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  1. As it stands right now, a backup LT is very much a need. Not only because Oghbuehi is a major question mark, but also because he and Fisher haven't exactly been durable the past few years. I would take King Dunlap in a heartbeat.
  2. Personally, I don't give a shit what Peko says or thinks. He is gone and the Bengals are better for it. Bottom line, he was a member (actually team captain) on multiple teams that didn't get it done. He shares equally in that failure.
  3. I couldn't link it, but did anyone else read the recent USA Today article about Ross and his injuries/durability? Basically, he is sick and tired of the questions and misinformation that is part of the pre-draft process. He went so far as to say people claimed he was a year older than he actually is. He also said he played with the shoulder injury for 9 games last year and that he hurt it blocking against Stanford. Only dubious claim I heard from him was claiming he only missed one game due to injury in college. That's only true if you don't count the entire year he redshirted after ACL surgery.
  4. I finally watched the interview with Kavitha Davidson from ESPN and it's exactly the hatchet job you would expect. She talks about Greg Hardy and his history and tries to draw a parallel to Mixon. The only problem is the "new" incident she mentions has been completely debunked. It's laughable for her to say Mixon shouldn't he banned from the NFL when her whole argument boils down to exactly that. I expected blowback for taking Mixon so I cannot be surprised by the media giving voice to outright lies and distortions. All the same, screw that bitch and I am glad she is butthurt about Mixon being a Bengal.
  5. None of the quarterbacks in this draft impressed me as sure fire NFL starters. I would say it is better to use a 2nd round pick on a player than to badly overpay for a 2nd round talent in the 1st round like CHI, KC, or HOU. Cleveland had a surplus of picks to work with and they picked up another 1st rounder in 2018 by trading with the Texans. Kizer may or may not pan out, but the Browns haven't mortgaged the future to get him.
  6. First thought I had when Malone was drafted was that Cody Core or Alex Erickson are not safe on the roster unless they keep 7 receivers or someone gets hurt. I like the idea of doubling up at the position and having better depth both this year and going forward. Malone seems like fit the profile of an NFL starter and was a nice value pick in the 4th round.
  7. It is simply inaccurate to say Mixon didn't pay for his crime. Between the civil suit and lost earnings by falling out of the top 15 in the draft, Mixon cost himself easily $10 million with one terrible action. He also served a one year suspension and has a criminal record. You can debate that there should have been jail time or he should have been expelled, but arguing he walked away free and clear is just flat out untrue.
  8. I think it's fair to say the Bengals took risks in this year's draft and time will tell if it pans out. Ross and Lawson both have injury concerns from college and will need to stay healthy. Criticism of the Mixon pick seems to miss the mark. Hill is a free agent after 2017 and will not be resigned. Gio is coming off ACL surgery and will not be 100% for awhile. Clearly Mixon will have a role as a rookie and he is going to have every chance to start in 2018. The Bengals balanced talent versus need pretty well overall. Needs at pass rush, wide receiver, and kicker were adressed. Team speed is improved with many of these picks. O-line was weak in this draft and it was probably wise to steer clear, IMO. I also am factoring in WJ3 and Billings return from injury as additions to this year's class. I expect a major impact from our new players.
  9. I am not going to try to sell the Mixon pick to anyone. From my perspective, he did something awful and he paid a price for it in multiple ways (criminal charges, suspension, civil suit, lost earnings from falling in the draft). If you don't think he deserves a chance to earn a living in the NFL so be it. It won't change what happened to the victim or the fact that our owner signed off on making him a Bengal. He is on the team now and I think he has incredible potential on the football field. The talent is undeniable whether or not you detest Mixon as a person. This pick might be the best value selection of the entire draft. He is fortunate to have this opportunity and be part of a talented group of skill position players.
  10. I wouldn't completely rule out Seattle taking a RB, but it doesn't seem likely. They just signed Eddie Lacy, they drafted Prosise last year, and they still have Thomas Rawls. My guess is they take Lamp or Robinson since o-line is a glaring weakness.
  11. I think GB and NYJ are the only two picking in front of us who could take a RB. The other 6 teams either have drafted or signed a starting RB recently.
  12. Mixon was the only name Lap mentioned on his podcast at #41. I don't think they will move off taking him if he is available.
  13. It does seem like Ross was going to be our pick no matter what happened yesterday. Lapham clearly had inside knowledge about their interest in Ross and Hobson obviously knew something, too. Marvin's comments are also telling since they considered moving down to still take Ross. Jamal Adams was apparently the player they hoped would slip and would have taken had he been available.
  14. I feel pretty confident in my prediction that Mixon will be our pick at #41. We actually might have our choice between him and Dalvin Cook. As it stands right now, I think the Packers and Jets are the only teams picking before us who could consider taking a RB. The Jags and Panthers took one in the first round and the rest of the teams have starters already in place (Lacy, Gurley, Howard, and Gordon). Add it all up and Mixon should be there if we want him, which all signs point to being the case. The 3rd round is harder to forecast but right now my thinking would DE or OL. There should be good value there. I am hoping Basham or Feeney falls that far.