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  1. In the real world, Ramsey's actions constitute mitigation. This wasn't some unprovoked attack that happened for no reason. There is not a DA in the country who would charge or convict someone for assault in these circumstances.
  2. Ramsey instigated the events yesterday and the ref stated after the game that was why he was also ejected. You don't have to punch or fight to get thrown out. I am not surprised AJ wasn't suspended. He was already punished with the ejection and will certainly be fined as well. Plus he has no record of discipline from the league. It's actually refreshing that Ramsey didn't get away with baiting AJ since normally only the guy who retaliates gets in trouble.
  3. McCarron files grievance.

    McCarron has every right to file a grievance over his free agent status, but whether he succeeds is another matter. The fact that he was placed on the NFI list prevented him from accruing a season on his rookie contract. The shoulder injury appeared to be legitimate from what I've read and the decision to allow him to rest and recover seems medically reasonable. He did participate in some off season practices prior to training camp that year and I'm unsure how that could factor into the arbitration case. My best guess is that the Bengals will win, but I won't be shocked if they don't.
  4. Bengals and Browns tried...

    The deadline seems real to me since McCarron is not a Brown. Deadlines are common in court orders, contracts, and labor agreements. You can bitch and moan that the appeal wasn't granted, but this isn't some outrageous injustice. Cleveland botched it and we lost out.
  5. Bengals and Browns tried...

    Lol if the trade deadline isn't real, why would the league bother announcing it? Whether by gross incompetence or intentional sabotage, the Browns did not report the deal in time. The league certainly could have granted an appeal to allow the trade. The reality is that it shouldn't have come to that. Tough to bitch about not getting an exception when one of the parties botched the deal and nobody is certain why it happened.
  6. Bengals and Browns tried...

    Shades of the Shaun Rogers fiasco from a decade ago. Thought we had a deal until it was botched and both sides point fingers at the other. My initial thought is that it seemed strange to trade within the division, especially considering the history of the Brown family and Cleveland. That said, I would gladly accept 2nd and 3rd round picks for McCarron. I can see this being revisited in the off season with or without the Browns being involved. Garrapolo set the market and it's still up in the air if AJ will be considered an unrestricted FA.
  7. This o-line stinks and I doubt if anyone other than Boling would start for another team. I think it's going to take at least a couple years to find and groom new starters in a bunch of spots. Given possible changes in the coaching staff and the fact that the Bengals will not over pay in free agency, I would say it is overly optimistic to say one rookie and one free agent can fix this problem. It wasn't broken overnight and it isn't going to be fixed overnight.
  8. Hard to believe Marvin comes back on another 1 year deal. I know crazier things have happened, but back to back poor seasons will probably doom him. It feels like he might sense it too. Firing Zampese was out of character for this franchise, although definitely the right move. A strong finish could change things, although it seems unlikely to happen. Lots of winnable games, but road games in MIN, DEN, and JAX will be tough and we still face PIT again. I honestly don't know who might replace Marvin. We do know Mike Brown won't overpay for a big name and this team could probably use a coach with a background on offense.
  9. Guys, Marvin just needs another 15-20 years to reach the promised land. We really don't KNOW he can't do it. He just needs and deserves more time since that one coach in another sport took even longer to break through. In all seriousness, Marvin needs to waddle the fuck out of town. He is mediocrity personified.
  10. Watching the extended clip, there is no doubt Nix instigated the kick by jumping on Burfict after Bell was already down. His job was to fuck with Burfict as much as possible and I would say it worked (based off how poorly he played). I still think it was dumb that Vontaze took the bait so easily and he is lucky the NFL didn't use this flimsy excuse to drop the hammer. My initial reaction was that he would be suspended given his history and after Florio and others tried to blow the story out of proportion. Glad that didn't happen, but the fear will always be there that Burfict does something crazy or stupid and winds up in trouble yet again.
  11. Green and Mixon not getting touches in the 2nd half was absurd so I have no problem with the coaches being called out. Marvin can eat a dick and waddle his way out of town.
  12. Moronic and unnecessary. Ultimately doesn't matter because Bengals are going nowhere this year. I would say suspension is likely since he has a history and no defense for kicking a guy in the head.
  13. ESPN had an interview with Eifert today. Predictably, he declared his surgery a success and that he would be 100% by next season. He referenced his looming free agency and said this off season will be just like it was heading into 2015, when he was injured early and recovered in time for OTA and training camp practices. My takeaway is that he is as good as gone and everything we are hearing is to entice some team to gamble on him with a contract he likely won't live up to. Remember, Eifert claimed he was 100% going into this season before suffering another back injury. Needless to say buyer beware. The history tells you this isn't a situation where Eifert will avoid injury or recover quickly if/when he does get hurt. Anything other than an incentive based deal would be a mistake, IMO.
  14. Funny how the referees think grading their performance and determining playoff assignments means they are accountable. They need to be fined or fired based on their performance. Hardly anyone gets replaced under the current system and hitting them in the wallet is the only way I can see to get better officiating.
  15. John Ross

    I wouldn't and haven't labeled Ross a bust at this point. I think he was an injury risk when he was drafted and clearly he hasn't shaken the injury bug in his brief NFL career. Given the recent history of Bengals' 1st round picks, maybe I should expect them to get injured at some point as a rookie and miss games. Dating back to 2008, it has happened frequently (Rivers, Andre, Dre K, Eifert, Dennard, Ogbuehi, WJ3, Ross).

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