answer, but I did touch on it in my response to T-Dub's comment, and when you speak out against criminality, you're really speaking out against violence. I do believe that the source of that violence is rooted in institutional racism, poverty, and income disparity, but again I have no solution aside from a good plague. We have crime here, but it's mainly pick-pockets and petty theft. Violent crime is very rare, murders are extremely rare (and I live in the capital city). That's a cultural difference. The Czechs are decidedly non-confrontational, which is a cultural mark, just like violence and oppression are hallmarks of the American culture, starting with eradicating the native inhabitants on the continent, to shipping in other human beings from across the globe as chattel for economic gain, to the storied violence of the "Wild West" (though they did have gun control then, just FYI). Does that mean every American is a murderous douchebag? Of course not, but violence has been a running thread since the founding of the country, and I've no delusions of it ever changing. That said, I'm not even sure why I continue to discuss this topic, aside from the fact that you're a good egg and I value your opinion. I do not believe that anything will ever change in my lifetime, and I'm just glad that we didn't procreate...
  10. As Chicago Bengal said on draft day, "Those are some first round tits".
  11. Guns in America

  12. Guns in America

    Nope. The 2nd Amendment needs to be highly modified or repealed outright. It won't happen in our lifetime but it must as the carnage will reach a level that will demand change or cause collapse (which in itself will cause change). It needs to specify the kinds of weapons and use that are acceptable for a private citizen, because no one, including you, needs a machine gun in their home (and yes that comment is dripping with hyperbole). Well that explains a helluva lot... As does this. I'm often asked WTF is wrong with the USA when it comes to gun violence, and my flippant response is usually that the US is psychologically damaged on a deep level when it comes to the regulation of firearms. The bolded comment distills the difference in psyche that sets the US apart from most of the world quite nicely. I'll be stealing that. The concept of private weapon ownership (note I didn't say firearms) is quite different here (in the CR in particular) because common citizens rarely owned weapons, even going back hundreds of years. Swords were ceremonial swag for the aristocracy. Gunpowder weapons were also only supplied via the aristocracy to their armies; unless you were a soldier you couldn't afford a rifle, and once you were done serving you didn't get to keep it. There have also been numerous examples of weapons restrictions over the centuries so the concept of personal weapon ownership is still kind of new here. That said: There are a fuckton of guns here, more than I realized. Hell, I had a lesson where one of my students walked in a laid a loaded Czech-made 9mm on the table, because we had discussed guns in a previous lesson and he wanted to show me his favorite. Naturally, being an American I was able to pick it up and field strip it. Street cred = Obtained. The moral of that rambling tale is that I think the firearms regulations they have here could be implemented in the US and be effective. Here's a detailed link to their firearm regulations ( I know it's Wikipedia but it's better than the official site via Google translate, trust me), but in a nutshell it includes: Theoretical Examination - Written Practical Examination - Mechanical and shooting accuracy Physical and Psychological Examination Criminal Background Check Societal Integrity You need to go through these steps for each weapon you wish to own, and if approved, you receive a license/license card that must be with the weapon at all times. And you have to justify to the State Police why you need this weapon, and they can veto it. For example, the aforementioned student has extensive military experience, so was approved for a WWI military-style rifle. If I were to try to apply for that same weapon, it would likely be denied (rightfully so) because I have no experience with that style of weapon. They can also deny it simply because they think you have enough guns already, or because the cop happens to know you and knows that you're kind of a drunken asshole. Is that really too much to ask? There are a lot of guns here, but the mindset of the citizens is completely different. They've never had a school shooting, and there has only been one mass shooting here (5 people in a small village by someone who was insane using a hunting rifle) in the last 50 years that wasn't directly related to the Communists. And I can't really put into words what a relief it is to not have to look for an escape route every time we enter a mall/grocery store/theater in case someone starts shooting. No place is a utopia, but we have found the difference to be quite stark...
  13. Guns in America

    Ooookay... Glad I already banned myself. You do realize that the framers of the Constitution put a mechanism in place for repealing amendments, including the 2nd, right?
  14. Guns in America

    Yes. We intend to pursue permanent residency, and if I can get my Czech up to a B2 level, citizenship.

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