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  1. Are breathalyzers before alcohol sales gonna have to be a thing?
  2. No idea. Wouldn't completely surpise me. Boomer did it.
  3. As a potential long term backup I don't hate that.
  4. He's had to use them in place of a 5th starter, also Abbot not able to go as deep anymore hurts. Add Ashcraft being done as well. I get we didn't want to sacrifice the future but I really wish we would have added another guy to the rotation
  5. K Damn Frustrating thing about this game is it was winnable
  6. Didnt get the out at 2 and Steer makes in to 1 2 guys on winning run at the plate 0 outs
  7. loads them back up again get him out of there Law in
  8. Sounds like he could be available after the weekend
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