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UEFA Champions League Finals Thread

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Certain I will be beginning and ending this thread, but for your perhaps reading enjoyment, the wheres and hows:




(It will also be shown on TNT here in the US) 


The most unlikely of opponents--each winding through a minefield of CL qualifiers since last fall--with a "European Championship" comprised of two English Premier League sides. Liverpool finished with 97 points in the PL, 22 more than Spurs. Each have fine talent, and exceptional coaches. That will be the final niceties from me for Spurs. 




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Big Klopp fan and have found myself getting more into Pool since he's been there. Bandwagon or not...I'm rooting for Pool and they deserve it after coming up short in the EPL.


Still dislike Spurs for how Dempsey was done dirty. 

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No bandwagon for anyone really: they have never won the PL, and finished 4th last season. This is their second straight CL Finals, and 97 points (finishing 1 point behind) was a record for a second-place PL side. Only Man City, with their endless monetary resources pulled from oil oligarchic dictatorships who violate FFP rules annually, could finish that one point above. Although I am no Spurs fan whatsoever, I do thank them for eliminating City in the CL tie. Now, they can lose and bugger off back to north London. 


Jurgen Klopp is an amazing manager. Hard to describe his style: personable, yet tough as nails...detailed/demanding, but his players adore him...ultra skilled in tactics, but can change on a dime as needed. He has a "system", and will fit players who will fit that "system", as opposed to bringing in perhaps better-talent who will not. And his press conferences are not only informative, but pretty funny as well:




This is going to be a tough match--Liverpool knows it. Spurs are really erratic--but as was seen against Ajax--can explode at any time. Hopefully, tomorrow they are their alter-egos...who will implode just as quickly.  


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Conclude thread, as anticipated. 


An absolutely brilliant ending to an incredible season. Liverpool, by virtue of an 0-2 win against Spurs, have now won 6 European Championship Trophies--only exceeded by AC Milan. 


This is what a championship looks like:






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