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  1. I'm not in the camp that says trade your best players just because we're out of it. That said, I would listen to offers and be willing to do it for the right deal. Green is a tough call, IMO. He's been injured 3 of the past 4 seasons and he's on the wrong side of 30. He's also a free agent next year and the top WR market is pricey, especially for an older guy with a very real injury history. I can see the logic in moving him because 1)he might leave next year anyway and 2) he will carry significant risk and cost if he stays. Some of the other guys should be no brainers, like Glenn, Eifert, Dre, or Dennard. I wouldn't give them away, but those guys are all either overpaid or free agents next year. I'm not sure any of the four will be back next year even if not traded.
  2. The answer isn't running it more because the o-line is beyond fucked, IMO. Boling retired. Williams injured. Glenn apparently refusing to play after being cleared by an independent doctor. It's so bad that we've started a career OG who was out of football last year in the previous 2 games at LT. This isn't fixable this year. That said, it doesn't excuse the defensive problems, namely the lack of anything resembling a run defense. Teryl Austin isn't around to blame anymore. This team is overmatched and there are plenty of holes to fill on both sides. Anyone still debating the need for a full rebuild is delusional. It's time to start over and stockpile as much draft capital as possible.
  3. I highly doubt Green will be traded for two reasons. His value is too low right now and he's a free agent after the season. It's unlikely that another team will blow the Bengals away with an offer even if they're interested in dealing him. A major injury to a star WR can change the equation somewhat, but barring that AJ stays put. Whether he stays beyond this season is also not certain. I'm guessing they won't use the franchise tag at this point but your guess is as good as mine. He might have no interest in a full rebuild and try to chase a ring.
  4. I'm not sure that's how they coach it in the NFL. Either way, it was a garbage throw high and behind his target. A better WR might have caught it, but Dalton has to make a better throw with the game on the line.
  5. AJ is one of the few who could've caught that one. Unfortunately we won't have him for at least another week or two. As far as this topic is concerned, it's hard to watch a performance like yesterday's first half and not think Dalton's days are numbered. It's mostly because of his contract situation, but also the fact that we are trending towards a top 5 pick.
  6. SF will be a huge test for the o-line and not just because of Bosa (who looks likely to play). They also have Dee Ford on the opposite side with Buckner and Armstead inside. Last week was a good start for the OL but there's room for improvement, especially in the run game. This match up will probably decide the outcome of the game.
  7. I'm not an English major but this appears to be the definition of down playing a performance. Just give credit where it's due that's it. It doesn't mean anything more for Dalton than a positive start for a new season.
  8. That game in BAL wasn't "far better " at best it was comparable. Also, not sure how Dalton gets blamed for a missed FG or a RB getting stopped on 4th and 1 or a holding penalty followed by a sack when they had first and goal. Just stop with trying to downplay his performance on Sunday. It was unquestionably one of his best given the circumstances.
  9. Far better games without AJ Green? On the road in Seattle? With a 3rd string LT? GTFO with that nonsense. Considering the circumstances, that was one of his best performances by far.
  10. The defense basically ran a 3-4 against Seattle and it hardly got noticed. It seemed to work pretty well and their personnel decisions made more sense after seeing it play out. They're going to play plenty of nickel and dime packages and plenty of 3 safety looks too. It helps to have versatile players like Hubbard and Dunlap and it's smart to limit their exposure to their weakness at LB.
  11. The crazy part is that NE looks as good as ever without Brown. If he actually keeps it together, that WR group will be even more of a nightmare to deal with.
  12. It's not such a new Dey when the Bengals lost another very winnable game. We out gained the Seahawks 2 to 1, but turnovers and the missed FG cost us big time. Considering the circumstances, I get why there's some excitement. Dalton and Ross had career days and the patchwork OL was better than anyone predicted. The defense also dominated for much of the day. I thought the scheming/game planning was noticeably better on both sides. And it was good to see them do it against a tough opponent on the road. It shows that there is potential with this staff and roster, but let's not kid ourselves. KC and NE seem to be a cut above the rest of the AFC.
  13. I don't know if we could win in Seattle even with Green, Glenn, Williams, Dennard, and/or Boling. Without them the odds are obviously much slimmer. We're going to see Taylor's staff put to the test immediately and I don't expect much of a honeymoon period.
  14. I'm still worried about the lack of depth at LB and OL, but I like both of these pickups. Cooper was All Pro in 2017 as a returner and he's recently been on 2 teams we play this year. Perrine has already shared a backfield with Mixon and has the size and speed to be a lead back. We needed a RB after the Anderson injury and with Trayveon Williams still on the mend. It's hard to believe they're going to Seattle with only 4 LB. There's also uncertainty at OL with only 8 players available, which includes both Glenn and Dugas who are dealing with injuries. Maybe they will add someone after Week 1 so the contract is not guaranteed.
  15. Roster is far from settled and I expect at least 2-3 waiver claims at OL, RB, and/or LB. Very doubtful we see 11 DL when it's all said and done. I'm mildly surprised we are keeping 3 QB but we probably thought another team might steal Dolegala before we could get him on the practice squad.
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