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  1. I just hope Hopkins stays in the NFC. But even beyond that, unless he is catching passes from Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, or maybe Lawrence ... he isn't a threat to the Bengals anyway.
  2. I have a hunch that Burrow wants Tee to sign first. That way he can't be accused of being the reason the team loses Tee if he signed first and then Tee didn't. Plus resigning Tee also shows the organizational commitment to win Super Bowls that I'm sure he wants to see before committing long-term.
  3. I mean it's the Ring of HONOR ... not the Ring of TALENT. So it depends how a fanbase defines "Honor". If you just wanted a wall with all the Bengals who put up the best seasonal stats or made the most Pro Bowls a team could have that ... but a Ring of Honor to me is something different. It is for players that the fan base feels left an impact on them personally, the team, the city, and the organization's legacy. It is a place to "honor" players that helped define what an organization is. So guys like Fulcher and Krumrie to me are just as deserving as someone with as many Pro Bowls as AJ Green.
  4. I might be in the minority, but I have more faith in Collins than Jonah (who is not even there, but pouting). I have always thought Jonah was a G ... and not even a strong or stout one at that.
  5. Seems like the Ravens have more training camp and offseason injuries than any other team every year. They might want to get that checked ... or better yet, keep up the good work fellas. 😉
  6. Might need more of a discount than this projection ... I think more like 5 for 100 ... (20 per)
  7. Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss Burrow's next deal
  8. GMFB on whether Burrow may give a hometown discount
  9. PFF Offseason Grade ... CINCINNATI BENGALS Offseason Grade: A Cincinnati securing the services of Orlando Brown Jr. at tackle was both unexpected and excellent opportunistic work. Brown has five straight seasons with a PFF pass-blocking grade of at least 74.4 and helps further solidify the Bengals' offensive line. Cody Ford adds depth to the group, as well, while the gamble that Irv Smith Jr. can remain healthy is an excellent buy-low gamble. Their draft was an excellent one also, with Myles Murphy bringing elite tools and flashes of play at an area of the draft where that skill set is typically gone. Cornerback D.J. Turner, safety Jordan Battle, receiver Charlie Jones and running back Chase Brown all future-proof areas of the roster without needing to be pressed into full-time roles right away.
  10. What if ... now hear me out ... you tried not being so grumpy? Plus it's the offseason. Hell, last week's team discussion revolved around a headband.
  11. A basic search on twitter shows that others have been drawing this Dexter comparison as well in a positive way ... (I have also heard Kyle Brandt on GMFB make it)
  12. Squint your eyes, and here is a clip of Burrow talking to Deshaun Watson ... Headbutt.mp4
  13. He has the Dexter smile down too 🙂 ... Dex Smile.mp4
  14. Plus Buffalo is even more north than Cincinnati and receives more annual snowfall. That is supposed to be their "weather" and natural advantage. So what he is basically admitting and "telling on himself" with, is that the Bills team was soft. Unlike the Bengals players, who despite their recent practice bubble, had spent several years prior practicing outside in the cold like Rocky IV in Soviet Russia.
  15. You do realize what a cinematic reference is? Of course they are not real. If I say someone has the "demeanor of Scarface", I probably don't mean he literally does cocaine and shoots people. They are analogies to popular characters or tropes that people can identify with. In this case, Burrow's confidence of "Just put the ball in my hands", shows that he welcomes intense stress in an unnatural way to most people. Then the way he doesn't flinch and show emotion as he beats his opponent and causes them sadness, has an icy coldness to it, hence the Dexter reference. That's the point. It may not be learned as he had it as an 8 year-old (in the story), perhaps since birth even. In the same way some little kids are playing Tchaikovsky at 5 after a few piano lessons, Burrow's unique psychology to handle intense pressure itself might be innate. And when coupled with all his preparation, obsessive work ethic, and gifted physical athleticism - makes for the one of the best QBs of all time.
  16. The reference does provide for some interesting meme opportunities ...
  17. I think Wingo's point is less an endorsement of the show specifically, and more the idea that Burrow's "Joe Cool" demeanor in the 4th quarter (which many players and coaches speak of) might be more psychologically clinical, rather than learned.
  18. Joe Burrow is of course physically talented, he has the height (6’4), speed, agility, and arm talent (touch & accuracy) to be a dominant QB. As a coach’s son he also is a student of the game, studies his opponents, and has savant level field vision etc. But what if what really sets him apart, is that he has ice in his veins, and does not get a raise in resting heartbeat when he’s under intense pressure, because he metaphorically has the ruthless emotionless calm of a "killer" – without the homicidal cruelty of course? Trey Wingo recited a story recently about the childhood Burrow and the comparison to Dexter Morgan 🔪 … Y2Mate.is - Joe Burrow is a SERIAL KILLER 🔪-06V3ylFLhUs-1080p-1656071861044.mp4 As a fan of the former series Dexter, I actually love the comparison, as I always considered him the ‘good guy’ of the show (he only killed people who deserved it). In the same way, Burrow is heartless and only rips the heart out of opposing teams who deserve to lose. In fact, I have even made this comparison before, that Shiesty had the “Dexter stare” and made + posted the below image, so I feel vindicated.
  19. His is 2nd best imo. Then Honey Badger and Cheetah. Dangeruss is just cringe as fuck.
  20. "Mr. Unlimited" (Dangeruss) at the kiddies table in Denver ...
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