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  1. Kerr is 6'2 335lb NT.. Backup for Tupou.. So theyve reinforced the DL with a NT and 3Tech..
  2. If they can pull in Karras for 6.2 mil per they'll jump on it. My question is he's been playing guard for the most part.. Is that a flag for our next center?.. Or is he our new RG?..
  3. Wired different... In every aspect to lead a team..
  4. He did look like 2020 in the playoff game.. Big factor and if that continues Im all in. Im not yet...
  5. Lol.. When you have many emotional intellects of football and specifically their team you'll have conflicts.. This is the results. I have a dark sense of humor so it bothers me none. Other's sensitivities are more than mine.
  6. Agree.. Hell Bates and Bell are a good tandem. Heres the deal.. Bates has been up and down for 4 yrs. Are ypu paying him for 2020 or 2021?? I saw him at his peak and now his basement.. Who are you paying for?
  7. Maybe CJ wasnt thought as a goid receiving TE.. Hes a good blocker.. Maybe Joe saw more in him.. Hes become a goo TE and fan favorite.. He B back..
  8. O and Bates .. A contract both are good with or no deal to either.. Yep..
  9. He's needed... No idea how he performs but hoping he doesn't jump for penalties.. Hes a 3tech so hes getting after it.. Hell of a time for him..
  10. 3.1 mil to add on to Jonah or Spain's contracts.. More to come... Ya hear me Waynes???
  11. DT Doug Costin.6'2 295lbs..3tech to rotate with Hill when needed..
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