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  1. The writing was on the wall with Dre being released. His production never matched his salary and his antics won him few fans. I'm glad they made a move to improve at his position and aren't standing pat. That hasn't been the case very often and it's something that needed to change.
  2. Trent Williams is delusional if he's really asking for $20 million per season. He's missed over 30 games since 2015, including all last year in a quasi holdout. I seriously doubt anyone will trade for him and give him that kind of contract. More likely the Skins sit on his rights or release him long after he'll be able to land a big contract. I'm not saying he's washed only that he isn't going to get paid what he wants and is a risky bet.
  3. I'm not sure why they'd want Dunlap with Young on the board. The Skins also have Kerrigan and Montez Sweat. I can see them trading down, but probably for someone who wants Tua. Miami and New England are my best guess right now.
  4. Most of us took the mentality of "believe it when I see it" for this free agency period and it's played out better than most expected. They've filled a number of holes and surprised fans and critics with their spending. In fairness, they had more money to spend after getting out of a few bad deals (Glenn, Miller, Webb) with a couple more likely to go ( Dalton, Dre). Clearly, the focus has been on defense and the draft is set up to add pieces to build around Burrow. Still very much a work in progress, but they are trying to improve the roster and the arrow is pointed up.
  5. One name to mention as a possibility at LB is Mark Barron, who the Stealers cut last week. He was a cap casualty and played pretty well for them last year.
  6. The defense had a bunch of holes to fill and they've done pretty well so far. Adding starters at DT and CB along with a starting slot CB is a good start at least. There is still a glaring need at LB and to a lesser extent at safety. I'm not expecting much else in free agency as far as top talent. Someone might get cut or maybe a trade could materialize, but likely help is only coming from the draft.
  7. The market fo Dalton appears to be pretty small at this point. Part of the blame falls to the surplus of available QBs this off season. Regardless, I would wager he gets released or lands at best a late round pick given what has already happened. Not a chance he stays as a backup with that salary.
  8. Being active in free agency doesn't automatically correlate to spending big on free agents. I don't expect any top free agents to consider signing here nor do I expect the Bengals to set the market with their offers. Maybe they prove me wrong, but I doubt it'll be much different than what they've done in the past. They will probably stay out of it early and try to get bargains and quantity over quality.
  9. Burrow was asked about playing with AJ and he said he would like him on the roster. He also called him one of the best receivers in the league and said that a rookie QB needs as much talent around him as possible. Nowhere did he demand anything and it's hard to argue against the logic of what Burrow said. He was asked a question and it seems like an honest answer to me. Giving Burrow a healthy and productive Green (a bif if) would be a huge asset in his development.
  10. I would hold on to Glenn as long as possible in case of injury. Another team might get desperate and the Bengals owe him nothing after what he did last year. I doubt he'll get much as trade bait, but he's under contract and plays an important position so there's nothing to lose by holding on to see what happens elsewhere. Hart obviously should be replaced and at a minimum I'm hoping to see a free agent or early pick (Day 2) at OT, possibly both. Depth was a huge issue last year and hopefully they learned a lesson that shouldn't be repeated. Hoping for injury luck is not a strategy and you need to invest. The interior line is unsettled outside Hopkins. Price is disappointing, Miller was hurt and not very effective, and Jordan looked raw. More competition is needed and nobody besides Hopkins should feel safe.
  11. I don't hold it against Burrow that he was beaten out by Haskins at OSU. He was a 1st round pick and set multiple Big Ten records in his one year as a starter for the Buckeyes. Burrow had an even better season at LSU last year so I would call him a better prospect regardless. I also don't count his first year at LSU as a negative. He was a new starter in the SEC West and the offensive scheme was badly outdated. If nothing else it provides experience and there is a huge difference between one year college starters and multiple year starters.
  12. I read that USA Today article yesterday and it fits the pattern we've seen all along. The national media is pushing this narrative. They want Burrow to pull a power move so they have a bigger story to write about. They want someone to challenge the NFL order and stick it to one of the worst owners in professional sports. It is 100% their agenda and they don't care how it affects Burrow or his reputation.
  13. I am skeptical that Burrow will try to force his way out of being a Bengal for several reasons. Nearly all of the chatter is coming from either national media folks who want him to do it or from people with axes to grind (Palmer, etc.). I don't believe the league wants players dictating where they go in the draft and the odds of forgoing a huge payday to sit out a whole year are slim. Trying to convince Mike Brown not to take him would probably be futile. More likely he'd be looking at a draft and trade scenario, which also faces long odds since the Bengals are not easy trade partners and he could get shipped somewhere he also doesn't like. I just don't see it being worth the effort or cost for Burrow to make the move.
  14. I doubt Dalton stays if they decide to take Burrow. Not because he would be a problem, but he makes too much to be a backup and trading him for something decent helps the team more overall. That said, Finley doesn't exactly make me feel confident as a backup. Maybe Dolegala can outplay him this offseason and preseason to win the job. Otherwise it's probably going to be a vet who has worked with Taylor or Callahan previously.
  15. I was skeptical on Burrow for awhile, but that changed the more I watched him continue to win big games. He lit up Alabama on the road, lit up Georgia in the SEC title game, and then did it again in both playoff games. It's impossible not to be impressed if you watched it. Certainly some of the credit goes to his cast and his coach (Brady who came from the Saints). He made a huge leap which not many saw coming and it's not easy to explain exactly how it happened. He was talented enough for Urban Meyer to bring to Columbus and there's no shame in losing the starting QB job to Haskins, who wound up as a 1st rounder. His first year at LSU was underwhelming, but he was also a new starter in the SEC West. I would attribute some of his struggles to normal growing pains and some to an antiquated offense that Orgeron completely revamped this year. If Tua hadn't gotten injured again, I think it might be more of a debate for the top pick. As it stands today, Burrow has to be the favorite and I am on board with it.
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