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  1. Heat hesitant on driving Denver frontline has good pieces in place.. Butler has to decide a game plan.. Drive or shoot 3s.. Tough choice either way.
  2. For many years I was against Rose getting into the Hall. Gambling was the major prohibitive rule.. He chose to gamble anyway. That was 37yrs ago. Gambling has changed in sports. Bet on anything you like. Its not that sacred code of conduct anymore.. Rose turned 82 .. Time to let 'Charlie Hustle' into the Hall with his peers..
  3. Im beating a dead horse but having Williams Carman and Collins on the roster gives the team depth ... One of them will win the job but injuries happen....depth helps.. Fellin pretty good about the other 4 starters ..
  4. Could Josh Johnson get in the HOF with those numbers?... Gotta be a plaque for that...😎
  5. Krumrie great player for 2yrs.. Very good player for allmost a decade. Inspirational teammate and fan favorite for his effort on the field.
  6. That would mean the highest paid player in the league..
  7. Coach Pollack working him hard. The attitude for perfective at your position trickles down from the top.. JB.
  8. Joe allways Cool with the media . They must love this guy for an articles they write.. . He handles every aspect of an elite player so smoothly.. Joe Cool...😎
  9. One of the greatest Queens of Rock has passed... From Flatbush to Albert Hall and every venue in between.. The high octane energy with a joy as she performed stood her out. Great rocker.. Great woman..
  10. "Pass protection is his specialty.".. That's all I have to know about his worth as a blocker.. Not too much... but I wasnt the one whos kneecaps were were popping out.during play.... Heal up Jonah..
  11. Seems all of them look in great shape. JB and Chase look stronger... Volson looks like Quentin Nelson (330lbs).. Carman and Collins look slimmer.. Just like the way they've dedicated themselves to be in peak condition this season..
  12. Did he get injured doing that?..😎 Seriously its good to see him out there..
  13. Cap % would work out for team and JB but like they said maybe Tee an J'marr want per percentages as well.. Could lead to more players wanting it and ultimately there's no % for the bottom tier guys.. I don't see a reason why he doesn't sign a lucrative deal and have money deferred to keep Tee snd others next year. So many players leave after 2023-2024 salary is allmost assured..gat Chase.
  14. Alex Cappa is also 6'6.. Problem with both as tackles is their lack of quickness on the outside . I like them both at guard though.
  15. Husband is a loyal fan. Son is a smart fan.. 😎
  16. Denver Nuggets sweeo the Lakers. Lebrons 31 in first half gave Lakers big lead 3rd qtr all Nuggets and geld on to win. Jocic 30-14.-13... Murray 25pts Lebron with 40..just outstanding effort. Davis with 21-14 ..letdown from him.. PG D'Angelo Russell cost the Lakers deeply...He shot poorly .. Contract year for him and probably lost millions by his awful perfomance. On to the Heat... Tough series ahead with Miami. They're hungry nasty and play like it.
  17. Good post ..nice analogy of Joe Cool.. As long as we have him we have a shot in any game.. Only a handful in the NFL..
  18. Worthy list.. No qualms with any being honored.. I push for Krumrie and Brooks now but no objections to any of these Bengal stars..
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