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  1. I wont question Adams Kupp or Hopkins for now.. They've earned those spots.. Chase and Jefferson would round out my 5... All great players ....
  2. Anyone who thinks the Bengals arent one of the most dangerous teams are in a fluke.. This is one of the most high octane offenses in the league.. The defenses is strong as well...very strong Your allmost have to play an Outstanding game to beat them because they wont give it to you.. Scary team now..
  3. Baltimore doesn't trust his abilities long-term to sign him as such.. They're in a predicament to his future as well as theirs.
  4. Agree.. The bond that JB has with Chase is incredible. Once Chase was drafted he wanted to be as close to JB as possible so he went up and down on the little street JB lives on a offered each owner money for their house. He found a seller and lives but a couple houses away.. Chase on JB.. ""I don't question Joe....He's like a God to me"... I think that pertains to any teammate thats been around him. He's real in everything he does and they gravitate to him... What a delightful man to play allout for. And they will.... "
  5. Excuse my cap ignorance but where are the Browns in cap space? Seems they're signing alot of big contracts besides Watson..
  6. I felt the same about Sewell.. Im very happy I was wrong as well..
  7. Wearing those retros would be awesome imo. Lets use present day helmets though..😎
  8. Going back to look at this ti me is an all time GoBengals classic.. Well done my friend.
  9. Cappa has a core muscle issue. Guessing abs or oblique strain from twisting..
  10. Dax like a swiss army knife. Ask him to play here or there and he gets it done.. Hayden Hurst is lighter at 245lbs . Ill assume his working hard on routes and cuts and concentration. All good news..
  11. Respect your opinion but he came to camp in shape ..Seems the light came on about playing in the NFL with him... Ill keep the faith till he proves me wrong.
  12. Absolutely.. I dont like the idea if Adenijji on the rught side though. I believe hes better suited as a backup LT LG.. Your right about Cappa be healthy for the RG spot. Need that guy healthy. Why do we never hear anything about D'Ante Smith or Tre Hill? Shelvin is another Id like to read about his improvement. Maybe just to early yet.
  13. Game winning homer for Votto.. Like to see him get streaky hot.
  14. With an improved line JB would seem to have time to go from 2 options and a dumpoff to 3 and a dump.. Think about how that opens up so much more for his magical performances. Edit.. You know if JB never threw another pass for the Bengals he would still be my personal all time favorite. There was a time I thought when God made a perfect physical specimen for a QB.it was Carson Palmer sans the leadership. God came back and made the perfect QB in every aspect in JB.. Yes he did.. The team is scheduled to play many prime time slots. They want to televise him as much as possible..
  15. Mixon 1054 yrds after contact. Hell he rushed for 1100 plus. That's alot of hard running ..
  16. Top ten is impressive.. Hunt seems low at 22.. I could see Mixon jumping to 3rd with a good oline now...
  17. Clowney is a good rusher.. Good move by Browns to retain him but he wont be going up against Prince this year I think Collins will impose his will against him...
  18. She doesnt like him ... She probably fell in love with him truth be known..😎
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