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  1. Have to wonder what the offseason moves are going to be, this team is close to being a playoff team they just need more consistency,
  2. I remember the year after Brady got hurt, it took him almost a full year to mentally recover and get back to the guy he was. We may have to accept that it may take Joe some time to be Joe 100% again.
  3. They are making it really hard on themselves losing to bad teams Of course the Cards going on their current tear arent helping either
  4. They've given Lou the horses, I expect the D to be playing well. He's saved his job as far as I am concerned. The O needs to step it up, this could be a playoff team if that side of the ball gets it's shit together.
  5. Good list, only thing I'd add was to the Bad column, Wilson not falling on the ball and instead trying to scoop and score, could have had a turnover there.
  6. 3 back but the Cards play the Brew Crew in two series we have a bunch of winnable games. We just need to win them.
  7. I'm gonna say it Zack Taylor has given Joe Burrow permission to check into his own plays as far as I can recall If they were sitting on routes and Jamar thinks we could have gone deeper earlier That's on Joe
  8. Good news is at best the entire division is 1-1, though the Ratbirds are likely to fall to 0-2 tonight. So from a divisional standpoint were still in it
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