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  1. I read the Big 10 may resort to a 10 game conference-only schedule. The likelihood is that many states may not allow games and those who can play will do so. I don't think playing in the spring is very appealing since it will impact the 2021 season and the NFL would be against it. College football is going to be hurt no matter what, but the only thing they can save is the TV money and putting as many games on it as possible. I predict the Big 5 will probably all play except possibly the Pac 12.
  2. Spread and shred is what some people called Burrow and the LSU offense last year. I'd be surprised if the Bengals don't incorporate similar formations to cater to Burrow's strengths. He definitely isn't hurting for weapons.
  3. Turner's comments are realistic about the challenges they face without being together in person. This off season is not ideal for getting the o-line to work cohesively, but they've got to do it somehow. He seems to think he's got enough pieces to make it work, but it will be difficult without practice time and limited contact.
  4. Hopkins is definitely a leader and he's earned his place. Undrafted and injured early in his career, he bounced back and outplayed a 1st round pick to win the job at C. It's kind of crazy that he is the surest bet on the o-line, but it's true. The overall lack of experience at o-line is a concern. XSF is another veteran presence in the mix and I think he will wind up being an upgrade over Miller.
  5. The Eagles top backup OT the last several years, Vaitai, signed a big deal with Detroit. So their depth is not great either. Also, Peters wants to continue playing but he wants to play LT for a contender. That's not likely to happen here.
  6. I guess you can say the same thing about what the Eagles are doing with LT. They're handing the job to last year's first round pick and letting Peters walk. Is it a risk? No doubt about it. I guess you have to trust your evaluation of the player and get lucky with health.
  7. FWIW, Dan Hoard had an interview with Jonah Williams on the Bengals Booth podcast back around the draft. He said he's 100% ready to go and will have zero limitations whenever things start back up. He also said his training and workouts are showing he's coming back stronger than he was prior to surgery. Sounded very motivated to prove himself and justify the team's investment.
  8. Williams is going to play LT if healthy. I doubt he gets benched even if he struggles, but other options at LT would be Johnson (who started last season's finale at LT) and Adeniji (who started every game of his college career at LT). Adeniji could also line up at guard, which he did at the Senior Bowl. Taylor has said Sua'Filo was signed to compete at RG and he would be the leading candidate at this point. He has 53 career starts and was a replacement starter for Dallas the last two years. Redmond and Price would also be in the mix at RG, with Price as the backup center as well. Hopkins and Jordan will start at C and LG if healthy. Callahan has said the RT job will be an open competition and count me in the camp hoping Johnson takes the job and runs with it. Hart is a liability even if he played somewhat better down the stretch last year. I also hope Isaiah Prince outplays Hart for the backup RT job.
  9. Never forget that Dalton only came here because Palmer quit during a lockout. It was probably the worst time possible to have your franchise QB refuse to play and Dalton played well enough as a rookie to win 9 games and back into the playoffs. That's a legit accomplishment, as was the 5 straight playoff appearances from 2011-2015. The problem was that Dalton (and the team in general) repeatedly came up small in big games and we pretty much knew his ceiling by 2013. A better organization would have been looking to upgrade for years, like the Chiefs and Ravens did recently. The Bengals never did until it completely bottomed out and it was extremely frustrating to watch the last 3-4 years. Dalton wasn't good enough to overcome the decline of his cast and the overall roster. Few QB's probably could.
  10. Finally got around to checking out the UDFA and it seems like we landed some interesting prospects. Based off some of the lists I found, the best of the bunch are Clark, Knipfel, Wilcox, and Swann. Odds are a couple of them make the roster and I'd guess they'll come from those four.
  11. There was zero chance Dalton stayed at $17 million plus to sit on the bench. Sure, it was possible, but this organization and this owner was never going to allow it to happen. The money freed up should lead to another signing or extension. Burrow's contract is a huge advantage that creates a window to spend more on the rest of the roster, which they've done this off season. It would've been a waste to have a backup QB at that price.
  12. Dalton deserves credit for taking over when Palmer quit during a lockout. Five straight playoff appearances is also a legit accomplishment. Bottom line, the guy maximized his talent, which was average. Decent athlete with a decent arm, nothing more. We repeatedly saw his ceiling and he came up small repeatedly in big games. He had quality talent around him on both sides of the ball for the first half of his career and his play dropped off noticeably with his loss of supporting cast. We should have been trying to upgrade from him for years but that's not the Bengal way. I'm looking forward to not watching the Dalton show anymore.
  13. Like others have mentioned, I am happy with nearly all of the picks but I wished we had done more to help the o-line. The bottom line is if Burrow develops into what we all hope he can be, then almost nothing else about this draft will be remembered. The Higgins pick was a BPA move and I understand why they did it. I'm optimistic about the linebackers we took and it checked a major need. As expected, many of the players taken were at the Senior Bowl and we got a close look at them. Hopefully that advantage plays to our benefit.
  14. Rappoport tweeted earlier that Mims and Blacklock were on the short list at #33.
  15. Jameis got benched mid game against the Bengals in 2018. Did you even watch? Fitzmagic almost led a huge comeback. He only started 9 games that year. Any way you slice it Jameis is a turnover machine. In 72 games he's got 88 interceptions and 18 fumbles lost (50 total fumbles). Again, I would say his play has been more bad than mediocre. Other than yards his stats are underwhelming.
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