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    Aw look! It's our QB behind this trash OL. It even has red hair like Andy!
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    Then you let him go. Overpaying at the WR position for a single player is foolish. He isn't a superstar, there are very few of those in the league. He was a very good top 5-10 receiver 3 or 4 years ago. Injury bug got him for 2 years and 2017 was good but not top dollar great. Of course Ross was supposed to be next man up but.... I like AJ, he is a damn good receiver but giving him a huge contract isn't a good idea, we have only made the playoffs once since his last BIG contract. No, not his fault but some of that money could have been spent elsewhere. The number of great WRs picked after 20 is long and distinguished. It isn’t a difficult position to replace.
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    Yeah, but when they go 6-10 this year, their tears taste like candy.

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