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    Well sheeit. It worked this time. Weird. I think last time I was trying to upload it straight off my PC and this time I used my photobucket account. I know it didn't work before...don't know what changed. Hopefully now Backer won't have any more Bunghole problems...and if you do, Dan, I recommend Preparation H...
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    [quote name='Jeb' timestamp='1341032472' post='1137328'] It would be a good idea to start looking around for a replacement for Whitworth, ...if the rule of 150 holds true. He's in his prime with nowhere to go but down from here on out. [/quote] It is way too early to do anything about replacing Whit. He has another 3-5 good seasons in him.
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    Is that rule holding true based on this article? Only 50% of the bottom 6 lines met that metric. The Pats were above it and performed fine. Not sure if this conclusive enough to make it a rule.
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    ^ Do you really not understand the difference between random sick jokes and talking about an actual person's kid? Regardless, good job shitting all over what should have been a simple, harmless thread.
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    [quote name='Jamie_B' timestamp='1340911283' post='1137097'] Fast typing, dont proofread, informal discussion, not worried about proofreading. I think most get the point. [/quote] Don't believe it. You can't claim typo when you spell it that way 100% of the time. I think you spell "debit" correctly more than any other word you have typed on here.
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    Fuck it... I'll hopefully be dead when we have all these chickens come to roost. Just give me free health care and add it to the credit card... I won't be paying it anyway....
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    [quote name='OneHeartBeat' timestamp='1340971750' post='1137179'] It will be cheaper for people to just pay the penalty for not getting insurance than to buy the insurance, so guess who picks up the difference? If you want to penalize those who refuse to take responsibility for themselves, than make it a severe penalty. [/quote] [quote name='Jamie_B' timestamp='1340974007' post='1137184'] I'd have to look into it, but I'd be highly surprised if you can just pay the penalty without having to prove what your income and thus ability to buy insurance is. [/quote] My understanding based on the ruling is they cannot force people to get health insurance, but they can tax them if they don't. Based on that, I don't think there'd be any restrictions on just paying the penalty. As far as picking up the difference, aren't the taxpayers already doing that? The people who got free healthcare before by having no insurance now have to contribute something, so isn't that better? If hospitals are required to care for everyone that comes through their doors, then everyone should be required to put money towards health care. I'm concerned with how much of an impact there is for removing pre-existing conditions and the lifetime cap. Those largely come into play when pricing insurance, so I assume costs will go up for everyone to cover that. That doesn't mean I think it was the wrong thing to do. At the end of the day, I don't know enough of the specifics to say if Obamacare is great or horrible but I know major changes are needed to the health care system. At a minimum, this gets us moving in the right direction.
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