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  1. Reds lose 3-2 to Rockies. Take series 2-1 Nice run before All-Star break.. Looking forward to Green and Elly in it.
  2. Well said..truth in that.
  3. The speed and power when he connects is awesome. Reds bats are sizzling right now. Keep rollin..
  4. He's said and done all the things expected of him since he's arrived. I see no reason why he wouldn't sign to start his career on the right note.
  5. Hope Higgins reaches those marks but JB has so many weapons this season.
  6. When has Coach Pollack ever had a genuine star prospect to work with? We surmise he can't coach up but maybe he has with limited talent. Hopefully the entire Oline under his tutelege will light some fire under Zeus and Brown where they put out entire experience and effort into their game this season. Amarius Mims is his project to exceed st OT. This Oline could be as good as the Browns unit a couple yrs ago. That's the goal.
  7. Tremendous power. Nice swing.. Hopefully he lays off low cutters which he'll see a lot of now like Elly does.
  8. I'm just not interested in a very old fighter and a circus act with Paul.
  9. Inconsistency is their game.
  10. Damn..no Bucks game..🙁 Should have checked actual schedule closer.
  11. I don't see the Bucks Colts or even Chicago as gimmies. Favored yes but they aren't patsies This is going to be a long grind with many exciting games this year
  12. And doing outstanding up to now. Keep rollin..
  13. I don't believe that but whatever. Aren't All politicians ?
  14. JB is 6'3.5" Brady listed as 6'4... How tall is Brady really?
  15. No King yes. Don't insult yourself by thinking otherwise. He's in it to bring America to power again. Biden was as weak as Jimmy Carter in that but Carter wasn't evil. Jill Biden should be jailed for letting her husband look like a senile old fool he is. Let him rest out his last days. Horrible woman.
  16. Point taken.. The injustices of the indictments was above the law .. Last ditch attempt to keep him off the ballot . Justice prevailed. I'm wondering if Kamala Harris is a he next "in line" candidate for them. Scary thought..
  17. All of the indictments to keep him from running have backfired.. NY Wash DC and Atlanta were travesties. Has Atlanta dropped theirs now? He's running with the heart of America on his side and soon will repair all the injustices this Evil and inept party of devils have done.
  18. Reds lose 5-4.. Contact running on a grounder to third makes no sense. It cost them..
  19. Top 4 Reds down 2-0 Spire has to get ahead on the counts Shaky so far. Rain Delay..
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