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  1. That was the only disadvantage of having a long snapper competition in the preseason. If there had not been a competition for Harris to keep his job, then Wilcox would have gotten more practice reps at long snapping in case of emergency. But those non-Harris practice snaps went to the long snapper who began the season on the practice squad. Just a weird, incredibly unlikely scenario that unfolded at the absolute worst time possible.
  2. Combination of both. Rams should have put up a better fight, but the Bills have the best overall roster in the league. Of course they probably did last year as well, and still didn't make it to the Super Bowl. But Von Miller makes them better this year than last. The Bills never seem to stop adding talent, and they don't usually lose the talent already on the roster to free agency.
  3. Not only is it not a bad thing to do, it is absolutely an essential thing to do. Look at the Bills, who have the best talent base in the league. They are paying franchise QB money to Allen, but that hasn't stopped them from adding a top free agent like Von Miller and then extending WR Diggs and now TE Knox so that they are paid around the top of the market for their positions. That is the kind of thing Cincinnati will be competing with going forward, and the only way to keep up is to start doing things in a different way than you've ever done it before. Even the Stealers, another family owned franchise, have adopted a new contract model in order to try to stay relevant and keep up with the rest of the league.
  4. So true. We finally have ownership working hard to keep up with bigger markets and deeper pockets. If they had done this a year earlier, maybe they would've been able to offer Bates the kind of guaranteed money he would be able to get on an extension almost anywhere else. I'm glad ownership realizes what a rare opportunity they have been given and are doing whatever they can to compete in an ever-changing NFL marketplace.
  5. The only reason the move with Allen was made is because of league longevity he cannot be claimed on waivers. He had a gentleman's agreement with the Bengals to return once the roster moves were completed.
  6. Jackson wants Watson level guarantees. Doesn't understand that that was just a weird situation where a franchise QB like Watson held all of the cards and his agent could wield his no-trade clause like a weapon.
  7. Hopefully the Bengals won't have to punt often.
  8. I think Chrisman will be named the punter. Cincinnati will gradually replace these guys, Huber this year and Harris the next. Both punters have their own strengths and weaknesses, but Huber is set to make a bout a million more than Chrisman if he stays and has a significantly weaker leg.
  9. Browning has never taken a snap in the NFL and that really hurts his chances of being picked up on waivers. he only way to keep both backup QBs is to make Allen the backup and keep Browning for the Practice Squad.
  10. Araiza cut. Good on the Bills. My understanding is that the entire league knew about the allegations, which is why he dropped in the draft. Maybe the details were worse than the Bills assumed. Their head coach definitely did seem disgusted talking about it yesterday after the game.
  11. Keep in mind that Leatherwood is a 1st round draft choice and as so is guaranteed 6 mil dollars over the next 3 years whether he develops or not. Someone may make a move for Leatherwood, but I can't imagine it being the Bengals. Right now they are monitoring every guaranteed dollar very carefully as they prepare for the most important offseason in franchise history.
  12. Report now is that Araiza will not punt for Buffalo tonight. Doesn't mean they are going to cut him though.
  13. Cannot see the Bills dumping Araiza at this point. They knew about the allegation before they drafted him. The whole league knew about it which is why he dropped in the draft. Figure the Bills to ride this one out.
  14. Zero. It was practice not a game and the teams control that. Not the league.
  15. Something I expect to see often this season. Chase in the slot and Hurst split out wide. Percentage-wise, I expect Hurst to be split out wide more often than Boyd because of his superior length and catch radius. Boyd is a pure slot receiver.
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