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  1. A few rumors going around. Bengals need a player like that if true. He makes a positive difference .
  2. He's a disruptor against offenses. Play him wherever on the line. His position somewhat reminds me of how the inbreds use Heyward or Chiefs Chris Jones .
  3. Agree .If there's any truth to the Leonard Williams story I hope they sign him.
  4. Nuggets topple Warriors 119-103 Jokic....32-16-16 Murray..27-4-3 Gordon..17-6-4 The numbers the Joker has put up recently is incredible. Truly MVP this year. Nuggets now 39-19 ..3rd n West.
  5. Pacers defeat Dallas 133-111 Turner........33-8-1 Haliburton ..17-3-10 Pacers now 33-25...6th in East
  6. Yes The AFCN is the toughest division in the NFL. To play the Chiefs in playoffs you have to get thru all our rivals in it. Tough task.
  7. Seen reports that UFA DT Leonard Williams is a target for Bengals . Est cost ..3 yrs...52m..17.3 per. Should they go after him.
  8. Great punter of need here. His new agent is Drew Rosenhaus who's a hardball agent.
  9. 🥞..pancakes .Has Jonah ever had one? He been panicked by rushers though.. Let him go..
  10. I ran the NFL network simulator 1. Fuaga 2..Sweat 3..Stover Probably to high for Stover but he was there in 3td
  11. I think Tennessee would be more interested in Boyd as their slot.
  12. JB's mantra for this season.. Mind strong Body strong Try to find equilibrium Head straight Screwed on We screwed up for to long
  13. Volson's play or lack of resulted in Zeus and Karras having to do more than expected. Hard enough with their own assignments without covering up for Volson's miscues.
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