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  1. Didn't we meet with Brandon Marshall earlier? I would circle back to him with Burfict off the books.
  2. Inigo Montoya

    2019 Free Agency

    I see Gostkowski is available. He's still got good years ahead of him and I would take him over Fat Randy any day of the week.
  3. Inigo Montoya

    Burfict released

    Between the concussions and the severe drop off in performance, it seemed like the writing was on the wall for Burfict. The NFL made him a pariah no doubt, but he bears plenty of the blame for not playing a whole season since 2013. I like Burfict and it's unfortunate that it turned out like this. I bet he keeps playing but I doubt he will last long.
  4. Signing Miller bumps Redmond from the starting RG spot so I would think this is a positive development. It might not be a "big name" but he's better than what we had already on the roster. People will quibble about the money part but we needed to shore up RG.
  5. Webb has a connection with our DC so the move makes sense that way. It's a little strange we will be his 6th team and that he's never played two seasons for any of his previous teams. They needed a slot corner and Webb keeps their options open for the draft.
  6. Three thoughts why so many people hate re-signing Hart: 1) Hart played poorly last year 2) Hoped they would sign an upgrade at RT 3) Even if you like Hart they overpaid Most of us fall into one or more of these camps. After seeing the contract details, it does seem like an overpriced deal for his level of performance, IMO. The problem was that 3 of their 4 OT are free agents and Hart was the only one they considered bringing back. Ced and Fisher were busts obviously and they obviously didn't want to also lose all three. It doesn't justify the contract in any way. It's structured to give them outs each of the next two years depending on how Hart performs. There were other options out there and I very much doubt he would get a similar deal on the open market. Regardless of making this deal, they will have to draft or sign two more tackles so they can make contingency plans if Hart struggles (again).
  7. I will never understand how anyone who follows the Bengals would expect a dramatic shift in their philosophy about free agency, at least as long as Mike is alive. We've seen this shit show enough times to know that getting your hopes up will only lead to disappointment. They've always had a preference to sign their own players and it's fair to say they probably overpaid so far this time around. They will bargain hunt from here on out and the best we can hope for is we land guys who were cut and won't count against comp picks. We all know this philosophy is not the best way to run a team but it's cost effective and can work if you draft well. No reason to freak out right now because this was expected. I'm still glad we finally changed coaches and I will be interested to see how it shakes out.
  8. Inigo Montoya

    2019 Free Agency

    This is all a carefully made plan to intentionally tank the next two years to get either Tua or Lawrence.
  9. Inigo Montoya

    Keeping our enemies close 2019

    I can't knock Kitchens for the job he did after taking over for Hue/Haley. And I can understand why they don't want to make Mayfield learn a new system. Still, Kitchens is a first time head coach who wasn't even on the radar until his improbable run as interim coordinator. Williams did a good job last year as interim HC and DC. Replacing him will be a challenge. Adding Olivier Vernon, Sheldon Richardson, and possibly Earl Thomas will definitely make Wilks' job easier.
  10. Inigo Montoya

    Keeping our enemies close 2019

    I agree about the Browns coaching staff being their biggest question mark. Hiring Freddie Kitchens was a head scratcher and his staff doesn't have many names that stand out. Wilks was just fired by Arizona as HC after one terrible season but he has had some success as a coordinator. Monken was rumored to be a candidate for our job and may have even interviewed(?). Besides those two I didn't see much except a guy named Tosh and a guy named Stump.
  11. Inigo Montoya

    Keeping our enemies close 2019

    They also have Duke Johnson. With these moves, Cleveland seems to be finally getting their shit together.
  12. We never really saw a healthy Brown last year so it's hard to know what he can really do. I have to believe with better luck health-wise he should be much better than Nickerson at least. Signing Brown doesn't mean we won't be looking to draft a LB early. Same goes for the deal with Hart and taking an OT early.
  13. Hobknob seemed to imply that Turner's glowing endorsement of Hart at the combine was a big factor, but he doesn't negotiate contracts. Neither does Taylor even if he also wanted him back. All I know is that the new guys had better hope they can get more out of Hart. Taylor's vision for this offense won't materialize unless they get the line issues resolved. The good news is that this isn't the only move to be made on the oline. We can only go up from here.
  14. I read somewhere that Hart allowed 10 sacks and committed 14 penalties last year. He might be young and still developing, but those kind of numbers don't deserve a massive raise. Even if the free agent prices were crazy, I can't imagine he gets a better deal on the open market.
  15. Hard to understand why they would do this. I cannot believe anyone would have paid him anything close to $7 million a year on the open market. Hart is far too inconsistent to think he's worth it.

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