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  1. I was not mentally ready for Joe Burrow getting a buzz cut ... 😲 Looks like he just enlisted in military boot camp
  2. This isn't the place for political debate, but Trump's VP pick JD Vance is a big Bengals fan. Meaning their could be "Who Dey" chants in a future White House.
  3. I'm not sure the problem is on Mims' end. He's attended everything, shown to be a team guy. I think the Bengals are likely dicking around with some clause they shouldn't be. But he will be a huge bargain at 4 years like 15 million total. I would even give him more than his slot says, a full 16 million. As it's nothing for what he will bring.
  4. I'm in full agreement. Now slot the fucking deal already Duke (hell give a little extra), because you're starting to piss me off!
  5. Same 5 still unsigned (picks 1, 9, 10, 17, 18). Including the pick before Mims (Turner).
  6. Good for Chubb, who is the most decent human on that otherwise shitty organization 💩
  7. Side mugshot after he murders all his opponents this season ...
  8. Read more https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/40284109/top-10-nfl-quarterbacks-execs-scouts-2024-espn-jeremy-fowler-position-rankings
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