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Undefeated Reds, for how long?

Undefeated Reds  

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  1. 1. How long can the Reds stay undefeated?

    • 1 game
    • 2 games
    • 3 games
    • 4 games
    • 5 games
    • 6-10 games
    • All 162 games

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33 minutes ago, BlackJesus said:


... If the Reds don't lock him up for a 12 year contract (300 mill?) then they are incompetent and will never go anywhere. 

Oh they'll lock him up for sure.

He is the Franchise .


SS Bobby Witt Jr. of KC is about the same age and after 1 highly productive year the Royals just sign d him to a 11yr 288 mil deal to be their face of the future.




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11 minutes ago, BlackJesus said:

Reds play the Nats the first 3 games and I smell a sweep 🧹 


That would be a great start to the season


I believe Hunter Greene starts game 2.

As far as pitching goes he has as much talent as Elly.


Just needs to harness his ability to get ahead in the counts.

I hate when he nit picks the edges instead of being aggressive with his stuff.

He's to good for that.


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1 hour ago, BlackJesus said:

Well that fucking sucked ... Guess the answer is 1 😢



Sims is the setup guy in the 8th

Diaz is the closer.

Both Failed miserably.


David Bell is a master of quick changes .

Positions..batting order..relief slots.


He'll ride with Sims-Diaz duo for only so long..which won't be long.

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