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  1. I think theyre an 8-8 team before the draft. The desperately need wideouts.. To get Jeudy or Lamb would put them in division contention.. Maybe they surprise everyone and take Juedy or Lamb and comeback with their second 1st rounder and grab Jefferson ot Reagor!! That would be interesting..
  2. Hes wanted all over the NFL for his old time coaching abilities plus his expertise on teams in the league.. Thats why hes coaching in the German league.. Good luck and riddence Pauley...
  3. I meant Jefferson but i can see your point.. Mind games!!
  4. Bout the Raiders in your draft...Why trade for Juedy when Jefferson will be there and keep their picks?
  5. Noone is happier than Geno Adkins! As good a duo as any in the NFL...
  6. Nice!... Imma going to order a couple as well! Be cool to see alot of fans wearing it at games.. Hey i saw on that site that the Bengals alltime punt returner was Rodney Tate...1411 yrds.. Hard to fathom since he was the master at the fair catch.. Sometimes I thought hed never return one...
  7. The media cant stand the idea of us drafting JB.. They dont want to cover the Bengals and would love to see him in a glitzy city like Miami or elswhere.. Theyll have to put them on a primetime game or two as well... Hes got all the essentials to be a bigtime face in the league...but in Cincinnati? Theyll keep trying to make us believe "its for the best" .. Not gonna happen..he's our face of the future. Get used to it!
  8. I don't believe its half as bad as California and new york/new england areas.. Mass population is getting hit hard.. Be safe ..
  9. Youd think Miami would trade fir the Skins second pick and get Tua.. No..that owner is sold lock stock and barrell over JB... I can see all this playing out again next year for Lawrence... Oh btw whos the only QB to beat Trevor Lawrence?...You know......
  10. Lol..Cab you imagine the big guy getting down in a 3 point stance at guard over and over...going down and getting his back straight then coming up is going to wear his ass OUT.. Better at RT where he can stay in two point stance alot...
  11. If all 3 first round picks plus pick 39 and your second 1st rounder in 2021 Id think long and hard.. Ok ive thought long and hard and if you want him that bad why wouldnt we?.. Tua is busted up.. Herbert doesnt do much for me. Joe Burrow is going to be a Bengal...sorry
  12. Nelson 6'5 330.. Wilson 67 350.. Hes actually 6'6.5 By your reasoning someone 69 and 370 could play guard since he wouldnt be that much bigger than Isaiah.. Is there no limit? We just disagree on him at guard.. Doesnt make either one of us right..
  13. I truly believe his talent is gone.. The mobility wont be there at his age and weight.. Wouldnt surprise me to see Tomlin finally have a losing record this year...
  14. You were rollin good till you got to theWilson at LG..hes actually to big to get in that guard stance...hes huge! Trevation signed a 3yr deal to stay with the Bears..
  15. He can do that here if they build him a pass protected wall... Miami is in love with Burrow.. I wondered how far thell go to get him... All 3 firsts a second and next yrs 2nd... Mike might still say no to that magnificent haul... Why?.... Because they see these gifts in him..
  16. Was it a shotgun wedding cause noone thinks Hart is up for the task this year.. Hes never graded above a 60 every year. Cheap contract at 2.85 mil this year helps offset other signings ....Can we gope Fred Johnson can play better?
  17. About the lottery pick By having the worst record we d have the most balls or whatever they use.. Hell we d stand a damn good chance at number one pick again!! GOD can't be that good can he?
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