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  1. POST WIN ADDENDUM The old Bengals would have folded in the 2nd half. Something is different and Zac deserves credit for setting his ego aside and realizing that he has a special football mind in JoeyB and I think taking his input at halftime. This is not a knock on Zac either, as it’s a huge plus. This team needs a player’s coach like Zac who isn’t afraid to listen to Joe as an equal, as many of these “run wind sprints while I whistle” older head coaches would try to do it their way and not take advantage of his talents. This team has a nice blend of the hard nosed Lou on defense, and the easy going collaborative Zac on offense. and how about that HUGE FUCKING WIN! This team is in first place heading into October. And really they are one Hendrickson shoelace tackle of Justin Fields away from being 4-0 and having the #1 seed, so there is a lot to be happy about. Also in the grand scheme of things, it is better to be a second half team, than a first half one, as it’s easier to fix first half prep over time. Any Bengal fan that isn’t giddy waking up Friday morning is a grumpy sour puss who needs to take up hockey or something, as this team is worth celebrating and has a very bright future. All the pieces are coming together. Draft picks, free agents, coaches, trades, management, team PR. If the Bengals were a stock, this is Amazon moving out of the garage and into their first warehouse, so buckle the fuck up as this bandwagon is going to get really full soon.
  2. GOOD - Logan Wilson needs a captain C on his chest. Guy is a baller and fills the hole like an old school LB from the 80s. I think he needs to wear an old school neck roll. - Burrow has ice in his veins. His mind is his best attribute. That screen he checked to on an all out zero blitz at the end won the game. JB is like having a second coach on the field. - Zac Taylor's halftime adjustments. He's the anti-Marvin, and is showing he can make make corrections. He also puts his ego aside and lets JB use his judgement. Many coaches wouldn't do that. - McPherson, came back big after his first hook. - OL G's stepped up big and are gelling nicely. Carman will be a great RG. - Uzomah played the game of his Bengal career tonight. If he played this way every week this offense will be playing in February (especially once Higgins returns). - This offense in 5 WR and hurry up is almost unstoppable at the end of games. So why not use that earlier in the game as well. BAD - Missing Bates showed, and this game should do a lot for his agent in getting that contract extension. - Wiffing on Sunshine's 7 year old-playing-Madden-offense where he just takes the snap and runs it up the middle. - Chase is so dominant, he should get at least 1 long pass per half at a minimum. Don't wait until the 2nd half. - First half play calling, which used too many under center plays. Need to use more 4/5 WR with JB in shotgun so at least he can see the rushers. If JB knows a rusher is coming he can outthink the defense. He only really gets sacked when he is under center. The key to keeping his knee in-tact is using the shotgun. - Losing Ogunjobi hurt, hopefully not serious. - Hopefully Mixon's ankle can heal in 10 days. UGLY - The Jaguars 0-4 record and Sunshine's 0-2 record against Joey Jackpot in Prime Time, as he just got his shit pushed in on national TV again.
  3. Tonight, is a big night for Bengaldom. The biggest gameday night since Jeremy Hill’s notorious fumble. In a few hours the Bengals can be 3-1 sailing into a 11 day mini-bye with the Rookie of the Year candidate dominating on the deep ball and Burrow starting to regain some of his old form. Many of Zac’s recent draft picks are starting to show fruition, with Logan Wilson leading the NFL in Ints, Burrow playing like the Comeback Player of the Year, and Jamarr Chase making most Bengal fans forget about Sewell. Even the free agents are paying off, with Hendrickson proving needed energy on the edge, the Billy Price trade looks like a steal, and DJ Reader is clogging the run. Long gone are the thoughts about Dunlap’s pouting and refusal to heed Lou’s harder coaching style as the defense is ranked 6th in the league and playing some dominant ball. Hell, even the offensive line played great in Shittsburgh and broke a 70+ game streak by not allowing a sack against the Stealers. And Carman was plowing more holes in the run game than R Kelly performing at a sweet 16 birthday party. All is right in Bengaldom, and that is exactly why there is some risk, as us Bengals fans usually wait for the shoe to drop whenever things seem to be going well (Kimo anyone, Dalton int and broken thumb when undefeated?). But tonight is also an opportunity to exorcise those demons and show that this is not the Prime Time Water Pistol flubbing in front of the nation, but the new Nemo pants Bengals who are heading to the playoffs. It all ends and begins with Burrow of course. Give him time and utilize the 4/5 WR shotgun sets where he can see the rushers and he’s pretty much unstoppable. Give Mixon his 15-20 carries in-between deep ball shots and keep the defense on their heels. This game shouldn’t even be close, and if it’s a blowout, it will show that these are not your Bengals of the past, but Joey’s LSU North Swagger Bengals.
  4. When you call Directv they say "long wait time" then connect you to a number where it says "we are closed" and hangs up. Sounds like my day is going like the Bengals one from the comments ... I just need one of these illegal pop up filled stream sites lol
  5. Stream link anyone ... ??? Directv fucking me in the ass right now ...
  6. My Sunday ticket just went out ... is there a link to watch the game until I figure this fuckery out?
  7. They better cut Seibert and roll with McPherson. You saw what happened the last time they didn't give their drafted kicker a chance.
  8. Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 his first year with the Cowboys then 7-9 the following year (which is what Zac would have probably finished last year had Burrow not been hurt). Then he won 2 of the next 3 Super Bowls after building with top draft picks. So Zac deserves one more year to prove his plan is working. For my part, I think the Bengals make the playoffs and Zac wins coach of the year this season (as long as Burrow stays healthy).
  9. I would have preferred the orange jersey and black pants (which should be the 1A uniform in my view). But I will say that before I wondered how the Nemo pants could ever be used, and we have our answer. They can only logically be worn with the black jersey I think (not the orange as I had assumed), as at least the orange stripes on the pants mirrors the orange stripes on the shoulders (though both are the inverse of the helmet) #OCD
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