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  1. This is why you get paid when you first can ... Tee should pay attention
  2. Have we checked the electrolytes on the Body Armor drinks? Maybe the calf issue is dehydration?
  3. Can he play and should he play are different questions. The exact ones a head coach gets paid big money to determine.
  4. His low hit was dirty, but not illegal or against the rules. There's sort of an unspoken brotherhood agreement to try and avoid direct hits to the knee, but it is allowed on non QBs (and in Shittsburgh encouraged).
  5. This is also the same leg that Chubb shredded in college at Georgia ... might be a career ender at this point.
  6. Listen to the "Ohhhh" of the inbred Shittsburgh faithful at the 0:16 mark ... they showed the injury on the stadium's big screen (because of course they did)
  7. "Steelers are the dirtiest ass team in the league! C'mon man!" —Adam Jones
  8. The Browns as an organization deserve that kind of injury, but Nick Chubb didn't. Who from what I've heard is probably the best "person" on their team. Rapist Watson deserved that to happen to his leg, which would have been cosmic justice. As it stands, Chubb pays the pittance for his QB's sins.
  9. My "teddy bear not grizzly bear" psychological observation seems to be holding. I would love to eventually be wrong though.
  10. I like his passion, sign him up for DE. ... At least then someone can win on the edge.
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