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  1. If you wonder why I have no sympathy for any Chiefs players who get hurt ... I present Exhibit A ...
  2. Fucking Kermit throwing his hands out immediately to get the flag ... Fake ass squeaky sounding bitch, hope his ankle gets an infection and his leg needs amputation.
  3. Ossai barely touches Kermit as he's bracing himself and running into people ... Kermit then flops and throws his hands out like he's a soccer player seeking a penalty kick
  4. Blatant holding on Hendrickson on the last play ... Same ref that made up Logan's holding call in the SB on the goal line.
  5. The Ossai play ... With holding by the Chiefs LT and C ... Then Kermit flops as Ossai runs into the bench
  6. No need to waste time watching the Super Bowl... Might as well be watching WWE at this point.
  7. 5th downs ... Holding on sacks to end drives ... No roughing on Burrow ... Missed block in the back on last return ... And imaginary roughing out of bounds when Ossai is running into people on the sidelines ... As a small market team Cincy needs to leave no doubt and can't leave the game in the refs hands. Roger gets what he wanted.
  8. Bengals have to beat the opponent and the league office ... It's possible of course, but it doesn't leave much room for error
  9. Ossai did nothing wrong ... Was not even a late hit. I hope Mahomes car crashes on the way home ... Fuck that kermit sounding bitch
  10. Fuck skaking Chiefs players hands ... Fuck their team, fuck their city, won't even be watching the Super Bowl on this Busch league fuckshit !!!
  11. This is why I don't care if Chiefs players get injured ... Their bus deserves to roll off a cliff !!! Corrupt ass NFL
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