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  1. Not to be a downer about Jones being cut, but it probably wouldn't happen until later during training camp or at final cuts if at all. So they won't cut him to use the money on a free agent if that's what everyone is hoping for. I see them letting Pacman recover from surgery and seeing how he looks before making a decision. If he looks washed up in camp, then he might get cut. Otherwise he stays as an overpaid returner and for depth at CB.
  2. I can't get too excited about this signing and view Hart as little more than a camp body. Fits well into the philosophy of MB in free agency as a player who comes cheap and is something of a reclamation project. Still we could do worse than a guy with starter experience even if he has a reputation as a turd.
  3. Hobson knows where his bread is buttered for sure. It's also very hard for some people to accept when they were wrong or when things don't work out like they hoped. That's how I can try to explain his continued support for Bodine. The front office traded up to draft him and immediately installed him as a starter. The coaching staff consistently supported him despite poor performance and lack of improvement over time. Now that his contract is up, the rational conclusion would be to let him walk and try to find a better player. Accept that your talent evaluation was flawed and the player will never reach the level you hoped. Sadly, people are not rational and Hobson continuing to pimp Bodine is a prime example. His mind cannot accept that the team got things so wrong and instead might double down by bringing him back. No different than a gambler throwing good money after bad.
  4. Tough, nasty, aggressive. Great buzzwords for an offensive linemen but ultimately meaningless if the player cannot block and execute on a consistent basis. Take Bodine as an example. He's tough and durable. He also struggles to anchor and consistently botches assignments on stunts and blitzes. The bottom line is he is not good enough that you would even hesitate to search for an upgrade. I like the Pollack hiring and he deserves a chance to do the job his way. What I do know is that he needs better players to work with in order to be successful.
  5. I don't think the mistake was cutting Elliott and keeping Fat Randy. The winner of the competition was clear and it would have strained credibility to hand the job to Jake. The mistake was having a competition for the job at all after using a 5th round pick on a kicker. It would have made more sense to release Bullock right away after the draft if they really wanted Elliott to be the guy. Of course, that would have meant that they were going to accept any growing pains that Jake dealt with. Philly was willing to stick with him even though he was far from perfect and his future looks bright. It sucks that another team will benefit from our pick simply because we backed ourselves into a corner by having an unnecessary camp battle.
  6. QB Carousel 2018

    Wow Jimmy G got paid. Cousins has to be licking his chops after seeing that deal. I expect the Broncos and Vikings will be after him hard.
  7. Eli will be 37 next year and the Giants haven't drafted this high since taking Eli in 2004. Add in a strong QB class to choose from and I'd say it's a very real possibility that the Giants draft Eli's replacement at #2. Eli himself has commented that he would understand and accept it if the Giants do go that route. Doubtful he would say that if the writing wasn't on the wall.
  8. Coaching Staff Changes

    The McDaniels news is pretty nuts all things considered. Everything pointed towards him taking the Colts job and people are rightfully pissed off at him for backing out at the last minute. Three of the assistants he lined up are stuck because they already signed contracts (unlike McDaniels). The Colts have to start their search over with most of the other new staffs already filled up. Whoever they hire will start from behind and be forced to accept assistant coaches he didn't hire or want. Obviously, something happened behind the scenes for him to burn bridges like this. Rumor has it Kraft (to stick it to the Colts for Deflategate) offered McDaniels a raise with a tacit agreement to replace Belichick possibly as soon as 2019. There is also the issue of Luck's health which is still a mystery and could have scared off McDaniels. I would put my money on Frank Reich or Dave Toub being the next Colts head coach.
  9. I read that the Browns might wait to take their QB at #4. Giants will probably take one at #2, but the Colts probably won't at #3. So they may take someone like Barkley with the first pick knowing that they will still have their choice of two of the top three QB's.
  10. Good. Ozzie built the Ravens into a contender. He deserved most of the credit for their Super Bowls.
  11. Buh bye, Jeremy

    2nd round picks have not been kind to the Bengals since 2012. Devon Still, Gio, Hill, Fisher, Boyd, Mixon. Gio is the only one who has panned out. Boyd still has a chance I suppose while Mixon was limited by a shithole line. Missing on high picks isn't a recipe for long term success.
  12. Not sure I believe this speculation, but if true the pro-McCarron contingent must have zero power within the organization. Anywho, the hearing date for AJ's grievance is coming up in a couple of weeks. I am hoping he is ruled as a RFA and we can pry one of Cleveland's 2nd round picks for him in a trade.

    I know you are trying for humor, but word on the street is that the Bengals spent a bunch of time at the Senior bowl scouting receivers. Mikey loves skill position players and more often than not he takes one in his first couple picks. I won't be surprised if he does it again this year even with glaring issues on the line.

    Paradox is the right word. The only hope that Bodine doesn't return is if another team outbids the Bengals. That's not likely because he stinks and everyone can see it except the Bengals.

    Sure Bodine has been durable. But to say he "has done nothing but continue to grow and get better " is laughable. PFF ranked him as the 27th best center last year. I find it hard to believe that anyone could look at that and say the position doesn't need an upgrade. He's had four years and improvement has not been the trend in Bodine's play.

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