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  1. Sucks for Boling to have it end this way. There's been rumblings that something was amiss the past few months so I can't say I'm shocked by this news. It's another major blow to the weakest unit on the team following Williams' shoulder injury. I'm not sure who replaces Boling yet, but Westerman might get the first chance. John Jerry and Michael Jordan could also be in the mix. Depth was already a major issue at tackle and now guard isn't so deep either. Not sure what moves could be made at this point but it's not looking good right now.
  2. I saw the article about Williams using the shoulder strap at Alabama and it's hard to imagine he didn't have at least a partial tear when the Bengals drafted him. It makes no sense that the labrum was 100% and Williams injured it in a drill without pads. Maybe they didn't catch it at the combine or maybe they knew and hoped it would hold up. Either way they were wrong and it cost them yet again with their first round pick.
  3. I agree but from what Lapham said the issue might be an injury he can't play through. So it's not so much Boling being cut as it is him going on PUP or IR.
  4. Ominous start for Taylor to lose his first pick before training camp. Coupled with Boling's unknown status, the o-line is looking pretty thin. Like it or not, Glenn and Hart are locked in at OT and there's basically no one behind them. It's not good and it could sink the season. It's a shame for Williams but it continues the trends of Bengals 1st round picks and Alabama players getting injured as rookies. I have no doubt he will come back strong, but it's hard to downplay how badly this hurts the team's chances this year.
  5. Fuck Palmer. He didn't win anything here and then he quit on his teammates. Both him and Cook were never the same because of injuries. I would vote for Boomer. Not only for leading the '88 Super Bowl team but also for his twilight season in '97. He never had the consistent accuracy of Anderson, but he was a better deep passer and, as mentioned above, his play fakes were as good as anyone I've seen.
  6. Inigo Montoya

    Guess Who Has An Ouchie (already)...

    I'm betting the new coaching staff will find out pretty quickly if they can make it work with John Ross. Bicknell coached him last year, but Taylor and Callahan don't have any incentive to keep him around if he's not able to produce. Boyd has clearly surpassed him and Ross can probably see the writing on the wall. No more free passes with a new staff who owes him nothing.
  7. Uzomah stayed relatively healthy last year while Eifert and Kroft were injured. He's capable of doing the job and I think the Bengals believe that Sample can develop into a complete TE. He didn't get many chances at Washington but it wasn't like he didn't run routes. Browning just never threw him the ball. He displayed good hands in his limited chances and he tested well athletically at the combine. Obviously his blocking ability is his strength at this point but he has room to grow as a receiver.
  8. I think they'll limit Eifert to situational snaps, red zone and 3rd downs most likely. Uzomah will be used more as a receiver and Sample more as a blocker. Not counting on Eifert to stay healthy and we have options if/when he can't go.
  9. Inigo Montoya

    Hobson: In The Situation Room

    Stealers won the Super Bowl in 2008. Ravens advanced to AFC Championship and lost to the Stealers. Bengals won 10 in 2009 and Ravens also made playoffs and beat NE in the Wild Card Round.
  10. Inigo Montoya

    Hobson: In The Situation Room

    AFCN was stacked from 2008-2012. 3 Super Bowl appearances with wins by Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Bengals also made playoffs 3 times. Ravens eliminated NE from playoffs twice in that span and Stealers did it twice to the Ravens.
  11. Inigo Montoya

    Hobson: In The Situation Room

    Last year didn't cost Marvin his job. The last 3 years did. It was time for him to go. Sorry if you don't like the new guy, but I don't have any nostalgia for the Marvin era.
  12. Inigo Montoya

    Hobson: In The Situation Room

    I like the idea of focusing on details/small stuff and it's smart to embrace analytics (even if way too late). Probably explains why they hired a record number of assistants. It's a big change from conservative, old school Marvin and it's something this franchise has never tried before.
  13. I guess you can't have enough training camp fodder at RB. This guy played at Pitt and was originally signed by the Browns. At best he's fighting for a spot on the practice squad.
  14. I think the Bengals were taking Williams regardless. OT is a more important position than LB and both were major needs. I liked Bush as a prospect and would have been happy if he had been picked instead of Williams. I didn't like that deal for Pittsburgh and thought they gave up too much. Overall the Stealers had a good draft but dealing a 2nd round pick is tough to swallow.
  15. Inigo Montoya

    UDFAs...Who do you want?

    From what I've been able to read, it seems like Morgan is the best UDFA the Bengals signed and he's the most likely to make the 53 man roster. He was second team All BIG10 each of the last two years and leaves Nebraska with numerous school records. I have no doubt he can outperform a bunch of the WR who got picked and I bet he's motivated to do so. The other UDFA to keep an eye on is QB Jacob Dolegala. Small school prospect with plus size and good athleticism. He was productive throwing and running and I can see him being stashed in the practice squad.

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