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  1. This is Big.. 12 teams.. First 4 get byes.. No more debates on 4th spot.. Great football games.. Read where Big Ten considering realigning divisions. With S.Cal and UCLA on board in the west I'd imagine the east will get Purdue or Northewestern... More balanced divisions..
  2. Aaron Donald is still the best 3Tech. Harder to find than NT.. Reader's contract was a megadeal..
  3. He'll be 30 in 2024s free agency.. Even If he keeps playing at high level doubt thet sign him to another mega deal.
  4. Brown has to suffer from a mental disorder Starting to believe Odell Beckham has same similarities but not as severe...
  5. Jaime the book is KC -2 1/2 at their home field.. Its a pickum by all accounts and rightfully so.. Its a shootout between the 2 best QBs in the NFL.. Cant even predict this one outside of what a great matchup this is... Who-Dey...
  6. Got to looking at a Tee Higgins future cintract.. Sportec has him at 4yrs 58mil.. Dug deeper and saw th Broncos gave Courtland Sutton a 4yr 60mil deal. Broncos have to have the worst front office in the league.. Idiocy with every major move by them.. Higgins will definately find a suitor at 4yr 60mil deal.. Will the Bengals sign him at that rate? I still hope so.. He's a dynamic game changer..
  7. They wont show. Goodell not going to let that distraction from the game happen...
  8. The question will be does he want top ten WR1 money?? That would put a crimp in contract talks..
  9. Whoever is the capoligist for the Bengals has their work cut out.. Yes a top draft is a must after the season... Who do we draft at 32?...😎
  10. Thats insane in 24.. Who to keep? All but Boyd and Jonah???? I see Higgins and Wilson as must signs after this year..
  11. I hope Hurst sys here too... Hopefully his agent won't overprice him . I see Hurst playing at a team friendly contract but not a disrespectful one...
  12. Im warming to CBT... Still learning but hustle and phsicality fits in well here..
  13. Reader is the foundation. Double team him abd let Hill or Hendrickdon go one in one.. They thrive off Reader..
  14. Carman Hill Smith and Prince are just bodies in emergency. I doubt any if them would provide much help to the oline.. More liability than help..
  15. In regards to Apple.. His play has been ok but he scares me on deep passes. I think he got beat on a long one and Tannehill overthrew the receiver..
  16. Titans just thought they were physical. Now they know what physical really is..
  17. Wish he had sprayed..😎 I do know if the skunk had sprayed in Pissburgh it would have smelled better..
  18. Simmons mad at losing their 3rd straight to JB .. He'll be Stealer one day..
  19. Love the fire from him.. True Captain like player. JB and Ted remind me of Manning and Saturday..
  20. Cleveland Skunks.. Pissburgh Pigeonshits.. Nice ring to it.
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