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    AJ, Boyd, Tate would be fine. Erickson in 4 WR packages.
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    Was at the FC Cincinnati/Crew match on Saturday. He had a nice goal in the first half. Spirited match--lots of action. Crew should have had two pens in the second half...but MLS officials are even worse than the NFL. Ended 2-2, and it was a well-earned point for both sides.
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    Then I guess IDK. I went back and read a few of his post-game pressers up there. Many had the desired "it begins with me" gun-in-mouth when handing out blame. He doesn't have to carry water for Cleveland and their bearded hobo QB anymore...so he no longer has to debase himself on their behalf. And even if he did for some reason, would it satisfy anyone--especially his haters? Not here for certain. The question posed,would have the same response from any person on the street would have: "Hey Joe, I remember you used to work as a widget designer ar X Corp. Think you would be able to design widgets again?". If anyone would respond "No, I can't make or design widgets anymore--never could in the first place"..they are a damn liar.
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