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Reds fire sale is on!!


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The Reds are cutting payroll..


Miley alkready gone with Gray and Castillo not far behind..

Castellanos is looking foe a hefty pay raise so hes gone too...

They offered him the 18mil deal to obtain a comp pick for him ..

Moustakis was a huge mistake..


I see Hunter Green and Mahle Lodolo and Gutierrez as starters next year..


Wouldnt be surprised if the owner 

sheds more salaries and sell the team soon..




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3 hours ago, Jamie_B said:

Makes you wonder how good they feel about their farm teams.

I believe Green and Lodolo have major league stuff.

Its a question of command with any rook starters..

Not seeing the position players in the system that makes me excited just yet..

Im not sure the wont trade Votto to Toronto this off season to drop his 25mil a yr ..



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The Dodgers want Castillo ..


They have many questions  losing Scherzer along with possibilities of Kershaw and POS Bauer not be retained..


Reds are asking alot per reports..


Looked at Dodgers farm system and their top 2 prospects are a catcher and pitcher.

Theyre ranked 63 and 64 in top 100 prospects right now and the pitcher got lit up bad after going to AAA last yr..


Reds should look elsewhere to get s good return..


Oh and the 3yr 130mil contract Scherzer signed with the Mets is mind blowing..

Makes him the highest paid player in a season ever! 43mil..




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3 hours ago, Jamie_B said:

Could be a very different looking team this year

Im still not sure about Votto staying put..

India seems yo be the new "Face" of the franchise ..


New shortsop in Jose Barrero or they play him in CF to compliment Nyquin and Winker..


Pitching staff will be reconstructed

with rooks and newbies...


I think their future season depends on what they get in return for Castillo Gray or Mahle...

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On 12/14/2021 at 6:26 PM, claptonrocks said:

Im surprised the Reds havent moved 

Castillo Mahle or Gray yet..


Looking at mock potential offers I can understand why....slim pickens imo 


Dont think theyll just settle to unload contacts..

They're looking for one  "right now" talent in a trade..






Couldnt have been more wrong..

They are dead in the water..

Nothing of substance has happened..

Except losing the very best hitter from last year...............

I mean how much are they expecting out of India?



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