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  1. All of the major leagues want a piece of the action now that Nevada's monopoly has been broken. They are calling it an "integrity fee" and the NBA has even put a number on it, asking for 1% of the total amount being bet. Sounds like a small number, but in reality casinos only clear around 5-6% on average. That would make 1% more like 15-20% of the net profit. There is also the fact that Nevada never kicked back a penny to the leagues for the last 25 or so years they've had the monopoly. Amazingly, some states are considering paying these integrity fees and essentially giving the leagues a windfall in exchange for nothing. It's unclear how it will play out but I don't see how the leagues can get away with this when they have zero leverage.
  2. The legalization of marijuana is a matter of when not if. It's a huge potential revenue source and the money being spent to prosecute and incarcerate people for using or selling it is a complete waste. The main benefactors of the prohibition on marijuana are Mexican drug cartels. The status quo is not working for the vast majority of people and it's going to change.
  3. Inigo Montoya

    Peter King = King of Peter

    King's argument is that drafting Jackson would put "legit pressure on Andy Dalton to play better." Its a bad, shitty argument because no quarterback will succeed unless the o-line improves, especially a raw rookie like Jackson. What the Bengals did makes plenty of sense even if King can't fathom it.
  4. No running starts by the kicking team will make it almost impossible to recover a ball that has traveled 10 yards, IMO.
  5. I don't know how the NFL can preserve the onside kick with these changes. So basically teams who are trailing late will have even less of a chance of coming back since a successful onside kick will be nearly impossible.
  6. Inigo Montoya

    Peter King = King of Peter

    King cannot fathom how the Bengals addressed their biggest need instead of taking a QB who is far from a sure thing to pan out? What a clown comment. The Bengals o-line sunk the whole team last season. Price helps fix that problem immediately. As for Jackson, plenty of teams who could use a young QB also passed on him, including the Saints and Pats (twice). People far more knowledgeable than myself have cast doubt on his ability to transition to the NFL, most notably Bill Polian. Bottom line is he's not a slam dunk prospect like King apparently believes.
  7. I am just glad Bodine and PA are no longer a part of the team. Gio should have just said Pollack is bringing a new attitude and approach to the job and left it at that. I believe him when he says you can see the difference between the two but there's no need to compliment both guys. Fuck lardass Alexander. Good riddance.
  8. Based off the end of last season, I think Boling should be considered the #1 backup option at LT. So it's not guaranteed that Cedric would hit the field if there is an injury. Regardless, I don't share the pessimistic attitude towards Glenn being injured again. If it happens it happens, as it could to any player.
  9. I think everyone on the board knows about your feelings on Cordy Glenn as you have have been beating the drum for the last couple of months. In your mind, he's basically already on IR. From what I've read about his injury and surgery, the issue was bone spurs and the Bills misdiagnosed it originally. Bone spurs aren't typically career ending injuries so I'm not buying the extreme pessimism.
  10. FWIW, Lapham has watched tape of Hart and he says he can be a solid starter if healthy. I trust his opinion more than say, Michael Weston's opinion. At least he has NFL experience unlike a 4th or 5th round pick would have. Fisher is also an option and I have not written him off either. I like both of the players who should compete at RG and think Westerman in particular has been underutilized to this point. Bottom line, the entire line wasn't getting completely overhauled and fixed in one off-season. We have to give Pollack a chance to work with the guys we have and try to get more out of them. It's not an easy fix but we need to see improvement.
  11. Inigo Montoya

    Bengals 2018 draft grades

    Draft grades are almost as useless as mock drafts. I think the Bengals did well but who really knows anything until they hit the field. I was surprised they took so many early picks on defense and that they didn't take didn't take someone to compete at RT. Overall it wasn't what many of us expected after round 1 but we won't know much until months/years from now.
  12. I was driving when we made this pick and I heard it on ESPN radio. Polian loved the pick, FWIW. Said he has elite ball skills and makes a ton of plays. Raved about his intelligence and instincts. A true deep safety.
  13. Hubbard is a steal in the 3rd. This draft isn't overflowing with pass rushers and he can definitely do that. The combo of him, Bosa, and Lewis was dominant at times for OSU last year and he can immediately be part of the rotation. Austin has to be excited to have a package with Hubbard, Lawson, Dunlap, and Geno.
  14. Inigo Montoya

    2018 Draft 2nd and 3rd rounds

    I thought the same thing. Then again Big 12 QB do not have a strong track record lately. No defense played at all in that league unlike SEC, B10, & ACC.
  15. Lapham called it a split decision between Ragnow and Price. It was obvious they liked them both and were comfortable with either guy. I can understand the disappointment when Ragnow went right in front of us. I also trust what Lapham said and at the end of the day there's not much difference between the two.

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