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  1. Daniels is another body in the rotation..thats good. Didnt Rose have a big year in Canada? Wish him well..
  2. They allways start high while their counterpart probably lowballs them.. Then ..they meet in the middle under that ole Georgia pine..
  3. Yeah he is but what Im thinking is he Totally satisfied where he is financially now..
  4. Another reason may be the team value goes up every couple years.. Theyre just sitting on their behinds for that fact alone.. What is it now? 1.8bil or so?
  5. He takes in 7300 calories a day so the bottle is somewhere in all that food.
  6. Dont know.. He probably couldnt get out of his own way .. Oh and those 40reps at 450.. He did 10 sets of 4 presses.. Still a feat though...
  7. Im not so sure Hunt/Johnson wont destroy it anyway.. Our weak Dline and theyre strong Oline doesn't make good matchup in the trenches...
  8. .They have Hunt and Johnson if Chubb cant go.. Still damaging...
  9. I think ive found the team an offensive guard!! Brian Shaw... 6'8 420lbs.. He can bench 450 40 times.. His leverage would be off but who cares hes going to impose his strength anyway... Yeah I know ..hes a strongman not a baller... Still would enjoy watching that strength on display in a game though..
  10. Treyveon Williams activated.. Hope to see him provide something positive to help the offense... Gio and Perine may get all the snaps though.. Looks to me like JB is going to be slingin it more than ever come Sunday...
  11. Why use Chubb this week if hes still mending? Hunt is a threat on his own.. And NO i dont believe this linebacking unit can cover Hooper for a full game.. The lack of allmost any pressure on Baker will make our dbackfield work hard to cover..and look bad.. Any chance for win comes down to pressuring Baker ( Lawson Dunlap) limiiting their strong run game and the Stooges giving JB time for his receivers to separate for him to do his magic.. Thats alot of ifs.....
  12. Im sure he will.. Positive is hes good in pass protection.. Negative is he hasn't played AT ALL this year.. He has no idea what takes place when the ball is snapped with this unit.. Hes on an island with Hart next to him and Hopkins helping Jordan if he can.. He has his hands full..more than full. Redmond can runblock..XSF can pass block.. Do you try and rotate them without giving the opposing defense a huge clue to your upcoming play???
  13. The Bodyguard has to show up big come Sunday.. Jonah's PFF has risen to an overall 74.. His opponent this week is Myles Garret...HUGE task keeping JB healthy.. Garret has 7 sacks 3 FF ..90 PFF.. This.....is the matchup Ill zero in on.. Love these encounters! Theyll probably put Garret across from Hart and then the dark comedy begins... Sample has to help Bobby and that means less times for him to get targeted which limits JB's arsenal..
  14. Your right...theyre going to roll with this bunch..not going to bring in a bandaid at this point.. It would be an amazing feat to see these guys look decent as a unit from here on.. I can only hope.
  15. Covington is at a mediocre level now...limited guy who's playing hard.. The rest are trying to show they can be in s rotation. Very limited ability as well.. If Geno can play somewhat effectively for 25-30 snaps Id be pleased. Lawson and Dunlap have to get pressure on Baker this week or his receivers will move the chains with frequency ..thats the task on defense.. Pressure..... Dunlap up against a good round1 rook whos playing decent.. Lawson-Conklin duel should be a fun watch too..... Can any backer or Bell limit TE Hooper? With no pressure Baker will look
  16. Still hurt?..ok understood. And the reason Zach is giving him less snaps i??? Well there it is..a one armed DT ..
  17. Look at the difference between His tenure with the Raiders and the Browns....
  18. Agree hes not anywhere close to savior.. Maybe just a piece to the puzzle in the future.. I believe Zach is holding him out to get stronger and get used ti a new oline schene.. He played strictly zone in college.. Hes gotta lot to improve on.. Im just exasperated watching the 5 stooges every week...
  19. Scroll back up a few posts and read my full explanation to better the Oline.. You have something better in mind lets hear it..
  20. They signed Christian Sarkasian former director of player personnel at Northwetern U.to the scouting staff this season to bring the toal to 8 scouts.. Still small in comparison to other teams..
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