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  1. That one play down the seam for Eifert looked so much like how Gronk does it.  I am so ready to watch the first team play like two series next week. 
  2. Lets hope.  I doubt anymore than a slap on the wrist will come but I'm just setting myself up not to be disappointed.  Maybe Roy resigning (not like he's done much on the recruiting trail in awhile anyways).
  3. Carolina now?   This is getting weird.
  4. FSU is losing Snaer and that would open up a ton of shots for Mike.  UNC just lost their most efficient player in Reggie Bullock and their best post player may also be leaving.  Vitale has them ranked high, but they are going to be a turd in a really shallow ACC.   I have seen that Roy Williams is meeting with him Monday.  Seems really late in the year to be making a decision.
  5. I don't think winning a national title is on Wiggins priorities list or UNC and FSU wouldn't be on the list.  He's out to get his shots and get the fast track to the #1 pick in the NBA, with as little pressure as possible. 
  6. A lot of smoke right now with Wiggins to FSU..
  7. Actually just saw that Wiggins will not be going to UNC.  I didn't see it in the first place really.  He came to the Duke-UNC game, watched his team get punked out, then he and his buddy were tweeting about how bored they were after the game.  Maybe it is a UK-FSU race?
  8. I've seen on Dukes scouts board that this is down to UNC and UK.  I think FSU is out, because they just won't be very good.  I honestly don't see UK because of the amount of players.  This guy is coming in to "get his".  He is miffed Jabari got the ESPN cover a year or so ago and wants to show him up.   I have a hard time believing he actually does end up as UNC.  Maybe he does go to UK.  I can't see him wanting to battle it out with Poythrees and Randle for playing time.
  9. I just saw that.  Interesting.  Not a bad problem to have.  I imagine someone besides Noel will leave.  Maybe Goodwin since Harrison probably takes his starting spot or at least some of his minutes.   Harrison twins are the truth.
  10. I'd imagine Poythrees is probably gone then.  Randle wants nothing to do with playing the 5 at the collegiate level.     Good pick-up though.
  11. Anything over a sentence from you makes my face hurt. 
  12. It would certainly make the most sense to me if they did something similar.  I think 3 years would be a lot, but I wouldn't be upset with it.  The quality of college basketball isn't the same as it used to be.  Back when kids stayed for a few years and really developed over time.  They wouldn't transfer out after a year because they didn't get playing time as a frosh when the position has multiple upper-classmen.    It would be tremendously beneficial for both the leage (drafting higher quality players) and college basketball (kids actually giving a damn about the team and forced to go to some class).
  13. tl;dr.   But I did see bias and LULZ'd.  Must have looked that word up in the dictionary not long ago and decided to use it every chance you received.
  14. They're going to be pretty good next year.   But I agree in regards to the one and done rule.  It needs to be fixed.  It feels like the level of play in college basketball has decreased because there is so much emphasis on getting to the league.  It's pretty sad.  There isn't one clear cut dominant team this year because everyone is losing their best players to the league after a year.   Install a 2 year minimum or go to Europe for a year.  That way some of these guys are actually showing up to class after the first semester and when some of the dumb ones jump, they actually have a little to fall back on.
  15. Big Ten Tourney is going to be hella fun to watch this year.  Going to be LOADED.
  16. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1352922021' post='1180760'] You forgot a few "[b]W[/b]"s. [/quote] W's. As in wins. Wish we had Poythrees though. That kid is going to be playing for a very bad NBA team next year.
  17. [quote name='#22' timestamp='1334665878' post='1119081'] If Lamb comes back, I feel more confident having him run the point than Harrow or Beckham. I already feel sorry for Nerlens Noel. There's no way he's going to be Anthony Davis pt. 2. Anthony Davis was the kind of player that you don't see two of in a generation, nevermind in back-to-back years. I think Wiltjer could be a [i]stud[/i] by next March, fwiw. Practicing every day against Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones (who, IMHO, would have played himself into the lottery on any other team) has made him pretty good already. I hope that Hood can contribute some minutes next season, too, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Kid has a good shot and some serious hops, but he can't defend. [/quote] I'm a little confused. Nerlens was a 12/7 guy in high school with good shot blocking abilities. I feel like he's being vastly overrated by recruiting services. Shabazz will be the #1 guy from this class in my opinion. He has all the makings of the next Kobe if he gets coached up and has the drive. It's too bad Adida$ latched their teeth into him by signing a lot of family members.
  18. Teague never impressed me. His brother was a monster in college and just hasn't been very good in the NBA. Doron Lamb would get thrown around in the NBA. MKG would be making a huge mistake staying. He's a top 5 guy this year.
  19. [quote name='Egg Shen' timestamp='1334361388' post='1118303'] Looks like you were right about Oriahki. Starting to come out that he is picking Mizzou. I can't blame him there because I like Mizzou's coach and I am pretty sure I read that Alex has a childhood friend on the team. [/quote] To be honest, I don't think Oriahki is a huge transfer get anyways. He was only a 6 and 5 guy last year and that was behind Drummond whom didn't exactly light the world on fire. I don't feel like he would have made a big impact on a big team, especially when UK has poythrees, whom might be their best incoming recruit. The kid is the real deal legit. Better all around player than Noel I think.
  20. [quote name='Egg Shen' timestamp='1334211470' post='1117822'] Noel and Oriakhi are friends and have talked about playing together. The big boost next year is going to be an upperclassman running Calipari's offense. It has been a true freshman running the show all three years Cal has been at Kentucky, but Harrow will already have a year of experience in college basketball from when he was at NC State, and a year practicing in this system at Kentucky before he even plays in a game for UK. I watched an open practice this year, and Harrow is the man. He is as fast as Teague and has a jump shot every bit as good as Brandon Knight's jump shot. People are going to be surprised by how good he is early in the season next year. Next year you are going to see some sets with Harrow, Goodwin, Wiltjer, and Poythress on the court at the same time, and all four have a deadly jump shot and can drain the three. It is going to be scary how versatile they will be offensively. [/quote] I'd be very surprised if he did. But in the end, Oriahki isn't really someone whom is a game changer anyways. Regarding Harrow, I don't know how he is now, but he just really wasn't ready for ACC ball for a bad wolfpack team. I was surprised he transferred to UK.
  21. I don't think Oriakhi is going to UK. He just crossed Duke off his list this past week cause Mason is coming back. Guy is going to go anywhere where he can showcase his not very good talents and play in the NCAA tourney. I can see Bennet going to UK, but I think that's it to round it out. Jefferson is NCSU/Duke. Noel isn't nearly anywhere close to AD on the offensive side. I don't think UK is going to be able to replicate their success from last year. I'd be very interested to hear what happened with Noel. EVERYONE was saying he was G'Town bound an hour before his announcement. Bazz was supposedly a UCLA silent commit since last year due to Adidas, but supposedly K and Cal made very appealing plea's to him.
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