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  1. i hope the pats win the super bowl and harrison retires as a patriot. if he does one of those 1 day contracts as a stealer fuck him.
  2. i'm here, it truly is the end times.
  3. What...... the........ fuck........
  4. If we pick Newton and he starts this year it should put us in prime position to get Luck next year.....
  5. Not to nitpick or ruin this wonderfully respectful debate but I'm fairly sure employers pay for unemployment, not employees paying into it. Carry on.
  6. [quote name='steggyD' date='08 July 2010 - 11:20 PM' timestamp='1278645628' post='896381'] Did you pick only the apps from the market with warnings from the reviews that they will force close? I have a Moto Droid and have no issues with apps force closing. [/quote] Yes, I only download apps that are 1 star or less, force close warnings, and labeled malware. Actually I can see why you might not get them because you have probably the most common android phone right now (Droid). I didn't get it that bad when I used my g1 when there were no other android phones to program for. But with phones running custom manufacturers Roms like HTC sense or motoblur and the os running from 1.5(hero,backflip) to 2.2 (nexus one) and all the various hardware configurations in between its more likely you'll have force closings. I think in time android will straighten out but it needs to get a consistant os across all the phones before that happens I think.
  7. I miss my iPhone it got an apparent "dead strip" to where the touch screen doesn't work about an inch down from the top all the way across the screen. I was lucky enough to pick up a nexus one right before it crapped out for cheap and its now running "froyo" 2.2 with flash. I also have a g1 and mytouch 3g. But now I'm about to buy a 3GS from a friend who is getting an iphone4 , and the N1 is likely to hit the backburner after that, and i gave the wife the mytouch. So the moral of the story is I'd rather have a dated iphone than any of the "latest and greatest" android phones because a month later a new android phone comes out which runs a different software and yours takes forever to get the upgrade ( you hear me mytouch running 1.6? 2.2 coming "soon", just like 2.0 and 2.1, which never came....) Hell I had an iphone 2g and granted it took me maybe a week everytime they updated because it was jailbroken and unlocked so i had to wait for the new jailbreak to come out,(it was still 1,000,000 times more stable than my android phones have been. apps force close all the damn time on them.) but at least i knew apple supported all their phones.
  8. [quote name='Homer_Rice' date='25 February 2010 - 08:32 AM' timestamp='1267104728' post='865281'] And part of anti-trust debate--lol: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOQ2GEGm3v0[/media] [/quote] LOL! I LOVE Weiner...... .....
  9. [quote name='John~Galt' date='08 February 2010 - 10:55 PM' timestamp='1265687716' post='862250'] I too was once a know-it-all [b]militant[/b] [b]atheist[/b]. I chuckle now because I remember sounding exactly like he does. [/quote] [center][img]http://www.godlessgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/85.jpg[/img][/center]
  10. CINCINNATI - It got hot inside the Jets' meeting room Friday night at their Cincinnati hotel, and it wasn't because somebody was fiddling with the thermostat. On the eve of the playoffs, the Daily News has learned that Rex Ryan delivered a short but fiery speech in which he listed the myriad "excuses" used by the Bengals in the aftermath of their 37-0 loss to the Jets last Sunday, according to people in the room. Among them: A vanilla game plan. Resting starters. Nothing at stake. "He's pissed," said one person at the team meeting. "He wants respect for this team." Today, the Jets can shut up the critics - and the whiny Bengals. After a wild regular season that included two three-game losing streaks, 20 Mark Sanchez interceptions, three fourth-quarter meltdowns, two Ted Ginn daggers, a Maurice Jones-Drew knee to the gut, an uncovered Tony Gonzalez and a Peyton Manning hook, the Jets play a wild-card rematch this afternoon at Paul Brown Stadium. No more excuses. It's 'go' time. The Jets, the biggest long shot in the 12-team field (sorry, Rex, but Vegas says it's so), intend to stick around for awhile. They're determined to prove they're more than just the product of the Curtis Painter folly in Indianapolis. "We're in it to win it," said tackle Damien Woody, who won two Super Bowl rings with the Patriots. "We're not satisfied with just getting to the tournament and bowing out. We feel like we're going to go all the way. That's just our mind-set." Said safety Kerry Rhodes: "We really feel like we have a chance to win it all, not just one game." The fifth-seeded Jets (9-7) are remarkably confident for a team that received tremendous breaks in recent weeks, but there are good reasons for the positive vibe. They're hot (a 5-1 stretch run) and they're physical, boasting the league's top-ranked rushing attack and the No. 1 defense in points and yards allowed. That they smacked around the Bengals last week also didn't hurt their confidence. "I won't be surprised when we win," Ryan said. The Jets haven't won a playoff game since Jan. 8, 2005, a wild-card game in San Diego. This matchup features two old-school teams, run-heavy offenses that complement stifling defenses. Considering the similar styles, and the frigid conditions, this figures to be a low-scoring, field-position game. And that's okay with Ryan, who believes it sets up perfectly for his defense, which has allowed only 47 points over the last six games. The No. 1 scoring defense has reached at least the divisional round every year since 1993, including five that won the Super Bowl. "We have the mind-set on defense that we can shut down anybody in this league," coordinator Mike Pettine said. The Jets dominated last week, but they didn't see leading rusher Cedric Benson, who was rested. The Bengals didn't use many of their inside power runs, and the passing game consisted of very little motion by the receivers. Defensively, they didn't unleash their Double A-gap blitz, where two linebackers blitz the center-guard gaps. Today, the AFC North champs return Benson and three starters on defense. Whether they can shake off 37-0, not to mention a poor homestretch in which they went 1-3, remains to be seen. But they have a significant advantage at quarterback, Carson Palmer versus Sanchez. Even though Sanchez is "as confident as I've ever seen him," according to Ryan, the Jets are wary of relying too much on the rookie. He's never gone three straight games without a turnover. In seven third-and-long situations last week, he was allowed to throw only three times - a glaring indication of the tight leash. The Jets will pound the ball, use their Wildcat as a changeup and hope Sanchez doesn't have to throw more than 20 times against the Bengals' two stellar corners, Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph. Several veterans have pulled Sanchez aside, reinforcing the stakes and the goal - no big mistakes. Sanchez said he can detect the sense of urgency in his teammates' faces. "The Look," he called it. It's the look of a team that craves a championship. "These next few weeks can change your life," Sanchez said. "It can change a lot. It's do or die." [url="http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/2010/01/09/2010-01-09_cincy_has_rex_roaring_mad.html?page=1"]http://www.nydailynews.com[/url]
  11. [quote name='BengalRep85-9' post='780648' date='Jun 5 2009, 01:46 AM']I can understand where you're coming from but why after tonights game? He went 8 innings and gave up 3 runs to a first place team on the road. All 3 runs scored courtesy of Pujols who might just be the best player in all of baseball. Harang just so happened to get matched up against carpenter who saw far this year has been virtually unhittable (4-0 0.71 ERA). Thats pretty good. Last night they score 9 and tonight they score 1, thats not Harangs fault. [b]If im not mistaken he's near the bottom of the list in run support[/b] whereas Arroyo is much much higher on the list and his ERA is over a full run higher. But, the offense scores when he pitches for whatever reason and nobody complains because he got the win. If Harang had pitched last night he would have gotten the win and we would all be praising his performance. Going 8 and only giving up 3 to the Cardinals in St. Louis!! Vintage Harang right there. Like I said I understand where you're coming from, but not after tonights game.[/quote] DING DING DING! Me and a buddy of mine have been talking about this since last season, it seems ever time Harang pitches the red lose like 2-0 or 3-1 but when Bronson pitches it they'll win from anything like 7-5 or 14-9. If I was Harang I'd be SOOO pissed. Of course every once in a while he gets BLOWN UP but that's to be expected in baseball.
  12. Can't wait to see it. Zach Galifianakis is one of my favs... Ed Helms is pretty funny as well.
  13. 1. Secular Humanism (100%) 2. Unitarian Universalism (89%) 3. Liberal Quakers (74%) 4. Nontheist (74%) 5. Theravada Buddhism (67%) 6. Neo-Pagan (64%) 7. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (59%) 8. Taoism (46%) 9. New Age (46%) 10. Orthodox Quaker (41%) 11. Reform Judaism (41%) 12. Mahayana Buddhism (39%) 13. Sikhism (31%) 14. Jainism (29%) 15. Baha'i Faith (29%) 16. Scientology (28%) 17. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (26%) 18. New Thought (25%) 19. Seventh Day Adventist (23%) 20. Hinduism (22%) 21. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (20%) 22. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (20%) 23. Eastern Orthodox (19%) 24. Islam (19%) 25. Orthodox Judaism (19%) 26. Roman Catholic (19%) 27. Jehovah's Witness (14%)
  14. House of the Dead: Overkill, and buy the perfect shot gun, way better than the wii zapper imo. [img]http://www.geek.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/nykoperfectshot2.jpg[/img]
  15. creechnasty


    [quote name='Jay Lenos Chin' post='768656' date='Apr 25 2009, 11:34 PM']Yeah i tried it the other day and it was greasy as all hell LOL @ you for thinking it really is "healthier" [b] its fucking unbreaded deep fried chicken with fake grill marks[/b][/quote] link plz
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