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  1. The Colts are hoping he will return after a year or two, once he heals up and gets bored with whatever he will be doing besides playing football so they won't go after the bonus money.
  2. If he can stay healthy he should be a major problem for offenses this year, he's a stud no doubt. I like combining him with Dunlap, Atkins, Hubbard, and the rest of the gang.
  3. We've also seen Price struggle and start because of his draft position, along with numerous first round picks. I like what Taylor is doing and the tone he's setting for this team going forward.
  4. I definitely think Finley is the next in line for the starting job once Dalton's contract is up. The opportunity to save money is too great to pass up and we all know Mike Brown covets that more than winning. I think we will see Finley get some action with the big boys this year, they have to see what he can do. So far he has looked good with the second stringers but we need to see him when the games actually matter and teams are game planning against him. He has started his career off in the right direction and seems to be a great fit for what the coaching staff wants to do.
  5. I mean have you seen his stats vs the future personal trainers and insurance salesmen that he's been playing against?
  6. But is PFF so it has to be true, right...it's not like they just assign arbitrary values to players based on their opinion based analytics...oh wait that's exactly what they do.
  7. Super Bowl here we come...I wonder if he was in Canton getting his bust created for the last few days. Seriously though, I hope everything is ok and he's ready to compete and prove all of his fan boys right about how totally awesome he is at playing football.
  8. Gatorade....since that is something the players can't get for free around here.
  9. Maybe he needs better protection when he's on the field of play, something that will protect him from concussions........
  10. This article about the furniture tossing from the window shows how out of control this guy is....he comes off like a coke head... https://www.pennlive.com/Stealers/2018/10/antonio_brown_furniture_lawsuit.html
  11. #NewDey or whatever the fuck this dumbass tagline is....but Taylor vouched for him and he's a good guy despite his gruff exterior...he's just misunderstood that's all
  12. You do realize that PFF grades are very opinion based and not truly a result of advanced analytics. I know that some PFF guys are in fact Bengals fans, since PFF operates out of Cincinnati and is owned partly by Collinsworth, maybe some of that unintentional basis has crept into their judgment of Westerman. I would not use a week 14 PFF grade as justification for the Westerman hype that exists amongst some Bengals fans. He's the backup QB of the oline, the most popular player who never plays. I seriously doubt 3 NFL oline coaches have decided that he's a backup but PFF and certain fans know better.
  13. This is ridiculous, people don't have to put down Marvin to compliment Taylor....to act like Marvin never interacted with Chad or Vontaze or whomever is just silly...this New Dey bs is getting old quickly. How is it a New Day when you have the same roster from last year and the same front office?With Duke Tobin, Troy and Katie Blackburn, and Mike Brown still making the personnel decisions how has anything truly changed? The Bengals attempt to blame Marvin Lewis for all of their ineptitude and woefullness is shameful, especially when you consider where they were before he arrived.
  14. Good: -Finley looked good, again. -Mixon is ready - Ellis is earning a spot on game day roster, Bernard better show something or he could be a cut casualty..new regime not loyal to him - Sample looked good, scored a TD and had a nice contested catch -The WR corp - Dline looked ready to rock, can't wait to see what they look like with Lawson in there. -Erickson on special teams and in the slot. - The defense tackling was much improved Bad: - Dalton and Driskel, Dalton is an average at best starter and Driskel may want to inquire about the XFL or CFL - Oline was very inconsistent drew multiple penalties. Ugly: - The officiating was horrible, hopefully it's not a sign of things to come
  15. Consensus HS All American doesn't guarantee you an starting NFL gig, I know you know that. Cream of the PAC 12 crop is a stretch, he made 2nd All PAC 12 once. If anyone's heart isn't in it, it's Westerman, not Ross. Westerman was only playing because his was trying to please the old man, he'd probably be doing something else if it was up to him and that is what he's doing. Good for him, he's living his life and not trying to please others..#YOLO.
  16. People on here acting like Westerman is the victim of some grand conspiracy to stifle his development and keep him off the field, like he's John Conner and the Bengals oline coaches are various iterations of the Terminator sent to destroy him are hilarious at best seemed detected from reality in this situation.
  17. Lol....Marvin has nothing to do with Westerman decision, you're acting like he's a future HOF player. Dude was 5th round pick that couldn't beat out Alex Redmond and countless other stiffs for a starting gig. How many teams are beating down the door to acquire him via trade? 3 different NFL line coaches have decided to not start him.... I was wondering how long it was going to take before someone blamed Marvin Lewis for this and here it is....
  18. Besides the two holding calls, which were suspect, he played well...especially when you consider he missed all of the 2018 season. Tate is going to play his way onto the field at this rate, he's got all the tools to make it happen. He reminds me of Brandon Marshall, big, physical guy that can make big plays and contested catches. If he can improve his route running and quickness he can be a special player.
  19. The formations and routes are different, a lot of 3 and 4 WR sets with guys running similar routes that gives Dalton multiple options. The oline held up well, but KC didn't have their premier pass rushers playing so that is not neccesarily a true indicator of what the season will be. I'm with you on Eifert, I think it sends the wrong message to the team and if he can't play like everyone else then maybe he shouldn't be on the team...but the Bengals have invested heavily in him and are going to give him every opportunity to succeed.
  20. Here are a few observations: - Taylor's offense is going to be a sight to behold, very creative and going to attack defenses in various ways. On one play he had 8 guys on the line in a power blocking scheme and the next play he's going 5 wide. - Dalton looked very comfortable only had one play that I'm sure he wishes he could get back, when he underthrew a wide open WR that would have been a TD, but the DB tipped it because Dalton threw a duck. - The quick passing game will help the offensive line and Dalton, definitely pick up Tyler Boyd in your FF league. - The young WR's are coming into their own, Core, Malone, Erickson, and Tate all made some big plays. They seem more confident and sure of themselves. - Jefferson and Evans are athletic but seem like they study game tape very much, they have no awareness are very slow to read and react to any type of shift or motion. - The LB's are still a work in progress and got exploited early and often, it's going to be interesting to see how they progress this preseason. - I hope Clayton is ok, he's a key member of the team. Overall there was only one major injury and the offense scored a TD on their only drive with the 1's and they were without Mixon, Green, and Eifert so I would say it was a success.
  21. Based on what, the many heart felt conversations you've had with him over the past 3 years. If he doesn't want to play he can retire, I'm sure he wants to play but he is injury prone...you can't control injuries. He was injured often in college, no reason to think he would not continue to be injury prone in the NFL. I blame the Bengals FO for drafting him #9 overall even when everyone knew he is/was often injured.
  22. You are missing out, he's from the old Kissing Suzy Kolber site...pure comedy gold...
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