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  1. When there are 100 rules…50 sub-rules…25 different views…and 12.5 booth reviews….one can have anything remotely close to consistency?
  2. Well, at least shirtless Robert Conrad didn’t get your attention 😄
  3. Went to a CBJ Stanley Cup playoff game several years ago. They handed out blue t-shirts with some “Go Jackets” something on it. People were encouraged upon entry to wear it. All well and good—except there was no size delineation, and all were mediums I think. I placed mine on my shoulder. Not quite a Blue-out that evening.
  4. Except no Kristy McNichol or Valerie Bertinelli for accentuation
  5. No one should, really. It’s not an obligation of attendance. I am trying to think of any NFL game where the crowd has been all in the same attire? Seen it in some NBA and NHL matches, but smaller crowd sizes.
  6. Like Go said, probability of full-on-white-out at 50%. The average attendees will not get the memo…or care.
  7. Some more news on the Blessed Man: https://www.news5cleveland.com/sports/browns/browns-de-myles-garrett-involved-in-single-car-crash-in-wadsworth?_amp=true Girl in car…check…off the beaten track road (and quite a distance from Berea)…check…2021 Porsche…check.
  8. For those who pay the Bezos Bill, so will they. Which is why they shall.
  9. Nick Mangold was also put on the Jets Wall of Fame today too.
  10. Did you happen to notice that the ads for the game in London are being billed as “Sunday Morning Football”? Wait until they have one in Australia—it will be “Tomorrow Morning or Afternoon Football”
  11. May as well keep it going. White-out conditions expected.
  12. The best kind…with thrift in mind. Must always remember, however, to always order at least a size larger than listed.
  13. Be very wary when they will start with the “sources tell us…” story lines
  14. By “non-official” I assume you may mean “non-Nike”?
  15. Both these Schlep teams are completely useless. The home team will win though…it’s the NFL TNF way.
  16. Well, here comes a heaping helping of Wilcox and this whomever they added at the end of preseason (while not fully pursuing OJ Howard). And Hurst is hobbling too, so there’s that.
  17. Looking at the Bengals Depth Chart (it says “accurate as of 9-20-22”): Shows Adeniji as the backup RT. I thought the guy played LT all through preseason and Smith played RT? Of course, Prince is on IR. Who’s on first, Lou? What’s on second?
  18. Callahan has a lot of people chattering in his ears on gameday. It’s not just the line, but also receivers and running backs coaches too. He has to disseminate everyone’s chatter, and then relay a coherent idea for the complete play to Taylor—who then has to call HIS play to the QB. All in seconds. It is not necessarily that frenetic a process if the plays are pre-called before the offense takes the field on a series. It’s just for those “adjustments” in mid series when someone says “hey, I see this”.
  19. No..no..no..they can put this guy here, and that guy there, and…
  20. I only bring up 1989, because it too was a pre-season "Super Bowl or Bust" mindset. Coming off the incredible rocket ride of 1988, the thought process was "can't miss". However, it started out bad, got a little better, then descended into a Christmas Night "have to win to make playoffs" game in Minnesota (which they didn't win). They finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs. Whether anyone around then is around now, isn't the point: fans are the same today as they were then. The media almost as bad. When I say "hand-wringing", it is a timeless expression.
  21. It's coming soon enough. After all, those super-fantabulous college players are the answer to life itself.
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