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  1. Post game interview with Bates where he discusses the value of Von Bell and Hilton ...
  2. Luckily for the NFL, CTE conveniently can only be discovered post-mortem ... RIP Slim 💔
  3. McDaniel is a fucking teenager ... Teams need an adult as HC, not this douchey hipster who is going to get his players killed. Tua should have been kept overnight for medical observation and not flying in a pressurized cabin (blood clot risk). But instead he's watching movies with his coach (visual stimuli is also not great post-concussion).
  4. ... The NFL lawyers who understand future litigation costs for CTE will see to that.
  5. ... Apparently his Ivy League history degree from Yale didn't give him the required wisdom not to send his QB out there to get brain damage. "But he's so young, hip, and quirky!" 💩
  6. If Tua isn't held out at least the next 6 weeks then Goodell needs to intervene ...
  7. Giving your QB brain damage just to stay a game ahead of the Bills ...
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