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Anyone buy movie codes for itunes/UV/Google Play?

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I like having movies, i hate having stacks of movies tho. so i stumbled across buying movie codes, like when you buy a blu ray and there is a digital download code in there? people sell those online.




best thing ever... BRAND NEW movie are like $7-15, but a few months after release movies are 50 censt to $5, you get the code and you own it forever on itunes or whatever..


disney used to have its own digital movie collection, disneymoviesanywhere, they switched up to moviesanywhere.com and that service syncs, itunes, google, Ultra Violet, disney, and shares them all on all, a FEW movie studios dont work with moviesanywhere, but few, so they just remain on UV(i use vudu for UV). 


so i go to uv spider, search a movie, buy the code, instantly or a few hours later i get the code, enter in moviesanywhere or itunes, boom instantly in my owned library same as if i ordered from apple directly...


also went through all of my DVD and blu ray movies, had friends and family do the same, and added all to my library, up to almost 400 movies, if i bought these it would be almost $7,000 in movies, over the last year or two i spent maybe $300 total and mostly on gift cards i got for holidays...


so if anyone is buying digital movies, vudu, itunes, google play, etc... check that out first..

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