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    It was, he was sitting with his scouting staff
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    Yeah I do think Price should be better but he didn't make it through the season, either. What bothers me is the complacency of once again hanging everything on rookies, average-at-best vets, and guys that have been consistently injured (or a combination of those things.) I don't think ownership really gives a shit about winning so long as the checks keep coming.
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    Of course not. Being a Bengals fan is the Navy SEAL of football fans. Anyone can root for a team like the Pats or Urineburgh with multiple championships. It takes a person of toughness and fortitude most Americans just don't have to be a Bengals fan.
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    The board is slow these days. Wanted to put this somewhere it would be seen. Don't like it? I don't care.
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    Yeah, but the Domino's pizza shoulda never been on the field in the first place!
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    His pizza looks fiery, explosive and unpredictable, like it could go off and attack a Dominoes pizza after the slightest bit of provocation.
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    Baker is soo fucking cool and edgy...he's like the Fonz but shorter... I wonder if it was the time Baker ran from the cops and got pile driven into the concrete, because it's definitely mine.
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    There is truth to your comments however, the Brown family continue to run the team the same way year after year so repeating their failure to change or learn is speaking to the current situation. Let's not forgot it is Mike Brown that 'talks every day about winning a championship" but does little to move in that direction. As much as we post like it is groundhog day it is because it is groundhog day.
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    It should help to have a coach that doesn't think the other team is inherently better than his own.
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    No human being deserves that sort of treatment, but welcome to the wonderful world of the NFL and hate-filled media (except for Stealers and #teamslikethepatriots)
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    tough to do 28 reps @ 225 with a torn labrum...people are going way overboard here, IMO. the way I look at it, if one injury to a rookie OT screws up the entire position group there are obviously bigger issues at play.
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    I question whether the FO is willing to accept the team is 2-3 years from seriously competing & embrace a rebuild. It's much easier to kind of muddle along putting out fires one at a time & flirting with playoff contention.
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    We could win 35-10 and ESPN would focus on how the other team choked the victory away.
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    well the roster isn't final, someone might hang their jersey on a water cooler and have it accidentally win a starting spot instead
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    Depends are better. Don't have to wait in line at the stadium and you can just keep buying beer from a vendor.
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    Felt like telling someone, who better than my Bengals brethren. Just bought tickets for me and the woman to the Bengals/Jags game on 10/20. Yes I may be a glutton for punishment, but I am extremely excited to see them play for the first time in Jungle. For years I've watched them at Ralph Wilson, it will be nice to be able to root for them without being sworn at lol. We're staying at the SpringHill Suites, I guess it is only a couple miles from the stadium. Looking forward to the game, some authentic chili, maybe the zoo, the aquarium...hoping for a nice extended weekend getaway. I could probably dig up some old threads asking for the same pointers, but let me know of any can't miss spots for food/entertainment!
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    And that guy is a 49ers fan!!!
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    I think he participated in camp just wasn't signed yet for some odd reason. Probably had to do with his choice of chili and use of Ketchup.
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    I think if the bengals can just win the Super Bowl, they'll win it all.
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    We "found" our new Kenyon. Same breeder, different mom.
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