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  1. Very good idea minus Swift.. Munoz would be a great choice though..
  2. My assessment on team needs to get to playoffs.. 1..OT 2. 3 tech DT 3..wideout 4..OG 5 CB 6.SS 7.OLB Ill mark off each position as this happens via free agency and draft.. Hopefully they check them all..
  3. Linebacking unit was atrocious last year... The players themselves could play to a better level if coached up properly. Bengals in a basic 4-3 would go with SS Pratt..bad tackler..needs to wrap and roll..became a good coverage player in 2nd half..thats a huge plus at linebacking.. MLB Bynes...decent player..legit savy vet..hes on the downside as a starter.. MLB...Wilson is a smart thick and tough backer .... The experience he got will pay dividends this year.. WS..Davis-Gaither showed promise last quarter of season..quick and fast..
  4. Every team wants a good corner and pass rusher to add to their defense.. May be tough keeping both of them... Theres also Bates massive contract to add unless theyre letting him play out his rook contract...
  5. There are no finished products in the draft.. His upside is tremendous...
  6. Couple other receivers to note is Tamorrion Terry..4th rounder Trevon Grimes......5th rounder projected..
  7. I dont think they go after Trent Brown.. Misses alot of games injuries. Not all that good at pass protecting.. Hes massive in the run game but Hart was effective also.. Jackson is a bullish guard but declining some... I still like him though.. I think they wait and see what other linemen will be out there..
  8. How many TEs do the Browns need?? They have 3 decent ones now.. Thed be more inclined to go after WJIII to pair with Denzel Ward or Lawson to pair with Myles Garrett. Franchise Lawson and make a proposal to Jacksons agent now..
  9. Get Jackson to start.. Keep Spain if you can .. Better depth...
  10. Pitts has the potential to be a top TE-WR hybrid.. Darren Waller type.. Sign a bonavide RT and guard and Im still taking Sewell if hes there at 5...
  11. You must have done some research on 5th round on down and ill look them up.. You gave us Sewell so allready i like this draft of yours.. Tryon is a nice pick at 2.. Wilson is a big 3 technique which Ive been very impressed with.. Replace Meinerz with a better lineman. Like how you stuck to the Oline and front seven in first 4 rounds plus additions to their units in free agency as well. Good mock..
  12. The more i look at free agents and releases I realize how imperative it is to sign WJ lll... League is pass happy and Jackson is a good one.. Franchise Lawson if you must abs we ll see how he responds this year.
  13. Greene hit 103 on radar.. He could be something special.. Hope they dont make him a closer like Chapman...
  14. "part time sort of good pass rusher".. Center of a bullseye ..nailed it!!
  15. Ive got that feelin about an expensive guard in my crawl as well.. Thuney would be a huge upgrade of any interior lineman we have.. Just look at that group!! Huge uprade!
  16. Id rather they go after Moten first but he could be franchised.. Feel more secure landing a tackle first but Thuney would help the interior immensely.. Btw why the wait on Havenstein unless Zach has some inside info on an injury.. Give them our high 5th rounder. Hed look good at RT for us. Havenstein and Thuney would..make my day.
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