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  1. Inigo Montoya

    Teryl Austin Fired

    They've been trending down since 2015. Going from mediocre to bad was the final step. It took a number of subtractions over several years to reach this point.
  2. Inigo Montoya

    Teryl Austin Fired

    The decline of the defense can mostly be blamed on a steady talent drain, both players and coaches. Some of it was age and some of it was business related. Long time contributors like Peko, Leon, Pacman, Nelson, Maualuga, Sims, and Gilberry left along with Zimmer, Joseph, and Guenther. Many of replacement players and coaches haven't gotten the job done and it finally bottomed out with an overmatched coordinator in Austin. One common denominator has been shaky LB play as we've repeatedly missed in both the draft and free agency.
  3. Inigo Montoya

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Austin deserved to be fired but the defense had been slipping gradually the past two seasons before the bottom fell out. I still think there's talent on the dline and secondary to play much better than they've shown to this point. However, I have little hope for the LB corps with or without Burfict. In fact, it seems like losing Vigil might have been the straw that broke the camel's back. It won't be able to be fixed until the offseason. Marvin is going to be running the defense and it's literally impossible to do significantly worse. It's crazy how far they've fallen to reach this point.
  4. Inigo Montoya

    Hue is Back

    Probably in the minority here, but I'm not against having Hue back. I definitely don't want him as our next head coach, but he's actually had success as a coordinator. More success than Lazor if we're being honest. I also think he's being brought back because we have two games against the Browns. I don't know if he has inside information that can help but I don't see how it can hurt. Both sides of the ball are getting a kick in the ass and we'll have to see how they respond.
  5. Inigo Montoya

    Fire Austin Now!

    Agree that Austin has to go. Today was the second time this season his defense didn't force a single punt. That's on top of record setting yardage numbers allowed. Whatever scheme he's running isn't just not working. It's the worst in the league and franchise history. Austin looks completely out of his depth against today's offenses. There's no coming back from these type of performances.
  6. Inigo Montoya

    Injury updates

    The season is a wrap if AJ is out multiple games. No way the offense can account for his absence and the defense is no longer good enough to win games by themselves. Injuries crushed us this year.
  7. How bad is it to be Browns fan? The Ravens have 2 Super Bowls and Belichick has 5 titles. Your former team and coach have done this while the "new" Browns have one playoff loss and two winning seasons in almost 20 years.
  8. Inigo Montoya

    Keeping our enemies close 2018

    Haven't heard a recent update but Bell has to report to the Stealers at some point in order to get an accrued season and be eligible for free agency. It's looking like he will miss the max allowed with 10 games but he should be available for the stretch run. LOL @the brownies. Hue should have been gone long before he had a chance to feud with Haley. The new GM wants his own coach and Cleveland was only delaying the inevitable.
  9. Inigo Montoya

    Crystal Lite Ross out "a few weeks"

    Ross being injured is not a new phenomenon. He dealt with multiple injuries in college and he's been injured most of his pro career. The lack of durability made him a huge risk in the draft and so far he's done nothing to change that reality. I was skeptical when we took him and at this point he's trending towards bust status. I see no reason to believe he will have an extended run of good health and his attitude thus far has been anything but reassuring. I see a guy who is barely holding it together not a player destined for big things.
  10. I didn't watch much of the game and it wasn't a surprising result. Neither side of the ball played well enough to win, especially with the shaky calls that went against us. I can't only blame the refs when we get zero pressure all game and punt twice from Stealers territory in the 2nd half. At the end of the day, the Bengals did have a lead late in the 4th quarter so it wasn't like they completely laid an egg. The insult to injury were in fact all of the injuries, which are now reaching critical mass. This week will probably be ugly unless the offense can score 40. I don't see our defense having much of a chance being as banged up as they are.
  11. Inigo Montoya

    Bengals waived Thomas Rawls.

    Seeing how having only two RB against Atlanta nearly blew up on us, I am hoping they don't try that move again. Gio is supposed to miss at least another game so that means another RB will be needed this week. Whether they bring back Carson or promote someone from the PS it's too risky to not have a 3rd RB active on Sunday.
  12. If you want to point the finger at the coaching staff, Simmons should be at the top of the list. His special teams units caused a 10 point swing against us after a blocked FG attempt and punt return TD. Last week they allowed a blocked punt and long kickoff return. It needs to get cleaned up soon before it costs us a game.
  13. Beautiful: 2nd half comeback down 17 in 3rd quarter, 2 defensive touchdowns, Mixon's return Good: Andy, AJ, Geno, Dunlap our best players made big plays, Burfict's return, Bullock hit a 51 yard FG to start comeback Bad: Red zone INT, oline had worst game of the year, 3rd down defense still an issue Ugly: Special teams had two more blunders, Nickerson belongs on PS, getting down 17-0 to begin with
  14. Inigo Montoya

    Price to G?

    FWIW, Price told Paul Dehner there was no setback and that they were being "extra precautious" to hopefully avoid season-ending surgery. I also read that his foot is healing and that he wasn't experiencing abnormal pain or swelling in it. If you're looking for positives, I think we can still expect to see Price again this year. How long he can last is a different question.
  15. Inigo Montoya

    Mixon is practicing

    Good news on Mixon. Bad news for Price. Not worried about Gio unless he doesn't practice by Friday. Rawls might have to be active if they decide to give Mixon another week to heal.

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