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  1. #5 Defense

    I think the defense is good, but the numbers are skewed from playing two mediocre offenses. Rodgers will be a much tougher challenge. That being said, Burfict will be a major boost when he returns. The only major negatives I have seen are giving up two "big" plays and spending too much time on the field. If the offense can start doing anything, it can only help the defense.
  2. Zampese Out

    Firing Zampese was a no brainer and frankly the easiest and most painless move the team could make. Eight quarters without a touchdown and 0 for 6 in the red zone were more than enough reason to get rid of him. Faced with the unholy trio of a porous line, rattled QB, and overmatched coordinator, something had to be done. Fixing the line won't happen till free agency (lol) or the draft. Mike and/or Marvin are too stubborn to bench Andy. So Zampese gets to be the fall guy. The Bengals can act like they care even though they created this mess.
  3. Fred, the revisionist history is on your end. The fans didn't move Whit to guard out of necessity, the coaches did due to injury. And it was never more than a small minority who wanted to make it permanent. And I am fairly certain the main argument was that moving to guard might extend his career, not because he sucked. Personally, I have been worried about the line since last year's regression. It only got worse when the unit lost its best two players in free agency. The team's response that all was well and to trust PA to develop young players looks pretty bad at this point. The season looks lost because the team allowed the line to deteriorate rapidly and pretty much everyone saw it coming.
  4. The left tackle spot hasn't been an issue since Marvin arrived, that is until this year. Levi and Whit combined to lock down the position for 14 straight seasons with only one small interruption. The Bengals used early picks and both of them developed into solid players. Unfortunately, it looks like their luck has run out with Ogbuehi. He is well on his way to bust status. It looks like a costly mistake, but nobody hits on every pick.
  5. Early returns are not looking promising for the line. Won't get easier with Watt, Mercilus, and Clowney coming to town. Might consider Andre at RT and Fisher at LT, unless Ced shows signs of life in the next couple weeks. Shame Hopkins blew out his knee. I would guess this opens the door for Westerman.
  6. PA has personally vouched for Bodine and Ced. If they fail or continue to fail, then he must be wrong about his scouting or he is not able to coach the best out of them. If the line does come together and defy the low expectations, PA will get credit, deservedly so. His reputation as a top line coach is being put to the test with nothing less than the fate of the entire offense in the balance. Time to prove your value.
  7. Cut/waived/signed

    Are the Bengals required to have 53 players on the roster? If not, I could see them going a player short to avoid guaranteeing a salary for someone who will probably be inactive and get released when Pac man returns Week 2.
  8. Final Roster

    Not going to guess names but I will guess numbers: 2 QB 4 RB/FB 7 WR 3 TE 9 OL 9 DL 6 LB 10 DB 3 K/P/LS
  9. John ross hurt

    Ross = China doll. We had fair warning he was injury prone and he is already injured on a fairly innocuous play. Does anyone really think he will hold up over 16 games let alone multiple seasons?
  10. John ross hurt

    Hobknob says Ross is getting a MRI tomorrow. I will hope for the best, but I can't pretend to be surprised he is already nicked up. We all knew the injury history when he was drafted.
  11. Burfict Suspended five games

    Sucks Burfict is in this position, but his history affords him no breaks. It is clear he is a target and he will get no leeway. Losing a third of the season is going to cost us big time, IMO. Like it or not, keeping him around might be the wrong move since he will constantly be at risk for suspensions.
  12. I think the Bengals drafted pretty well between 2009-2013. No doubt the draft classes in 2014 and 2015 have been disappointing thus far. If you compare them to the rest of the league, the Bengals have fared better than most with both players still in the league and earning second contracts.
  13. I'm interpreting this as good news, but the likelihood is still high that Williams misses 2-3 games. Certainly better news than if he needed surgery and better than any of us believed when it happened live. If he only misses 6 weeks total it will be a huge bullet dodged.
  14. First thought on #94

    I believe either MJ or Clarke will make the 53 man roster, but not both. MJ is clearly on the downside of his career and even if he stays there is no way he sees 80-90% of the snaps again. As for Clarke, he is entering a walk year and I just don't see much of a future for him. He makes a play here or there and disappears for stretches. Smith has buzz around him right now and I don't believe they gave up a pick to trade for him only to cut him right away. I'll be surprised if he doesn't make it. Combined with the rookies, the Bengals will have more speed and athleticism on the edge than any time in recent memory. I think it's an evolution that's long overdue.
  15. Lots of names being tossed around so I will add only one to the list: Sam Shade

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