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  1. I don't think it was the China thing so much as the Muslim ban, or the children in cages, or the dog whistles to white nationalists. Plenty of examples predating this.
  2. 3 weeks? They've known about this since Janurary. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/us-intelligence-reports-from-january-and-february-warned-about-a-likely-pandemic/2020/03/20/299d8cda-6ad5-11ea-b5f1-a5a804158597_story.html?fbclid=IwAR3R35qj-3nNHHg-WI4S0JHEWixdc347bkCASG1ygRppaZC9vBpkhnDOWnU
  3. If this Covid-19 crisis carries into the summer the kinds of policies we will need to recover will make Bernie look quaint.
  4. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. This is my chief complaint about the establishment Dems. Running on a "At least I'm not Trump" campaign as opposed to having any ideas is gonna hurt them.
  5. Well the question of "was it Brady or Belichick" is going to be answered.
  6. Brady has announced his football journey will continue elsewhere.
  7. I am of the firm belief that they have created a whole alternate reality that has no basis in fact, that allows them to believe the things they believe. And when you push and challenge them on those beliefs it ALWAYS reverts to "I don't want my taxes to go to that poor person."
  8. Hard pass on anything libertarian.
  9. Nope and I'm less sure Biden will be. I'm convinced he has dementia and choosing him is going to ensure Trump 4 more years. Trump is a moron who thinks Windmills cause cancer. I'm not even sure Biden knows where he is at half the time.
  10. Not rubbing anyone's nose in it. Genuinely concerned for the state of our republic and our ability to keep checks and balances.
  11. I don't expect an answer on this but had Obama done what Trump did with regard to this Ukraine stuff and the amount of lying, would you have been upset about it @BengalBacker? I would have been.
  12. I'll take that as a yes. *sigh*
  13. All the stuff Trump has done with regard to the rule of law and all the lying. You still support him?
  14. What I mean is that wasn't it Gobbles who said "Accuse the other side, that which you are guilty of"?
  15. Joseph Gobbles would be proud.
  16. Dems are gonna fuck this up and elect Trump again. Joe Biden has dementia, I'm sure of it. This is not good for the health of democratic norms, we are increasingly becoming more and more like Poland.
  17. Take note the only Dem candidate beating Trump in PA right now is Bernie
  18. I'm an FDR guy, Bernie represents the closest thing to FDR we've had since, well FDR.
  19. Fuck Trump. Bernie will be our next President.
  20. lol what the heck, no idea how that happened
  21. Their O hasn't been the same since Tom Herman left. Myer needs to look at finding someone competent to run the O.
  22. Rick!! Welcome back brother, good to have you around again, definitely been days where I have said publicly that you were missed as the only conservative around here with some sense. How's the family? Hope you stick around pal.
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