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  1. I love a good redemptive arc and I am glad MJ has gotten it together, but I still don't trust him and Burrow is too valuable to find out. I hope he doesn't see the field all year. In fact, from a psychological factor I would probably cut him, just to avoid any potential PTSD by Joe when he starts getting pushed back into him. Some errors can't be fixed after the fact.
  2. A few thoughts from recent tweets & updates ... - Sucks about Adeniji, as I thought he had potential to play at one of the G spots or even T if needed. - Zac is playing it smart not to rush Burrow or use him in 11 on 11s. The Bengals are uniquely 'cursed' as an organization, so every precaution needs to be made that he is not reinjured. I wouldn't even have Burrow taking reps in camp where he could accidentally collide with other players. The first time Burrow is hit or experiences any contact whatsoever, should be week 1 and not a day before then. I think this cou
  3. Joe's Dad giving a 14 minute interview with an LSU radio show
  4. Those are not normal thighs for a 4.3 WR. Those are tackle breakers.
  5. "A framed photo of me holding the Lombardi will be in every basement in the Nati."
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