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  1. Trade back for what choices? Lotta talk that Justin Herbert is going to impress with his tools at combine... Just sayin....
  2. Burrows may be a good one IF they address the Oline too... Round 1 Burrow ... Round 2 and 3 olinemen (dead serious) Round 4 linebacker... Sugn a linebacker in free agency ...one that can cover..
  3. Nothing will change with the offense until that freak show of a oline is good.. Im not sure if jonah williams will be good...who knows Have to trade back a bit and take the top ot in the draft plus you pick up another good draft choice.. Every year the Stealers have a brute line and great linebackers...why not we try that?
  4. Finley looked lost...arm was mediocre.... Outside of that who really cares wat they do now? Is Lemar Jackson the most exciting runner in years??? Uh yeah he is...wow
  5. Id take that risk as a team.... As long as he was relatively injury free in college id risk that chance...
  6. Imnot feelin Burrows much.. Below average arm just like Dalton and Finley... I take Young.. Rotation at d-end would be top end in the league no?
  7. Let him play out his contract. Hes one of the best at breaking tackles and gid knows ge gets those chances allmost allways..asecond round pick if you trade him...
  8. And thats the shame of it.. Trying to get to mediocre...jeez
  9. Idont believe the part about bosy language.. Gell hes what? 83? Hes slumping but doesnt know it....
  10. I nust have missed your quote earlier but yes the number of "incidents" with the Oline is intriguing due to the fact that Turner is their coach.... I fire him now!
  11. He wont say anything deep.. Marvin was like that too.. The Bengal organization way... Other teams as well...i.e. Patriots...
  12. Im not a believer in Turner's abilty to teach these linemen proper techniques In any phase of getting the best out of these guys... Same fucking issues game after game.. It seems all these guys are stagnated.. Surely there a line coach that could help them improve cuz they arent under Turner...
  13. 34 inches...great length... Hell give him a shot.. How could he be worse than the others???
  14. Damn he expresses his true feelings and he's an asshole cause he doesnt see it your way? Maybe you should rethink about the possibility no?
  15. Their assessment on Burrows is interesting.... He is having a good year... Gut feeling is meh.... I hope they dont draft him...
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