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  1. Somebody has to show the yougins how to play with swag and attitude.
  2. Why would JDR come here after interviewing last off-season and coming to mutual decision that it wasn't a good fit with him working with Taylor.
  3. I don't know where Taylor got this offensive guru tag from, he had full season as an OC and his offense was one of the worst in CFB. He worked with someone who got that label, maybe by osmosis he is offensive guru.
  4. And Dofus Tobin, the guy who tried to pin it all on Marvin Lewis, was in attendance so he could see Herbert get dominated for 3 quarters.
  5. Taylor was the OC for UC and they were awful, they went 4-8 and scored less than 10 points in 5 games... how this guy got a HC position is beyond me. https://www.wcpo.com/sports/football/bengals/bearcat-offense-struggled-under-taylor-in-2016-but-uc-fans-think-hes-ready-for-bengals-job Taylor was the Bearcats’ offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in Tommy Tuberville’s final season, a 4-8 campaign in which UC ranked 123rd of 128 teams in scoring offense with just 19.3 points per game.
  6. Taylor was so happy to get Finley, like be won the lottery....same with Sample.... like he out smarted the NFL.
  7. He does have another year, if he's smart he would stay at Bama get healthy and a degree, then enter the draft
  8. Hard pass on Trubisky...Bears fans want Dalton instead of him. He's awful, he's going to get his HC fired. There are better options than Dalton and Trubisky.
  9. Tua is too injury prone, he's not the biggest of guys and he's had some major injuries and surgeries in his brief college career. If can't survive the SEC without taking getting hurt I don't think he can last in the NFL. I would not draft him before the 3rd round and would not consider him to be a franchise QB prospect.
  10. On what grounds? They already fined him $200k, which will finance the Brown family Christmas, I'm sure if they could get more money back from him they would. The NFLPA would have a field day if the Bengals tried to do something like you are suggesting. Trying to invalidate concussions is a slippery slope that the Bengals do not want to go down again, remember the Ben Utecht lawsuit that they lost.
  11. Yeah I would imagine he's the first player out of the door. It's going to be a fire sale on the vets once the 2020 season begins. Dalton, Glenn, maybe Dunlap, and I'm sure a few others will be traded or cut in the next 6 months.
  12. It depends on how the contract is structured, some roster bonuses are paid are various days throughout the year.
  13. 10 million for an average LT isn't a bad deal, that would make him one of the 15-20 highest paid players in the NFL. He would have no cap hit if cut so a team could trade for him and cut him with no dead money if it doesn't work out.
  14. Especially since that coach is a documented jack ass, Taylor blames Glenn for his failures and wants to make him suffer by watching the Bengals get destroyed on a weekly basis. I feel like benching Glenn even though he's practicing is hurting Taylor way more than it's affecting Glenn.
  15. Not only that he's getting his prescious Ryan Findlay brutalized.
  16. I wonder if he was told to start Glenn, because he seemed determined to not start this guy.
  17. His family has an auto parts business out of Sandusky, his cousin Tommy had an epic road trip to save the company. They made a documentary of his efforts called Tommy Boy, it won the 2003 Lincoln Heights Film Festival best doc award.
  18. Replacing Pollack with Turner was a huge mistake. Taylor effectively linked the success of his career to Turner.
  19. No, it's what I want to happen. I think that Taylor will return with the majority of the coaches. I think there will be turnover with the players. Guys who have been here for a long time will no longer be on the roster. I think Taylor gets a minimum of 3 years and Tobin is untouchable.
  20. He should be the first to go, he's the one who pushed to hire Taylor and is responsible for the roster. Clean house, get a proven GM and HC.
  21. This whole situation is a total shit show and has been mishandled epically.
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